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    1. Louis Gossett Jr.

      by , 08-18-2018 at 06:22 AM
      Morning of August 18, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 15 sec. Readability score: 56.

      I fly to a faraway dense forest in late morning, though there is a dirt road near one section.

      Louis Gossett Jr. is a lumberjack. I only vaguely recognize his celebrity status, but I do not build upon it. He nods briefly, hardly a nod at all, but I do not know if it is at me.

      I can see myself contemplating a continuation of this dream, but I decide I may be imposing on his job, and so I fly back home.

      Waking thought: “I am the origin of the universe.” (This is interesting. I will probably use it later to see what sort of autosymbolism it manifests in the dream state.)

      Saturday, 18 August 2018 update on “River Bank Treasure Hunt” (August 15, 2018).

      Curiously, Zsuzsanna had read my online version of “River Bank Treasure Hunt” without having known all the relevant dream content (which I did not include all of online, as many of my dreams are typically too long, surreal, or convoluted to include all detail) though still somehow perceived the segment that included Aretha Franklin. (Even though we often communicate on other levels, this seems more about her sensing unwritten content in text. However, since significant content in my dreams had originated out of her thought processes long before we met, it remains unknown.) I did not include that detail, because I “knew” Aretha Franklin would die the next day (which turned out to be correct even though I had no viable focus on her status in recent memory). Ultimately, I feel it does not matter. (Some people might have perceived it subliminally from my original inclusion of the segment with Ella Fitzgerald.) As with the missing Malaysian flight, and many other precognitive dreams I had posted on the Internet (including dream content virtually identical to another poster’s before they posted theirs), no one notices in most cases.

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    2. Hilltop Eagle View

      by , 01-27-2018 at 07:44 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2010. Monday.

      This is a short summary of one segment only.

      On a clear mid-afternoon, I am at the top of a high hill upon which there are no manmade buildings or vehicles. I am in a peaceful field with green knee-high grass. There is a verdant forest on two sides, the one to my left being denser. A young girl (who is likely a young version of Zsuzsanna) of about ten, dressed in informal clothes including blue jeans, approaches from the sparser forest and cheerfully starts talking to me. She has binoculars and wants me to look through them. Looking through the binoculars after she passes them to me from my right, I see a large American eagle. It flies in various directions at about three different distances. After time passes, the eagle lands on a branch and looks in my direction, but not continuously. The binoculars seem to dissolve in my hands after it has landed on the branch. Eventually, time seems to pass, though only about fifteen minutes, and yet the girl seems a few years older when I see her again. She stands, holding a tall narrow wooden staff, in the middle of a white sandy pathway with trees on each side.

      This is RAS mediation via the personified preconscious as remaining passive (due to my willingness to watch the eagle through the girl’s prompting) for the rectification of vestibular system ambiguity (preparatorily symbolized by the eagle) in semi-lucidity. The field is autosymbolism for liminal space and the pathway is the emergent consciousness conduit. Being on the hill is autosymbolism for being closer to full consciousness. Zsuzsanna typically appears in my dreams more to my left if she is still asleep and to my right when she is awake, especially if up and walking around. This may be due to sleeping on my left side with my right side openly exposed to my real environment, where RAS mediation is dominantly directed. This is virtually the same waking symbolism, though with different details, as early childhood dreams, including the “Patches” series. It is in direct contrast to “Two Intruders Give Me a Talon” from 2015, where the dominant preconscious comes into liminal space, autosymbolized as the porch of our current home, to force me to grow a condor-like talon on my right hand for the non-lucid metaphorical rectification of vestibular system ambiguity, which is the biological factor of falling and flying dreams. Resupplemented Saturday, 27 January 2018.

      2010DEC20(L3.1) Foundational affirmation: “I am the continuity of my greatest strength and most beneficial viewpoint.”

    3. The Aquarium of Odd Lifeforms

      by , 01-21-2018 at 07:21 AM
      Morning of January 21, 2018. Sunday.

      This type of aquarium-based dream was more common when I was a teenager. (An aquarium typically represents the nature of the dream state itself as relative to the dream self’s faux mind and its transition back into consciousness.)

      My dream begins in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house. I am sitting on the bed (which is aligned east to west near the south windows) and facing the doorway. Also on the bed is a large but shallow rectangular aquarium. A smaller end is closest to the doorway. I had been watching the water getting higher until it is about half the depth of the aquarium.

      There are a number of unusual small creatures in the aquarium, the largest being a multicolored flatworm of about four inches long, which I view as intriguing.

      Marilyn (an older half-sister on my mother’s side) eventually comes into the room. I tell her about the flatworm as she looks at it.

      There are some very unlikely living creatures as well, including oversized diatoms, one which looks like a tiny rocking chair (of less than an inch high) with a cape attached to the back. The cape has a floral pattern. Another is a heraldic shield (escutcheon) with wings, also less than an inch high. The “rocking chair” swims with its “cape”, the “shield” with its “wings”.

      Eventually, there are a couple larger creatures, though I soon notice the water lowering. I also somehow pour out some of the water and suddenly, all the creatures simultaneously turn into small transparent ovals, as if the sudden lack of water caused them to cease to exist in their normal form as well as all die at the same time. This surprises me.

      Later, I have my aquarium outside in an unknown location. It is implied to be our backyard, though the house does not look familiar. There are no fences, though there is a sequence of several backyards in front of me and behind me. There is a dense forest off to my left. Zsuzsanna is present. A few other people are also around, but I am not focused on who they might be. Two small creatures (“rocking chair” and “shield”) are similar to how they originally appeared, as I had put more water into my aquarium again, which caused some of them to come back to life, more in the manner of a fast-growing seed. There are also now a couple of miniature mammals. One is a tiny bear (not a bear cub but a miniature adult bear). I am somewhat wary about it eventually growing much bigger. I recall that Zsuzsanna and I had recently watched a movie about a black bear posing a threat to a suburban neighborhood.

      I pick up the miniature bear, taking it out of my aquarium and placing it on the ground to my left, thinking that it may run off into the forest, which is what I would like it to do. It is now about the size of a cat. Instead, it runs off to my right, closer to the back of our house, which Zsuzsanna and I are somewhat concerned about (though there is no implied threat).

      Current conscious self threads with literal context: My dream self (personified subconscious) recalls that I am married to Zsuzsanna and that we have children, but I have no recall of where we live in reality (my most common dream state memory anomaly). My dream renders a fictional setting (though ambiguously combined with a real setting from my youth) that my dream self accepts as legitimate (a main factor of the dream state). The flatworm was influenced by our youngest son’s toy sticky slug that he had shown me a day ago, though it differs from my dream in that the toy is solely gray. Although the miniature bear in my dream’s final scene is of a literal thread of recent memory (in addition to the childhood association described below), relating to a movie Zsuzsanna and I had watched the night before, my memory is incorrect in that the movie, “Unnatural” (2016), featured a huge polar bear (with altered DNA) in Alaska and only as a threat to a few people in one lodge in an isolated region, not a black bear in a forest’s warm climate near a residential neighborhood as my dream self incorrectly recalled. (However, we had also seen a movie a couple days ago with a scene of a grizzly bear attacking a man, though this was also in a cold region; “The Revenant” from 2015.)

      Older conscious self threads with literal context: The miniature bear (before growing somewhat) was originally of an identical size as a mother bear in a model kit, “Black Bear and Cubs”, that my older sister Carol sent me for Christmas in 1972 (though one of many kits she sent me in the same package) while I was living in Cubitis. Marilyn seemed as she did in the 1970s. My attempting to recall whether or not she was still alive (she died on February 13, 2014), even though she was perceived as alive and in the room with me, is a type of memory ambiguity common to the dream state though of which could not occur in wakeful consciousness and is proof that I am aware, though on a subliminal level, that I am dreaming. (Liminal dream control is far more common for me than what is claimed by society as non-lucidity.)

      Literal induction thread: The bed at the beginning is both an induction factor and a dream state indicator. It is a subliminal thread of memory recognizing that I had gone to sleep (unrelated to the myth of “interpretation”).

      Metaphorical induction thread: The literal bed dream state indicator, as an induction factor, is combined with my most common metaphorical dream state induction symbolism, water rising. Water and water rising symbolizes sleep and entering deeper into the dream state.

      There is very slight vestibular system symbolism here. This would be the two smaller creatures, where one has a cape and the other, wings. Additionally, it reflects the nature of RAS mediation, the shield as a factor of “shielding” myself from RAS and the other, in contrast (the rocking chair), just being passive while “watching” my dream. A rocking chair also has a link to vestibular system symbolism, as it rocks back and forth. Additionally, a cape is a dream state indicator as it typically relates to an association with bed sheets.

      Although the common water lowering waking symbolism occurs, I (subliminally) reinduce my dream for a short time, though which soon triggers a RAS mediation factor (the bear) in the final scene. However, the bear does not grow very large or become a threat, and I do not run from it. It moves from my left to my right (common waking orientation symbolism), going towards our backyard, symbolizing my inevitable return to consciousness.

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    4. Bob’s Fishing Mishap

      by , 07-24-2017 at 08:36 PM
      Morning of July 24, 2017. Monday.

      I am firstly not very aware of my dream’s environment (and I do not become lucid at any point). I eventually become aware of being on the outer limits of a dense forest encompassing a small lake or wide stream, seemingly late at night. I am not aware of anyone else in the region yet. I walk around in the semidarkness, uncertain of where I am, though there is no sense of danger. My dream’s setting seems loosely modeled after Mink Slough, where my brother-in-law Bob and I used to fish up until 1990, though never at night.

      After a short time, I see a strange event. A car goes flying over the trees away from my viewpoint but eventually falls in another area of the forest.

      I enter the forest with uncertainty as to what is going on, but without wariness. I get the impression of my brother-in-law Bob having tossed his car over the trees to get attention, as it seems he was somehow injured while fishing and the flare gun was either too far away for him to reach or he was out of flares.

      I find him lying on a blanket on the ground. It appears as if he has been bleeding a lot. It also seems that he may have gotten fish hooks stuck in a few parts of his body, though this detail is not fully discernible.

      About five unfamiliar males of about forty years of age emerge from my dream self’s body to offer aid as I remain more at a distance. They approach him. Bob seems somewhat cheerful, but cannot get up. My dream fades from this point as I reason the other males will give him medical attention as well as call an ambulance.

      • Induction form is water induction (most common form as water symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleeping).
      • Dream state symbolism as entering a forest (subliminal reinduction, as it occurs after the implied but precursory waking symbolism of the car in flight).
      • Subliminal reinduction resets dream state, no additional waking symbolism, dream is truncated, no emergent consciousness event.
      • Biologically premonitory waking symbolism present as an atypical event, partly initiated by subliminal awareness of having more blankets on my body while sleeping.
      • Car (symbol of sleeping physical body in this case as it is without a driver) thrown over the forest (very common personal symbol of being in the dream state) as a subliminal annoyance of blanket weight (though it is too cool presently to sleep without them).
      • Ambiguous failed flight waking symbolism is present (Bob throwing his car over the trees as analogous to a flare gun and a flare gun would be a potential waking prompt).
      • Atypical personified preconscious as uncompleted emergent consciousness precursor, bleeding and lying down in need of aid (rare, though Bob usually appears in this form now).
      • Dream state indicator of preconscious lying on ground (analogous to lying in bed) requiring aid (needing to leave the dream state; to coalesce back into whole consciousness).

      Detached threads:

      • 1) A human being cannot throw a car through the air, let alone over trees or while bleeding and lying injured on the ground.
      • 2) I have not seen Bob in real life since February of 1994 and I am unaware of his present health status (possible precognitive thread present).
      • 3) Other dream characters (all unfamiliar males) emerge from my dream self’s body upon me seeing Bob on the ground. Bob does not “return” to my dream self’s body or coalesce in this case that I recall.

    5. Raccoon Referee

      by , 05-05-2017 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of May 5, 2017. Friday.

      I am in an unfamiliar forest setting and I feel good about the imagery and location. Over time, two deer are ready to engage in a fight. There is a raccoon that is apparently some sort of referee that stands on the sidelines like a person (that is, upright on his hind legs). He seems like a real raccoon otherwise. He is standing between what looks like two wooden “walls”, possibly of natural design.

      The deer headbutt each other and soon become like a sideways tornado, with hardly any discernible imagery other than swirls of color. An oversized raccoon tail appears in the swirling imagery, which could be an additional raccoon that had been closer to the deer and got caught up in their ruckus.

      The deer fight within their whirlwind until there is no sign that they are still there. The raccoon referee stands without moving, looking at the spot they had vanished from, apparently having disintegrated each other. There is the usual feeling of waking symbolism, a bit more accelerated than usual, and a slight sense of amusement and clarity. The deer vanishing is a waking prompt caused by my sudden lucidity, where dream features are more easily quickly rendered or dissolved, though I did not deliberately create this effect with my conscious mind (as it was automatic).

    6. Unexpected Outcome

      by , 09-02-2015 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 2015. Wednesday.

      I am a semi-active part of an unlikely scenario. It seems to be a group of soldiers that are attempting to rescue at least one hostage from a foreign military group in a forest. It does not seem to be related to a war, just an isolated incident, perhaps.

      The events are not that defined, but the enemy is on the other side of a linear cluster of trees. At one point, an M60 seems to be held by an enemy just past a couple of trees. This potential threat seems unrealistically delayed, as there is no drama or action as far as I recall.

      Somehow, it seems to be agreed that the leader of the hostile group will meet the others in a clearing near a jeep. Several minutes pass and I see the supposed leader coming out of the trees. He is apparently not carrying any weapon. His slightly oversized clothes (perhaps as if from starvation, as he looks fairly thin though not muscular as would be expected for a soldier) are torn and his body is somewhat muddy.

      A young girl appears out of nowhere and seems to be some sort of unlikely leader of some kind - it does not make that much sense considering the region supposedly being fraught with danger. The man holds out his hands and holds the girl’s hands in a gesture of recognition and respect as well as hope. It looks as if he can barely stand up straight. This is an unusual and unexpected outcome because the leader of the hostile group turns out to have been the one supposedly being held hostage and he is seemingly very thankful to be out of his position of leadership of the militant group. No drama ensues after this even though there may be enemy soldiers in the woods beyond wondering what is going on.
    7. Forest Girl

      by , 12-23-2014 at 10:42 AM
      Morning of December 23, 2014. Tuesday.

      Even though this is vaguely related to the recurring (and assuming fictional) Enchanted Forest setting, it is not as defined as usual and seems to be in a different location.

      My family and I stop near a forest during, I think, an extensive shopping trip or other outing. We are still fairly close to the main part of town. The forest is still quite dense and supposedly isolated (internally), though. It seems to be around late morning. Although I am not sure of directional orientation, the forest remains mostly to my right from wherever we were walking from.

      After a short time, I notice an unusual-looking light gray “mouse” with very short fur and scurrying about at the edge of the outer perimeter and in and out of clusters of dead leaves. I watch it for awhile. It may actually be a vole, which I consider for a short time. I pick it up briefly but let it go again. For some reason, a vole seems more “wild” or “exotic” (as well as “rare”) than an “ordinary” wild mouse.

      Later on, a toddler appears from deeper within the forest. Even though she is only about three, she somehow seems to have been living there alone most of her life. This seems a bit odd, so we decide to take her with us as we do more shopping.

      Later, however, a younger male wearing glasses, who reminds me of someone I only saw once several years ago in public while he was carrying his daughter with a very annoyed look on his face while entering a men’s room at a drive-in theater, makes an appearance near the parking lot of a mall. He is very angry that we took his child from the woods. Apparently, she was supposed to be there on her own for a time as he and his wife were doing shopping (I do not think it was punishment). His wife is with him but he does most of the complaining. They take the child with them after a few conversations about leaving a toddler alone in an isolated area (which seem to “reset” and repeat - there are a couple times when I am thinking “jungle”, even saying it once or twice, but then change it to “forest” since I have doubt that there is a jungle nearby).

      For some reason, he does not think it strange to leave an infant or toddler on their own in a forest for a long time, as it seems she had been there for weeks according to the conversation. It seems my wife and I are very inconsiderate to have “rescued” his daughter in light of what we thought we were doing. (It vaguely reminds me of a real-life scenario years ago where my wife informed another mother that her young daughter was handling mothballs at a secondhand bookstore and was possibly about to eat a couple - the mother acted more annoyed at my wife for informing her in a timely manner than about the situation itself, and there was a similar event where a toddler was running around in her backyard on her own with large sharp scissors where the mother became angry with my wife instead of having any concern for the child).

      This still seems wrong to me, though my family and I resume our activities after I punch him in the face several times, knocking him over each time. He seems mostly uninjured and unwavering in his beliefs.

      This dream followed thoughts that have always greatly puzzled me nearly my entire life on how it is possible for toddlers to disappear or have fatal accidents in settings where there is apparently no adult around anywhere. This is even more of a puzzle since I have had extensive experience with a large family for quite some time (thus it certainly is not a question of a lack of perspective or role which many would probably use as an excuse regarding my opinion) and it has never been that difficult to care for family members and be aware of their safety. I still do not know how it is possible other than a bizarre lack of attention or awareness on the part of parents or guardians (when a child somehow wanders off), which does not even seem possible to me other than the parents simply forgetting they have children for a time. I suppose this sounds strange coming from someone who had a near-fatal accident themselves when not quite two years of age. I guess I was a quick climber and I do not blame either parent in this case.

      The girl in my dream vaguely reminds me of a real-life situation where we saw two female toddlers walking around in our front yard at about two in the morning and they were hanging around near our front steps as if lost. The parents were inside their house, possibly drunk or sleeping. A large dog was with them as if the parents thought that a dog somehow had human perspective and “responsibility” and would viably babysit their kids.
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    8. Mystery Tour

      by , 11-23-2014 at 04:46 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2014. Sunday.

      I am walking with my wife (we seem much younger, which is typical) in an unfamiliar area in Australia, but likely not that far from where we presently live. I am aware of the “Enchanted Forest” being nearby. This is a fictional in-dream location that has been a part of my dreams since earliest memory, though the more defined version seems based somewhat on the Enchanted Forest concept from the older Harvey comic books (from the mid to late 60s). This was also where I first learned “my animal” was the opossum at age four (which I originally incorrectly associated with “small foxes in trees”).

      Usually, the forest is seemingly in the United States. I usually go in at about a twenty-two degree angle (half of the perfectly diagonal forty-five degree angle) from the west (and off from an otherwise “familiar” public road). There is another section on the south end which does not occur in dreams quite as often.

      It is always a very beautiful and “deep” reflective state, somewhat like a “hiding place” but when no hiding place is needed. There are almost always other characters I enjoy taking in with me. In this case, it seems to be reflective of the “Magical Mystery Tour”. There is an idea of what others have believed (in perceived “wrongful ways”) about dreams, though this does not have any residual negative impact on my dream state. I have read that one person on one site believes that dreams are created by someone (or something) other than the dreamer. This writer does not believe in anything “paranormal” (for lack of a better term) such as precognition (or even intuition apparently) or shared dreaming, and yet believes dreams are created by some other entity or being - quite possibly the most ridiculous form of hypocrisy and doubletalk I have ever seen. I am fully aware that I am the dreamer and “creator” here (as with all dreams of this “Enchanted Forest” type), and yet this is not a lucid dream (in that the intense vivid energy of being truly lucid and “fully conscious” in the dream state is not present). In fact, this is a typical non-lucid portal dream, where I am “delivered” into one of several of my most desired dream settings upon the dream first taking cohesive form.

      In fact, I have almost always been aware at one level or another that I was creating my own dream (even in non-lucid states) - at least the foundation or primary focus thereof. I have even been fully aware of being the one behind certain chase dreams where I have a memory of instigating the chase scenes for excitement and by which the dream then became “too real”. I have, however, been aware of individual personas or the presence of “something else” which usually only ever occurred with negative dreams or impressions, even when awake but in a state of meditation or stillness. That which is positive, beneficial, or life-oriented has only ever seemed to come from my innermost self in all honesty (only one of many reasons I have never believed in “guides”).

      My wife and I walk through winding paths with high grasses on each side, enjoying the scenery and isolation from the public. We seem to be going southwest for the most part, though more westerly. I seem to feel that I know where we are going on one level, though the forest seemingly always has different potential. After a time, I start to see evidence of civilization. However, there has always been an impression that sections of the forest (usually the most central) were not in “this” world.

      We emerge into an area that is mostly an open field, with shorter grass and signs of human habitation. There are a few buildings here and there, but quite far apart. I note three places where there is mostly only one larger building. One of the buildings has some sort of sign regarding Victoria. It may be a travel agency. It seems odd that we could have gone that far in such a short time and ended up here, apparently in Victoria. There is a cheerful mood for the most part, but we decide that we should go back rather than leaving the periphery of the trees to look around this isolated habitation or very small town, though the dream is already losing cohesion at that point.

    9. Freedom in the Forest

      by , 04-20-2014 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of April 20, 2014. Sunday.

      This dream is fairly long but does not have a coherent plot or theme. It mostly involves slowly going from an unknown city (which may be part of a composite including La Crosse and Brisbane) into an unknown forest, which then becomes a bit denser, although it seems to have a few old abandoned buildings. As I do so, I feel better and better.

      There is one setting prior to going into the woods to the east that appears to be my sister’s house but which is actually some sort of school or is at least set up as such. Somehow, I am apparently a young student (possibly sixth grade, though later everyone seems a bit younger) but am not directly active in any class even though I sense I could be or should be. Instead, I walk around noticing that the area looks more like some sort of complex display of various interesting colorful magazines and puzzle books. Some are upright on stands and others are arranged evenly, spread over tables in playing-card-like spans. For some reason, I feel very cheerful at this point even though in the back of my mind I think I should be spending more time directly taking any classes at the scene.

      The teacher and students are all unknown. As I am walking along, a few seemingly cheerful students follow me. They seem to care a lot about me (or my destination) and I make a sincere comment of how I wish I was much younger again. This seems to create a strong presence of believing that people of the same age get along much better and that this part of my dream is somehow unique in that it is supposedly unusual for people of different ages to socialize at all.

      At any rate, the sense of cheerfulness is quite elevated. A bit later, we go into an area that is somehow associated with Yakov Smirnoff. This could be some sort of rude juvenile play on words, though it is a name I have no real clue about even though it sounds vaguely familiar (something from many years ago, perhaps). I am thinking that it may be a famous tennis player or skier, or more likely a political figure, I begin to reason. My dream then distorts the name into “Yarkov Smornov” and I eventually get the idea that the name or anything similar to it is completely fictional (though it is not - he is actually a Soviet-born American comedian that I really have never seen much of in my lifetime). Thinking on it, I notice that “Yakov’s” reversed letters read as “V Okay”, but that association is not complete to the scenario and why the name came up from “nowhere”. Because of this, it may have actual relevance to something in the near future, but on a very impersonal level.
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    10. The Best Place (In the woods)

      by , 06-16-2007 at 12:16 PM
      Morning of June 16, 2007. Saturday.

      I have had variations of this dream setting most of my life. I first started calling it the “Enchanted Forest” in 1968 (at age seven), after the Harvey comic book location (for example as with “Casper the Friendly Ghost”) which likely influenced it.

      There is a place that you can get to by way of a certain older dirt road (sometimes a rut road), and often part of the road is slightly muddy and overgrown so that many people do not know it is there even though it only takes moving a bush or tall grasses aside.

      This place that is seemingly only in my dreams is fairly large (I am sometimes able to estimate the distance from how far it goes before coming out near a highway on the other side, though coming out of the area before my dream ends does not often occur). There are some turns; I would say about four main changes before you get to the “best” areas in the apparent middle. I often show two or more people (often friends or former classmates) where it is and feel a great joy at going in to show them around and we usually go in at about a twenty-two degree angle (about half of the standard vertical diagonal of forty-five degrees) and I am not certain, but we always seem to be going in from the west with a particular seemingly familiar area of entry.

      There are usually areas that are so “hidden” (from other parts of the nearby path), that such a thing would not be possible in real life, especially near a main road. There is also sometimes an idea of animals around that cannot be found anywhere else; often certain types of bears, wolves, or wild boars, but with no stronger fear factor involved; just the knowledge of what direction to go from that point if becoming aware of one.

      Most of the time, the secret forest seems to reflect the same mood as always or fictional “memories”, and it seems that I had been the only one to know about the area for a long time. It is so clear, it is sometimes possible to make a general map of the area (though it would not be exact, as sometimes, it seems to change slightly, often relative to slight flooding or more plant growth in different versions). The area usually also reflects an amazing feeling of appreciation which is hard to explain.

      There are only a couple of other places (both fictional) that I have dreamt about (about half as often) many times; an area in an unknown city near a certain set of streets where there are also train tracks, and some sort of eerie area in a bigger city which often has a hint of potential danger of some kind of large rat (which also always has the same mood but more eerie than the others).

      This time, near the ending point of my dream, after we are back in town, I am somewhat lucid. At least, lucid enough to think to myself of the phrase “this dream seems so real, I can make out the reflections in water moisture on the bark of the trees” (which I can). I am amazed at the details of the buildings and the plants, and take it all in. Some of the homes on a particular street look amazing, with beautiful ornate details.

      After a little while, my dream becomes less vivid as I am waking. I notice that one of the people who had apparently been with me is a young girl, but is not really a girl at all; more like some sort of walking plant with no actual human characteristics. The “arms” and “legs” seem to be made out of corn-silk and there is no actual head (or even “body” so to speak); just a cluster of wheat or corn husk or some such. I find it quite odd, yet the other people I am with seem normal, but I do not say anything. It actually seems like some sort of “familiar” entity and faithful “friend” but I do not recall seeing “her” at any previous time in any dream, at least not in this particular unusual form.

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    11. "The Blair Human Project"

      by , 08-01-2003 at 02:01 PM
      Morning of August 1, 2003. Friday.

      I have been living in a “tree-house” - deep in extraordinarily beautiful thick, dark woods, miles from any city or even smaller rural area. The tree itself is actually more like a house-like structure. I live with a female that appears to be a “perfectly balanced” composite of my wife (at a younger age) and Brenda W. This appears to be the same composite female (but older here) from another dream where she, as a very attractive dark-haired witch (with just a slight hint of freckles), lived in an orange tree in the southwest corner of the orange grove in Cubitis. We are feigning ignorance of “normal” human life and human habits and mainstream society. We plan to make a movie to show the other denizens of the woods at some point…a “horror” movie about “average” people and their limitations and short attention spans (as well as their potential unpredictable rages over senseless, usually fictional, beliefs).

      After time passes, I feel a somewhat tentative urge to explore a human city. I and a few others wander out from the woods, looking for signs of possibly frightening evidence of humans, eventually hoping to find the theme that can be viably used in our project. We come to a larger town. There is an area where a car drives slowly around, giving the strong impression of a prowling but mindless panther. We hide behind various fences just out of its reach. The city is uncomfortably weird and with potential of unexpected shadows of people (both “friendly” and potentially dangerous) appearing seemingly out of nowhere. We spend what seems a considerable time trying to work out if a parked car is occupied by one or two people or is merely empty.

      Various small empty plastic bags (from potato chips and such) from vending machines seem to appear at random on the grassy areas adjoined to the sidewalk, causing one member of our group to become nervous. “That wasn’t there before!” they shout. Perhaps the wind just blew some of the pile from down the street. A dog barks, and someone screams. A bottle flies through the air from a drunk and is dodged by a team member. We go to study a broken hubcap near the middle of the street. We study it to determine if it has magical properties. It has an essence of the “wheel of fortune”.

      There is a rumor that live human beings are walking about in unknown parts of the city. Terrifying. There is shadow play and there are false signs. We hear off-key singing. A group of drunks (unseen) are meandering near the railroad tracks area.

      “Do you have the map?” someone asks. The map is like implied infrared images that somehow appear on what seems to be normal paper. Each image is of a person who is awake and walking or driving somewhere in the region. A member of the team, for some reason, still does not believe in human beings and claims that the reddish glows moving on the map are actually fireflies.

      Every now and then (recurring since childhood) there is a vague impression of the shadows of giant rats (but never the rats themselves) moving across larger wooden fences near abandoned buildings, with an additional concern about random barbed wire in possible areas we try to move through. Ugly images of graffiti are horrendously splattered across the urban landscape, almost like an uneasy perception of unconscious occult ritual with the opposite intent of what is implied relative to the closeness of the images to each other - much like combining the wrong medicines in a given time period.

      “There is nothing more frightening than walking through a town full of people,” comments a friend. I am inclined to agree. There is feigned concern and funny business over apparently losing our camera and film when it also seems we did not have any to begin with. Ugly billboards show smiling ogres holding up snake-oil. “The map, the map!” someone yells. It is no longer a map, but a napkin.

      Over time, not much happens and we decide to return to the safety of the deep, dense forest. Even so, I decide to use an abandoned army jeep to make the trip faster. As we drive, I notice a strange, miniature wyvern that is more like just a partly moving woodcut design floating through the air, fairly high above us, but not posing a threat. It actually appears to be weirdly and incongruously superimposed on the dream itself, which creates a rather odd awareness for a short time, almost like a “watermark” on the actual construct of the dream (the only time I recall of having dreamt of this) in a similar way as a station logo appears over a television show. It seems to lose energy or injure a sketched wing and fall into a pile of abandoned rubbish on the wayside as we drive by the scene.

      Before we get back to the forest, my wife (as she is now fully my wife as she is now) makes a remark about how quiet and peaceful “this part” of the city is at night. And I say, very slowly, “yes, it is…” as I awake very slowly with a very blissful awareness.

      Synchronicity: A similar image (of a “deep forest”) was on the next user’s dream on the dream catcher site (with only one code number between the entries. Links here (15244 was offset originally - so the two images originally appeared together when posted):



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    12. The Witch’s Flag (Focus On: Liminality)

      by , 08-31-1979 at 02:31 PM
      Morning of August 31, 1969. Sunday.

      I am possibly in an unknown region of southwest Florida near a smaller lake, though it could also be inclusive of partly distorted (memories of) areas of Chipmunk Coulee where I had moved from in Wisconsin (though I had lived in Florida before, prior to that first move as well, until around three years of age). There are not many events; mostly just shifts of mood regarding the vivid imagery over time. Regarding this dream, I had written a story (a few versions over several years, in fact), but the later utilized implications were not known at the time of my dream. Thus, my dream was seemingly sending a rather ambiguous message, or so it seemed at the time, if you consider I did not consciously “grasp” the main scenario of “surrender” vs. “stay away from my territory”.

      As well as the somewhat familiar lake scenery, I am also on the outskirts of town and in a clearing near the perimeter of a dense forest. There is some sort of local legend of a witch living deep in the forest, likely near the center of it. A large shrub has a white flag tied to it seemingly to indicate that the witch claims the forest as hers. It is on the edge of the forest and to the right of a tree.

      Later on, the meaning seems to be different and I then get the idea that the white flag means that the witch is “surrendering” to progress and encroaching property developers. (I never actually see the witch; I only hear friends speaking about her and her flag - and I assume her to be of the Halloween-associated “bad witch” type.) I probably had developed the idea of the white flag from movies, but perhaps I did not perceive it as meaning to surrender. In fact, again, in my dream, it seemed a bit ominous as a sort of “obvious” visual warning (and perimeter marker) to “keep away” at first - the opposite of the “real” meaning. I see the outcome as obviously incongruous, perhaps during a time of slower learning processes where dreams are often inherently wrong about real-life associations due to not yet knowing societal associations or certain word meanings. One possible association from years ago related to occultism and superstition “surrendering” to consensus or modern mainstream society.

      Some of the imaginative detail seems to have come from the idea of playing golf, oddly enough. (I did not really watch golf on any regular basis, however.) The flag in my dream was, at one point, vaguely similar in appearance and orientation as in golf (though with no number and not a pennant as in some cases with golf). You also see people hit a ball into the woods (or just on the perimeter) in some golf games.

      Update Wednesday, 20 January 2016: This dream is of the liminality type because the main theme is relative to a perimeter, or implied barrier on level ground (in contrast to lower or higher “barriers” or setting features). This is a lifelong but sparsely recurring dream design and type of setting. It seems to be relevant to metaphorical divisions of consciousness concerning the dream self’s level of access and other aspects of consciousness in the dream state. The forest here is the “Enchanted Forest” of the deepest imaginative state of the dream self (my most desired dream setting), where “magic still works” - “magic”, here, being analogous to apex lucidity. The white flag first implies “do not go in”, later to imply “I surrender”. It is almost as if the power of creativity and imagination, along with individuality (here presented as a form of isolation) is succumbing to consensus, or more specifically, the fully conscious self. On a much simpler level of possible meaning, it may represent the state between waking and sleeping (the clearing representing wakefulness and the forest representing the dream state).

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    13. Forest of Mannequins

      by , 09-30-1976 at 03:30 PM
      Morning of September 30, 1966. Friday.

      In my dream, I somehow find myself back in the forest I used to play in (up in the bluff region) before moving down into town on Rose Street. It seems to be early morning, during sunrise.

      In a deeper part of the forest and mainly near a large tree near a cluster of bushes, forming somewhat of an implied semicircular arrangement, I see a pile of life-sized dolls or mannequins which I soon realize are my actual classmates who have been transformed by our teacher Mrs. Yandell. Their arms are freely out and some of them are in pajamas. Somewhat puzzled, I consider whether or not if I am also there somewhere, even though I am fully in-body in my dream self’s perspective. The scene is eerie but no violence is implied. (Our teacher is not present at any point.)

      This dream, like many, is extraordinarily easy to understand. I am seeing my classmates in their static sleeping form, as a doll or mannequin represents being asleep, as well as lesser patterns of active conscious threads within the dream state. This metaphorical meaning also links to dreams representing circadian rhythms in various ways. There are several layers of validation in understanding this but I will keep it simple here. They are in a semicircular pattern deep in the forest. The forest is a deeper level of the dream state or the unconscious realm (as mostly anything away from day to day “civilization” is). I do not recall (or it was not documented) the waking transition of this particular dream. They are “arranged” as such due to (threads of) my conscious self attempting to quantify and “organize” facets of the dream state.

      non-lucid , memorable