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    1. Lucid Dreaming Silliness

      by , 01-23-2019 at 06:13 AM
      Morning of January 23, 2019. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 19,028-02, 19,028-03. Reading time: 2 min 54 sec.

      I am listening to my music with headphones. I listen to the same (fictitious) track twice in a row. It is about three minutes in length. I notice how soft the snare sounds (with no attack, that is, as soft as an organ). There is a lead synth that almost forms words and phrases, the last phrase sounding like “dance with me,” the overall effect seemingly caused by modulation. (Otherwise, it is like a reed organ with a precisely controlled wah effect.)

      The setting seems to be the Cubitis house (unseen since 1978), though I do recall that I am married and have children. I start to wonder where my second-youngest son is. I know that Zsuzsanna and our two youngest children went to the library. I walk around calling his name, but there is no response. Finally, I hear my oldest son (from behind his door) say that he is in his (my oldest son’s) room. He had been playing a computer game.

      Although my oldest son looks somewhat like himself (though nothing is rendered correctly in dreams to prevent false associations with waking life other than with interconsciousness threads), my second-youngest son has a “face” like coin-operated binoculars. It takes a few seconds to realize this oddity. “Oh, I am dreaming,” I explain to them. I describe how I know I am dreaming because of his face, mostly noting how his eyes could not be as such in real life. From here, I walk back into the lounge room, which is now more like our present home.

      There is a vague sense of wariness even though I am aware I am dreaming due to an unusual sound to the north. I consider it might be an airplane that might crash near or onto our house (which would be autosymbolism of the waking process concerning vestibular dynamics similar to a typical falling start). That is not the case. I watch various lights and shadowy forms move past the windows (which are factors of liminal space division between dream self and conscious self). I soon wake briefly, but again enter sleep.

      I again start to look for my second-youngest son. I try to open a door, but he pushes it back, and I realize I am dreaming. The house is a distortion of the Cubitis house but changes to our present home in a short time.

      I go out to our front yard. (There is no fence as in waking life.) It is nighttime even though I am aware it is daylight in reality. There are still strange sounds coming from the north. Three unfamiliar people walk toward me, continuing south. I consider that I should talk to them because they may hold threads of the interconsciousness and have something informative to say. Their appearances are unrealistic. Their faces do not look like possible human faces but are also not threatening or eerie. I focus on talking to one unfamiliar man. The sounds to the north are coming from a (fictitious) train station. He does not make much sense. He says something about espionage regarding the trains. They continue on their way.

      I walk east down our street, but the houses are not as in waking life. I summon Zsuzsanna for a love-making session. I use the porch factor to enhance my dream. When I turn about to continue east, I come to a fictitious open area where there are elevated train tracks above a mostly featureless field. There is a false memory regarding something about the man I talked to mentioning that the “king of light” was near here. My dream is extraordinarily vivid at this point.

      A young Sam Neill walks by, with his usual questionable smile, and I suspect he is the preconscious simulacrum showing up to wake me. Several additional men walking from the north, though all unfamiliar, also enter the open area. Sam Neill and the other men are all seemingly railroad workers. I ask them some questions about where I am and if there is something I need to know. They do not say anything of interest.

      As suspected, they all walk toward me to shake me into vestibular system correlation (or to coalesce) to reinitiate my consciousness. Instead, I wave my hand, and all the men go flying back through the air before getting close enough. After effortlessly doing this several times, I decide to wake on my own.

    2. Escaping with Batman and Robin

      by , 08-17-2017 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of August 17, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown room with mostly only a large square wooden table. I seem to be in a movie that is being filmed in real time. Two other characters are Batman and Robin as from the 1960s television series. It seems we may have been kidnapped and are being held hostage. A couple unknown males are also present but I am not sure of any backstory. There are a few items in the room which may have been sabotaged. Batman and I mostly sit on the table at first while Robin is standing.

      There is a point at which Robin follows my index finger in some sort of swaying dance to follow my lead even though I do not seem to be a main character in this movie, perhaps not even being filmed while Batman and Robin are. Still, I hold my right arm up, my index finger pointing upwards, and I move my arm side to side as if I were defining a downwards-oriented semicircle in a sort of pendulum-like definition or as if I am conducting an orchestra. It feels extraordinarily vivid though I am not lucid and it goes on for several minutes. Robin changes his facial expressions to apparently follow my cues as such. He is standing on the table and sort of half-dancing, half-swaying, seemingly professional but almost as if hypnotized.

      At one point, Batman has an oversized pair of black squarish plastic binoculars. Like other items, I suspect that they have been booby-trapped by the Riddler or the Joker. He decides not to use them and puts them down on the table. I then notice an unusual bat come out of them (they seem to be hollow now), which may be venomous and may have bitten Batman on his nose if he had looked through the binoculars. The bat’s upper body and wings are like a bat, but the rest of it has the look of a silverfish, except it is all black. It crawls around as I notice this silverfish-like bottom part of this “bat”. I consider that it seems of very odd appearance to be a bat, but soon realize that it is likely of a particular species and so thus is not unusual at all.

      Somehow, we all escape. I end up going out the back door of our present house into our backyard. I no longer see Batman and Robin. I notice three bats of mostly normal appearance to the left of the door and standing with wings out on the external bathroom window sill. They all appear to have Mohawk hairstyles. They are arranged in a triangular orientation, as if in the orientation of a water-skiing stunt, two on the bottom, and one on the top with a foot on each of the other’s shoulder.

      I step out through our gate, though instead of the street view, it is an alley with a high wooden fence on the opposite side (which my dream self does not consider wrong). An astounding energy and vividness develops as the Batmobile goes by to my right, to the north. It looks like a far more modern Batmobile; like the V10 Lamborghini Batmobile. I feel fantastic enjoyment as I watch it pass, looking at all the details. There appears to be another car in front of it, about a car distance ahead, which I feel is an unmarked police car from the 1970s.

      From here, a train passes from the north to the south. Near the other side of the alley are a set of railroad tracks. I am aware that this must be a scene from the movie to appear differently in the movie than the overall event is being seen. The train, which seems already half-destroyed, rolls on the tracks, rotating sideways as with the essence of a corkscrew or manual drill, as the tracks seem to be pulled to the south by some sort of machine, as parts of the train and what is left of it get smaller and smaller as it goes by, and the tracks being pulled along by the unseen machine until they are not present. I can vividly feel the vibrations in the ground in my feet and lower legs. I am briefly somewhat wary of this event being so close to our house (though I mistakenly perceive that it is close to fictional parts of our house to the south and it now seems I am looking out from a long apartment block). Still, I trust the movie studio knows what it is doing and I am confident that there is no threat at all.

      From experience, this dream may be telling me that, in exactly one year (on August 17, 2018), I will be meeting someone who played Robin in a movie, possibly in a public place such as a shopping mall (or a wayward visitor to my front door). I say this mostly based on two features, one, the appearance of three bats, which relate to long-term precognition (and in fact appeared in a dream with several layers of precognition about Zsuzsanna long before I knew she was a real person), secondly, another dream character seeming “hypnotized” by me in an eerie dance and following my cues or influence appeared in the sole dream I had of Charlie Pride - and I met him in real life exactly one year to the date after my dream. I may be wrong regarding the dynamics of this dream, but it will take a year to see if it manifests as such. (Then again, concerning the presence of the three bats, it could be many years from now to the date as with my prescient dreams about Zsuzsanna.) So, if I meet Burt Ward on August 17, 2018, you read it here first (though it may prove to be a different Robin, as Burt is now 72 years old, then again, it might even be a different person named Burt Ward, hard to say with prescience sometimes being skewed).

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    3. A Snake with Arms

      by , 03-25-2016 at 09:25 AM
      Morning of March 25, 2016. Friday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now, although we seem to be living in an unfamiliar house. Still, it seems associated with the Barolin Street house even though it does not look like it on the inside. The main focus in the first segment relates to looking out to what is perceived as our backyard. There are two sets of railroad tracks running parallel to the house, the first not more than ten feet out from the exterior wall. There is an implied backstory that there was a flood. Apparently, the soil had been gray and possibly gravelly, but after the flood there is now new topsoil of a bright brown which is supposedly very rich and fertile. I remark on this feature and it seems a beneficial event.

      I look out through a large window into our backyard and notice a snake slowly crawling away from the immediate area. It resembles a copperhead and I tell Zsuzsanna about it. She seems to imply it may be venomous. Eventually, it looks unrealistically large in the middle of its body. After a short time, it is coming back towards the back of our house, now upright in the manner of a cobra, but with an arm out from each side of its body, similar to a human proportion, and seeming to slowly “strut” (regarding the vertical motions) in a somewhat exaggerated manner, though I do not notice legs. I consider if it actually may be some sort of legless lizard.

      I am again talking to my wife in the kitchen after our back door, mostly all glass held by a small metal frame, seems to fall inward though I am not sure how it happened. I do not want the snake getting in and manage to prop it back up. Oddly, I soon hear someone talking and wonder what is going on. I then realize that there is a bathroom on the other side of the kitchen wall which is either for the general public or part of someone else’s rarely used ranger station that for whatever reason is connected to our house - this being the first time I was aware of it. I can see a gap under the mopboard, which seemingly makes the voice more audible. I realize that the older male is talking to me, perhaps being sarcastic, but I pretend to not know where the voice is coming from as I talk to my wife about it. “Did you hear that?” I ask her, “It seems to be coming from the other side of the wall.” I continue to pretend I do not know more about the voice. “Perhaps it is a recording,” I say, mocking the unseen man.

      Finally though, there are at least five or six seeming park rangers in our kitchen in mostly tan uniforms. I talk for a short time about the unusual snake with arms and its coloring and patterns. I then mention something about calling the police after they start to move things around in the top shelves of our cupboard for no apparent reason, which seems dusty and even with black ash (which is actually a possible feature from ash falling from the cane fires locally, and gathering in gaps inside houses). The idea of involving the police does not really go anywhere and I am not even certain I was heard. The one that had been talking reminds me vaguely of Burl Ives, at least in physical appearance. They move around what seem to be various items such as empty salt and pepper shakers and knickknacks, and there is at least one antique tall white ceramic teapot or coffeepot. They do not take anything down and can barely reach the shelves; they just shuffle things about and I hear soft glass and metal sounds.

      I eventually find myself holding a belt and seem at the ready to swing it upwards and bash someone’s hand with the buckle (and the prong) if any hand goes up towards the shelves again. However, they then just stand about looking up at the shelves from here as if slightly puzzled and I do not get the opportunity to swing my belt at anyone’s hand.

      This is not the first time that I have associated a belt with a weapon in a dream that also featured a snake or even one turning into the other. The connection seems to be the buckle and prong being analogous to a snake’s head (the belt buckle’s prong as one “fang”). It may also relate to an additional association of actually having worn real snakeskin belts.

      Railroad tracks in unfamiliar or unlikely areas have been a feature in my dreams since very young and seem to relate to the nature of the dream state itself, both induction into a dream, and the waking transition (implied conduit).

      Hidden or previously unknown rooms (of all kinds, even small libraries as well as “junk” storage) are also a fairly common dream feature for me.

      It seems obvious that this snake directly represents me in association with waking reality. Firstly, it is crawling away and seems fat in the middle. Then, it is coming back in a sort of strut and moving like a cobra (though without the “hood”) with somewhat muscular arms. This is a direct analogy to, go away I do not want to be overweight, and…come back with muscular arms from exercising and weight-lifting. This is especially relevant as it is moving next to the railroad tracks, which metaphorically represents a “train of thought” in this case.

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    4. Tipping a Boxcar for Books

      by , 02-18-2016 at 08:18 AM
      Morning of February 18, 2016. Thursday.

      In my dream, I seem to be in an area that is loosely modeled after my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978, yet my dream self sees it as my present home), at least regarding the large backyard and the railroad tracks behind it (to the east) but there are differences. It seems to be late at night and yet there are short time periods where I can clearly see the covers of books. On at least two occasions, I also notice unknown trucks parked in what would be the backyard.

      I go near the railroad tracks and notice a shallow cardboard box filled with old How and Why Wonder Books that appears to have been put out by an unknown neighbor farther south, but the majority do not look like any of the ones I had in real life as a boy. However, “Coins and Currency”, which is one I did have, is near the top, but the cover is very worn. There are other books in the box in addition to the How and Why Wonder Books, including magazines and comic books. I think about taking them, as they had been discarded. Still, it is an unusual place to put presumed rubbish, as there is no pick up there (or rather, never was in real life) other than for the train to collect and take to the dump as my dream self reasons. A lifelong dream-related focus of a train taking large amounts of possibly valuable refuse to a landfill (or sometimes a warehouse where it is apparently sorted), usually northward, is a curious recurring theme.

      I am on the railroad tracks for a time (remaining on the west side of them) but I am aware that a train is approaching from the south. I feel the vibrations and expect it to be carrying a lot of printed materials to a landfill, which enhances my curiosity about possibly attaining interesting books. Oddly, it turns out to be one boxcar moving down the track (with no discernible method of locomotion). It passes me, but when it starts to go through a tunnel (not a real-life feature) on the opposite side of our backyard, to the north, it somehow gets jammed in. I am somehow able to move it back out, as it seems very light. It falls off the railroad tracks directly into the living room of the house, which establishes consciously unresolvable ambiguity as to whether I am in an outdoor or indoor setting. (In real life, there was considerable distance from the railroad tracks to the house.)

      I see various books inside the boxcar, which now seems only about half the size it had been previously. It is not only very light but starts to bend slightly, like thin aluminum. I notice a “Tom and Jerry” storybook with perhaps one small black and white drawing per page. I also notice two Nancy and Sluggo comic strip collections in book form. There are still a number of other books inside the boxcar as I tip it upside-down, some of the contents spilling onto the living room floor.

      Two unknown men eventually appear and it seems as if they had been moving the boxcar down the tracks even though they were not seen until this point. They seem puzzled about the details concerning the wreck. They are not angry and seem friendly as I tell them that I hope to keep what I want from the boxcar. I even offer to pay for the contents (only because they showed up and I do not want to be seen as a thief) and the man to my right gives me a puzzled look as if there would be no need. (In the last stage, there is a vague sense of bilocation when the Cubitis living room is associated with the kitchen of our present home and the vague awareness of my real physical body in bed to my right, though there is also a vague awareness of one step leading up to it between the kitchen and where our bed is, a step or staircase symbolizing an increase of neural activity to eventually establish wakeful consciousness.)

      This dream seems to have been at least partly influenced by having reviewed and written about a childhood dream from 1967 (“Battle atop Boxes on a Boxcar”).

      A train is typically relevant to the dynamics of the dream state, not waking life. Here, it can be validated that I had threads of instinctual dreaming (unaware of being in a dream but still with influence and control). This is why my dream self was able to stop the boxcar (subliminally willing it to become stuck in the tunnel) and attain full control of it despite the size and weight. The preconscious and my emergent consciousness show up in the last scene as potential waking initiators, which is also unrelated to waking life as it is a common dream state component in case I indulge in a dream for too long (in which case the preconscious would become aggressive or more dominant, as waking up is a biological necessity).

      Resupplemented and minimally expanded on Thursday, 17 August 2017, due to seeing no evidence of public understanding of dreams or the dream state.

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    5. Miniature Formula One Mishap

      by , 09-27-2015 at 03:27 PM
      Morning of September 27, 2015. Sunday.

      I am walking around in the dark in an unusual version of our old apartment on Duffy Street, the layout of which seems doubled somehow. I hear Zsuzsanna saying something about some sort of noise and I am not sure what is going on. My awareness of my walking in the dark is quite vivid and accurate. Eventually however, I reach a door, which seems to be the back door from the garage area that goes out into the shared courtyard. When I go out, I note nothing unexpected (even though it is completely fictional).

      There is a miniature railway running through the courtyard, adjacent to the back of our apartment building. Behind the other apartment is an older male (of perhaps about sixty) on a miniature locomotive. I recognize that there is a miniature locomotive on my side parked farther back on the small railroad tracks on our side (though I have no memory of having used it recently). There are also a few items around it, possibly chairs and a container of some sort.

      There are two sets of tracks running parallel behind our area, becoming one between our apartment and the unknown male’s, with the outermost track arcing towards our building and joining his one track. Thus, when he rides the locomotive towards our area, he turns onto the other track rather than being close to the back of our apartment, but still goes into our part of the courtyard. It is quite vivid and interesting and again, it does not come to mind that this is a completely fictional setup.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our youngest son come out from our back door to see what is going on. The man seems to be in the process of moving a large box or something to the other side of the building just past our side, where apparently the street runs perpendicular to the edge of the tracks (and where the tracks just stop or are truncated). It may be very early in the morning before sunrise, or still fairly late at night. There is enough light to see all the interesting detail, I assume from street lights and lights that shine into the courtyard from the back of the building.

      The male on the locomotive seems to be coordinating an effort with a younger male (of about thirty at the most) on the street to our left, to move at least one large box that was apparently put near the outer track earlier. The younger male is straddling a miniature Formula One racing car and sort of going back and forth (backwards and forwards) along the street without turning, seemingly on foot power alone (though the car is possibly also moving with a motor of some kind). He seems to be doing this due to other traffic on the street now and then, to narrowly avoid being hit by the normal cars.

      Unfortunately, he seems to somehow get blocked off at one point (from normal cars in both directions, I think) as we are watching and somehow gets knocked backwards off his toy Formula One car and pulled away in the other direction (possibly from something sticking out the side of the bed of a passing pickup truck), somehow causing his left foot (which is somehow torn off near the bottom of the car) to remain near the car, shoe and all, as he screams in surprise and ends up lying on his back (being dragged a short distance) in the opposite direction of our apartment. There is blood, but not a lot. I push my youngest son back towards the back door as he starts to move more out towards the courtyard, as I do not want him to see the bizarre accident. Zsuzsanna holds his shoulders so he does not run off.

      I get the impression that the younger male could have turned off to the right into the courtyard, but that the box they were going to move was in the way.

      People who believe in “dream interpretation” in the way the term is often used seem to wholly lack the understanding of biologically premonitory hypnopompia, which I have experienced once or twice, every day, for over fifty years, though I still find the thousands of unique resultant dreams as fascinating. In this case, my dream transitioned to align with a spontaneous jab in my ankle to “explain”, by irrelevant fiction, what the “cause” was, projecting it onto a different dream character. Such physical effects are involuntary and based on unconscious dynamics and to assign “interpretation” is pointless. This is unfortunate, because some dreams also have incredible levels of prescience. For example, I married my “dream girl” over a lifetime of very specific clues about her, including everything from her birthplace to her birthday to her name and exact appearance, even the unlikely mixed Hungarian and Australian accent. What is not literal prescience is more likely to be restricted to the dynamics of dreaming and waking, not that hard to grasp in my experience. The train for example, represents the emergent consciousness, and the pattern of increasing neural activity in the waking stage. What is even more obvious is the link to the pickup truck bed as being part of the accident scene, and the play on “bed”, as my foot being near the end of our bed as I am sleeping.

    6. The Final Night of Billy Bones

      by , 08-19-2015 at 02:19 PM
      Morning of August 19, 2015. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,775-02. Reading time: 1 min 50 sec.

      In my dream, my family and I are living on Barolin Street. However, my Cubitis home’s location (railroad track area only) seems to be a part of the setting later.

      Billy Bones, the child-sized human anatomy model, has issues. It needs to have its bones and organs put back in after having fallen out. (In real life, building this kit requires strength and patience.)

      I begin to consider the fragility of something so expensive, wondering how long it will last. The model falls apart. I decide to get rid of it, though it is too big to put in the bin. I do not want all the separate pieces to get scattered, as I might step on one and hurt my foot.

      It is near nightfall. Billy Bones is now a pile of rubble (rather than bits of plastic and metal). There is also an unexplainable organic substance I do not want to touch. There is a sense of bilocation when the area near the railroad tracks seems to be inside our house. I ambiguously perceive I am indoors and outdoors at the same time, though the setting does not have a clear definition as previously.

      I eventually decide the best place to leave the mess is in the middle of the railroad tracks a short distance from our home. I should bury it under the rocks of the trackbed. At this point, I notice that the pile of rubble has more substantial pieces of Billy again, including much of the rib section, part of the hand, and possibly a kidney. That annoys me, as I thought the mess would be less obvious to associate with a human form (in case someone confuses it with real bones). My dream fades from here.

      Important: Note where my dream self decided to bury Billy Bones in the last scene. Note the play on “bed” (trackbed). Ultimately Billy Bones is this dream’s sleep simulacrum (the subliminal indication of being asleep). Physicality in the dream state is imaginary and incohesive.

      As an added note, I found it amusing when I knew no one would go on to purchase the integumentary system (“skin”) for Billy Bones (by extending their subscription) which had never been advertised up to that point. Zsuzsanna talked to a cashier at the local newsagency, and they told her that everyone in town canceled their Billy Bones subscription when the bones and organs model was complete. After all, with “skin,” the model would look like a cheap plastic mannequin or dummy in contrast to the bones and organs displaying as an anatomy model as advertised. No one likes deception from a company that wants to obtain as much money as they can get, so Billy Bones remains Billy Bones, not Billy Dummy.

    7. Irradiated Railroad

      by , 06-15-2015 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of June 15, 2015. Monday.

      This dream starts out with a fairly clear and detailed scenario (like one of yesterday’s dreams) yet does really not make any sense - and also, like my other dream, I am not directly involved at any point.

      There is a group of people who are trying to escape from another group of people, possibly the main people behind a new infrastructure who want to eliminate certain descendents in certain families. There are mostly dark-haired males who are the targets. Some of them are hiding in a mostly empty wooden building (I assume one storey). There is one person who has been chosen to retrieve and remember vital information, in the form of numbers, from newer people coming in to hide in the building (though which are apparently unlikely to survive due to the other people discovering their hideout), to eventually leave to report them to someone else. This does not have any logic to it at all, as the numbers relate to important data concerning human populations - a number for each town in a larger region it seems (and a total of about seven or eight numbers at least), yet it is only the partial value in decimal, for example 0.891426 or similar. The whole numbers (the most important, and in fact only relevant part) are missing, which of course renders the decimal part pointless unless someone can impossibly match the whole number with the decimal part. (Apparently, there is another group of people who have the whole number values). As it is, it still does not make any sense, as you cannot have a fractional person (thus the number would only be a whole number anyway).

      At any rate, the person gathering the decimal values is able to get out as their enemies find the hideout and most of them are killed. From here, my dream fades or shifts into another situation and my dream-self has no knowledge of the outcome of the previously established scene. (This dream segment was likely based on seeing the “Arrow” episode “Left Behind” the night before - where they were trying to work out the significance of part of a list of numbers though which had different context for the most part.)

      Unlike the previous situation, I am fully in-body and actually in my dream. I have to get somewhere, possibly for delivering information, or perhaps finding a location to select for residence (which seems more likely). Still, it is not that clear. What I do know is that there is the idea that the railroad tracks I will be walking parallel to for much of the way give off powerful electromagnetic radiation (which supposedly eventually kills a person or greatly shortens their life), which is something to do with how the trains run. (Supposedly it is safe to be on the trains, just not on the outside near the tracks). This also seems to relate to some sort of conspiracy where people are warning others due to the government not giving this information about the serious dangers.

      Even so, I walk along late at night and hear and feel a strange buzzing, which seems to have an effect on my perception (very vivid, but not dawning lucidity). It is an isolated area without many land features. There is one train station (which is supposedly safe) though I keep walking, not feeling endangered, yet somehow aware of the radiation entering me.
    8. Water and Ice

      by , 06-14-2015 at 12:34 PM
      Morning of June 14, 2015. Sunday.

      My dream seems impersonal and somewhat “distant” in ongoing associations for the most part, though it does not seem vague or distorted. It seems that the small population of a rural area, likely a farming community, needs help from the government in getting rid of excess water from their land, especially after some sort of winter flooding, but apparently, no help is ever given (and I get the impression this has been happening for a few years). I seem to be on the scene at one point, though it still seems relative to a news broadcast being filmed (though I am just a bystander). A chubby older woman comes out and squeezes water from her apron and skirt, apparently on the perimeter of their settlement near an embankment, and makes an assertive claim of how they are doing what they need with no help (that is, by the soaking up of the icy flood waters in their clothes and then squeezing it out elsewhere), though with a trace of sarcasm against her local government (which is not in the immediate rural area but an adjacent town where I can make out some buildings). I am not sure of the location or even the country that is implied, though it may be in Australia.

      At another point, there is a seemingly unrelated scene (and shift in level of perception to clearer detail and brightness) of a dark-haired baby sliding down the side of a snowy hill in a more urban area in someone’s front yard where other people are also gathered (the snowy hill implied to lead down to the sidewalk and street). It seems to be a boy and he is wearing a thickly padded blue snowsuit and hood and is just rolling and sliding around (with no sled or anything). At first, I am concerned about the baby sliding around like that on his own, as he flips over at one point, going sideways, but he is uninjured and seems mostly emotionless but very alert. I also get the impression that the scene is being filmed by a family member. I feel fairly close to his face at one point but am not aware of my body and am seeing him from his eye-level in the last scene as his hood is slightly pulled back from twisting around during the last sideways slide. He seems very healthy and strong.

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    9. Finding coins (recurring)

      by , 12-11-2013 at 10:33 AM

      In the past, I have had a fair number of dreams of finding coins, mostly along the side of the highway in Cubitis, public sidewalks in La Crosse, and often grassy areas on boulevards and such. Interestingly, many of these dreams were semi-lucid yet I still went around gathering up as many coins as I could find, even pennies, but often mostly quarters. Sometimes, I had to dig slightly in the dirt or gravel to seemingly find more and more, and sometimes this was close to or right on a smaller flight of concrete steps near a public building such as a school or courthouse. Whereas many of these dreams featured American money; quarters (25 cents), nickels (5 cents), dimes (10 cents), and pennies (1 cent), there were often unusual (fictional) coins as well as more correct forms of foreign currency. In an unusual variation of this recurring theme, I also once was finding various record albums along the road, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, such as one by Sonny and Cher.

      Although it is likely that most other people have had such dreams, I think there was an influence regarding my parents having collected soda bottles (or “pop bottles”) in burlap bags along the side of the road when they were first married and made a reasonable amount of money doing such at the time. This likely influenced me into thinking about “just picking money up off the street and near roads”. While in my dream, I actually seem to think it is possible to survive this way (by just finding money that people dropped). I usually find about twenty to sixty dollars in coins in such dreams and end up having them in all my pockets as well as boots if I am wearing any. Obviously, in real life, you do not tend to see coins lying all over the place everywhere, but dreams are dreams and probably are augmented replays of all those times when I did find a coin or two here and there (including in grocery stores or even near bus stops).

      In one dream, I am with others and we are finding coins along the middle area of a railroad track. Curiously, over time, we are suddenly climbing a ladder and are eventually high in the air on a skyscraper, implying that there is possibly a public train service that goes straight up. (In some areas, on the ground, there are piles and piles of various types of gold and silver coins from various countries.) This is not the only time I have associated railroad tracks with a ladder. Even when I was a toddler, I sometimes “saw” a ladder lying on the ground as potential train tracks, as the overall appearance is very similar.

      I have not had many of these dreams over the last ten years or so. I have had a few dreams in the Australian transition. This mostly included the Australian fifty-cent coin, which is dodecagonal (12-sided).

      At least a few of these were precognitive. In one, I find pennies deeper in the dirt at a neighbor’s house (these were people I had never met and who lived across the street from my sister’s house on Loomis Street). That same early afternoon, my brother-in-law told me that the same neighbor was digging up a lot of old pennies in his yard.

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    10. Train Remains

      by , 12-20-2012 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2012. Thursday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna at our present address, which is rendered as larger. There are railroad tracks at the side of our house where the public footpath would otherwise be. In the last scene of my dream however, the railroad tracks are no longer there.

      During this time, there appear to be various rusty gears along the tracks (by passing trains that sometimes lost their parts, though no train is ever present). At one point, I consider that they may be valuable, but this is not a consistent thought. (I am not sure of how I would go about selling them.) There are also a couple street rod exhaust pipes which I do not consider are unrelated to a train and instead seem to think they are part of a locomotive.

      At some points, it seems as if there may be railroad pocket watch gears mixed in with the pieces of a train. If I find all of them, I may have enough to make a watch or perhaps sell as useful parts (to the right people).

      Over time, it seems that the railroad tracks had somehow disintegrated and there are patches of grass that are a lighter color and straw-like. There are also far less gears and debris. One gear looks illogically oversized.

      Years ago, my brother-in-law Bob gave me an heirloom from his family, as he did not have a son to give it to. It was a railroad pocket watch which was likely worth quite a bit as an antique (though I never had it appraised). I had left it in my King Street apartment atop a chest of drawers, and it somehow vanished even though my door had been locked and nothing else was ever taken. I never saw it again and I never informed Bob. It is possible that a previous tenant got in.

      In general, this has been a common recurring dream situation since childhood, though primarily rendering Cubitis as the setting. Usually, it is related to passing trains leaving discarded books or other “treasures” (otherwise on their way to a landfill), typically headed north. In some versions, there were virtually endless sets of railroad tracks easterly of the Cubitis backyard, with the chance to explore various items scattered over the areas but usually limited to the area around my Cubitis home’s backyard and beyond to the east, and not farther to the north or south.

    11. The Mansion (deer’s ghost)

      by , 06-10-1972 at 12:38 PM
      Morning of June 10, 1972. Saturday.

      I am following train tracks for some reason, but after I walk for several minutes into a more isolated area, the tracks come to an end. There are a lot of trees and bushes around. There are no other people in this dream. It seems to be an unknown location, as well.

      I come to an abandoned mansion. Looking around inside, I notice a young deer’s head as a trophy on the wall. I see the ghost of that deer, when looking through the doorway near the fireplace I am standing by; the deer ghost leaps over a few loose scattered boards in another room and leaves the area. Apparently, the mansion is haunted by the ghost of a deer, but there seems to be no real threat at all. I do not really feel bad in any way, but actually feel a sense of peace.

      I feel now that there may be some sort of play on the train tracks ending - linked to the idea of the animal tracks and animal “ending”.