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    1. “Back Feet”?

      by , 06-26-2018 at 06:35 AM
      Early evening of June 23, 2018. Saturday.

      I am looking at a desert scene of which is virtually identical to the image with this entry. I sense industrial activity going on behind me, likely in a factory, though I do not turn around to verify this.

      An unknown male voice calls out, “Just the back feet are shut down”. I consider what this may mean. It puzzles me when I see it as regarding human anatomy. I then consider it means “feet” as a unit of measurement even though there is no numerical value.

      As dreams, regarding their autosymbolic nature, are mainly related to the nature of the dream state and waking process rather than real life (unless prescient or literal), “back feet” is a typical distortion regarding how I was briefly and lightly sleeping on my back. I rarely sleep on my back in my normal sleep cycle. The fact that the back of my feet was the only part of my feet that was in contact with the mattress is likely the reason for this dream, though it may also have an analogy to an animal’s back feet as an indication that parts of my mind are still active in sleep. Additionally, a desert is a biological factor that usually indicates a need to drink more fluids.

    2. “Time Trap” Redoux

      by , 06-01-2018 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of June 1, 2018. Friday.

      One dream just had threads from “Time Trap” (2017), mainly the scene where the outside world is shown as changed into a desert in the supposed distant future. It is interesting but uneventful. This type of dream (depending on what time during the sleep cycle it occurs) often has no autosymbolism or even RAS mediation, probably because reflecting on a movie is a specific process with no personal analogies to either waking life or the biological dreaming process and at semi-lucidity, waking process autosymbolism (unless there is a genuine immediate need to wake such as having to use the bathroom or to investigate the cause of a noise) is not a main factor. Most movies, I do not reflect on much later on, but this one actually held my interest at another level. It reminded me a little of the original “Land of the Lost” (1974) and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1959). There is no space station present (in the sky) as in the movie, so there is no vestibular system correlation evident.

    3. The Three Christmas Tortoises

      by , 12-25-1999 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 1999. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 9 sec. Readability score: 55.

      In a semi-lucid state, I allow myself to move into a desert landscape, with a focus on Christmas. I allow myself to correlate with my dream self’s illusory physicality. Zsuzsanna walks ahead of me, to my left (our sleeping orientation). A star also shines in the evening sky, representing the essence of my conscious self identity that is still extant in sleep.

      I contemplate the story of the three wise men. However, only a couple of camels appear later. The Christmas story is skewed, and we are trekking to the Roman Coliseum instead of the traditional Nativity scene. I do not attempt to fix the reactive representations of my vague thoughts.

      Three tortoises are slowly crawling on their journey. I consider this is an interesting story but then decide it does not make much sense. I contemplate how the tortoises may have appeared to represent my slower biological processes as I sleep.

      They reach the Roman Coliseum. One of the tortoises lifts their head to study the height of the Roman Coliseum, and a question mark appears above its head. (The curious impossibility of a question mark suddenly floating above a character’s head, as if in a comic strip, has occurred in previous dreams. I call this the contemplation of the liminal space enigma, which is autosymbolism for the dream self questioning its separation from the waking life identity. It occurs in many other forms, such as jigsaw puzzle pieces near a doorway or the presence of spies or detectives as preconscious or emerging consciousness avatars.)

      I walk around a wall and vaguely discern the Nativity scene as I wake. (Walking around a wall was a more common factor in the waking process when I was very young.)

    4. K-9 Force (science-fiction theme)

      by , 11-21-1975 at 05:21 PM
      Night of November 21, 1975. Friday.

      In a diminishing transition from viable lucidity to semi-lucidity, I am chased by dogs after unintentionally trespassing beyond a fence in an industrial area that is adjacent to a desert with minimal landscape features, though which looks deserted. It seems to be in the distant future, though this perception was likely otherwise influenced by similar panoramas in science-fiction movies I had seen in real life.

      I am confronted by talking dogs (or so it seems at first). The dogs are mostly Dobermans and black Labrador Retrievers. They seem to be some sort of task force to catch me and somehow bring me to their owners or force me to go in the direction of where their owners are. I am uncertain of the backstory. I am not sure if the dogs are meant to be owned by people who are legitimate owners of the property or if they were trained by outlaws who have taken over the industrial area. At first, I had considered if the dogs were on their own, of augmented intelligence, and in control of the area, but this seems less likely over time.

      I am aware of the logo embossed on the metallic kite-shaped pendants on their collars being “K-9” as a play on “canine” (though my dream self does not seem fully understanding of this factor). It is not clear if this is the name of the industrial complex or the security team of solely dogs (or inclusive of their owners as a group). However, I start to consider if “K-9” is a codeword for the main dog and if other codes are on other collars, such as “L-10”, or “J-8”, which I seem to briefly perceive on another pendant.

      Over time, I manage to escape from each situation, such as by climbing up higher in one case.

      Eventually, I realize that the dogs are not talking but are being given instructions through some sort of comm device in their collars (which is what I had been hearing from the beginning), though I am sometimes addressed as well. I also get the impression that their collars also have small microphones. I eventually end up hiding out in a large warehouse, but not much happens after this other than initiating the usual doorway waking symbolism when my semi-lucidity returns.

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    5. Dream Meanings in Full: The Boneyard

      by , 09-13-1975 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1975. Saturday.

      Somehow, my best friend Toby T—-r and I end up in a very isolated area of Australia (I do not recall any backstory other than the perception of having walked over an embankment), seemingly far inland, with no towns close by in any direction.

      It is apparently an isolated place called the “Boneyard” and is seemingly a special archaeological site relating to Australian Aboriginal rituals as well as lost treasures and gemstones, mostly opals. There are rocky hills in all directions when we explore one area. At one point, it seems like a school field trip even though I feel as if I am an adult. We find ancient artifacts which are supposedly very valuable in addition to various smaller human bones. We do a lot of work and at one point, are trying to interpret carvings on old stones. We put everything in the same large grayish green bag. I am not sure of the material. I do not think it is burlap.

      After a time, a dangerous snake shows up (I am unsure of the species, but it is perceived by my dream self as venomous, and is possibly a krait). One of us, I am not sure if it was Toby or me, as there seems to be a jump ahead in time at one point, apparently had trapped the snake in the bag earlier without considering it was what we were using to put the artifacts in.

      We later gather several more valuable items to put in the bag. There seems to be some sort of argument (non-violent) about possible translations on some Aboriginal dreaming stones or whether certain ones were made by Aborigines or pirates.

      Near the end of my dream, there seems to be some sort of ironic special ending about getting to the valuable artifacts. Because the snake is in the bag, we would not be safe if we put our hands in it. This seems to be some sort of O-Henry-like dream climax, but in reality, there would be a few options to getting the artifacts, yet in my dream they somehow ultimately seem inaccessible.

      Familiar dream state components and meaning:

      Prescient threads: It is pertinent here to go into the precognitive dynamics of this dream before the usual core symbolism. Although my “mystery girl” (dream girl) is not present in this dream, it does take place in Australia. Not only that, Zsuzsanna, when I learned many years later that she was a real person, had not only been to an area to find opals when she was young, she also has an Aboriginal Churinga dreaming stone of the same appearance as one which featured in this dream. This is especially curious as I had no viable knowledge of such things when this dream occurred (and did not really know much about it until after coming to Australia). Additionally, this dream took place on her birthday, though “mystery girl” dreams certainly were not restricted to literal markers.

      RAS symbolism: This dream amused me with the nature of its intriguing ending. There was no real threat, as I had started to enter semi-lucidity in the final stages. A snake is often the core RAS dynamic (likely the oldest waking trigger in all primates, including man). Toby is present for preconscious mediation with only mild conflict relating to reading (translation) skills, which symbolize the emergent consciousness factor (as critical thinking skills normally do not function in dreams). The bag with the snake inside is likely associated with waking space and RAS - analogous to a pillow case, as it was about the same size as one. As such, the bag could be typified as a second-level dream state indicator, that is, residual subliminal memory of having fallen asleep (as it is biologically impossible for the mind to not be aware it is sleeping and dreaming, which is why much dream content is based on the dream state itself in the inherent nature of waking from sleep).

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    6. Dune Buggy

      by , 06-17-1972 at 12:17 PM
      Morning of June 17, 1972. Saturday.

      In my dream, which is fairly long but with no real plot, I am somehow in control of a dune buggy (or “dune buster”) that is a full-size version of the Sand Crab model I had gotten as a gift months before. I am mostly disembodied yet somehow still the “driver” of the vehicle, usually “flying” or floating to the left of the dune buggy from at least five feet away, sometimes more. It seems to be early afternoon for the most part. The setting does not seem to be a beach, but rather a large desert-like region (though still with the sense that the ocean may be around at some point even though I contemplate the Sahara Desert in the back of my mind). There are no people around at any point.

      A desert in this case, as associated with a beach, seems to represent the liminal state between sleeping and waking, that is, the ocean (of the unconscious) and the day to day waking reality. This “beach” is much larger than a typical beach. My dream did seem long and with many partial awakenings. Sand dunes have appeared in a number of my dreams and seem to represent the changes of the dream state itself, as well as sand also being associated with coalescence.