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    Grape Juice Transfer

    by , 09-09-2017 at 08:59 AM (130 Views)
    Morning of September 9, 2017. Saturday.

    I am with my family mostly as we appear now, though our home seems of a different layout. I have a glass of grape juice with a drinking straw. I do not drink the juice from my glass. Instead, using a funnel, I pour it into the virtual fuel tank of a plastic miniature jeep that is about the size for a child to “drive”. The fuel tank is inside the front of the car near the top, accessible by way of a small square horizontal lid, which implies that there is not a larger standard hood (bonnet). The undersized jeep is facing me though oriented somewhat to my left, with the fuel tank being in the left half.

    From here, I attempt to drink the grape juice from the tank by using a straw. Even though the tank seems full and the straw seems to be below the surface of the juice, I cannot seem to suck the juice up through my straw. (There seems to be more grape juice in the fuel tank than had been in my glass.) Some of the grape juice may be a bit gritty. I consider that the straw is not quite reaching the surface of the grape juice but I also illogically consider that I still may be able to suck it up through the air and into the straw, though at another point, it seems to touch bottom. I cannot get much taste or satisfaction out of my actions.

    This is another dream of many throughout my life where a vehicle is analogous to the human body. The fuel tank would symbolize my stomach (especially as it is higher up and at the front - though the orientation of the tank being on the left side would otherwise imply my physical body only if my body was facing downwards, though which makes perfect sense if the wheels are analogous to my hands and feet). The meaning seems to relate that once I have something in my stomach (fuel tank), I cannot undo its presence in my body and additionally should not consider my physical body as a “toy” by drinking the wrong fluids, as well as the jeep itself implying a “battle” related to maintaining good health. Still, I do not drink grape juice very often and no longer drink cola. This dream is probably just a reconfirmation of that healthy choice.

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