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    1. Coelophysis, Pandas, and Fire

      by , 11-09-2019 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of November 9, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,318-01. Reading time: 45 sec.

      Bushfires are coming closer to our home, though my dream self does not attain the correct recall of where we live in reality. The location at times resembles a 3rd Street area of La Crosse (rather than anywhere in Australia). I walk through an unfamiliar alley where there are cylindrical metal garbage cans instead of the modern plastic wheelie bins.

      There are areas where I see only gray ash and smoke. For some reason, dump trucks are carrying big loads of ashes from different locations. (I see this instead of any firefighting.) I am not in danger at any point, but Coelophysis appear at times, running in random directions. The fire is so extensive that it is burning areas never seen by humans. It is from where these dinosaurs are coming (nonsensical dream “logic,” though it is similar to other dreams where deeper in a forest meant longer ago in history).

      A panda climbs out of the reach of one small fire. Lassie and his owner (a young boy) are looking around for people to help. A fishing boat is sitting in the mud, as the water had lowered.

    2. Pet Brontosaurus and Fake Mad Magazine?

      by , 05-17-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of May 17, 2018. Thursday.

      My non-lucid dream self becomes aware of being in a new variation of the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house (where I have not been since 1978) rather than our own present bedroom. As is most often the case, it is perceived as part of our present home. I am aware of being married and having a family as in real life (even though my family has never been to America). They mostly appear as they do now in reality. My youngest son is the one I am most aware of in this case.

      Near the center of the room is a living brontosaurus. It is small; only about three feet long. Our kitten from real life is near it. I eventually notice that the brontosaurus has short fur (which I vividly feel as I pet it), which puzzles me somewhat. I start to consider that it may grow too big to keep as a pet and I wonder what will happen to it or what we will do. This also puzzles me but I think about how it may be genetically engineered and so may not get as big as it would otherwise. I pet it for several minutes as it lies on its left side on the floor.

      Something scares it, possibly the kitten, and it gets up and runs to the north side of the room. It hides under a bookshelf (one of the tall cheap plastic ones that have a space underneath, though in reality, there would not be enough space for a small animal). I reach for it but cannot quite get to it at first. I do eventually, and pull it out to calm it.

      Later, I notice it is bigger, about the size of a young person. It looks very different and is walking around on its back legs and is wearing clothes. There are a few unknown people in the room, mostly around twelve years old. The brontosaurus looks just like a person at times. I consider how he is able to pull his head down so that his neck is no longer than that of a normal person. He talks at times. A girl calls him a “funny looking person” and the brontosaurus says, “I’m not a person”.

      My youngest son has about five Mad Magazines, which I had not seen before. They may be recent issues. “Are these from the library?” I ask. Apparently, they are ours. I sit on the middle of the couch on the south side of the room. My son is to my right. My memory of our brontosaurus pet and its transformation is no longer present. I look at the cover of one issue and it is a painting of Alfred E. Newman’s head. Looking more closely, I see that the painted image has a very strange texture, like woven wicker. The paper itself seems to also hold this pattern. I decide that this means it may be counterfeit. “This looks like it might be a fake,” I say.

      I look through the issue and see that from about halfway through the pages, the texture of the page seems normal. I notice a four-panel black-and-white Don Martin gag, featuring a man and woman walking around in a city, though I do not read it. I look at several other pages without really attempting to read anything. I decide that the unusual nature of the cover and first pages may mean that it was only a misprint.

      This dreaming and waking process is more specific to the last dream of a sleep cycle and it even begins in a thread that already establishes the subliminal awareness of being asleep (bedroom setting). The final scene renders very common autosymbolism that establishes an association with thinking skills correlation, a required precursor for actual reading. This is because the subconscious self cannot perform viably due to its dynamic nature and illusory nature of the dream state. (Writing or print in non-lucid dreams often changes when reading it again and it is often random gibberish. Temporality and discernment cannot be sustained in an illusory state of unconsciousness). This is used in the waking process quite often, several times a week for over fifty years in my case, though it is not as common as autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation.

      Note how the brontosaurus, as an animal and illusory pet, hid under the bookshelf, which contained books. After this scene, coming out from under the bookshelf, it became more like a “person”, as human consciousness is required to read with viable discernment in waking life. This is the autosymbolic nature of the waking process that correlates to the last part of my dream, that is, being less of an illusion by way of initiating waking consciousness for reading and thinking skills, which the subconscious (analogous to a “primitive brontosaurus”) does not have. The analogy is duplicated by first perceiving the magazine as “fake”, which it is, as it exists only in the dream. Thus, it cannot be fully read and discerned (and it is even a composite of sorts, as it has the texture of our wicker bookshelf from real life), though from here, thinking skills correlation kicks in and I slowly wake. My son is on my right, the usual waking autosymbolism orientation, as I sleep on my left side (and left-side orientation would naturally imply the return to deeper sleep).

    3. Night Moves

      by , 05-13-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2018. Sunday.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar park at night. Zsuzsanna is present but is only about eighteen years old. My conscious self identity is not extant, though I want to be with Zsuzsanna, though it is implied we have not yet spent time together. Her father is present at one point. There is a cheerful atmosphere. A number of strange events take place with the typical timeline distortions and setting alterations. Part of the park has a cemetery, as has sometimes been the case in dreams since childhood.

      At one point, Zsuzsanna is standing near me and something invisible pushes her from her right. I wave my hand to make it visible and it is a tyrannosaurus of a somewhat yellowish color. It is not rendered very realistically and I wave it off.

      In one scene, I wave my hands in front of a small audience. The expectation is to cause trees to uproot and to float in the air as well as headstones being lifted from the ground to float in the air. It does not happen right away, which puzzles me (even though I am not lucid), but there is some eventual movement.

      In one of the last vivid scenes, I want to be with Zsuzsanna but I am puzzled by having barnacles growing from my left shoulder and upper left arm. I realize that this is not a serious medical condition, but I think it might make me undesirable. The barnacles jut out to about two inches.

      In the last sequence, Zsuzsanna is standing near me and about six people, mostly in white with numbers on their tank tops, run toward us, though we are not directly in their path, so they run past us. Soon after this, what I first consider is a wheel rolls toward us. I turn to look behind me as it rolls down the path. It turns to the right and seems to jump and then rolls a short distance into a field before stopping. The scene shifts to where I am on the Barolin Street house’s porch without realizing I had lived here once or remembering that a porch has been common autosymbolism for the waking space of a dream since early childhood.

      An unknown male of about twenty is present on the porch (the preconscious). He has a backpack and had been in the marathon. He is also a skydiver. Apparently, the “wheel” that rolled and jumped was his parachute wrapped up in the circular shape and it somehow got away from him. I cheerfully tell him of how it seemed to somehow jump on its own from the side of the road, implying that it might indicate a supernatural “I am” held by the parachute itself, as if it possessed consciousness.

      Working at decoding in reverse, the last scene is the very common (once per sleep cycle for over fifty years) vestibular system correlation autosymbolism and personification of the vestibular system factor by way of the preconscious. (This always represents a subliminal anticipation of the return to consciousness due to the nature of the falling start, which is solely biological.)

      The barnacle scene is from “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”, a rather ribald song my father used to perform fairly often in public. Still, the lines I laughed at the most as a child were “I’ll come down and let you in,” (sang three times in a falsetto voice), said the fair young maiden. “Well, hurry before I bust the door,” says Barnacle Bill the Sailor. Therefore, I suppose there is a very subtle liminal awareness of doorway autosymbolism as well as the autosymbolic nature of using a staircase (for changing the level of awareness in a dream). Still, there are usually transpersonal influences in levels of unconsciousness closer to waking. In this case, Zsuzsanna had been looking at a pirate outfit for a small teddy bear (which additionally is a dream state indicator), which I had not known about, so there are always intriguing external correlations and synchronicity.

      The tyrannosaurus scene is a throwback to childhood dreams where I had liminal dream control and created chase scenes without my dream self fully perceiving the source of the dream events by way of the preconscious (which is how dreams are mainly rendered, not by way of the unconscious, which the dream self does not have viable access to, or so-called subconscious, as the dream self is the subconscious personified, and without much intelligence or memory unless lucid).

      The cemetery is often perceived as the factor of the conscious self not being extant in the dream state, the same aspect that creates certain types of ghost autosymbolism.

    4. Dinosaurs, Lions, and a Gorilla in Faux Lucidity

      by , 02-05-2018 at 08:26 AM
      Morning of February 5, 2018. Monday.

      I enter an unusual state of faux lucidity, where I have the awareness of what the dream state is and how to create and manipulate dreams, but I do not have my conscious self identity or full realization I am dreaming at the time even as I am creating and manipulating my dream (a bizarre enigma that cannot be resolved in waking life thought, yet which I otherwise experience very often). This is different from states where I am aware of my conscious self at one level, yet do not recall what a dream is, though I am still able to greatly influence dream events and features. This validates that the nature of RAS mediation is not predictable due to the variations of circadian rhythms, as the biological need to wake varies depending on depth of sleep, physical needs, and certain thought processes - many of which are random (for example, threads of something seen on television or material from a book).

      I step into the dream state, yet immediately lose conscious self monitoring. I find myself walking through an open area that seems to be a wide street in an unfamiliar city. I am thinking to myself about what time period that I want the dream’s setting to occur in. I think about it being the 1920s, 1930s, or 1940s, and decide I will make it the 1930s.

      I watch people walk around, dressed as if they were from the 1930s (although it had been the 1920s before I willed the change). I offer to help an unfamiliar woman (of about fifty) by carrying her package, but she is not interested in me helping her.

      Next, I focus on dream state indicators (still without viable awareness that I am dreaming at the time, as this is by residual threads of habit in the lucid dream state since childhood). I find myself in the southwest bedroom of Cubitis (where I have not been since June of 1978). A young version of Zsuzsanna is in the bed, which is aligned along the south wall, head at the southwest corner. I create a radio for her to listen to, but then I am trying to remember if the songs that are playing are from the 1930s or from a much later period, as I do not want to alarm her with inexplicable sounds.

      I get distracted and summon a group of dream characters to then look through the door of my room. However, the doorway opens into a landscape instead of my old Cubitis bedroom. I create the essence of a dinosaur in the distance (a typical act in faux lucidity since childhood) and tell the unknown people to watch. The dinosaur eventually appears, but is like a mix of stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus. It moves over the top of a mountain, from right to left in profile (subliminal reinduction attempt), and roars. It is far away at this time and poses no threat.

      From here, I go back to the southwest bedroom, but then RAS mediation temporarily increases and I go into the bathroom (and although I do have to use the bathroom in reality, it is not yet that intense a wake-up call), as I am aware the dinosaur is in the house (which makes no sense as it would be too big) and I am now wary of it (even though I had deliberately created it minutes before). I close the door to subliminally avoid the waking activation. I feel soft weight pressing against the door, but I am able to keep it closed. Still, RAS mediation triggers an offset dream of a different level of awareness rather than doorway waking symbolism fully activating.

      Entering a different dream state and level of awareness, I then find myself walking with a group of people that I had summoned. Zsuzsanna is present as she is now. We are all walking through an unknown city.

      Ahead, and to our right, next to the curb, is an oversized vehicle that resembles a giant stagecoach (more like a stagecoach illogically mixed with a circus train car and doubled in size). It is basically a cage on wheels in the shape of a giant colorful stagecoach. The area behind where the driver would sit is an open area where a lion jumps up and looks down at us. There are other lions in the cage in the bottom area. I am thinking that the lion will jump down near us, but it remains in its location, as something vague in the back of my mind reminds me of subliminal dream manipulation but not directly and not with viable lucidity. This is a bizarre enigma, to subliminally reflect on subliminal (non-lucid) control of the dream state without being viably aware of being in the dream state and yet controlling the dream anyway.

      From here, there is an area where people are watching a gorilla walk around. P.T. Barnum is present and showing off the gorilla. There is a cage, and straw covers the street upon where the cage had been placed, but the gorilla is able to leave the cage through the open area. There is no threat however, and the people do not seem that impressed. There is an unknown girl present and I tell her to become part of the scene so that there is an additional ape for the people to view. She does not look like a gorilla of course, but I eventually decide to make her with hair all over. She goes over to the gorilla and P.T. Barnum seems slightly puzzled but somewhat appreciative, even though the girl is not actually a gorilla or acts like one. It seems the public will believe anything, which pleases him. I vaguely remember the Barnum effect, which relates to people who believe in “dream interpretation”. My dream eventually fades with no dominant RAS event. (P.T. Barnum is the personified preconscious in this case, though my dream self already has a thread of emergent consciousness evidenced by my odd state of faux lucidity, so I wake without the need for a strong emotion as the waking alert factor.)

    5. Climbing a Vine (as a Young Girl)

      by , 03-04-2017 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of March 4, 2017. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,338-01. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I am possibly in the Daintree Rainforest. There is a river nearby. It seems to be late at night or a few hours before dawn.

      I am a young girl, and I have no discernible association with my waking life identity or any recall of it. I have full body awareness with a realistic perception of my small size.

      After I walk into a clearing, an unknown man approaches me. He tells me to climb a particular vine and lifts me so I can hang on to it. The vividness of my movement is realistic. I feel the physical effort I use to climb higher, even tiring for a short time now and then. I am unsure why I need to climb the vine, but I obey the man, who soon runs off.

      I climb higher and higher. In the distance, after I am near the top of the vine where it hangs from a tall tree, I see the heads of two dinosaurs, probably tyrannosaurs. They do not see me, but I am wary. (My distance from the ground may not be beyond their reach.) I crouch behind a couple of thicker branches. The dinosaurs do not approach the area I am in by the time I wake.

      Climbing represents trying to return to consciousness. This dream’s process is vestibular modulation (as exit point modulation) with a female simulacrum (me) though the male simulacrum initiates the process by placing me on the vine. The potential of being swallowed breaks the illusion.

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    6. Blue Kite, Allosaurus in Doorway, Little Winged Man

      by , 11-11-2016 at 05:11 PM
      Morning of November 11, 2016. Friday.

      I find myself on a beach in daylight but possibly towards early evening. In the first segment of my dream, there is a focus on a blue kite that is near the shore but over the ocean. Who it belongs to is undetermined. The end of the string is apparently caught in some large jagged rocks and cannot be reached. I decide that it might be mine, although that may not matter since I do not see anyone attempting to retrieve the reel. Still, my “mission” seems to be to get the kite.

      While standing near the rocky area I look back and notice an allosaurus in a doorway. The size orientation does not make sense as I get the impression it is a normal doorway (even though it is out of scale relative to distance), yet the allosaurus is also supposedly large. It looks like a model of one, such as the one from “Land of the Lost” (1970s television series) but is “walking” against an invisible barrier so that with every step forward it sort of slides back. It is almost comical. I do not want to miss out on my kite retrieval but I also do not want to be caught by surprise though I eventually decide it is no threat. The implications do not make much sense. The wall that the doorway is in seems incompletely rendered and not fully in the immediate setting, fading out around the top and ends.

      Looking out towards the ocean, and at the same level of the blue kite (and to the left of it by about ten feet perhaps) I see a small man with wings wearing only a dhoti. He is very quickly (to an unrealistic extent) scribbling random unfamiliar symbols (except for a spiral) onto his chest and wings. I notice most of the supposed writing continuously falls off (which of course is not really that logical), becoming ash or ash-like. I feel a sense of both amusement and puzzlement.

    7. Looking for a Bookstore near Velociraptor Street

      by , 07-30-2016 at 01:30 PM
      Morning of July 30, 2016. Saturday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I, mostly as we are now, are in an unknown and unfamiliar city. We are looking for a particular bookstore but cannot find it. It seems to be late afternoon. We ask directions a few times in the area where the bookstore is supposed to be, but it is as if people do not know where it is even when they live on the same street in apartment buildings supposedly right next to it. This both puzzles and annoys us. I do not think they are deliberately misleading us but there is also the idea it may have closed down.

      We go to an intersection and around the corner where one older male claims the bookstore is, but it is not there. There is one delicatessen nearby. The area vaguely reminds me of La Crosse, near and around Third Street.

      I become aware that there is one street that is dangerous as there are two or three velociraptors roaming around. I neither realize how absurd it is for dinosaurs to be on the loose nor how they would limit their territory to one small section of a city block and not go beyond that at any time.

      Zsuzsanna and I wander through an abandoned empty shopping arcade. It is fairly dark inside even though it is still daylight outside the large buildings. The arcade has two large halls that intersect. I suspect the velociraptors are just outside one entrance but I do not feel that concerned as I become semi-lucid though not actively.

      Velociraptors (or anything that could harm or swallow the dreamer) would be a typical aggressive coalescence factor as the potential waking precursor. Looking for a bookstore implies trying to find my conscious mind (or conscious identity as such) at the threshold of the upcoming waking stage. I do not know if aggressive coalescence factors are triggered by real environmental cues, though this would make perfect since as early man was always needful to be wary as such when sleeping (the only difference being that early man probably did not have to seek his conscious identity, at least as much, to prepare for the waking transition to face whatever real danger may have triggered his dream content).

    8. "End of the World" yet again…

      by , 07-07-2013 at 01:07 PM
      Morning of July 7, 2013. Sunday.

      Like many (if not most) people, I have had numerous “end of the world” dreams throughout my life since birth (one of the first ever involving an elephant shooting lava from its trunk). I would not call them all nightmares, though, as they are often filled with good feelings and only minor negative emotions in some parts.

      This dream was much the same in some parts to my wife’s dream - with no “cues” or prior expectations of any kind. This has happened to us many times even before we were married, for about twenty years now, on a regular basis.

      This dream has four main sections (and a few minor ones). In one, the first, there is a big thunderstorm late at night. I seem to be living near the White House (which is to the north about three blocks away), but it seemingly is actually a large observatory (or somehow became one - the basic domed design not changing at all). The lightning is strange and thick in the sky and mostly horizontal between clouds instead of striking the ground and sometimes has an unusual reddish tint. It seems in part to be caused by the Earth going out of orbit. When I go outside, I do notice that what had supposedly been the White House all that time was “now” an astronomical observatory or had for some reason been changed into one for “emergency” purposes. The main large telescope (primarily pointing to my left - to the west - at about a forty-five degree angle at first) seems to be under control by either a supernatural force or by the Earth going out of orbit while being somehow manipulated by very strong magnetic patterns around the region, as it is moving about uncontrollably in a strange way, which eventually causes damage to the building and later on, the entire region - and I become aware that many people near the area are killed by earthquake-like activity. I take note of the many strange clouds moving about, almost like a tornado, but not quite. Soon, though, there are no clouds, which, for some reason, means “the end” (which is rather odd, since I have often seen little or no cloud cover on certain nights - but in this case, they seem to sweep through the sky all at once in an “unnatural” way and vanish). The Earth is out of orbit, and not many days are left for humanity.

      There are also two sections (seemingly between or during the times of the main storms) which also seem to be a different day for the garden one at least. I own or at least “control” a very large amount of land in Australia, acres and acres into the distance. I have this huge area of land divided up into various rectangular plots for thousands of different plants, primarily fruits and vegetables. Some of the ones closest to where I am standing are strawberries, carrots, and celery, but there are also many plots devoted to very rare kinds of mostly edible plants. Each plot somehow has an underground computer keeping each individual garden at its optimum temperature, light, and moisture for the plant to grow as correctly and healthily as possible. (I am not sure how the “light” aspect is monitored, as it mostly seems to be under open blue sky as far as the eye can see.)

      In another part of my dream, my wife and I are going west, to live near the ocean or at least visit the (unknown and unfamiliar) area and enjoy its beauty in a very remote region while there is still time. I look out over the incredibly beautiful ocean’s surface at the many multicolored reflections. After about what seems like ten minutes or so, I mentally try to create a dinosaur-like creature, and a glassy, transparent plesiosaurus head begins to rise and form, but stays crystal-like and slightly translucent and never shows more than its head only - about ten feet away from us. Of all the “chased by dinosaur” dreams I have had in my life, I was somehow aware that I had created them at one level at the beginning foundation of my dream, even though they sometimes got a bit out of control and “too real”. In this dream, though, I seem to be doing it mostly for nostalgic purposes as I know the creature will be friendly, but due to the Earth being out of orbit, the magnetic tulpa energies are chaotic and with no sustainability, even with a six-by-four (or eight-by-six?) matrix with Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse implications. I feel a bit sad though the head does not vanish, but the creature will only exist in a "what if” state until the Earth’s very last hour, having a head only “floating” on the water (or seeming to) and not even a neck or body - or perhaps its body is there and under the ocean’s surface in an invisible form.

      The last section has to do with the final “out of orbit” conditions. I am with an unknown man and feel myself begin to rise in the air, as Earth is losing its gravity, of which I make a verbal note to the man and shout this to some other people as they are also rising up into the air. It is not at all like the common flying or even hovering dreams for me; I am simply floating up with a sense of there really being no gravity in the building and there is also an uncommon sense of weight associated with my movements that I cannot seem to control - I am about halfway up to the high ceiling. The man and I notice a woman of about thirty. She has at least six children of all the same age with her (about six or seven years). At first they all seem to have ice skates on (but remove them) - but then they are all dancing and singing and enjoying the growing loss of gravity (we are all inside some sort of larger building, seemingly a hotel lobby or something but somehow connected to a sports arena and large casino or some such). The man seems very angry and yells at her, regarding the idea of her dancing when “it is the end of the world” as very “wrong”, perhaps even insane. He announces “The 9.8 meter per second squared constant is flying the coop as quickly as we are!” It soon dawns on me that it is the man who is crazy, because why would it matter if you were dancing as it was the end of the world anyway as at least you would “go out” happily in a sense.

      Oddly, though, the women and her children are then back on the ground as if gravity is then normal for them (but they seem mildly dejected), and then they prepare to go shopping and on to living normal lives again, as perhaps the Earth is “back in orbit” after all.
    9. The Pink Triceratops

      by , 12-12-1979 at 09:27 PM
      Night of December 12, 1969. Friday.

      This dream seemed to last all night into the next morning but with several false awakenings. Regardless of it being somewhat nightmarish, it is one of my favorites from childhood. This was yet another dream where Pepto-Bismol pink dominated some aspects of the dream elements. It also involves another early attempt at tulpa creation (as with the “Cobra in the Hayloft” dream). This is still the original dream journal title from age eight and the first version of this dream theme as far as I know.

      In an early part of the dream, my pillow seems to have moving imagery on it somewhat like a television screen. There is a scene with the “MGM lion” logo roaring (as at the beginning of a movie) except that the lion has been replaced by a triceratops. (It is possible that the small portable heater had been on a few times, which sometimes made a rattling noise and provided a slight glow in the room.)

      Over time, I develop a very intense, clear, and focused lucidity and am able to control the somewhat phosphorescent images on the pillow. Once I gain more faith and expectation, I also gain a sense of being able to communicate with the white family cat, Snowball, or at least get her to understand my ideas somehow. The cat had been in the room throughout the dream; in reality as well, I think.

      Throughout the night, seemingly, there are different “games” played with the imagery on the pillow. One amusing scene involves the word “dots” appearing on my pillow several times, like a grid-like pattern (after I had watched actual polka dots for a time). As I put more intent into the manifestation, the words rotate and then say “stop” like some sort of “tingly warning”. Another image that flows across the pillow is a sequence of letter Zs, in a snake-like fashion. It is similar to watching projected images from a slide projector moving about on the surface of the pillow (and part of the sheet at times).

      I also seem aware of a loud snoring (on and off) over the few hours that the dream seems to last. I used to think it was my father (and one story I wrote based on the dream did imply that), but my father’s room was in another part of the house at the other end beyond the hallway and would not have been that loud, I do not think. It was either my own or solely in-dream, but certainly seemed vivid and made the dinosaur’s sounds seem more threatening somehow, through the false awakenings - yet at the same time was a reassurance at one level of thought in a particular liminal state at random times.

      “Look Snowball, I can make a monster appear,” I say with confidence (and again feel the in-dream “tingling”). Instead of the imagery appearing on the pillow, a “real” full-sized triceratops appears standing near my bedside, facing east (where my head is). (The bed is along the south wall, head at the southeast corner at the time, both in the dream and in reality. The bed had occupied several different locations in the room during the time I lived there. This particular setup was the farthest from all the large jalousie windows during the winter.) The triceratops makes a “snoring growling” sound, very vivid and convincing, but mostly just remains in the same standing position as if I might still have some level of control over it. There is an eerie glow of Pepto-Bismol pink from it (which does not fully light up the room). The cat seems a bit nervous but does not run off.

      I seem to shift into another state and realize it was only a very vivid and lucid dream with the appearance of the dinosaur seeming like part of a false awakening (though I was lucid dreaming, I had a partial sense I might be partly awake and watching hypnagogic events projected onto the pillow as was sometimes the case in reality). I think about getting back into the same state, because it was quite intriguing. However, the dream eventually takes on a lesser vividness and my lucidity lowers as well. In the last section, the dream is non-lucid. I am out of my bedroom and in a sleeping bag on the living room floor (southwest area of the room), apparently having been placed here by my mother either due to a monster being in my room or being “safer” there for some other reason. From here, the triceratops appears again (but is a darker mossy green, not pink) and I sense it is getting closer to my face as I slowly wake.
    10. Dimetrodon

      by , 11-11-1978 at 12:36 PM
      Morning of November 11, 1968. Monday.

      This became recurring for some time. I am in class and there is talk of an approaching threat. It turns out to be a large dimetrodon (a prehistoric fin-backed reptile-like creature). This was recurring over several weeks. In some scenarios, I saved a female classmate, Linda, sometimes from a falling wall. In one later version of the dream, the single fin splits into two “wings” and I get the impression that it will start to fly, perhaps taking Linda or another classmate (or even a teacher) with it. I found this to be somewhat “too fanciful” an idea even as a child, which I now look back on and reflect upon with amusement.
    11. Eryops

      by , 10-11-1978 at 04:11 PM
      Morning of October 11, 1968. Friday.

      Summary of meaning: In subliminal anticipation of the need to get up for school, my mind renders my mother (as parallel symbolism with my own inevitable emergent consciousness precursor) as a prehistoric amphibious creature and, with the aid of four older males, to be held on an island by building a shed (liminal space) around her. When she wakes, the shed explodes outwardly, as I am leaving the island (dream exit symbolism).

      A team of four unknown men, dressed as if on a safari (recurring dream character mode), probably in their thirties, seemingly with my help (even though I am only seven years old), trap an Eryops that had fallen asleep on a deserted isolated island (possibly near Florida or within the state of Florida in a very large lake as I do notice some palmettos) by somehow building a wooden shed around it while it is sleeping, yet the hammering apparently does not disturb its sleep at any point which is of course illogical. There is a very vague consideration that it may dig its way out as it is somewhat toad-like and toads do dig. However, when it eventually wakes up as we are preparing to leave the island, it is easily able to smash through with only a couple movements of its body and tail. I see boards flying out from the outer walls of the small building and feel a sense of awe and imminent danger. I watch the men leaving quickly in a rowboat (though I am not yet in it, though I seemingly soon teleport to it) as the creature is escaping but is not a direct threat as it remains where it is. It is facing the shore but facing to the right in my viewpoint. There is a sense of awe and unpleasant surprise but I have never classified this as a nightmare as I seem to only be observing this last scene without being directly present, becoming incorporeal at the waking point. (It was fairly common in my childhood dreams to become incorporeal in the final moments in eluding a possible threat, and as such, actual nightmares have been extremely rare throughout my life.)

      • This event of the prehistoric creature waking up as I am waking up (and it was my last dream of the morning prior to getting up) primarily renders the event as a very obvious waking metaphor, about as obvious as a basic dream meaning can be. Subliminally trying to prevent myself from waking (by preventing the creature from waking and escaping) did not work in this case, as biology is stronger than subliminal conscious will.
      • Last update on Sunday, 30 October 2016. I had not considered that the shed in this dream might be associated with a doghouse. I learned that I had read a Marmaduke panel on October 6, 1968 which featured the dog “digging a storm cellar” under his doghouse. Additionally, building a shed around the sleeping creature seems a possible analogy to building a doghouse in hopes to tame a beast. A year previously, when I lived at 611 North Monroe Street, I had been yelled at by an unknown man who told me to stay away from his puppy (who was always resting in his doghouse when I visited him near my own open yard). This upset me (especially as I had never seen him before even though he lived in the apartments on the other side of our yard).

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    12. Poor Little Dinosaur

      by , 07-07-1975 at 02:57 PM
      Morning of July 7, 1965. Wednesday.

      This was a recurring very early childhood dream. There were a few variations. The main scene involved being in the back seat of a car, on the right-hand side, with my father driving and my mother in the front seat. Somehow, I eventually find myself along the right-hand side of the road with no car in sight and where there are a lot of tall grasses and possibly a trench or ditch. This seems related to my parents stopping for me to relieve myself while they go to a nearby store to come back in a short time. (I get the impression that we had been at a gas station though I could not go because the bathroom doors were locked - this in-dream back story being based on a real-life event.) I soon notice a small green dinosaur on two legs (probably a very small or baby “ostrich dinosaur” or Ornithomimus not quite as tall as I am) that comes out from the tall weeds. In afterthought, I seem taller in my dream, or at least seeing things from a higher perspective. There is sometimes a sense of sadness as if it may be the only one around or the last of its kind. It seems friendly though also somewhat out of place in its surroundings. I am not sure what its fate will be as I usually return to the car when my parents return, though they do not see it and I do not mention it. I may continue to be the only human who ever knows of its existence.

      Some of this is based on one of my most vivid real memories. My parents did stop at a gas station and when the attendant said that the doors were locked, I said “That’s okay, I don’t have to use the bathroom anyway” (so as to not be seen as demanding or annoying - I was quite passive and focused when growing up for the most part). My impression of this seemingly very annoyed-looking man towering over me stayed with me. We did stop at a wayside as such a few times (when I had to go to the bathroom), but my parents certainly never drove off for any length of time as in some of my dreams.
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    13. Triceratops Junkyard

      by , 05-31-1975 at 04:17 PM
      Morning of May 31, 1975. Saturday.

      I am wandering around in an isolated dump (in the sense of being a partial landfill) in the afternoon, that is also somewhat like a junkyard on a couple more external areas. There are steep hills on at least two sides, perhaps three. I get the impression that someone has been building, over a longer time period, a life-sized “robot” or working model of a triceratops from various types of scraps and miscellaneous rubbish, but I am not sure if it will ever be completed. It appears that at least two had already been started, but remain unfinished due to there being a lack of properly shaped junk, thus the projects were abandoned. There is a feeling of desolation, of remoteness. I am not sure if anyone else is around. There may be someone living in an old shack nearby but I never find out much else.
    14. Dinosaucer (Another Flying Saucer)

      by , 11-01-1974 at 08:01 AM
      Morning of November 1, 1974. Friday.

      Note that this dream journal title came long before any other associated names which I have since learned of (though I have never seen anything related to the “Dinosaucer” series that apparently first aired in 1987 and do not know much about it at all).

      This dream ends a little like the flying saucer dream from my childhood, though a brontosaurus emerges in this one (somewhat snake-like) instead of the apocalyptic elephant. This dream is much shorter than the elephant version and is not as emotional upon ending (and does not directly imply the end of the world as in the elephant dream).

      After hearing about reports of a possible alien invasion in my dream (from my mother’s large pale green radio), I find myself near my school. The single flying saucer that eventually lands looks like the one from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (from 1951). I do not recall much vivid detail other than the brontosaurus neck and head emerging from the door of the flying saucer. (I never see the body at any point.) There seems to be an eerie (though unrealistic) contrast between the dinosaur’s head and neck and the shadow it casts near the outer area of the spacecraft.

      It is possible that there is an association with a cereal prize/premium that was called “Noggin Nodders” (from Kellogg’s). I had several of every piece in the set in different colors. The one that seemingly influenced this dream in part was a snake head emerging/wobbling from a log.
    15. Colony

      by , 02-01-1973 at 05:02 PM
      Night of February 1, 1973. Thursday.

      I am sleeping on my stomach on the carport roof of the Cubitis house, facing north, fairly close to the first trellis, not really noticing the large corrugated sections running east and west (which were very annoying and problematic to maneuver over in real life, especially barefooted), with my arms supporting my head, a bit unrealistically too far out from the edge of the roof (as if my upper body is supported by an intangible surface). It is late at night, and there is a slight odor of smoke, probably from the west though also likely underneath me in the side yard. I cannot remember when I decided to sleep up here as it is not Friday (dream logic - though I typically did not mess around on the roof on school nights in reality) though it is curiously not that cold for the winter.

      Either the Virginia Dare colony or the gypsies from “The Valley of Gwangi”, or perhaps both, are camped out at the southern periphery of the orange grove. It seems like a good way to survive for awhile - in eating Harold M’s oranges. In the distance behind me (mostly southeast?), John Boy Walton is hollering (almost inaudibly from my position though) about the inferiority of strangers (and the fact that only the Waltons are actually real people) and the superiority of Walton’s Mountain. I feel like climbing down, finding him, and punching him a few times, but I mostly remain relaxed, probably because I also sense that a tyrannosaurus will soon eat him in mid-speech (or perhaps the father of Virginia Dare will shoot him - I sense he has already been shot once under similar circumstances). However, in a drastic change of mood, John Boy decides that the Virginia Dare colony belongs on Walton’s Mountain. They are possibly intangible ghosts.

      It also eventually occurs to me that the Virginia Dare colony was eaten by the tyrannosaurus from “The Valley of Gwangi” and I cannot understand why that had not been widely published in the newspapers. I know there is a tyrannosaurus around, but I somehow also know that he will not be in the immediate area at any point. I hear Harold M shooting at random dinosaurs briefly with his rifle (likely from a lawn chair on his very small mostly enclosed patio where he usually shoots at foxes and crows in reality), with an odd unrealistically distant echo, and cussing about his oranges being pilfered. Meanwhile, John Boy Walton dons a fox mask, which thus (automatically) makes him the new sheriff and so he can find the rest of Virginia Dare’s relatives. I am disgusted and disturbed by Virginia Dare’s father (Ananias Dare) roasting the eohippus (from “The Valley of Gwangi”), or maybe it is not Ananias Dare but Matt Dillon (James Arness). I am angry about this, but it is too late to crawl down from the roof via the trellis and I am wary about the tough look on Matt’s (James’s) face.
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