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    Big Invisible Wolf

    by , 03-06-2016 at 09:06 AM (383 Views)
    Morning of March 6, 2016. Sunday.

    This highly atypical dream state was like a hybrid of a false awakening and a lucid waking transition glitch. The setting seems to be our bed as it is in real life, except that I get the impression or for whatever reason have the false memory of a door to outside being just east of our bed, about where the middle of the kitchen is in reality.

    My wife Zsuzsanna mentions something about an animal having gotten in through the window (which does not makes sense as it has a screen). It seems to be a wolf, about twice the size of a normal wolf. However, it seems to be invisible. I try to kick it out of our bed several different times and at one point, oddly believe that I somehow kicked it through the closed door (again, rendered in the wrong location), not breaking through the door (or causing it to fling open) but phasing through it (dream “logic”?). There are at least three “resets” of the situation.

    Several times, I thrash my legs around (even though it does not seem I had done this in reality no matter how “real” it felt). The wolf seems to be very tiny at times, though the sheet seems lumpier and higher at other times. I can see clearly into the room, as it is seemingly near dawn. There is no actual attack or implied injury at any point.

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