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    Irradiated Railroad

    by , 06-15-2015 at 09:46 AM (296 Views)
    Morning of June 15, 2015. Monday.

    This dream starts out with a fairly clear and detailed scenario (like one of yesterday’s dreams) yet does really not make any sense - and also, like my other dream, I am not directly involved at any point.

    There is a group of people who are trying to escape from another group of people, possibly the main people behind a new infrastructure who want to eliminate certain descendents in certain families. There are mostly dark-haired males who are the targets. Some of them are hiding in a mostly empty wooden building (I assume one storey). There is one person who has been chosen to retrieve and remember vital information, in the form of numbers, from newer people coming in to hide in the building (though which are apparently unlikely to survive due to the other people discovering their hideout), to eventually leave to report them to someone else. This does not have any logic to it at all, as the numbers relate to important data concerning human populations - a number for each town in a larger region it seems (and a total of about seven or eight numbers at least), yet it is only the partial value in decimal, for example 0.891426 or similar. The whole numbers (the most important, and in fact only relevant part) are missing, which of course renders the decimal part pointless unless someone can impossibly match the whole number with the decimal part. (Apparently, there is another group of people who have the whole number values). As it is, it still does not make any sense, as you cannot have a fractional person (thus the number would only be a whole number anyway).

    At any rate, the person gathering the decimal values is able to get out as their enemies find the hideout and most of them are killed. From here, my dream fades or shifts into another situation and my dream-self has no knowledge of the outcome of the previously established scene. (This dream segment was likely based on seeing the “Arrow” episode “Left Behind” the night before - where they were trying to work out the significance of part of a list of numbers though which had different context for the most part.)

    Unlike the previous situation, I am fully in-body and actually in my dream. I have to get somewhere, possibly for delivering information, or perhaps finding a location to select for residence (which seems more likely). Still, it is not that clear. What I do know is that there is the idea that the railroad tracks I will be walking parallel to for much of the way give off powerful electromagnetic radiation (which supposedly eventually kills a person or greatly shortens their life), which is something to do with how the trains run. (Supposedly it is safe to be on the trains, just not on the outside near the tracks). This also seems to relate to some sort of conspiracy where people are warning others due to the government not giving this information about the serious dangers.

    Even so, I walk along late at night and hear and feel a strange buzzing, which seems to have an effect on my perception (very vivid, but not dawning lucidity). It is an isolated area without many land features. There is one train station (which is supposedly safe) though I keep walking, not feeling endangered, yet somehow aware of the radiation entering me.

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