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    1. A Unique Military Operation

      by , 07-18-2020 at 07:07 AM
      Morning of July 18, 2020. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,570-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      My waking-life identity is absent throughout this dreaming experience. My dream’s backstory emerges as an atypical narrative where I am pretending to be a high-ranking military officer. I have an unfamiliar younger male partner who is working with me. Even so, the outcome is to result in delivering something to a genuine naval ship or a high-ranking officer.

      The narrative otherwise firstly links as a precursory factor to the usual instinctual summoning of imaginary kinaesthesia to vivify the dream state. In this case, the vehicle resembles a WWI US Standard B Liberty Army Truck, though with the driver’s side on the right. My partner and I are trying to convince an unknown civilian male to give us items from a research laboratory that relate to recent discoveries in molecular biology. He is uncertain if we are legitimate but decides to cooperate with us. He wants to ride with us as well, reflecting that he hoped he had put his trust in the right people.

      My partner drives the truck as my dream vivifies, and night becomes day. The streets and high embankments are all white sand as we travel. At one point, the vehicle goes onto a small wooden raft, and it simultaneously takes us across a river as if the momentum of the truck put it in motion. We travel around for a few minutes on a battleship that has areas that make it appear more like a cargo ship.

      The three of us stand outside a military base. A general walks out to greet us, and I salute him. He seems to recognize my partner and me but greets me as a “French pig.” I do not take it as an insult, but I am puzzled because I am supposed to be an American officer. The man we brought here does not seem to notice this contradiction. A private appears and will lead us to where we are to give what the other man took from the small town laboratory to the general.

      My dream vivifies as imaginary kinaesthesia and physicality exponentially increase when I focus on my walking I try to maintain as a formal swagger.

      We sit on what seems to be part of a dock. The general sits down farthest from the water’s edge. An unknown woman is nearby, and I consider I should show my identification. I intend to hold up my badge, but instead, hold my left hand up in a C shape as if holding an invisible one, as my summoning did not work. She does not say anything but appears slightly puzzled.

      We give the general the item. It is a resealable sandwich bag containing chocolate chip cookies. After he eats one, he takes notice of one that is bigger and of a lighter color than the others. Baked within it is microfilm. He holds it up to the light and studies one section of exposed microfilm in a thinner area of the cookie. “This is what I expected,” he says, and thanks us.

    2. Talos and the Military

      by , 12-25-2017 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2017. Monday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in a white skiff of which is moving slowly over the beautiful ocean in late afternoon. She is facing me, seeming very cheerful, sitting at the opposite end of the skiff. Behind her, in the distance, I see a mountainous rocky cape. I vaguely anticipate the eventual appearance of Talos (the giant automaton made of bronze, from the 1963 “Jason and the Argonauts” film) from behind the rocky region ahead and on my right, closest to our heading. Becoming semi-lucid and recognizing this as the RAS factor with no attempt to modulate it, I decide to will the skiff to turn right, into a narrow estuary bordered by high hills, with the idea that Talos will not see us. Eventually, the water is shallower and we slowly pass, on our right, two military jeeps with about seven men in total. At first, I am wary of them, as I suspect they have weapons, but then I decide that they must be here to fight Talos and are not interested in us. The general impassively watches us as our skiff approaches an area too shallow to continue, but there is no sense of threat and they remain in their positions.

      In a dream, being in a boat is autosymbolism for vaguely discerning the physical body in sleep, more so when muscles are more relaxed. Water is the absence of emotion and the essence of sleep and this dream begins with the common water induction. I anticipate RAS mediation as a possible threat. The RAS modulation precursor and potential emergent consciousness factor is rendered as Talos, though Talos is only seen briefly in the distance. There is semi-lucid mediation (not modulation) which seemingly results in the transference of Talos to the army general and WLWS (Water Lowering Waking Symbolism, which is common for me). Right-side oriented waking symbolism occurs (while sleeping on my left side).

    3. The Military Time Travelers

      by , 03-07-2017 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of March 7, 2017. Tuesday.

      My family and I as we are now are at the Loomis Street house, though others are there, including my brother Dennis (older half-brother on my mother’s side) and Crystal (Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister on her mother’s side). There is also one unknown female.

      At one point, the unknown female makes a comment about wanting to be friends with someone with a “spark of Irish”. I make a comment about “a drip of Irish”, which seems to be risqué.

      I have a few books with thin cardboard pages that seem related to foldout setups with cutouts though I am not sure of their exact nature or whether they are related to a game or are just for display. They all seem to have a girl as the main character. One of the last ones I notice is “Alice in Wonderland”. Still, there seems to be another one that possibly belongs to someone else. It has cooking as a theme. There is a (overhead view) frying pan cutout and another cutout that represents food (frontal view) that stands vertically on the first by using a tab and slot. Additionally, this goes onto a page displaying an overhead view of a stove element, also by use of a tab and slot. There is something mentioned by the female about something sharp being found in a new container of yogurt after I incorrectly remember that food poisoning was mentioned in the news.

      The unknown female seems sad about something and seems to consider herself as being out of place. I “remember” that there is a time-traveling military group that is presently operating from the shed (in the Loomis Street backyard). I go out and there are three unknown people, two female and one older male. The male is in charge of everything. He goes up to the unknown female from the house and asks her if she can “climb a ladder”, with additional questions about the military and whether she can cope. She seems hesitant and the male, who is a general, loses patience. I go back into the house and the unknown female follows. Crystal is sitting in the armchair next to the telephone. She seems to be in somewhat of an aggressive or defensive mood. I catch myself (though more as pretense of the kind expressed in instinctual dreaming) saying something about “depending on what year they are going to” so that others in the room can “overhear” and perhaps catch on that they are supposed to be time travelers. The unknown female leaves the house through the front door. (There is also something later mentioned absentmindedly by me about the military group originally being from the distant past but going to the distant future.)

      I see Dennis and he seems to be only in his early thirties. He is wearing an army trench coat. I absentmindedly pull at the front and all the buttons come undone. I then apologize. He buttons up his coat again. I ask him if he wants to be part of the military and he says “no” and mentions something about Korea and Iraq. I tell him that he still might be interested in joining this group.

      We go out to the backyard. I look around for the time travelers. We see an unfamiliar unusual-looking young boy in thick black glasses as he is looking around near the south fence. He does not look in our direction. “Oh, that’s not her,” I say, referring to one of the females with the military team. We go out near the alley.

      Suddenly, there is a very loud roaring sound, like a wild animal. It is continuous and growing louder and closer from the south. I am thinking that it is probably a tyrannosaurus that is loose in the neighborhood and that it will likely find us and perhaps eat us if it turns its head easterly and sees us. There seems to be no time to run. Dennis and I just stand where we are. (Dennis is to my right, north of me, but somewhat closer to the alley.)

      A large woolly mammoth charges by, up the alley, heading north. It keeps going and is no threat but continues to roar as it passes. Dennis stands where he is and regards it casually, with mild interest.

      I notice a bright glow inside the shed, visible through the window from several feet. My youngest son also sees it and runs out toward the building. I am thinking that it is the three time travelers who are now leaving, activating some sort of machine.

      As this is a very long dream, I am only including obvious (real-time) symbolism. The unknown female potentially climbing a ladder is an association with Zsuzsanna waking up from sleep. The absentminded unbuttoning of the coat is typical of instinctual dreaming and relates to uncovering the nature of the preconscious as well as preparing to come out from under the bed sheet, though the consciousness transitions were extended here. The mammoth is the form of my unconscious “leaving” the dream setting. The glowing light is the emerging conscious self identity, analogous to sunrise. The notion of time travel validates non-lucid dream control.

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    4. Soldier Activity

      by , 07-24-2015 at 09:09 AM
      Morning of July 24, 2015. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar area with no clear associations in conscious afterthought of exactly where it could be, which is fairly rare for me. I do seem to have some hold on directional orientation, though whether it is implied to be America or Australia would change the present orientation. I will assume it to be America, though I do not focus closely on any cars (that is, what side the driver’s side is on) that would tell me of the country.

      As such (American orientation, otherwise all the compass directions can be assumed to be reversed), I would be going due north along a causeway, on a sidewalk on the east side of the road. There are not that many buildings though it does seem like an area near city center. It might, in fact, be Chicago (south of main urban areas), though at a later point, vaguely reminds me of Third Street in La Crosse (though the car park would be rotated ninety degrees if such is the case).

      I am walking along not that briskly but carrying my youngest daughter (age two) Isabelle, which seems somewhat strange, as I do not see other members of my family anywhere. The back story, though I am not certain, seems to relate to trying to get away from some sort of military conflict (unsure with who) or very vaguely (in the back of my mind) some sort of less serious (local) natural disaster - though the weather seems nice and I do not hear any gunfire or explosions. However, it may also be just a military exercise (even if to make veterans feel more “comfortable” about their past), as it feels more like such just before my dream ends. I am not that clear-headed in-dream, so am not sure about (or focused on) the status of other family members. It seems to be perhaps around two in the afternoon or later.

      About six soldiers (including possibly veterans) of about three generations jog on the opposite side of the street and they are going in the opposite direction. I wave at one of them assertively (with my right hand held up) and he starts to wave back. He seems about twenty years old or younger. However, as I wave, my hand “automatically” (absentmindedly) forms the V-shaped “peace” sign. The soldier’s wave becomes less assertive and falls back incomplete as if he thinks I might be an unusual character and not patriotic at all. I feel slightly unsure about what I have done (though only vaguely foolish) in signing “peace” to what is likely a military exercise. I do not notice any other civilians anywhere or any cars in motion. I feel vaguely embarrassed about possibly having just annoyed him (or even distracted him) instead of just a harmonious “hello”, though it is not exactly embarrassment but something else.

      Finally, I turn to go west into a car park for some reason (of at least two storeys). However, I soon realize that there is probably no feasible way to come out the other side (though I am unfamiliar with the layout). Not only that, I do not like the presence of dust and sand (and do not want to go through it with my child), which seems to be carried in the air at times by a mild breeze and creates a very vivid essence of “real” particulates in the air (though I am not lucid). This sparse cloud of particulates is higher and more on the level of the second storey of the car park beyond the ramp I am ascending. I turn around to go back out. Still carrying my daughter, I notice another small group of the military jogging up the ramp towards me to my left (though I do not detect any danger behind me, though I had not seen much of that section of the car park that they are apparently jogging to). I am annoyed that it may be more difficult to go that direction now, feeling somewhat “blocked”, even though there seems plenty of room to get past them (this reminds me of another dream concerning an approaching truck that was only partially rendered at first, which had clear precognitive connections with another dreamer). From here, my dream fades.

      Update on same afternoon: This dream seemed to be the usual remote-viewing or precognition at very high precision, as I had this dream before reading an e-mail that unknowingly implemented this dream almost like a scenario representing the e-mail itself - concerning military preparedness, veterans, exercises, and their dreams. (I had no idea or prior “clue” that I would be getting this particular e-mail content.) More curiously, yet coincidentally, the first thing I see on tumblr when I post this dream is an image of a cat with “peace was never an option” above its head; typical synchronicity I have had all my life. This came after I already had a vague association that the solider that began to wave in this dream and stopped upon seeing my peace sign was somehow some sort of “continuity” of Tiger the cat in one of my last dreams. Of course, this level of detail cannot possibly be coincidence (especially continuously over almost fifty years), but then, what is it exactly? (That was just a rhetorical question.)

    5. Missed Military Helicopter Flight

      by , 01-01-2015 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 2015. Thursday.

      Reading time: 35 sec. Readability score: 48.

      I am supposed to get on a military helicopter under non-threatening conditions, approaching from its right side. It features a camouflage design. It is in a mostly featureless field with overgrown weeds. While walking, my foot catches on a piece of uprooted root or snagged plant stem, and I trip with the usual hypnopompic kick.

      Usually, this stage of dreaming occurs as walking in a city and tripping or falling off the curb (though that is too common to bother to document, as is the beginning of this dream, as most begin with sightings of lakes and rivers as this one did), typically only as the first dream of a sleep cycle. Helicopters are a common form of vestibular system correlation and a projection of illusory physicality when there is more mental energy present, though on a spiritual level they have an association with the Merkaba as tornadoes do.

    6. Miniature White Airplane of the Military

      by , 12-30-2012 at 06:30 PM
      Morning of December 30, 2012. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 50 sec. Readability score: 63.

      In my dream, I am in an open field in an undetermined location. It seems to be late morning. At least two soldiers are present, one possibly a lieutenant. One is using binoculars at times. (I am unaware of directional orientation as is sometimes the case even with unfamiliar settings or distorted composites sometimes including it.)

      A flock of birds, possibly ducks, flies overhead. There is something about “retaliation.” I am unsure if the soldiers are referring to the birds or an unseen human enemy beyond.

      They have a model white plane without any detail on its surface. They send it into the flock of birds by remote control. I anticipate something dramatic will happen. One of the soldiers looks at me curiously for a short time.

      The airplane seems to have gone out of sight and crash-landed in a marsh. It seems to be my task to get it. I wade through soft wet ground near a river. I grab what I think is the model aircraft.

      Upon my return, the soldiers are now duck hunters. The airplane I am holding is now a duck decoy. They seem to be annoyed that I have “retrieved” it as they are still using it. I give it to them, and we do not exchange words, angry or otherwise.

      Vestibular system correlation, which has occurred in at least one dream per sleep cycle for over fifty years (typically more, especially in the first stages of sleep), has infinite dynamics. Certain incidental elements are part of it, but outcome stems from levels of non-lucid or lucid control of anticipation of the waking process. I have documented and decoded thousands of such dreams, and the nuances are always unique (just as I have never dreamt of the same place, in the same way, more than once).

      In this dream, the simulacrum of emerging consciousness is a projection as the model airplane. The remote control aspect is the reactive representation of RAS mediation, the preconscious avatar as the soldier with the binoculars.

      The transition stems from the fact that this was not my last dream of the sleep cycle. In those, RAS personification is more dominant when present. The change comes by way of reinduction (water as sleep). There is the transition of “toy” airplane to “toy” duck. The duck is not alive, which means less chance of a hypnopompic trigger under these circumstances. (This is also true when I see a picture of such as a helicopter rather than a present or moving one.)

      Reactive representation (autosymbolism, though not restricted to Herbert Silberer’s usage of the term as all dreams are a result of it, not only hypnagogia), has many different possibilities. Although there are not that many variations of the waking process, the nuances are seemingly infinitely unique.

    7. A Specific Princess - the Hovering Ship

      by , 09-11-1979 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1979. Tuesday.

      There were other versions of this dream but this is the most detailed version (not necessarily the longest) from September 1979. I had not seen Ann L (who I do not see in my dream much) for a few years. Ann L was the only familiar character (other than my “dream girl” of whom turned out to be real years later) from real life in most of my dream. She was a classmate for only a couple grades in middle school and high school. I did not really know her very well or interact with her that much. She was a mousy bookish type. This in fact, is one of my only dreams where she appeared and long after I had last seen her in waking life.

      My dream’s plot vaguely resembles a Harvey comic book story of which I was familiar with (with Casper and Wendy as the main characters). It involves a ship that is similar to the Pacific Princess on “Love Boat” (which I have a false memory of having “seen” at a much earlier age which is likely associated with “Love American Style” from 1969 instead). However, there is also something about it that is also very military-like and the ship itself is greenish-gray, at least later on. Instead of moving normally across the ocean, it floats about three feet or so above the water’s surface (using some sort of advanced technology which America supposedly did not have in my dream), which seems slightly ominous (but still leaves a wake at times). The captain is Captain Badheart as in the comic story, which changes from Captain Goodheart.

      There is something about Ann having a baby (not by me; possibly Barry R or the captain) as well as being locked in the captain’s cabin, but I do not follow her status that closely. It is almost like a secondary movie within my dream that is happening on the sidelines. I know the ship was designed to change after people boarded and kidnap them to keep them out at sea and serve the interests of a (fictional) small country or dictatorship. There is an original reference that I noted in which there is some association with “air ship”. There is a slight awareness of the “mystery girl” even from the beginning, but not quite as much as a much earlier dream of the liner. I now see a connection between “Pacific Princess”, “Love Boat”, and the fact that Australia is near the South Pacific.

      The ship also has advanced weapons, some sort of multiple laser cannons in a series, something I might have associated with the original (1978-1979) Battlestar Galactica (especially as the ship seems to be called the Celestra at one point - the plot of that episode with that name is: “During a celebration honoring Commander Kronus, Starbuck recognizes an old flame of his, Aurora and breaks off a date with Cassiopeia to follow his lost love to the Celestra. On their arrival, Starbuck and Apollo find themselves in the midst of a mutiny” - IMDb), giving my dream a science-fiction-like atmosphere in the main scenes. There is a battle with the United States Air Force at one point. There is a precognitive layer (not quite as clear or multilayered as the liner dream of childhood) referencing my yet-to-experience journey to Australia and a loose connection to “The Man Without a Country”, which I saw in middle school. It has a similar mood.

      The “mystery girl” still remains mostly in the background. I look for her during the troubles on board and I am frustrated at not finding her. Perhaps she has magic that will protect her from the foreign soldiers, but I still want us to get off the ship and back to civilization. At one point the ship is on the water when another ship is in the area so that no attention will be brought on to this strange ship that otherwise eerily floats above the ocean’s surface.

      A singular ship in a dream is an autosymbolic extension of the physical body and linked to a specific level of unconsciousness. This is made clearer here by the additional vestibular system correlation - the fact the ship is floating. Additionally, this (the military association) augments RAS mediation in this case, making my dream into an interesting adventure, but ultimately unrelated to waking life other than the prescient thread relating to my “mystery girl” (Zsuzsanna).

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