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    1. Fishing with Zsuzsanna and a Rescue

      by , 04-27-2019 at 10:27 AM
      Morning of April 27, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,122-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      Water induction and the Naiad/Oceanid factor changes into a fishing scenario. Despite the former process beginning at least one dream each sleep cycle for over 50 years, the continuity and outcome are always unique.

      Zsuzsanna and I are sitting on the shore of a lake, though it seems to stem from associations with El Jobean, which is near the ocean and the area where I fished as a boy, close to the bridge. It seems to be afternoon.

      Two unknown men are present. One of them is cheerfully fishing. The other, the preconscious simulacrum of this dream, is sitting on our right. There is a brief, vague concern that someone might throw something from the bridge high above us, but no one does. (It is subliminal anticipation of vestibular cortex activity, which is a common dream perception.) I soon attach the hook to the end of my line, and I also put the reel on the rod. At first, I snag a sunfish carcass (on its dorsal fin) floating on its left side (as analogous to my sleeping orientation) on the lake’s surface. The preconscious is holding a pair of scissors. I am wary, as I think he intends to take them while claiming someone lost them. Looking down, I see another pair of scissors that is nearly the same and belongs with the other. There are small rust marks on the handles of each. I comment on how similar they are and pick up the pair on the ground. I take the other scissors from the simulacrum (with no protest on his part, which is atypical in RAS mediation, especially as the scissors indicate potential separation from the dream state) and put both pair in the tackle box.

      I verbalize loud, sarcastic remarks about people sitting near people who are fishing. He soon leaves (thus allowing me to sustain my dream). So does the other male, though it is getting later and is almost too dark to see. I ask Zsuzsanna if fishing at night is allowed and it seems that it is. (This process, regarding nightfall with enhanced awareness, is sometimes indicative of the return to slow-wave sleep, but I maintain my dream state awareness without direct lucidity.)

      I do not have live bait and consider digging in the ground with my hands, but I find a live worm with at least two hooks through it in a small paper bag that someone left behind. I think it is artificial before it starts moving. I attach the rig to my line.

      When I cast, I accidentally snag a cluster of plants halfway across the lake’s distance from our side. I see an unknown woman off to the left near her car on our side. She had also cast. I find the situation somewhat amusing but not that frustrating, especially when it seems I had also hooked a big fish. However, it turns out that she is reeling the line from her end, causing the little island to move toward her.

      I hook onto something big. Upon reeling it in, I see that I have snagged a seal, with the hook in its bottom lip. “It’s a seal,” I loudly say. The woman and I agree that I should take the hook out and release it, which I do.

      When I cast again, the hook ends up near the woman’s car. She decides to leave but ends up falling in the lake almost up to her neck. She swims out, gets into her car, and it accidentally backs up into the lake, sinking completely.

      I dive into the lake. I swim to the end of the lake to the right of my original location, underwater (being able to breathe underwater as in all my dreams since early childhood). The woman is sleeping in a small dry cave underwater, as the water remains as an impossible “wall” at its entrance. I maneuver into the cave through the “wall,” without disrupting the impossible vertical water barrier. I ask the woman if she needs me to rescue her. She shakes her head and shivers slightly, with her eyes moving as if in REM sleep. I ask her again, and she nods.

      My feet push against the water “wall,” and water starts to flood the cave, but I wake around this time. I see that Zsuzsanna is sleeping in the same position as the woman had been.

      This dream renders the same processes as usual, but also unique as always and very vivid and enjoyable.

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    2. Dancers from the other side

      by , 09-25-2018 at 01:14 PM
      Morning of September 22, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 22 sec. Readability score: 62.

      I am sitting in a wooden chair that is first in a mostly undefined featureless room, though with a vague essence of our present home. It is possibly late morning at first. The passage of time seems unusual at the beginning. Several years may have passed very quickly with a brief awareness of different seasons. Soon, it is in an overgrown field. A Twin Wasp engine is on the ground, a few weeds growing around it. It seems to be golden at one point.

      The rest of the airplane is elsewhere in the field. There is a 1940s feeling, though based on movies of the time. It seems my task is to fly two ballet dancers (male and female, about thirty years of age), in white, from the area, where they have been for a very long time, living in the minimal ruins of an unknown region. They have still been able to thrive somehow.

      Although they sit in the back of a small airplane, they seem to be mentally flying it as I sit in the pilot’s seat. There is a sustained awareness of motion. We move through liminal space of only vague definition as the sky. When I look back at the waking point, they are no longer present.

      Vestibular system avatars sometimes have attributes associated with dancing as a result of the subliminal, liminal, or lucid control of, or focus upon, the illusory physicality of the dream state, the fluidity of adapting to changes in consciousness as well and anticipation of the waking start, even through hypnopompic transitions when they occur. I began to realize this when I was four years old. Airplanes and virtually all flight-related factors (including flying under my own will) are a common dynamic of the process, being present throughout every sleep cycle for over fifty years. Not counting flying under my own will, mechanical forms of flight, such as airplanes, helicopters, and spaceships, when compared with birds, seem to occur with about equal frequency.

      Gold always correlates with dream state vivification and the emerging consciousness factor.

    3. Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” (with Pierce Brosnan)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 11:19 AM
      Morning of May 19, 2016. Thursday.

      Just when I go on about how many different variations non-lucid dreams use to render the same basic meaning throughout a lifetime (that is, as a thought process for waking from sleep rendered in metaphor), along comes a dream with much of the same theme as one from April 6th’s “Helicopter Landing (resolved flight waking transition)”.

      There had been previous focus on one of my favorite Bob Marley songs, “So Much Trouble in the World”: “Don’t leave another cornerstone, standing there behind, we’ve got to face the day, come what may”.

      I am checking a cornerstone of a building to make sure it is in place. However, I soon end up atop that same building apparently “trapped” with several (unknown) others. There is the idea of gang activity below, about five or more stories down. I see a possible gang member running off to the left and around the building. Although the others seem somewhat fearful I am not at all bothered. There is talk of rescue but when seems uncertain.

      After time passes, a small helicopter approaches from my left. James Bond is the pilot; that is, actor Pierce Brosnan. The only problem is that he is only about five inches high and the helicopter is way too small to even think about getting into. (My hand would barely fit into it.)

      The other people do not seem to notice that the helicopter is miniature but it seems I am the first to be rescued. James Bond indicates cheerfully for me to get into the helicopter and I am not sure what to do. I cannot grab onto it to hang from it, so something else comes to mind.

      I take out a small very thin pillow shaped like a human body and place it to his right, barely able to get my hands through the opening. The “pillow” is so thin that it easily bends into sitting position and for a moment is more like a thin piece of light blue material cut from a blanket. From here, I wake, recognizing I am seeing a “little me” as somewhat of a model of me sleeping in my bed - though the waking transition has already begun and I do not jump into greater lucidity. (Again, I really have to buy new pillows. My present ones are just too thin and it is almost as if I am being sarcastic to myself in my acknowledgment at the waking point.)

      The cornerstone symbol occurred as far back as age four and relates to the “corner” concept in general and was a main focus of very early childhood dreams (and I may make a compilation entry on this on a later date). It relates to both hide-and-seek as well as much earlier “peekaboo” games with toddlers (and the deep memories from childhood). A cornerstone unites walls going in two different directions, one relating to the liminal space farther into the dream state, the other the liminal space farther out of the dream state.

      Being atop a higher building means being closer to full consciousness and as such is often the clearest part of a dream. The middleman in this case is obviously James Bond. However, there is a very odd ambiguity here where my dream self also has the essence of the middleman as I am the one who “puts myself” into the “return flight symbol” (natural consciousness displacement of the dream state) to be “rescued” (and of course being rescued means finding your way out of the dream state back into whole consciousness).

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    4. Wasted Lucidity Pill

      by , 06-22-2015 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of June 22, 2015. Monday.

      I am sitting on the floor in our present home on W Street while my wife is sleeping (though I think she is awake in reality). The living room is more open and seemingly larger. I have a compartmentalized plastic box with either ten or twelve wells which are probably of about one and a half to two inches square. For some reason, I have two types of pills (yellow and blue) arranged in no particular order in the box - that are about the size of the larger oblong vitamin tablets I have seen. I get the impression that one pill type is related to lucidity or doing something to the waking self to enter the dream state more effortlessly. I am not yet lucid at this point. The other pill type is possibly for a similar purpose, though I get the strong impression that it may not be a good idea to take either type. (I have never taken any kind of pill or “aid” to supposedly enhance dreams or aid in sleep - including the time I was woken up in the hospital in the 70s and was asked if I wanted sleeping pills…and yes, that really happened). I am not even sure if the pills belong to me - my older brother Dennis may have left them here (even though he lives in America and has never been to Australia). I place one yellow tablet in my mouth for a short time and bite on it a bit and then decide that I do not feel like taking one after all, though my tongue and the roof of my mouth are slightly powdery, the pill only partly crumbled but not fully broken into smaller pieces.

      I get up to go to “sleep” (still in my dream) and I realize that I need to drink some water. When I take a sip from the glass, the water somehow causes the residual powder in my mouth to sizzle and send me into an extraordinary state of perception and in-dream clarity. As I decide to get up again, the palm of my hand flashes very brightly as if with an inner glow just under the skin and I reason that the pill was responsible for this chemical change in my body. This concerns me somewhat regarding my physical well-being, making me even more wary about having any pills around.

      As I am then near the foot of the bed, I realize I am in a very vivid lucid dream, yet at the same time, am atypically puzzled about my real-self’s perspective. What happens to my real-self when my dream-self becomes fully conscious? I need to find out, so I zap back and wake up, which of course, was a bit pointless.

      When I go into another dream later, it is lucid, but meandering - and I do not attempt to alter anything. I am just walking around in a shopping mall where there are lots of other (unknown) people of various clearer features (a typical scenario for this level of lucidity). Two females, one of whom looks like a thirtyish Jamie Lee Curtis, confidently save some people from being shot by another female with a machine gun. However, prior to that, the would-be shooter seems to keep changing her mind on whether or not to shoot a certain person in extremely brief cycles of mood and anticipation. The main rescued female says something about not saying anything about her rescue to the authorities - with the assumption that one of the rescuers is a vigilante also wanted by the authorities, but the one who looks like Jamie cheerfully asks her why not as they are walking off, implying that she should report her experience - even in describing her rescuers to the police.

      Another senseless scene follows where I am with a group of about five or six unknown males and am “playfully” pointing an unloaded AK-47 at random people coming into the mall. No one notices or cares. The conversation in the group seems very important though I am not directly involved. I hear one male talking about being put on hold for ten minutes while ordering pizza in Indonesia. One male seems to become bored and starts doing an odd routine to see if anyone notices. He keeps lifting his legs behind him and over time, is actually almost diagonal (facing downwards and holding himself up with his hands) with his feet propped up on what looks somewhat like an old-fashioned post office desk. No one notices his antics. Eventually, he is in a squatting position on the top of the desk and still no one regards his location - which seems to amuse him. To his right (my left) is another male on the desktop that was not part of the group, who is also grinning.

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    5. “Rescuing” parts of paintings, and other surreal elements

      by , 08-29-2013 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2013. Thursday.

      One part of my dream is related to seeing a park as if in a documentary (although it seems I am actually there at times). The first person seems normal other than having about three large layers of completely loose skin on the right side of his head, which also have a bit of hair. Mostly, there are interviews regarding the day-to-day challenges of life. Parts of the skin actually seem slightly larger than his head in particular areas.

      Later on, the deformities become more and more diverse. There is a person who is like Schlitzie the pinhead.

      One of the people looks very small (only about two feet tall) and also as if he has a mostly blue body and a head that looks like a baby bird with fuzzy fly-like (but not bulging) eyes and a straight black fuzzy beak instead of a mouth but yet is also more mouse-like overall than bird-like. (He looks a little like the Muppet Gonzo crossed with the aliens at the end of Star Trek’s “Cat’s Paw” episode in some ways.) However, this still does not seem all that unusual to me. I focus on the rather bizarre imagery and think that he is probably no different than other people in terms of mind, thought, and desires (even though the brain would be very small).

      There is another section of my dream that seems to have no direct connection to any aspect of my usual thoughts and aspirations. I work for various well-known actors, one of them a young Sean Connery. My job is to “rescue” certain parts of paintings (almost as if they were “alive” in some way), such as the Mona Lisa, supposedly owned by Sean Connery who I later see at a larger open area in a park near at least two picnic tables with several other people gathered - and other paintings that are in museums in real life, but owned by actors in my dream. There are several repeating scenarios in terms of main ideas, but very diverse in imagery and even mood at times.

      A strange, very unattractive, unkempt, and chubby woman (about forty) has the Mona Lisa. I need to get in and get out of her house safely, taking the parts of the painting that need to be “rescued”, which in this case, are the lips; upper lip and bottom lip separately. I have special weapons and items to help me in my work. I use a special, rather complex knife to cut out the upper lip, which seems more and more three-dimensional and a piece of art and sculpture in itself. The same is true for the taking out of the bottom lip, which I do without too much trouble. The female thief is very angry, but I manage to stop her from killing me by running a two-toned (in color, purple and white) retractable rod through her upper body, which takes a few attempts. The rod is like a more complex device that is somewhat antenna-like in that the two differently-colored sections can collapse into each other for ease of carrying on a mission. The woman is not even hurt that much it seems (even though I am certain there were wounds through her whole body), but I manage to get away with the stolen “art”. It seems likely that she is part of a gang of art thieves.

      I vaguely worry that people at the park gathering will eat the cake (or “lips”), which now looks like sections of fancy cupcakes that I try to arrange a bit more neatly near the edge of the picnic table, with a few crumbs falling away here and there - even some of the several layers not quite “in line” - and I will not get any recognition of my accomplishments (or having risked my life) in my work and special missions. (I may be the only active agent of such missions.) People meander about, oblivious to the art recovery. I think of trying to get Sean’s attention, but I do not actually attempt it. However, it does seem I am paid somehow, and I eventually understand that I now have $600.00 in my wallet (along with other papers, which possibly relate to spying) as I shift into a different dream.

      My dream that followed the above one is fairly simple; involving mostly walking about in various locations with the pinhead I knew in real life.

      Known precognitive/postcognitive elements:

      As usual (but only occasionally documented online), there were very precise precognitive and postcognitive elements relating to real life:

      1. Page 11 (half the “master number” and a “key” itself) of a library book (I had not seen) my wife and sons had been working with is called “Let’s Eat Cake!” (with pictures of cupcakes everywhere) and in the list it has “Can you spot…” and “a mouse?” (regarding the “freak” mouse/bird/human creature) following. This is also comparable to the concept of being a spy or detective and finding certain hidden things by separating them from the more complex setups.

      2. The next page (which they had spent time trying to work out and my wife said she “had in her mind” for awhile) has “Can you spot…” followed by both “a cupcake” and “a pair of wax lips”. In the actual photo, the pair of wax lips has, under it, a device that looks very similar to the “weapon”/rod from my dream and is also of the same two colors (purple and white).

    6. House Fire Rescue

      by , 05-19-1979 at 08:47 PM
      Morning of May 19, 1969. Monday.

      My best friend Toby T and I rescue Brenda W (a female friend and classmate) from a burning building in Arcadia. (There does not seem to be any back story - my dream seems to start as we are already grabbing Brenda and fleeing the scene without the otherwise extensive fire being very close to us.)

      As we are running, the scene becomes very vivid (about as vivid as a dream can get - but it is then as if I am seeing myself from in front of the scene, I on her right, Toby on her left - we both have a strange look of surprise on our faces when kissed, though my expression seems happier than Toby’s, his being more of a confused nature). She kisses us both on the cheek as we are running and holding her arms, saying “You boys are wonderful!” (the sound being very clear and vivid here) I clearly see both her left and right profiles during this time as my dream becomes lucid but only upon awakening. (Fire has a tendency to increase both vividness and sometimes lucidity - its glow actually “lighting up” the dream in most cases.)

      Although it seems to be a wooden house and slightly like Brenda’s, it also seems we are in the southwest area of the West Elementary school grounds, the house being farther northwest as we flee towards the southeast where the playground is in reality. (The actual area is not that open or expansive.) This is the original dream journal title from age eight (which was never changed when copying to newer journal pages).

      In real life, Brenda lived north of me on Highway Seventeen in Cubitis; not in Arcadia as here in-dream. This time period had me more closely thinking of the different types of dream perspectives, such as the unusual differences between dream sections where you are fully in-body (such as how this started out) to either where you see yourself (as if disembodied) or not directly “in” the dream at all. This dream was possibly influenced by the fact that there was a very large house fire just north of my home, though not near Brenda’s house. Brenda was later validated as a common stand-in archetype for the (precise precognitive) “mystery girl” (wife-to-be), also included in “mystery girl” three-way composites. Here, however, there is nothing significant to indicate or validate her status as such. This dream also occurred before she ever kissed me in real life (she never kissed Toby as far as I know), though I certainly would not call that precognitive.
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    7. Saving Brenda and Tina From Buzzards (all notes included)

      by , 06-09-1978 at 12:09 PM
      Morning of June 9, 1968. Sunday.

      It is early morning with full daylight, perhaps a couple hours after sunrise. Brenda and Tina are standing atop the roof of a car. The car is parked near a small unknown rural home and it seems to be in the backyard, although there is some ambiguity that implies it might be the main entrance. The car is parked sideways near the back door about ten feet away and facing towards an unknown perpendicular unpaved back road. Brenda and Tina are holding each other closely and quivering in fear, being afraid to come down from atop the car, but also afraid of several buzzards flying and circling above. (I also get a brief vague impression of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball in the same scenario as children.)

      There is an outside area adjacent to the back of the house (left of the door when outside) where chopped logs are kept and I also see a wooden shelf (also left of the back door) with small piles of straw. I think the car may belong to my sister Carol (half-sister on my mother’s side) and Verdell. The house seems to be a unique composite (with front yard and backyard ambiguity) of the back of my family’s previous home in Mohawk Valley in Wisconsin and the front of our house at North Monroe Street in Florida. I boldly manage to calmly talk the two girls down from the roof of the car and get them to come with me into the house through the back door so that they are out of danger. Looking back as we are entering the house, I see buzzards now atop the car but they do not acknowledge us in any way.

      Notes compiled from previous lifelong records on June 19, 2017:

      Roles: Brenda, close friend, neighbor, and schoolmate, is my emergent consciousness factor. Tina, schoolmate (Brenda’s friend in real life, though somewhat snobbish towards me), is my personified preconscious, atypically passive here. The buzzards are this dream’s liminal space waking symbolism and are the more dominant preconscious factor.

      Coalescence waking readiness: Coalescence, here modeled by Brenda and Tina hugging (prior to their return to my own dream body) is very common waking symbolism that represents the personified preconscious and emergent consciousness uniting and returning to whole consciousness (and the current conscious self identity). (Coalescence usually results in a much softer awakening than with dreams such as “The Buzzard’s Beak”, which had an extreme hypnopompic back spasm waking event.) This common dream component has been validated as such in thousands of my dreams to date.

      The parked car represents my physical body’s sleep cycle and the potential change in circadian rhythms in early morning. Getting Brenda and Tina to come down from the top of the car (a potential falling factor, biologically premonitory of a hypnopompic jerk and redundant to the additional flight symbol of the circling buzzards above) is a deliberate but subliminal dream cessation precursor.

      The presence of the sawn logs may be a second-level dream sign based on having heard my brother-in-law Bob talk about “sawing logs” as a sleeping metaphor (in reference to snoring). The straw may also be a second-level dream sign, relevant to the phrase “hitting the hay”, especially as it is on a shelf (potentially analogous to a bed and “on the shelf” as inactive or asleep). Dream signs do not usually have additional meanings but are just residual threads of being unconsciously aware of being asleep (though not implying any active awareness of being in the dream state, though non-lucid dream control is common for me).

      No setting (other than primarily featureless liminal space) has ever appeared more than once in a dream with the same detail. In this case, the composite is ambiguous. It is also common for presently known females to appear in homes from my past where they had never been in reality, especially my wife Zsuzsanna, who often appears in my dreams of past houses I have lived in where she has never been in reality (and in fact, she has never even been to America). Why I dream primarily of females in this way is likely a biological factor. Additionally, with certain dream types, there are no males (other than myself). The ambiguity of the vague memory of the actresses in the same scenario is not an actual dream character change (as sometimes occurs) though may still be a result of an unremembered reset, possibly due to my unconscious transmuting the original scenario to be more personal, though this is certainly not a consistent factor.

      Validated personal dream meanings: Features in my dreams related either to flight or non-flight (in the sense of a flightless bird or failed flight scenario) are linked, in a biologically premonitory sense, to subliminal anticipation of the hypnopompic jerk. This waking symbolism has been validated as such thousands of times throughout my fifty years of devoted dream study. Regarding such waking symbolism, there may or may not be additional meanings relevant to my current conscious self’s identity, although mostly only inclusive of precognitive threads, literal or based on precise imagery with too much detail or layered factors such as could not occur by chance. First-level flight symbols have occurred in over twenty percent of my tens of thousands of documented dreams to date, making it one of my most common forms of waking symbolism.

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    8. Run from the Twister

      by , 11-19-1971 at 05:19 PM
      Night of November 19, 1971. Friday.

      Dream #: 1,796-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      While in the Cubitis house’s living room, I hear on my mother’s radio (her pale green one that was sometimes atop our refrigerator) about a twister approaching from the west. I am concerned that Brenda does not know about it. I plan to go to her house to get her so that we can escape from it. (I do not see or consult my parents even though I am only ten years old, though this was typical in my childhood dreams.)

      As with the majority of my dreams, features are incorrect without my dream self’s realization that they are. In this case, Brenda’s house is incorrectly east of my house (where the cow pasture is in real life) rather than north of it. Also, Arcadia is east of my home rather than south.

      As the tornado is approaching, I go into Brenda’s house without knocking and say hello to her. (Neither her parents nor brothers are present.) We are suddenly in her kitchen. She looks annoyed with me and moves around a table to avoid me. I convince her of the danger, and she happily comes with me. We manage to avoid the tornado. It is seemingly a result of running in specific directions and being in particular places for a time, even though we seem to backtrack at times.

      In the last scene, we are sitting at a big water fountain in an unknown city that seems to be a newly built resort. (The twister had supposedly destroyed it, but it was somehow quickly rebuilt while we were traveling. The tornado was there before us even though we were running from the opposite direction).

      We eat sandwiches that had been in transparent sandwich bags (that it seems we were carrying even though this backstory did not have a foundation) and smile happily in the knowledge the worst is over. I have a vague sense we may be near Disney World. (It would be in a different location in reality as it seems we are not that far east of my house.)

      My dream coincided with the opening of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground in Orlando, Florida. I might have heard about it, so I am uncertain if it was a precognitive factor.

      The fountain and surrounding area now make me think of one of the first public places I went with my wife Zsuzsanna in Brisbane in 1994. It was like in my dream and with the same cheerful essence when I was with Zsuzsanna.