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    1. An Ocean Journey Model

      by , 06-15-2018 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of June 15, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in a mostly undefined setting of which cannot be determined to be indoors or outdoors, though it does not have the typical essence of bilocation. It seems near late morning. I am involved in adding to an ongoing model and story about a journey by sea, though the features of this model sit on the picnic table or hover in the air slightly above it when implied to be within the ocean depths. Other people seem to be present watching and listening to my narration, but I do not actually see anyone else.

      The ship seems to be a schooner, sailing from left to right in my view. I talk about the dangers that might be encountered. I slowly add an unrealistic number of rocks. The model schooner is about four inches in length.

      As my dream nears its end, I add more and more squid, which hover in the air (though implied to be below the ocean’s surface in this model) which are slightly bigger than the ship. A couple of them roll up (left to right) and transform into snails that continue to hover in the air in the seascape’s implied depths. I slowly become aware that I am dreaming and had been non-lucidly testing vestibular system correlation, which I have been doing more of in my dreams in the last few months. (This correlates with another recent dream with different autosymbolism based on the same dynamics, where a solid pipe became a hose, and the eardrum was represented as a hissing valve I “popped”, more related to the illusory “ears” of the dream self.)

      The majority of my dreams since early childhood have vestibular system correlation autosymbolism of several different types. (This includes flying, falling, hovering, and rising dreams, which are unrelated to waking life, despite the multitude of people who continue to propagate falsehoods about “symbolism” without understanding that dreams are autosymbolic.)

      Although this could be considered an extension of the usual water induction process, there is no water present (though WLWS is implied). It additionally includes the hovering factor of vestibular system correlation as well as the visual rendering (by way of the virtuous circle effect of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of dreams and clarity of mind stemming from both lucid and non-lucid dream control).

      The vestibular system correlation is represented by the transformation of squid into snail and visual analogies to the inner ear; that is, semicircular canals, vestibular nerve, and cochlea.

      What little waking life relevance (always literal) is present is based on my youngest son’s friends recently to leave the region on an oceangoing yacht, where they have otherwise lived for a long time.

    2. My Sister Carol is Present

      by , 03-06-2018 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of March 6, 2018. Tuesday.

      My dream takes place in an ambiguous location as is most often the case. It seems to have an atypical essence that combines the living room (and porch in the last segment) of the Barolin Street house with my old bedroom in Cubitis.

      The main focus near the beginning of my dream is upon two black plastic guns of which I supposedly had as a child (but in reality, had not, despite the sense of faux familiarty common to dreams). I seem to be about twenty years of age, though this is uncertain. I decide to throw them out, and break them into pieces. They each break into three pieces, the barrel, the stock, and the trigger (and housing).

      I go to the front of the porch, where there is typical indoor outdoor ambiguity, and drop the pieces into a cardboard storage box that I assume had been put out for rubbish removal. They fall down between some other (unknown) objects on the side closest to me. Suddenly, my focus changes and I realize that this box belongs to Carol (older half-sister on my mother’s side; she died in December 2009). She appears as she was in the early 1980s. I apologize to her for accidentally dropping the pieces of my broken toy guns and mixing them with her own stored items. I tell her that they are deeper down in the box, under some other items, and that I cannot reach them now (as I am sure she does not want broken junk mixed in with her possessions). I am unsure if she is moving to another house, but that is possibly the case. She is not annoyed. She only expresses curiosity. (It is not much of an issue anyway, though my dream self greatly exaggerates the otherwise minimal event.)

      From here, I start to talk to her about all the model kits of animals she had given me for Christmas when I was a boy. I mention the deer, the large black horse (of a much larger scale than the other kits), and several others, finally focusing the most on the mother bear and cubs model kit. She talks about the two small doors that opened under the base, apparently for storing something. This was not a real feature, but I accept it (false dream state memory). I vaguely associate it with a battery compartment, but my dream meanders from here into the waking transition.

      This is a very familiar autosymbolic dream template of which has repeated in one way or another, thousands of times, for over fifty years, and in fact, is one of my most common waking transitions. However, the details are otherwise usually very different, but not so different that I do not recognize all the key factors.

      The first key factor is the porch setting, the porch being autosymbolism for a specific level of unconsciousness, inherently closer to the conscious self identity than other settings and almost always the last setting when rendered in a dream.

      The second key factor is in the act of getting rid of my guns (even if they are only toys). This means that my dream self is subliminally aware that I am in the dream state (though not viably lucid). It means that I surrender my fictitious dream self essence to the biological factor of RAS modulation. (Liminal dream state awareness as well as liminal dream control are common factors in my dreams, as it is biologically impossible to be unaware that I am dreaming, of which has a direct influence on the autosymbolic nature of the dream itself, and this is what “interpreters” seemingly have no understanding of.)

      The third key factor is RAS personification. It is passive here as my older sister Carol (as my dream self has cast away the aggressive factor into the cortex, as symbolized by the box). Preconscious “showdowns” are often rendered on a porch, even as they were in very early childhood.

      I then am thankful for the nature of my life. The base of the model kit being vaguely thought of as relating to a battery compartment is related to the neural energy required to achieve consciousness reascension (waking).

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    3. The Final Night of Billy Bones

      by , 08-19-2015 at 02:19 PM
      Morning of August 19, 2015. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,775-02. Reading time: 1 min 50 sec.

      In my dream, my family and I are living on Barolin Street. However, my Cubitis home’s location (railroad track area only) seems to be a part of the setting later.

      Billy Bones, the child-sized human anatomy model, has issues. It needs to have its bones and organs put back in after having fallen out. (In real life, building this kit requires strength and patience.)

      I begin to consider the fragility of something so expensive, wondering how long it will last. The model falls apart. I decide to get rid of it, though it is too big to put in the bin. I do not want all the separate pieces to get scattered, as I might step on one and hurt my foot.

      It is near nightfall. Billy Bones is now a pile of rubble (rather than bits of plastic and metal). There is also an unexplainable organic substance I do not want to touch. There is a sense of bilocation when the area near the railroad tracks seems to be inside our house. I ambiguously perceive I am indoors and outdoors at the same time, though the setting does not have a clear definition as previously.

      I eventually decide the best place to leave the mess is in the middle of the railroad tracks a short distance from our home. I should bury it under the rocks of the trackbed. At this point, I notice that the pile of rubble has more substantial pieces of Billy again, including much of the rib section, part of the hand, and possibly a kidney. That annoys me, as I thought the mess would be less obvious to associate with a human form (in case someone confuses it with real bones). My dream fades from here.

      Important: Note where my dream self decided to bury Billy Bones in the last scene. Note the play on “bed” (trackbed). Ultimately Billy Bones is this dream’s sleep simulacrum (the subliminal indication of being asleep). Physicality in the dream state is imaginary and incohesive.

      As an added note, I found it amusing when I knew no one would go on to purchase the integumentary system (“skin”) for Billy Bones (by extending their subscription) which had never been advertised up to that point. Zsuzsanna talked to a cashier at the local newsagency, and they told her that everyone in town canceled their Billy Bones subscription when the bones and organs model was complete. After all, with “skin,” the model would look like a cheap plastic mannequin or dummy in contrast to the bones and organs displaying as an anatomy model as advertised. No one likes deception from a company that wants to obtain as much money as they can get, so Billy Bones remains Billy Bones, not Billy Dummy.

    4. The Cobra Kit

      by , 06-14-1975 at 12:14 PM
      Morning of June 14, 1975. Saturday.

      This dream scenario takes place mostly in the living room in our Cubitis home and everything is mostly the same as it is in reality. My father seems to be the only other character in my dream. (I believe there is a subtle association with Father’s Day, which would be the day after this date, though I am the one who gets a gift.) I am on the couch - and this was the time when visitors used it for sleeping. It is in its normal place in the southwest corner of the living room, lengthwise to the south wall.

      I have been given a plastic model kit from Revell, I believe. It is a cobra, the snake kind, not the car model. It is black and has a couple interchangeable pieces for the final version. (I have not seen this kit in real life if there is one like it.) The finished plastic model has hinges in one section that allow it to sway side to side like a real cobra. I do not think I have finished putting the model together before my dream finally fades.

      It is possible that my dream self in this case associated the Cobra Car with the cobra snake. However, I had a very early childhood dream of a cobra in the hayloft and deliberately trying to “create” it within my lucid dream in one clearer version, which can also be found in this journal (Link). There may be a connection or association, in this case, “creating” a cobra with a model rather than as a tulpa.

      In real life (prior to this dream), I had gotten a large number of plastic model kits from sister Carol, for my birthday (December 20th) and Christmas, that were of animals such as a bear, deer, a couple horses (including a rather large black stallion), and so on. My mother had gotten me mostly only car models, but also a few dinosaur models later.

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    5. Dune Buggy

      by , 06-17-1972 at 12:17 PM
      Morning of June 17, 1972. Saturday.

      In my dream, which is fairly long but with no real plot, I am somehow in control of a dune buggy (or “dune buster”) that is a full-size version of the Sand Crab model I had gotten as a gift months before. I am mostly disembodied yet somehow still the “driver” of the vehicle, usually “flying” or floating to the left of the dune buggy from at least five feet away, sometimes more. It seems to be early afternoon for the most part. The setting does not seem to be a beach, but rather a large desert-like region (though still with the sense that the ocean may be around at some point even though I contemplate the Sahara Desert in the back of my mind). There are no people around at any point.

      A desert in this case, as associated with a beach, seems to represent the liminal state between sleeping and waking, that is, the ocean (of the unconscious) and the day to day waking reality. This “beach” is much larger than a typical beach. My dream did seem long and with many partial awakenings. Sand dunes have appeared in a number of my dreams and seem to represent the changes of the dream state itself, as well as sand also being associated with coalescence.