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    1. Chasing a Freaky Around in my Cubitis Front Yard

      by , 11-20-2013 at 05:20 PM
      Morning of November 20, 2013. Wednesday.

      Once again, I am back in my childhood home in Cubitis in the large front yard. It seems to be just before dawn. This is a little like my recurring dreams where I watch inexplicable events in the sky at dawn with a feeling of nostalgia and bliss. I am semi-lucid, but my dream only becomes more vivid in the last segment.

      Some of the presumed alien spaceships I see overhead are v-shaped. A few others are different. I even see an X-wing fighter as in “Star Wars”. Some classmates are walking about in the area. We are all much younger.

      After a short time, I notice a weird blue somewhat spherical creature running around in circles in the yard. I am not sure if it came from one of the spaceships. It is only about waist-high. It is apparently a dangerous alien (by the seeming mood implied by the others), but then I see it is actually one of the Freakies from the old Freakies Cereal (which I had not seen in about thirty years or more though I had collected all seven plastic figures with several duplicates). It is the blue one, Snorkledorf, which looks like male genitalia with legs. Before I realize it is a Freaky though, I do go after it to protect the others from a possible alien attack. I sort of grab it and press down on its head and discover that it is much like a balloon (reminding me of those old child-sized upright dinosaur balloons my parents and relatives got from gas stations, I think either as a giveaway or from trading stamps, which could be used as punching bags).

      As in many other dreams where I have chased monsters around, there is no fear or concern, just a sense of curiosity or mild frustration if it is not caught. I hold my body weight down over his head and try not to hurt him, eventually worrying that the pressure might kill him and I do not want to become infamous for killing the Freaky Snorkledorf.

      In afterthought, this may be an association with my childhood “pachydermophobia” rendered now as a playful game as an adult as elephants are obviously no longer a “threat” (though it may also be a play on exaggerated sexuality). It is interesting how dreams can feature mostly forgotten television commercials (and the small related toys) from over thirty years ago.

      The “dream journal synchronicity” tag has been added due to another poster having a very similar dream (regarding the dream journal site only).

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    2. Butterfly-Man-Monster

      by , 12-31-1995 at 09:09 AM
      Morning of December 31, 1995. Sunday.

      My dream’s plot relates to an old widow (who is seen as stingy and nasty overall, and who had a son whom supposedly vanished) who rents a large house to about four different families as well as a couple single men, all who are apparently mostly without many resources or money. Two of the families seem to share one larger room. The house is old and has roach infestation and very old variegated carpeting (reds, blues, greens); in some locations, only older very narrow strips nailed to the floor, not much wider than the nails. At one point, the old lady speaks of having new carpeting put in. I seem to go in and out of my dream as if I am a secondary character at times.

      One male from one family gives me a calendar (I assume for 1996) but as we seemingly share the same large room at this point I tell him to just put it on the wall so that we all can benefit from it. During this time, I take a couple pictures from the wall to make room. I had put many pictures up on the worn wall to make it look better as others seemed interested.

      There is one part where a housing inspector complains (relative to safety concerns) that there are hidden doors in the house and asks where they all are. One door is under an old section of carpet. The door is lifted and leads to a collection of old cards and letters from the 1940s (1943 is noted a few times). This causes the old woman to cry as she apparently rediscovers and relives “lost” memories. Another door is discovered and examined. A monster-like face scares one person away. Eventually, a strange green hand emerges and scares more people.

      At one point, a boy explores a lower part of the house that is usually hidden. Somehow, he accidentally causes a fire around barrels filled with oil or possibly gasoline. The fire is put out by the flapping of very large wings. The wings are of a creature that frightens the boy even though he poses no threat and is possibly just lonely and looking for others like himself.

      It is revealed that the old woman had a son that had not actually vanished but transformed into a “monster” that is basically a “butterfly-man”. She had kept him in the old house all that time in secret rooms. At one point, he seems to fly off towards the setting sun in a scene with mostly orange hues. However, this turns out to be an illusion as he cannot leave the house (yet).

      There is a part where there is a costume party. A boy seems to see his sister (in a dog costume) vanish before his eyes but she later reappears without donning a costume, saying she had not worn the dog costume that she originally planned to. Thus, the prior scene turned out to be a trick played upon him by a friend. Of course, the butterfly-man can go to a costume party without being noticed that directly.

      There is another part where a unfamiliar man (yet supposedly a known criminal) is writing spontaneously (possessed?) in a language he does not know. It resembles Lao script (which in itself makes me think of butterfly-like patterns) and there happens to be a few who can read it as he writes. It relates to some sort of “monster” or “spirit” being reborn into the world in vengeance.

      There are then a lot of ambiguous scenarios relating to crimes including the man who was writing as well as the “butterfly-man-monster” who somehow actually did eventually leave the house. Someone else somehow makes him become fully human, but then he becomes a giant and destroys highways and bridges. There is even a chase scene involving boats. One boat at one point actually looks more like a pair of platforms to supposedly be a swimming aid of a sort (to develop “faster swimming”).

      Even when the criminals are killed, they are still somehow able to pursue certain people.

      I start to wake up from this long, convoluted dream before the full “story” is “transcribed”, supposedly to designate a purpose of some sort but mostly incoherent in afterthought. Most dreams are not really linear or story-like (in a cohesive sense) after all and should not be treated as such (depending on the context).
    3. The Jacuzzis

      by , 09-09-1985 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of September 9, 1985. Monday.

      Watch out…for the horrible vampiric monster…the…Jacuzzi!

      I have said before that I have had hardly any serious nightmares in my life. The more vivid one in my young adult years was during an early afternoon nap. This was the first version of a short series of dreams (only the first one being an actual nightmare), where the name was semi-lucidly altered to something like “Chalcosi” (from “chalcosis” - or chronic copper poisoning), relative to their skin having a paler copper-color when dying.

      It was of a horrible legendary creature that supposedly only lived seven weeks. They liked to eat people. They were to blame for the majority of missing people cases. I somehow fell in love with a “teenage” (in appearance only) version of the vampiric creature who I spent time with on a couch in the middle of the night as the rest of her family went out to eat people. This creature was born as a dangerous albino snake with boa-constrictor-like potential. It then changed into a killer albino tree-dwelling rabbit that sometimes leaped upon people at night. It then becomes a larger lemur-like creature (still albino) - becoming more monkey-like in some ways, and eventually an albino human-like creature with somewhat shark-like teeth (and growing as such, a lost one always being replaced, but almost immediately). As they neared death, their skin became a slight coppery color. Their hair was always white. I guess sometimes they wore wigs and sunglasses to hide their true identity, as their eyes remained snake-like. They lived in groups of a dozen or so at various ages.

      Of course, again, this horrifying creature was known as…

      A Jacuzzi! Watch out for the Jacuzzis, they are coming to eat your neighbors!

      I awoke from the first version of this in a strange hypnopompic state. I felt dizzy and out of place and was hearing applause and disembodied voices, including the impression of a cheerful announcer talking about someone winning a Jacuzzi on “The Price is Right” - this as I saw the faces of the creatures fading in disorienting spirals. It was only then, after I was waking, that I slowly remembered hearing the word “Jacuzzi” on “The Price is Right” (which I only caught parts of now and then at a sister’s house during this time). I looked it up and finally remembered that it was a fancy whirlpool bath and not a dangerous monster.

      Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2016: I can now look at this and easily recognize an unusual atypical and subliminal form of water induction (since “Jacuzzi” is a hot tub brand and in fact a whirlpool bathtub implies an essence of the Merkaba as a tornado does) and the strong metaphorical references to circadian rhythms (and even evolution). Albinos also symbolically represent moon induction (which is often linked to water induction relative to the symbolic “tidal” shifting of consciousness in dreaming and waking). Even more curiously, “Jacuzzi” rhymes with “Suzi”, the anglicized form of my wife Zsuzsanna’s first name, more relevant here as I have a relationship with this female Jacuzzi. The unlikely rabbit stage is a symbol for something emerging from the unconscious mind as a rabbit lives in a burrow and even this was a Source clue, as Zsuzsanna lived in Maryborough when we first made contact. Not only that, the age of the girl matched Zsuzsanna’s age from this time period - and to add to that even more curiously, she had a period where she drew vampire animals (and certainly not everyone has an interest as such). This is all very interesting and in fact, validates yet again that most dreams have precognitive layers of one form or another.

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    4. The Dogerpillar (The Thing in the Room / Warehouse)

      by , 09-28-1978 at 08:01 PM
      Morning of September 28, 1968. Saturday.

      I am sent to a warehouse-like area during school hours (even though I sense it is a Saturday - as it indeed is in real life) west of the school (West Elementary) and across the street to get a couple of textbooks, I think for other students (and perhaps one for myself). It is fairly dark inside.

      A large “dogerpillar” crawls slowly near me from another part of the warehouse as a mist seems to rise up from the floor. There are shades of cyan, purple, white, and orange, and, terrified it will reach me, I stand up on a large crate just barely out of its reach as It is unable to lift itself, and can only crawl horizontally, which is an in-dream “relief” to me. It is at least a foot high or more and about five feet long. It starts making a strange, short mournful whining sound and I start to try to imitate the sound so that the creature will think I am one of its young (or one of its kind at least) and move on elsewhere. I continue to stand on the box making the sound in a somewhat worried state. Originally I had written “After awhile, I think that the creature may end up thinking that I am its offspring and may want something from me or to properly feed me! It seems there may not be a real way out.”

      I am less afraid near the end (but still have an odd in-dream “faux end of the world” nervousness), but am concerned about missing reading class, and am wondering why they did not keep such a weird creature locked up. There is sort of a concern that I may never get out, but I slowly wake. (Oddly, there is no stronger thought of attempting to run away, even though the creature is very slow in its movements.)

      Upon waking, I had found out (from my mother) that I was making a similar sound (vaguely like “vumpadump”) for several minutes before waking from the very vivid dream. (I have heard from some people that a person is unable to make sounds or speak in syllables when dreaming, but like almost everything else I have heard about dreams - it personally turned out to be wrong.) It is possible that the creature was partly based on the one from “The Monster That Challenged the World”, which I saw on Rose Street when about age five.

      The very first dream journal title of this was “The Thing in the Room”. Someone who saw it (David K) said the title should be changed to “The Thing in the Attic”, which was pointless, as it was not an attic, so I later changed it to “The Thing in the Warehouse”. Because of what it looked like (a giant caterpillar with a weird dog-like head), the final title was “The Dogerpillar”.

      This was not the first version of this dream. See this link: http://blue-opossum.tumblr.com/post/...ditional-notes
    5. The Biomagnetic Monster (non-lucid doorway waking symbolism)

      by , 10-27-1975 at 04:27 PM
      Morning of October 27, 1965. Wednesday. Supplements added on Sunday, 23 July 2017.

      A large hairy light brown monster opens a door at the very start of my short dream but seems about normal-sized for the doorway. About twenty tiny people (“tiny” as resolved in conscious afterthought only), all adult men and women; most nude, some dressed; are clinging to him as if he had magnetically attracted them with his fur. He seems annoyed, apparently not wanting all the people hanging on him, but this is only my first thought as a couple other ideas form prior to waking. I do not feel threatened as I seem to only be watching my dream even though I do seem to be at the location.

      It seems to be taking place in my sister Marilyn’s apartment on 901 Rose Street, the creature coming into the room from the west side, though the floor seemingly has floorboards as seen in a Harvey “Casper the Friendly Ghost” comic book. There were no discernible features in the room, as if it was mostly empty. For a very short time, it also seems that some of the people may be trying to tackle the monster, but there is also a conflicting thought that the monster may be deliberately gathering the people with its magnetic fur to perhaps cook in a stew. There is no backstory to the scene. The monster stands in the doorway, growling as if possibly annoyed by “wearing” these people and my dream ends with a slight abdominal twitch (which is not unpleasant). It is apparent that the monster does not see me, though I may be invisible or incorporeal.

      Dreams often render “impossible” scenes that cannot be resolved consciously. In this case, my dream self perceives both the doorway and the people as of normal size. However, each person would have to be less than a foot tall to resolve the scene.

      This dream is a curious and intriguing blend of two forms of waking symbolism, and in fact, taught me a lot about the nature of dreams as well as remaining a facet of why I devoted my life to understanding them.

      Coalescence waking symbolism: Near the end of a dream, as in this case, ambiguous elements sometimes combine, which represents different neural energies unifying by way of the emergent consciousness event (as this dream expresses the real-time metaphor of “gathering thoughts” during the waking transition). It is a function native to the dream state.

      Doorway waking symbolism: As a doorway is mainly real-time exit symbolism (other than when it is used to initiate apex lucidity), a dream’s rendering of a doorway means nothing more than the dream changing in level of awareness or ending. To conceptualize that such waking symbolism evolved from my mother being in my bedroom’s doorway waking me up in the morning as a child may be moot, as such symbolism might have developed naturally, because waking up is a biological necessity.

      Biological factor: Though this is only theoretical, my dream may also contain an analogy of white blood cells attacking a parasite, not necessarily relevant to my physical status, but my sister’s. (Dreams, including precognitive dreams, revealing the changing status of another person’s health, have occurred a number of times throughout my life.)

      Personal factor: It is known that the preconscious sometimes represents a parent (or other relative or any role of authority) regardless of the nature of the rendering. If that is the case here, it seems that it could be seen as motherly discomposure over a child being too clingy.

      The original title was “The Magnetic Monster”. In 1974, when copying my oldest dreams over to newer paper and notebooks and with more mature writing and better organization, I changed the title to “The Biomagnetic Monster”. It is doubtful that I had heard the word “biomagnetic” prior to that.

      • It has been validated that doorway waking symbolism is sometimes initiated by real environmental noise while I am sleeping. This adds to the likelihood of having otherwise evolved from my mother waking me up in the morning.
      • The involuntary abdominal muscle movement upon waking is most common with doorway waking symbolism. I can actually trigger this event while conscious by placing myself in a heightened state of anticipation.

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    6. "Don't Look Out the Window"

      by , 11-13-1971 at 08:30 AM
      Night of November 13, 1971. Saturday.

      Yes, I know, stupid title. It was originally “Haunted House 2” and I think the first title (before copied over into another book) was “The House” (wow…such imagination I had…).

      The actress Jocelyn Lane appears as a child around my age, but in the first part of the dream there is a newspaper article that she has gone missing, possibly kidnapped. There is not much to this dream other than wandering around in a mostly featureless house, but it had a very vivid atmosphere and sharp awareness. It copies the “Tickle Me” (1965) scene, though it is me singing through the window (not Elvis) and she is not actually annoyed or scared at any point but hopeful of escaping the house since I am there with her. I do not see any supposed kidnappers at any point.

      It turns out that she was taken by a giant hairy white monster, the creature from “I Was a Slave of the Living Titan!” from Marvel’s “Monsters on the Prowl” number 11. What is a bit odd, though, is that the orientation does not make much sense when the monster’s face appears in the window. We are supposedly on the first floor of a building, yet the monster’s face appears directly in the window (as big as the area of the larger sash window) as if he is standing in a deep hole just outside (though this is not implied by the location). Eventually, the house is on fire, but we had already escaped by then. When going back to get something the girl said she lost, there is just bare ground.

      The large empty house that this dream supposedly took place at had already burned down in real life (I did have a precognitive dream of this). It was north (by about four or five implied lots) of my Cubitis home and on the other side of the two-lane highway. It was a very strange morning when that happened, watching the huge flames go into the sky while waiting for the school bus in the dark. I used to wait for the bus to go to school (usually with the S family - Lisa M went to a private school - SCA) during one period, just prior to dawn, which, now, seems quite intriguing to me, because in the region I live in now, it is already getting light at 4:30 and fairly bright out by 5:00.

      Just out of curiosity and marching on with my meticulous notes on the thousands of childhood dreams I had documented several times over (with the older copies on hand for accuracy), additional research revealed something I was not as aware of when younger in how comic books, television shows, and even movies (though I was aware of some “duplicate” movies which were only different in title and a few edited scenes) were released again in a slightly different form - I am somewhat amused by how often they did this. (See image.) It is funny, because dreams have a tendency to do this as well.

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