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    1. Big Invisible Wolf

      by , 03-06-2016 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of March 6, 2016. Sunday.

      This highly atypical dream state was like a hybrid of a false awakening and a lucid waking transition glitch. The setting seems to be our bed as it is in real life, except that I get the impression or for whatever reason have the false memory of a door to outside being just east of our bed, about where the middle of the kitchen is in reality.

      My wife Zsuzsanna mentions something about an animal having gotten in through the window (which does not makes sense as it has a screen). It seems to be a wolf, about twice the size of a normal wolf. However, it seems to be invisible. I try to kick it out of our bed several different times and at one point, oddly believe that I somehow kicked it through the closed door (again, rendered in the wrong location), not breaking through the door (or causing it to fling open) but phasing through it (dream “logic”?). There are at least three “resets” of the situation.

      Several times, I thrash my legs around (even though it does not seem I had done this in reality no matter how “real” it felt). The wolf seems to be very tiny at times, though the sheet seems lumpier and higher at other times. I can see clearly into the room, as it is seemingly near dawn. There is no actual attack or implied injury at any point.
    2. Invisible Animals and Faux “Blue Pearl”?

      by , 04-02-2014 at 09:33 AM
      Morning of April 2, 2014. Wednesday.

      I approach the bed to appreciate the beauty of my sleeping wife and am near the foot of the mattress. Instead of my thoughts continuing logically, I find myself trying to install new faucet handles in the mattress, on the top, near one corner. I am doing this for several minutes before I mentally ask myself what I think I am doing as it makes no sense, and I already had enough of this work just previously. (This was based on something I had spent some time doing prior to sleep.) This, of course, is a good example of the so-called Tetris effect affecting a dream state, often in a distracting way.

      Later on, in a different state of vividness, I am back in Cubitis. The living room is mostly empty. However, over time, I am aware of invisible animals. I do see where they are, as they leave a brief cloud of vapor whenever they move and they move quickly. This bothers me a bit, so I try to get someone’s attention (even though there is no one around in my dream’s setting).

      I go into my bedroom and experience the Blue Pearl event; it is floating to the west seemingly about three feet from the floor and not as bright or “close” as usual in real life and perhaps somehow external rather than internal. This is actually the first time I have experienced it in this particular way while in a dream state, so it probably is not the same thing as my conscious experience, though there is a similar mood (but much more vague). I see the Blue Pearl as a “portal” of some sort, possibly a “band” or liminal barrier of some sort that serves as a portal or transition; a particular wavelength of consciousness that is akin to a wormhole.

      Looking back into the living room, there are more “invisible animals”. They seem to be able to shoot their “hair” out like water droplets (poisonous perhaps?). This is the only thing that is seen for the most part - brief clouds of vapor.

      From there, I start to yell louder and louder to get someone’s attention. It is not nightmarish regarding the “animals” as this is one of my typical “I will just keep screaming and see what happens” routines. I am at a state that is halfway between knowing I am dreaming and not quite knowing what is going on or going to happen. Finally, I am awake and my wife says that I had been making strange murmuring noises of which I already knew with this type of dream. I often only get these from a lot of extra walking and other exercise and doing one maintenance task for “too long” on the same day.
    3. "Durio Broxum", Invisible Gorilla

      by , 12-28-1975 at 06:28 PM
      Morning of December 28, 1975. Sunday.

      “Durio’s Slave” was the original title I gave to this dream even though I did not really play the role of a “real” slave at any point other than the potential to follow the commands of the invading apelike creature. There were a couple similar dreams with minor variations. They related to an “invisible gorilla from another dimension” (or supposed alternate universe) that could somehow speak English and was similar to the style and appearance of the gorillas in the original “Planet of the Apes” movies. I later found (or later realized consciously) that “Durio Zibethinus” was actually a kind of Asian tree (where the fruit has a strange nasty scent, but is a delicacy) even though my dream vaguely implied that Zibenthinus was a prehistoric kind of ape as well as implying “primitive” male dominance. In my later (less threatening) version of the particular dream scenario, he was called “Durio Zibethinus” and he was less of a threat to Earth. There were magazines (from the other dimension with talking gorillas) that were apparently thrown or somehow lost along the wayside of a road in or near Arcadia. There were various photographs in the magazines of the gorillas with more military power. In another dream, he was “Durio Broxum”, and in another, just “Broxum”. In my first main dream, he was sitting at my English teacher’s desk and making plans to allow the other ape soldiers to come through some sort of portal (somewhere in the school, I would assume) and take over the region. At times, he is transparent. No one but me notices this creature (as apparently he is otherwise invisible to everyone but me for some reason). No one but me was aware of the great threat he represented.

      Aside from the obvious “Planet of the Apes” influences here, there is a possibility that the words in my dream and their distorted meanings (as well as some words being distorted themselves) related to sexuality. A durian, especially when cut in half, can have a very sensual appearance, looking much like a part of the male anatomy (scrotum), or at least implying such. “Bruxom” (also seen as “Broxum” in my dream) could be a simple distortion of “buxom” - or “full-bosomed”. This was noted in my original dream journal entry as a teenager. However, it could also relate to “broxism” or “gnashing of the teeth” (teeth grinders known as “bruxers”) - or some sort of composite of both implying oral contact with breasts perhaps. The majority of dreams are peculiar after all.

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