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    Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” (with Pierce Brosnan)

    by , 05-19-2016 at 11:19 AM (292 Views)
    Morning of May 19, 2016. Thursday.

    Just when I go on about how many different variations non-lucid dreams use to render the same basic meaning throughout a lifetime (that is, as a thought process for waking from sleep rendered in metaphor), along comes a dream with much of the same theme as one from April 6th’s “Helicopter Landing (resolved flight waking transition)”.

    There had been previous focus on one of my favorite Bob Marley songs, “So Much Trouble in the World”: “Don’t leave another cornerstone, standing there behind, we’ve got to face the day, come what may”.

    I am checking a cornerstone of a building to make sure it is in place. However, I soon end up atop that same building apparently “trapped” with several (unknown) others. There is the idea of gang activity below, about five or more stories down. I see a possible gang member running off to the left and around the building. Although the others seem somewhat fearful I am not at all bothered. There is talk of rescue but when seems uncertain.

    After time passes, a small helicopter approaches from my left. James Bond is the pilot; that is, actor Pierce Brosnan. The only problem is that he is only about five inches high and the helicopter is way too small to even think about getting into. (My hand would barely fit into it.)

    The other people do not seem to notice that the helicopter is miniature but it seems I am the first to be rescued. James Bond indicates cheerfully for me to get into the helicopter and I am not sure what to do. I cannot grab onto it to hang from it, so something else comes to mind.

    I take out a small very thin pillow shaped like a human body and place it to his right, barely able to get my hands through the opening. The “pillow” is so thin that it easily bends into sitting position and for a moment is more like a thin piece of light blue material cut from a blanket. From here, I wake, recognizing I am seeing a “little me” as somewhat of a model of me sleeping in my bed - though the waking transition has already begun and I do not jump into greater lucidity. (Again, I really have to buy new pillows. My present ones are just too thin and it is almost as if I am being sarcastic to myself in my acknowledgment at the waking point.)

    The cornerstone symbol occurred as far back as age four and relates to the “corner” concept in general and was a main focus of very early childhood dreams (and I may make a compilation entry on this on a later date). It relates to both hide-and-seek as well as much earlier “peekaboo” games with toddlers (and the deep memories from childhood). A cornerstone unites walls going in two different directions, one relating to the liminal space farther into the dream state, the other the liminal space farther out of the dream state.

    Being atop a higher building means being closer to full consciousness and as such is often the clearest part of a dream. The middleman in this case is obviously James Bond. However, there is a very odd ambiguity here where my dream self also has the essence of the middleman as I am the one who “puts myself” into the “return flight symbol” (natural consciousness displacement of the dream state) to be “rescued” (and of course being rescued means finding your way out of the dream state back into whole consciousness).

    I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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