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    1. Rusty DVD Player with Mouse Inside

      by , 10-16-2018 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of October 16, 2018. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 18,929-01. Reading time (optimized): 3 min. Readability score: 71.

      I am in the front room of our present address. It seems to be early evening. On my desk is an unrealistically big DVD player rather than my computer (as in real life). It is about as tall as my real monitor. I am having difficulty opening the drawer and eventually find a DVD stuck at an angle inside. I am also looking for other DVDs but am uncertain where they are.

      I look inside the DVD player and look up from an orientation that would not be possible in real life (as there is no way my head would fit inside the drawer space of the DVD player). I see the underside of the laser mechanism that reads DVDs. (My dream is erroneous because this would imply that DVDs are played upside-down in this player.) The area around the lens is rusty and eroded. There are other areas of a similar appearance. (This is dream self confusion with the tape oxide build up that occurs with cassette decks and has no connection with DVD player associations in real life.)

      Eventually, I see something moving in a space atop the DVD player. This section resembles a transparent turntable cover. On the left side, there is a small animal covered with lint and dust, so much so, that I can not identify what it is at first. However, I soon see a mouse tail sticking out from one end.

      I pick up the lump of lint and dust and hold the mouse in my hand. It is now about three times bigger than it had just been and there is no more dust or lint on it. I decide to take it outside and let it go. I vividly feel its movement on my hand.

      As I walk through the house, I am now in a fictitious alteration of the Stadcor Street house (where we have not lived for years). At the front of the house is a fictitious porch. (This feature has occurred in other dreams that include the Stadcor Street house. In real life, the entrance was perpendicular to the front of the house, not directly at the front as in this dream.)

      The mostly featureless porch has no low-set wall or railing (and is more like a balcony). I absentmindedly let the big mouse fall to the floor, but it seems fine. It runs off the edge of the porch, at the front, into the darkness. The ground is at least four feet down. (That is erroneous as well, as the house did not have this elevation until years after we moved.) I do not walk over to see its status, as I start to wake at this point. I am aware that Zsuzsanna and our oldest daughter are in the lounge room (still the Stadcor Street house).

      [key descriptors]

      This dream has minor telepathic threads, which is often the basis for what people (including me) mistakenly call precognition. I will eventually clarify where it can “explain” what seems to be precognition, such as inexplicable communication with Zsuzsanna long before we made contact in waking life. (In this case, one thread was from Zsuzsanna thinking about finding misplaced library DVDs, of which I had no prior awareness.)

      [key ERRORS]

      I confuse cassette tape oxide build up with a DVD player association. Additionally, I confuse our old audio deck that includes a turntable as having a modern DVD player as one of the units. It also replaces where my computer is set up in reality.

      The mouse grows in size without dream state recognition. Its coloring is otherwise the same as one of our oldest daughter’s pet mice, but I do not have this recall while in my dream.

      Our present home transforms into a house we have not lived at in years, and in turn, that house has a fictitious porch. That house also now has a higher elevation than when we lived there, though has that property in my dream.

      Despite my dream self having a few viable threads of my conscious identity, the creation of the porch to replace enigmatic space (to aid in lucidity if the potential is present) did not work, but only resulted in passively projected vestibular system correlation. That is, I subliminally transform the process as the mouse running off the edge of the elevated porch rather than the vestibular system correlation where I might fly or “fall” out of the dream state. (There are thousands of examples of this process, but always slightly different.)

    2. Lollipops

      by , 02-14-2017 at 08:14 AM
      Morning of February 14, 2017. Tuesday.

      I had been sleeping in the semidarkness of the Cubitis living room on a couch that is aligned to the west wall with my head north. (This is the first time this setup has occurred in a dream. I have not been in Cubitis for about forty years. A couch had never been in this location in reality.)

      As I am lying on my left side, facing outwards from the back of the couch, I feel something moving near my hip. Later, I feel it again and I am thinking that there is a mouse crawling on my right side.

      I reach around and grab what I think is a mouse and fling it into the center of the living room. When I look up, I see at least six or seven disk-shaped lollipops of a few different colors strewn across the floor. This is what I had thrown. They are individually wrapped in transparent plastic. I notice a yellow one, a red one, and a green one as I decide to pick them all up.

      My brother Dennis is standing near the hallway entrance. He had apparently given them to me but I absentmindedly grabbed them and threw them. I do not want him to think I am unappreciative, which is why I make sure I pick all of them up from the floor. No one speaks.

      My dream is rendered as already being in the emergent consciousness stage but in a random dream sign setting. Dennis is the emergent consciousness factor (having soon transmuted from the inducer). I have not seen him in real life since February 1994. His nickname is Muskrat. Although he could be very annoying and mean-spirited, he was charitable at times, which this dream seems to reflect. The association with Valentine’s Day also seems inherent (though my father died in real life on Valentine’s Day in 1979).

    3. Poor Little Eek

      by , 01-18-1974 at 07:18 AM
      Morning of January 18, 1974. Friday.

      I “wake” (within my dream) seemingly in the middle of the night (in Cubitis). I get the sense and false memory that Eek (the sketchy comic strip mouse) is wandering about in my room. The electric heater is rattling away in the center of my room at one point (it is very cold in reality) and there is at least one false awakening. This “incomplete” awareness (especially of the weird mouse that walks on two legs) seems “wrong” to me and very eerie on one level.

      Eventually, I seem to somehow teleport from my bed and immediately kneel down upon taking notice of an odd form on the wall near the floor. Just to the left (less than a foot) of my bedroom door is a toasted Eek. He is stuck to the wall, almost two-dimensional. (There is no hole anywhere in the wall to imply a mousehole.) He may have been set on fire by my heater and thus got stuck on the wall when trying to run away, though he may also have been electrocuted somehow.

      There is a level of creepiness as I try to pry him off. I do not want to be considered responsible as having something to do with his demise. Briefly, it seems I am actually just trying to peel a sticker off the wall rather than a “real” dead and somewhat anthropomorphic mouse.

      I decide to hide him inside a toasted cheese sandwich (a common breakfast for me), made by my mother as I am getting ready for school. It is somewhat bitter. No charred remains will be found and questioned about.

      Regardless of the level of creepiness (although comedic to be honest), this is frankly quite possibly one of the silliest waking coalescence events ever experienced for this particular dream type (extreme vividness, primarily in a dark setting with augmented tangibility, but no viable lucidity, apparently through a partial awakening followed by an induction into a false awakening).

      My dream self is projected secondarily, downsized as a little mouse (that is not “real” so something is at work that acknowledges I am dreaming but not my direct perspective). He did not make it to the door (waking point). He was “burned up by the fires of whole consciousness” (or reality itself and the subliminal acknowledgement thereof within the dream state). Finally, I eat him to represent the waking stage (waking coalescence; that is, the path into whole consciousness from the dream state, the basic goal of the waking transition in all dreams, always rendered metaphorically other than when it is literal, for example, dreaming of waking up and then actually waking up).
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