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    by , 02-14-2017 at 08:14 AM (71 Views)
    Morning of February 14, 2017. Tuesday.

    I had been sleeping in the semidarkness of the Cubitis living room on a couch that is aligned to the west wall with my head north. (This is the first time this setup has occurred in a dream. I have not been in Cubitis for about forty years. A couch had never been in this location in reality.)

    As I am lying on my left side, facing outwards from the back of the couch, I feel something moving near my hip. Later, I feel it again and I am thinking that there is a mouse crawling on my right side.

    I reach around and grab what I think is a mouse and fling it into the center of the living room. When I look up, I see at least six or seven disk-shaped lollipops of a few different colors strewn across the floor. This is what I had thrown. They are individually wrapped in transparent plastic. I notice a yellow one, a red one, and a green one as I decide to pick them all up.

    My brother Dennis is standing near the hallway entrance. He had apparently given them to me but I absentmindedly grabbed them and threw them. I do not want him to think I am unappreciative, which is why I make sure I pick all of them up from the floor. No one speaks.

    My dream is rendered as already being in the emergent consciousness stage but in a random dream sign setting. Dennis is the emergent consciousness factor (having soon transmuted from the inducer). I have not seen him in real life since February 1994. His nickname is Muskrat. Although he could be very annoying and mean-spirited, he was charitable at times, which this dream seems to reflect. The association with Valentine’s Day also seems inherent (though my father died in real life on Valentine’s Day in 1979).

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