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    Louis Gossett Jr.

    by , 08-18-2018 at 06:22 AM (110 Views)
    Morning of August 18, 2018. Saturday.

    Reading time: 1 min 15 sec. Readability score: 56.

    I fly to a faraway dense forest in late morning, though there is a dirt road near one section.

    Louis Gossett Jr. is a lumberjack. I only vaguely recognize his celebrity status, but I do not build upon it. He nods briefly, hardly a nod at all, but I do not know if it is at me.

    I can see myself contemplating a continuation of this dream, but I decide I may be imposing on his job, and so I fly back home.

    Waking thought: “I am the origin of the universe.” (This is interesting. I will probably use it later to see what sort of autosymbolism it manifests in the dream state.)

    Saturday, 18 August 2018 update on “River Bank Treasure Hunt” (August 15, 2018).

    Curiously, Zsuzsanna had read my online version of “River Bank Treasure Hunt” without having known all the relevant dream content (which I did not include all of online, as many of my dreams are typically too long, surreal, or convoluted to include all detail) though still somehow perceived the segment that included Aretha Franklin. (Even though we often communicate on other levels, this seems more about her sensing unwritten content in text. However, since significant content in my dreams had originated out of her thought processes long before we met, it remains unknown.) I did not include that detail, because I “knew” Aretha Franklin would die the next day (which turned out to be correct even though I had no viable focus on her status in recent memory). Ultimately, I feel it does not matter. (Some people might have perceived it subliminally from my original inclusion of the segment with Ella Fitzgerald.) As with the missing Malaysian flight, and many other precognitive dreams I had posted on the Internet (including dream content virtually identical to another poster’s before they posted theirs), no one notices in most cases.

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