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    1. Filming with a Television Personality

      by , 12-03-2019 at 10:15 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,342-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      My dream begins with the instinctual anticipation of wall mediation, the usual maneuvering between dream space and waking space. There is no imaginary proprioception as cognitive arousal dominates my transition in this case. I sit on a bed in an unknown location without my waking-life identity. I read details in a newspaper for two television shows. I am to participate in the filming of a new series that involves a casual conversation with a celebrity. The “gatekeeper” (personified preconscious) between dream space and waking space is an unfamiliar Australian actor.

      I stand up when I see the word “EXCITE” flashing in midair (an instinctual association with cortical arousal). Even though I am in an indoor setting, the whole wall is open directly to the street, and an oncoming jeep is carrying the actor to my location. The preconscious simulacrum is a passive rendering. He sits on the bed as we talk about the conditions of his environment. “What is it like to live in such a hot, dry climate,” I ask him - as if I live in a different region. He talks about himself and his status. At this point, I notice a big cardboard box near the bed (compartmentalization of the process) that contains outdoor features such as grass, rocks, and small shrubs. There is also a seemingly tame Australian possum running around in the box. This feature is meant to induce recall of my waking life, as Zsuzsanna had a pet possum while we were writing to each other, but the heat (in real life) makes cortical arousal sluggish. Instead, I ask the man if all possums are as tame as this one. He answers in the negative. He seems slightly impatient.

      The processing changes back to cognitive. The simulacrum subsides for a time. I read about the actor in his fictitious television series from years previously, though the preconscious process heightens to the imaginary inference of intrusion. I read the name of the show as “Bryant’s Bandits” (typical redundant dream state phonetics like “Tony Karoni” from years ago).

      I instinctually try to reinduce my dream with water reinduction as virtual melatonin mediation. I teleport to a big lake. The actor is seemingly filming a new episode of “Bryant’s Bandits,” which is about men on a submarine with him as the captain, though they are not criminals but military. He stands atop the submarine while his men stand on the shore. The sleep-wake mediation becomes preconsciously authoritative, so I let myself wake into another hot day.

    2. Talos and the Military

      by , 12-25-2017 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2017. Monday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in a white skiff of which is moving slowly over the beautiful ocean in late afternoon. She is facing me, seeming very cheerful, sitting at the opposite end of the skiff. Behind her, in the distance, I see a mountainous rocky cape. I vaguely anticipate the eventual appearance of Talos (the giant automaton made of bronze, from the 1963 “Jason and the Argonauts” film) from behind the rocky region ahead and on my right, closest to our heading. Becoming semi-lucid and recognizing this as the RAS factor with no attempt to modulate it, I decide to will the skiff to turn right, into a narrow estuary bordered by high hills, with the idea that Talos will not see us. Eventually, the water is shallower and we slowly pass, on our right, two military jeeps with about seven men in total. At first, I am wary of them, as I suspect they have weapons, but then I decide that they must be here to fight Talos and are not interested in us. The general impassively watches us as our skiff approaches an area too shallow to continue, but there is no sense of threat and they remain in their positions.

      In a dream, being in a boat is autosymbolism for vaguely discerning the physical body in sleep, more so when muscles are more relaxed. Water is the absence of emotion and the essence of sleep and this dream begins with the common water induction. I anticipate RAS mediation as a possible threat. The RAS modulation precursor and potential emergent consciousness factor is rendered as Talos, though Talos is only seen briefly in the distance. There is semi-lucid mediation (not modulation) which seemingly results in the transference of Talos to the army general and WLWS (Water Lowering Waking Symbolism, which is common for me). Right-side oriented waking symbolism occurs (while sleeping on my left side).

    3. Grape Juice Transfer

      by , 09-09-2017 at 08:59 AM
      Morning of September 9, 2017. Saturday.

      I am with my family mostly as we appear now, though our home seems of a different layout. I have a glass of grape juice with a drinking straw. I do not drink the juice from my glass. Instead, using a funnel, I pour it into the virtual fuel tank of a plastic miniature jeep that is about the size for a child to “drive”. The fuel tank is inside the front of the car near the top, accessible by way of a small square horizontal lid, which implies that there is not a larger standard hood (bonnet). The undersized jeep is facing me though oriented somewhat to my left, with the fuel tank being in the left half.

      From here, I attempt to drink the grape juice from the tank by using a straw. Even though the tank seems full and the straw seems to be below the surface of the juice, I cannot seem to suck the juice up through my straw. (There seems to be more grape juice in the fuel tank than had been in my glass.) Some of the grape juice may be a bit gritty. I consider that the straw is not quite reaching the surface of the grape juice but I also illogically consider that I still may be able to suck it up through the air and into the straw, though at another point, it seems to touch bottom. I cannot get much taste or satisfaction out of my actions.

      This is another dream of many throughout my life where a vehicle is analogous to the human body. The fuel tank would symbolize my stomach (especially as it is higher up and at the front - though the orientation of the tank being on the left side would otherwise imply my physical body only if my body was facing downwards, though which makes perfect sense if the wheels are analogous to my hands and feet). The meaning seems to relate that once I have something in my stomach (fuel tank), I cannot undo its presence in my body and additionally should not consider my physical body as a “toy” by drinking the wrong fluids, as well as the jeep itself implying a “battle” related to maintaining good health. Still, I do not drink grape juice very often and no longer drink cola. This dream is probably just a reconfirmation of that healthy choice.

    4. Shenanigans in Mid-Concert

      by , 06-22-2016 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of June 22, 2016. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and family and I as we are now are at a large unfamiliar park, though perhaps implied to be in Brisbane. It is somewhat like a composite of the South Bank and Nundah parks. After a time, a group of unknown people start to gather under a shelter. This seems to be related to the beginning of a concert.

      It seems to be nighttime at first, perhaps around nine o'clock. We listen to the music for a time. Our children stand to our right. We are not actually under the shelter at this point but just on the outer perimeter of it.

      Burl Ives, or someone much like him in this case, eventually shows up and there is the option to go with him on some sort of tour of the area. Zsuzsanna and I and a number of other people join the group. At this point, our children apparently remain behind, although our two oldest are with the younger ones.

      We are eventually on a bus going up a hill. Somehow, the time is now late morning or afternoon since it is now daylight. After a time, the bus transforms into a jeep and Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in the front to the right of the driver (which is the wrong orientation if assuming an Australia vehicle). The jeep goes over a narrow road and into a fissure; between two high rock faces (which almost come up to the sides of the jeep), right to the edge of a cliff - and I almost think we are going over and that it is meant to be the purpose and climax of the supposed tour. I see the view far below, mostly of forests and ravines. Soon though, the jeep backs up and I hear an unknown voice behind me say, “Oh, we are backing up now” as if they are relieved our tour did not include going over the cliff. “This is a really stupid way to make a road,” I say assertively.

      However, the jeep, after backing out from the fissure, is then driven in a perpendicular direction and comes to a stop just before going off another part of the cliff. Again, I contemplate if we are going over but instead the driver backs up a bit and turns and goes down the road and back into town. Having had enough of this “tour”, I leave the jeep as it is still going down the street and somehow end up on my own in an unusual fancy building, which is apparently closed at the time. I try to find a door out of the building to go home (as I am also concerned about where our children are) but I end up only going into what seem like business offices. One room has a male and female who do not regard me. I then turn and go down a hall and somehow (by force of will even though I am not at all lucid) create a door into a portico which leads into a parking lot. It is now nighttime again (and thus Ed Wood must be directing this dream as often seems the case with illogical sudden switches from night to day and back again during the same shorter time period).

      As I walk through the parking lot, Zsuzsanna is walking to my right as if she had been there all along. I am still concerned about our children’s safety, particularly our youngest daughter. As I continue to walk I realize that Zsuzsanna is still speaking to me even though she is now a mostly yellow (emergent consciousness color) cylindrical music box of the windup type that holds and rotates a baby cot mobile. I accidentally drop her on a parking block as I am stepping over it. I feel bad and hope she still works. I hear her musical whirring and realize she may recover.

      Firstly, a parking lot represents the liminal space between dreaming and waking and is always an element of the waking precursor for me. Many of my dreams end in a parking lot setting because of the symbolic association between being “elsewhere” (in the dream state) and from there will go “home” (real physical body) even though there is no car association here (and I am inclined to now believe that a parking block may be analogous to a pillow as a dream sign in at least some cases). This last part was also indirectly precognitive as our youngest daughter was slightly injured by falling on a music box (though was not hurt that much). The loose patterns included the music box, the association with a baby or young child, and being hurt in a fall. My dream however, though it foreshadowed the event correctly on one level, used completely different connections.

      What I find very curious here is how the typical falling start (waking point) was “stopped” twice before I took action to go into a different level of consciousness (though I sometimes deliberately jump from cliffs to enter an enhanced flying mode), which then foreshadowed an event from today. I was unable to prevent it, but I still find it very interesting and typical of the unexplainable facets that occur in some dream types.

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    5. Contaminated Reservoir

      by , 01-04-1998 at 07:04 AM
      Morning of January 4, 1998. Sunday.

      I am near a water reservoir in an unfamiliar location which has apparently been contaminated by army tanks and jeeps somehow ending up in it (though I am not sure of how this had happened). A man who reminds me of Bill Gates (and who may be him) starts warning people about this situation and says that people could start dying. However, the problem is supposedly being solved (in a seemingly timely manner) by putting large plastic tarpaulins over the inside walls of the reservoir (though that does not seem logical as I do not think water could properly filter through them). I help with the task and it is seemingly working. In an additional dream or offset of this sequence, I am dancing and chanting in a very positive and cheerful mood (commonly recurring).

      In dreams, water has been validated for me to represent sleep. The condition of water in a dream relates directly to the dynamics of sleep in real time. Water getting lower over time represents the natural waking transition, a scene which has occurred at least once virtually every night for the past fifty years. In this case, during the waking transition, there is even the additional tarpaulin association (dream sign) with bed sheets. Translated directly: “The water is contaminated by the presence of army tanks and jeeps in it though using tarpaulins to line the reservoir will filter the water” becomes, “Sleep is presently somewhat restless with conflicting thoughts towards waking but by relaxing more within comfortable clean sheets a bit longer, sleep will be better.”
    6. Rhino Bumping Jeep

      by , 10-30-1978 at 10:47 AM
      Night of October 30, 1968. Wednesday.

      I am in the far back of a jeep (possibly being driven by the actor Marshall Thompson), right near the edge of the back (but usually not so close as to worry about falling out though I am somewhat wary of this possibility in one version of my dream), and Erin Moran in her Jenny persona from “Daktari” is also seemingly with me at times, and there are usually a few more people. However, she sometimes seems more like a composite of Brenda W and the “mystery girl” (confirmed wife-to-be) at times. When looking to the back, she is mostly always on my left. We are riding over a mostly featureless area (like an open plain), possibly in Africa, but I also sometimes get the impression that I am active in my school’s supposed field trip and a rhino possibly escaped from somewhere - though this focus seems to make my dream a bit ambiguous and undefined in location. There are different versions of this dream, as it was recurring over a time period of about two weeks or so.

      Mostly, the jeep narrowly avoids being hit in the back by the charging rhinoceros, though it does get bumped in the back in minor inconsequential incidents in some versions. I am not directly threatened at any point but very concerned at times. It seems the rhino always manages to at least catch up to the jeep but not match its speed for very long. Sometimes it seems that somehow only the back of the jeep exists along with the floating “legless” (but undulating) rhino body in an otherwise completely featureless landscape with a lot of mist all around.

      It is possible that I saw this rhino-charging scene on television (or at least something similar) prior to my dream, but it is not certain, as I did not record any direct associations as such and do not presently recall the particular scene.
    7. The Jeep

      by , 01-27-1974 at 07:27 AM
      Morning of January 27, 1974. Sunday.

      I am at my middle school in Arcadia. For some reason, my GI Joe jeep is a lot bigger than in reality, but not quite big enough to really drive around in, it seems; perhaps about the size of a child’s pedal-car toy. However, over time, it moves around seemingly on its own through various areas of the large school’s halls or as if by remote control (though I do not think I have the remote).

      My good friend Johnny C is in the middle school cafeteria with me. We are seated near the end of a table. The jeep is there, but there is some sort of electrical problem near the dashboard. An area near the front seat starts to spark and sizzle (which I can clearly hear) and melt a bit (though in reality my GI Joe Jeep neither has the electrical features nor can it be controlled by remote). At this point, I am not sure if the jeep is mine or belongs to an unknown group doing some sort of test drives or experiments in our school. I watch and see it very clearly when it stops in a more open area between tables and see small embers and fire emerging from around the gas pedal and parts of the dashboard.

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