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    1. Three Punks with Three Dogs and a Grass Cocoon

      by , 08-29-2016 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2016. Monday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in bed, though I do not pick up on the fact that the orientation is quite different. Beyond my feet (I seem to be lying on my back) and not that far from our bed, I notice that three young men of about twenty years of age (possibly younger) had been looking at us through the mail slot on our front door (even though we have no mail slot and in fact I have never been in or lived in a house with this sort of layout).

      The three males take turns looking at us, which is odd because I think they might also see through the window in the door (although this is not certain) unless they want to remain mostly out of sight. Since I am nude, I am therefore not embarrassed about any implication of having slept in my clothes (as in a few past dreams including a recent one), but I am very annoyed at these imposers.

      I get out of our bed (without getting dressed) and get my large barbell (my weapon of choice in many dreams) and go to our front door (of a fictional appearance) and shove it through the mail slot to bonk one of them on the head and continue to strike whoever is within reach after mentioning something about this imposition to Zsuzsanna. (Discovering that unknown people, usually younger males, had been watching me as I sleep is a long-term recurring dream situation since early childhood, though usually non-threatening, and is a dream sign of residual subliminal memories carried over into sleep, which typically represent threads of my own conscious mind or in some cases an unexpected environmental noise. In this case, my conscious mind’s “intrusion” into the realm of my dream self is validated by the mail slot, which represents potential communication between non-lucid dream self and conscious self. Because I probably do not want to wake up yet, I subliminally “pretend” it is an intrusion by strangers, though in some cases there actually are real voices on the public footpath from outside our house when we are sleeping.)

      The scene and setting very curiously shifts to one where Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in armchairs (now fully clothed) in an unknown mostly featureless room with the three unknown males who are sitting on wooden chairs. Three small dogs, possibly chihuahuas, are running around and are seemingly a mild threat though they do not come close enough to bite either of us. I push them away with the barbell and also bonk the males on the heads a few times even though they do not directly attack us. I do not really feel like hurting the dogs and we leave without incident.

      Later, I am in the backyard of our present home on W Street. Zsuzsanna is sleeping on her left side in a grass cocoon (seemingly intricately woven of thin grass) very close to the west fence. I hear someone talking, probably walking south past our house, and wonder if they are going to bother us by looking through the gaps in our fence. Zsuzsanna looks beautiful. The grass cocoon covers almost every part of her with the appearance of a papoose, with only her face showing through an open oval area. There is a sense of love and peace.

    2. Werner Klemperer and Imposing Dogs

      by , 07-15-2015 at 08:46 AM
      Morning of July 15, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am in a building in a public place with Zsuzsanna (in an unknown town and unfamiliar location), possibly a train station, sitting on what is somewhat like a long wooden chest though meant to be a bench near the center of the room. She is on my left. Along comes Werner Klemperer (March 22, 1920-December 6, 2000, as from “Hogan’s Heroes”, though in a formal suit rather than in costume), seeming cheerful and cordial as he sits down on Zsuzsanna’s left.

      I am not surprised at all for some reason. I move forward (not standing up) and with some difficulty, try to shake his right hand with my left hand, which results in a bit of difficulty. He does not seem sure how to hold his arm in this situation and for a moment, it seems as if our hands are reversed or at least turned sideways (for example, the back of my hand facing out and forward, thumb down). Even though it is quite awkward making at least three attempts at a “normal” handshake, there is no residual embarrassment. He moves out farther but does not stand either.

      Zsuzsanna and I talk to him a bit about what he thinks of the “Lost” television series (which began in 2004), which makes no logical (or interpretable) sense due to him having died before the first episode ever aired. This seems vaguely familiar in conscious afterthought as if there was a very similar scenario in a dream of a few years ago (regarding two or three large televisions being in the same setting). However, this is one of only a few dreams that ever had him as a character, the last one possibly being in 1978 (though I did not do a full scan as it takes some time) - though all other instances regard his Colonel Klink character and persona, I think.

      There is not much after this. He does not seem to be too decisive about “Lost” either way. The meeting seems vivid and otherwise realistic for what it is.

      In another highly illogical dream scene, I am trying to stop dogs from coming onto the porch in an alternate version of our last home on Barolin Street, though the windows are actually mostly closed anyway (and are sash windows rather than the jalousie windows as they were in reality). I am forcefully slapping a pillow against the closed window, to make a particular dog back away from it. There are at least three dogs though which are not that aggressive. One does grab the end of the pillowcase in his mouth for a short time, as the window then seems about one inch open. Nothing that stressful ensues and no dogs get in.
    3. Dog Sled Mishap (First Nations Dream)

      by , 06-28-2015 at 12:28 PM
      Morning of June 28, 2015. Sunday.

      (Please note that the image shows sled dogs at rest; not injured in any way.)

      This was confirmed as an authentic First Nations ancestral dream (one of the oldest kinds possible, in fact), which came as a bit of surprise to me (considering I have lived in Australia since February of 1994), though does explain why it felt so utterly different than the majority of my dreams.

      This was one of those more vivid dreams that seemingly “comes out of nowhere”; that is, in a rare case of not being quickly (personally) resolved and “interpreted” at least to some extent (depending on the dream type and level of consciousness of course, as a number of dream types are literal, persona practice runs, real-self-created-and-directed, environmentally scripted or at least influenced, or solely metaphorical to the dreaming and waking process itself). It did not quite feel like the day to day visual precognition or impersonal remote viewing I always experience.

      In my dream, it seems to be late at night or possibly very early morning before dawn. I become aware that I am walking to our front door with my wife Zsuzsanna (at our atypically near-perfect rendering of our present address). (I am not sure of any implied back story, immediate or otherwise.) She opens the door to look out onto the front porch and beyond and says “something is dead out there” (very clear and well-rendered audio with no distortion of my wife’s essence). This does something to my perception, causing my dream to become even more vivid and augmented (in terms of all the five sense). This particular in-dream level of such precise perceptual focus was far more common around age nine. As such, I can almost sense my dream “building itself” as if my dream-self is one step ahead of the potential outcome and casually waiting for the next imagery to unveil (though this does not trigger lucidity for some odd reason and my dream-maker-self is not directly perceived as in other dreams, even in afterthought).

      Out in the middle of the street, facing west, are now at least three sled dogs lying on their sides, motionless (and presumed dead), the leader mostly aligned with the line of sight of the stop sign prior to the intersection. I can also see the empty dog sled tipped on its side. I am trying to logically process the scene. I can firstly just make out the shapes as they come into focus, appearing slightly larger and brighter at first (as if slightly out of phase with my dream perspective for a very short time). Soon, the scene is clearly and vividly resolved; rendered very realistically. There is no sign of any other animals or people around.

      I try to mentally process what the scene indicates or may indicate regarding the nature of the street and general traffic (though there is no traffic perceived anywhere). Obviously, there are no dog sleds going past our house and down the street in reality. This realization, however, does not even dawn on me in-dream. I am convinced that there has been a “real” event for whatever reason and think about what may have happened to the sledmaster. Did he go to get help? Is he lying somewhere else unconscious or deceased? I am very puzzled over why there is no activity such as police cars or other people at the scene, if just to remove the dogs and wrecked sled. I start to wonder, with additional puzzlement, just how long this setup had remained as such. I consider if the dog sled had been driven over by a semitrailer truck (which does not make much sense though does in my dream).

      My dream seems to shift into peaceful “oblivion” without waking, something that is fairly rare in my adult years. It seemed to take place in a “deeper” part of my being than any other dream I have head in my lifetime (though I more recently found out why, relating to the ancestral memory).

      Important update: Although I am not a fan at all of so-called psychotherapy (and never have been), I also found this link for anyone interested: http://www.briancollinson.ca/index.p...sled-dogs.html

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    4. Hunted

      by , 04-25-2015 at 11:57 AM
      Morning of April 25, 2015. Saturday.

      This is mostly a typical “being hunted” dream of the recurring type since childhood but it ends in a mostly comedic farce. This dream type, though slightly stressful during some scenarios, does not really have that much emotion at most points. I eventually have and maintain the typical three abilities in such dreams: Being able to fly whenever I want to, becoming and staying invisible, and intangibility (including the ability to travel through any wall or even person). These special in-dream abilities often create the impression of moving almost outside of my dream state at times even though I am still technically dreaming and fully in-body in most perspectives.

      My dream starts with me being on a familiar city bus and looking at something on a notebook computer on the left side of the aisle, about the sixth seat back. When the bus stops, or is almost stopped at one point and I decide to get off, I hover, while in standing position, about two inches from the floor of the bus. When the bus does completely stop, I move backwards (while floating) and bump into some people seated in the back. I turn around and apologize and then leave the bus, still floating upright and not walking at any point.

      From here, people are looking for me - possibly due to my special abilities (or even as a result of my bumping the people on the bus). In dreams like this, most people looking for me are not necessarily law enforcement (or dangerous criminals) but most often related to some sort of industrial business or paramilitary group. I fly for a time, and land on a few different roofs of mostly warehouses and industrial buildings. When I am lying on a roof on my side but with my head elevated and when a female is looking my way to point out where I am to the others, I decide to fly from that area and then land in an alleyway. At that point, I become invisible and eventually intangible. After this, I actually walk through someone (who is walking in my direction); an elderly businesswoman. They are not aware of me at all or that I had passed through them and they do not react in any way.

      I walk through walls of some of the warehouses while there are people inside, but because I am invisible, I am not that concerned. Still, they do usually seem to have a special method for finding my general location (within about a two block range).

      A Doberman (Doberman Pinscher) appears, running out from a building about half a block away, and knows where I am due to his sense of smell (even though I am still invisible). He begins barking a bit and indicating his awareness of where I am standing at this time. Not quite certain of what to do, as a few of the people will likely soon come to this area, I bend down and bite his nose off, which immediately seems quite disgusting to have to do this. The dog does not even seem that injured, though, but then randomly runs around barking in different areas and seems confused. (This is probably an incidental association with a line from “My Kingdom” by Echo and the Bunnymen, which has both “bite the nose off” and “climb the roof top” - as I had enhanced an old entry about my precognitive “Kingdom” novella though which has nothing to do with the song at all. Over the many years, I have learned that many dreams have associations with no meaning at all other than inconsequential or otherwise unrelated word associations and purely accidental puns.)

      I then keep moving until I reach a stream about the same distance wide as railroad tracks and the immediate usual area around them, which is between a mostly featureless field and a higher embankment on the other side (though there are still a few old wooden buildings off to my left). The Doberman is off to my left, not knowing where I am anymore. Across the stream, the area seems far more rural, with a bit of tall grass here and there and a few trees. (Even though it is quite different, especially regarding the stream and higher embankment, it has a similar layout and essence as the area beyond the backyard in Cubitis and thus seems very loosely modeled on the area, as is the case with many other dreams that do not actually imply the area - this not being due to a particular memory but the brain simply using it for a “new” setting - I have seen this continuously throughout my life including with composite locations and bilocated features.)

      Soon, about a hundred or more Irish Setters appear by approaching the edge of the embankment across the river. They are all of several different mostly solid colors in no particular order: Mostly black, darker brown, lighter rust-colored, and white. They start barking in large groups while sitting and pointing their noses upward, almost like an implied chorus, creating such a cacophony, it becomes ridiculous, and they are not necessarily barking at or sensing me, because the lines are long and they are all looking in one straight direction rather than arced around my general location. They are mostly in about three or four even suggested lines, but not fully together in any line other than in groups of about five or six. One male comes out from near where they are to see what is going on as he seems to be one of the owners or trainers. The loud sound becomes like a continuous “Ru-ru-ru-ru-ru-ru” - very realistic in the impression even though I have never heard that many dogs barking at once in real life.

      These dogs on the other side of the stream are creating so much distraction and noise (as well as confusing the Doberman even more) that I know I will easily be able to move out of the range of my “hunters” from here by flying over the stream and moving on into what is probably a peaceful forest beyond. One of the males who was trying to locate me is about half a block away to my left, distracted by the dogs, some of which seem to be barking at him.
    5. K-9 Force (science-fiction theme)

      by , 11-21-1975 at 05:21 PM
      Night of November 21, 1975. Friday.

      In a diminishing transition from viable lucidity to semi-lucidity, I am chased by dogs after unintentionally trespassing beyond a fence in an industrial area that is adjacent to a desert with minimal landscape features, though which looks deserted. It seems to be in the distant future, though this perception was likely otherwise influenced by similar panoramas in science-fiction movies I had seen in real life.

      I am confronted by talking dogs (or so it seems at first). The dogs are mostly Dobermans and black Labrador Retrievers. They seem to be some sort of task force to catch me and somehow bring me to their owners or force me to go in the direction of where their owners are. I am uncertain of the backstory. I am not sure if the dogs are meant to be owned by people who are legitimate owners of the property or if they were trained by outlaws who have taken over the industrial area. At first, I had considered if the dogs were on their own, of augmented intelligence, and in control of the area, but this seems less likely over time.

      I am aware of the logo embossed on the metallic kite-shaped pendants on their collars being “K-9” as a play on “canine” (though my dream self does not seem fully understanding of this factor). It is not clear if this is the name of the industrial complex or the security team of solely dogs (or inclusive of their owners as a group). However, I start to consider if “K-9” is a codeword for the main dog and if other codes are on other collars, such as “L-10”, or “J-8”, which I seem to briefly perceive on another pendant.

      Over time, I manage to escape from each situation, such as by climbing up higher in one case.

      Eventually, I realize that the dogs are not talking but are being given instructions through some sort of comm device in their collars (which is what I had been hearing from the beginning), though I am sometimes addressed as well. I also get the impression that their collars also have small microphones. I eventually end up hiding out in a large warehouse, but not much happens after this other than initiating the usual doorway waking symbolism when my semi-lucidity returns.

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    6. Cujo before “Cujo” (precognitive)

      by , 09-08-1975 at 03:08 PM
      Morning of September 8, 1975. Monday.

      This dream was much as if I was watching some sort of strange “wavy” cartoon yet with a rendering that made it seem at least ninety percent “real” or live-action regarding the vivid imagery. A Saint Bernard appears and ends up in a cave full of bats, where he is bitten a few times - though sometimes it seems to be in an underground chamber where the dog then emerges from near the roots of a tree. He then either gets rabies or becomes vampiric and attacks his family (where there is at least one young boy). I do not see much happening and my dream seems to “reset” several times, sometimes with the events not rendered very well and sped up a bit, yet almost seeming like an “old memory” at times and bilocated in my Cubitis living room where I also seem to be “sleeping” in the northwest corner - though I am actually in my bed in reality. I am aware of a name that is like “Cool Joe” (after Snoopy from the “Peanuts” comic strip, a reversal of “Joe Cool” and first seen May 27, 1971).

      In my dream, I was also aware of the name Castle Rock, which is interestingly the name of the fictional town in the novel. The dog also seems to be a sheepdog at one point after one “reset”. This has subtle links to my “Time Divergence” dream (July 4, 1976) and a strange repeating dream experience (and my perception of time extremely altered) related to “Hardcastle and Mccormick”, which I almost always misremembered as “Hardcastle and Rock”. As I have noted before, sometimes these experiences seem more related to incidental word associations through a “higher source” at times, rather than having any real meaning, almost as if the Source is playing some sort of “trick” to see if people are paying attention.

      This was surely precognitive with quite a detailed perspective (though there are significant differences in my dream and the actual novel and movie), though rather pointless as with much precognition. The novel apparently did not come out until 1981 (which still feels extraordinarily odd to me as I still feel and “remember” that it came out years before that, before I moved from Florida in 1978), though it is perhaps not impossible that there was talk of it beforehand, though I do not recall reading anything on this and I really did not have access to much news when living in Cubitis during this time. Oddly, I also dreamt about scenes from the movie “Firestarter” (as well as many other movies) before the novel even came out. I have never been sure of why this happens or what the connections (if any) are. Also, it is one of hundreds of more detailed precognitive dreams I did not really think about until several years later. I did not even realize when I saw “Cujo” in real life that it had actually come much later than my dream details. On a side note, Stephen King discusses “Cujo” in “On Writing”, referring to it as a novel he “barely remembers writing at all”.

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    7. November Second Halloween (in three acts)

      by , 11-03-1973 at 05:03 PM
      Morning of November 3, 1973. Saturday.

      This is a long dream that started prior to real-life sunrise, continuing a short time after real-life sunrise, the carport (north through my bedroom windows) being fully illuminated as I woke up with the “I’ll just wake up now” resolved liminal state. As is often the case (recurring dream property, especially from 1969 to 1973), the eerie or threatening aspects of my dream break down or transform and become more mundane as the sun rises in real life - this can be seen in some of my other dreams, including several where bones become branches or picnic forks or a vampire bat becomes a non-threatening moth, etc.

      In the first part of my dream, I am aware that it is Halloween night, except for the fact that November second is usually “Halloween” in my dream universe. This is due to a strong influence from the Barbara Steele movie “Castle of Blood” (from 1964). November second was always the “night of the dead” for me, which was actually more dominant than cultural associations with “ordinary” Halloween, though I still “saw” it (and accepted it) as the “real” Halloween.

      Act One:

      The first part of my dream reveals that a few classmates had been to my house in Cubitis; I assume mainly Tina L, Brenda W, Toby T, and Steve J. I seem to be the only one directly in-dream until near the end, though. The very large antique wooden dining table in the living room, along the middle area of the east side of the house and near the windows in usual view of the backyard (but the curtains are mostly down in-dream) has three areas that display several small skulls made of hard candy, mostly on the left side of the table to my perspective, some on a transparent glass plate of fancy spiral relief patterns, some not. The three sets are of slightly different sizes. Many are of the glow-in-the-dark pale green as of the color of cereal prizes that glow in the dark. A few others are in different pale colors such as Pepto-Bismol pink (recurring dominant color), a pale violet, and a pale yellow - none are white. In the back of my mind is the idea that some of them may be poisonous. I am not sure why people would put poisonous candy on the table (and I am hoping more friends or classmates do not come in and eat them unknowingly), but I get two other associations, one being cough drops in the shape of skulls, the other being skull-shaped vitamins. Therefore, each set of skulls is either candy, cough drops, or vitamins, with perhaps a few poisonous ones in each. I am wary of them all, though, and do not touch any of them.

      Act Two:

      I go into the hallway with the intent of, I think, going to the bathroom, though I do not recall an actual need to. It may just be a random in-dream wandering. Suddenly, a large hairy bat flies down from the back door area near the ceiling and its face is so close upon reaching me, it would have logically hit my face - but instead - suddenly vanishes. This is rather puzzling. The bat had a grinning gargoyle-like face, almost smiling at me.

      Act Three:

      As it grows closer to sunrise, I hear dogs barking and snarling. Normally, I am wary of going onto the carport at night (or even early morning) in dreams, but not always. I open the front door and the barking is actually right in the carport. I see several dogs right there just past the doorway and immediately close the door. The dogs continue to bark and growl. After the sun rises, I open the door and Toby T is there and holding a large poster, but beginning to roll it up top to bottom (and which had been completely covering the other side of the doorway) showing dogs in various aggressive positions (a couple of them apparently leaping up towards the viewer), which is exactly what I had seen before. He explains that the sound of the dogs was from a cassette playing on the table on the carport. Thus, what I saw when I opened the door was only the poster. I am somewhat relieved and it was all in good fun, I suppose. I am also aware that the bat, which was fake, was what I myself had set up and forgotten about, triggered by my movement into the hallway and pulling a string with my lower leg, which caused it to fly down from a setup at the end of the hallway.

      Act one blends several associations, including the idea that sugar is “bad” for you, and so can vitamins if you take too many (especially, as I understand it - vitamin A, which has the highest toxicity if taken too often). On another note, I never really liked hard candy, which often tasted really bad to me and I could not understand how other people liked it or could even suck on it - horrid fake “cola” or “root beer” taste, fake horrid “citrus” and so on, that also make me cough just having it in my mouth and reminded me of sucking on the opening of a bottle of perfume (though admittedly I had never done that) and sometimes had an overwhelming soap-like taste. The cough drop aspect featured also brings to mind when a teacher at school gave me “candy”, which turned out to be an old cough drop - something I never confronted her on - just thought it was strange. It seemed to also be “warning” me about taking too much Pepto-Bismol, which I did not find out about in real life until much later.

      Act two mostly used the association with the opening of the original “Scooby Doo” television series where animated bats fly at the viewer. I also had a toy/fake rubber bat on a string which I ended setting up as in my dream for a bit of amusement.

      Act three shows my wariness and fear of dogs in dreams (curiously, which did not reflect real life to any degree) finally beginning to subside a bit as well as showing potential in-dream manipulation - that is, two-dimensional concepts made from what first seemed three-dimensional (the opposite of photo projection), thus a background latent ability to warp dimensions and planes of portals in-dream, almost in the manner of an implied hypercube. This recognition is delivered by my best friend. Toby T was somewhat like a “mirror” more representative of everyman, yet was not really like me at all at higher levels.

      Steve J represents conditional love or conditional friendship, almost in an incidental way, due to a childhood “I’ll be your friend if…” or “I’ll continue to be your friend only if…” mentality. Tina L represents a combination of absentminded humorous outlook and incidental or faux snobbery. Her last name was also a play on “linear” (with only the relative accent slightly different in each); that is, a logical western progression in contrast to Brenda W’s (who was the main archetype for my wife-to-be) more “gypsy-like” or “Wendy the Good Little Witch” (but brunette, not blonde) magical persona.

      This was a DDR dream I really enjoyed. The MITD (“monster in the doorway” waking transition, which is analogous as the emergent consciousness event) in the “final act” was rendered as just a poster of barking dogs that Toby had put up over the doorway to fool me (with a cassette of barking playing on a table in our carport). Everything was resolved to be part of a practical joke being setup by classmates.

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    8. Dogpile

      by , 02-19-1972 at 01:53 PM
      Morning of February 19, 1972. Saturday.

      Around this time period of my life were some of the last but more unusual dog attack dreams. This was also one of my more vividly “energized” dreams of the time.

      I am walking out to the backyard and fairly close to the back of the shed my father had built. Some of the area seems as it was before he built the shed. I notice the somewhat bony remains of a dead dog halfway between the railroad tracks and the edge of the backyard prior to the more weedy area (which we later used for a garden). We also had bonfires in the area in real life during one time period. It is otherwise more featureless in my dream and seemingly slightly more elevated.

      My dream takes on an unusual eerie mood, a sort of “antiquity” (or sense of “alternate time” - slightly reminiscent to the eerie feeling I got when watching “Jason and the Argonauts” the first time) that seems to begin to dominate my dream. I notice that a smaller dog seems to be guarding the remains for some reason - from the other side and facing me. The dog soon notices me and begins to growl menacingly. The ghost of the other dog rises up from the bones and seems to pose a threat as well. Soon, both dogs (the “dead one” possibly being a golden retriever and the other at least part Labrador but two-thirds the size of the first) run towards me. I turn and flee into the carport and dive into the front doorway (which apparently was already open) and wake just as I contemplate the idea of the dogs getting to my feet and legs, which are still just outside the doorway. I wake with somewhat of a jolt, but it is an interesting sensation as if I was actually leaping out of my dream’s residual energy. I anticipate the feeling of the dog’s teeth on my feet and legs but this never actually occurs this time, although I have felt severe pain in similar dreams.

      As stated before, dogs are most often rust-colored or black in my childhood dreams, and almost always invasive to my in-dream freedom, both lucid and non-lucid (though more common in lucid ones). My wife also had very similar associations with such dogs.

      On February 18th, the prior night and into this morning, I had watched “King Kong vs. Godzilla” (1963) on Channel 13’s “Shock Theatre” (though found it very amusing rather than scary in any way) as well as the first fifteen minutes or so of “The Mysterious Doctor” (1943) starting from 11:30 pm (apparently about a headless ghost) before falling asleep. However, it is more than likely this dream was influenced by having seen “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (late 1950s version, I think) at an earlier date.
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    9. The Staged Bull; a study of multiplicity in a lucid dream

      by , 10-03-1971 at 04:03 PM
      Morning of October 3, 1971. Sunday.

      “The Staged Bull”, regardless of its nightmarish essence (though I felt no direct threat as a result of being in the state of apex lucidity) was one of my most fascinating childhood dreams and also of which contained intriguing redundant symbolism (or “multiplicity” of the type which many dreams have). The level of extreme vividness was nearly indistinguishable from wakefulness, even my body awareness and sense of weight and movement as well as the incredibly realistic ambiance that many dreams lack.

      At the beginning of my dream, I am in my bed in Cubitis and the time seems to be around nine o'clock in the morning. During the process of a false awakening and “getting out of bed” (in my dream), I enter the state of apex lucidity and as a result I am already astounded by my fully aware perspective before I even make my way into our living room to go out the front door, into the carport, and into our front yard, and from there, I expectantly contemplate intimacy with the neighbor girl which basically, as young as I was, reflected my real-life attitude (though our relationship was mostly innocent; that is, mostly only hand-holding, hugging, spooning, and kissing at this time).

      In my dream, the setting was a very nice and sunny day and I could even feel the fresh warm air on my body and in my lungs, and the distance orientation to other areas of the yard and orange groves was all perfect, as were the smooth walking movements and an almost overwhelming joy and sense of freedom, but there was soon something else, some sort of “higher authority” perhaps, and a menacing presence in my dream (a preconscious thread most likely), almost as if I was being stopped from exploring beyond my large front yard. There were three menacing dogs growling at me shortly after that otherwise beautiful feeling of freedom, my sense of freedom lowering somewhat, but I was not attacked in any way. The dogs never moved from their positions on the front lawn.

      There was also another vivid but surreal menacing presence, which was an animal that was moving about in our yard looking much like a bull ready to charge. His front legs and feet seemed a bit too thin. He was mostly facing towards my home and near the largest tree between our front yard and our neighbor’s front yard. My first thought was that it was a bull that had somehow gotten a puppet stage stuck on his head (and in the back of my mind I was contemplating what could have happened to the teachers and students watching the show and although I am fully lucid I still do not consider that an outdoor puppet show near my home would have been highly unlikely, though bulls have gotten out from nearby farms) and as a result was likely very agitated by not being able to see where he was. Upon looking more closely though, it seemed that the bull’s head actually was a puppet stage, with a small, red, velvety curtain continuously swaying outward and inward to where the bull’s face would have been. I clearly hear the strange breathing. puffing, and snorting as he moves one front leg about (reminding me of a chicken scratching for food), and I feel a sense of augmented awe and potential danger, but nothing threatening happens other than an eerie feeling that my dream is not really my own, which causes me to decide to just wake up on my own, albeit frustrated at the missed opportunity to explore a dream of this “impossible” level of clarity.

      Important key points, including multiplicity; that is, two or more symbols that represent the same concept:

      Firstly, the three aggressive dogs represent an invitation to control my dream, as dogs typically symbolize obedience. Their positions on our front lawn symbolize my physical day-to-day reality. Standing, sitting in a chair, and lying in bed. Dream-self role: potential dog-trainer (analogous to dream control).

      Secondly, the bull also represents an invitation to control my dream, the red curtain symbolizing that the bull, on some levels, is already under my conscious control (though I unfortunately do not realize this while in my dream) as it is apparently preventing him from seeing me and thus knowing where to charge (and, although he is directly pointing towards our open carport entrance, does not change his position when I walk past him and more towards the highway). (One of my vividest recurring childhood dreams of a much earlier time period than this dream involved a bull crashing through the wall of the living room of our house near Mohawk Valley.) Dream-self role: potential bullfighter (analogous to dream control).

      Thirdly, a puppet stage also obviously represents an invitation to control my dream. It is modeled after the high school auditorium stage, which my elementary school also used at the time. Dream-self role: potential puppet master (analogous to dream control).

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