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    1. Resetting the Mandrill and Ready for Flight

      by , 07-21-2018 at 06:33 PM
      Morning of July 21, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 2 min 5 sec. Readability score: 79.

      I am with Zsuzsanna for the first time in my dream. We are as we were when we met in February 1994. However, where she lives is different. The house seems to have only one floor. (There have been many dreams where we were together for the first time, each as an alternate timeline, but typically with blissful associations.)

      We plan on going to America to live, rather than remaining in Australia. We are walking through a park late at night, and several unfamiliar people are present. It seems we are walking to the airport. (The area looks like a park I was only in once when I was six years old when my parents and I were traveling from Wisconsin to Florida to live.)

      There is a sudden unexpected eerie mood as a creature comes out of the dense woods. An incredibly loud roar echoes throughout the area. It is a big mandrill that emerges from the forest that borders much of the park. Most of the other people look alarmed. Some begin to run. Zsuzsanna and I quickly go in the opposite direction as the others. At first, I think the animal will chase the others, but it looks toward us and charges. We go atop a log that is tipped slightly from a tree stump near another tree. The mandrill starts to eat us both at the same time, swallowing our hands first. I am annoyed at this outcome and subliminally reset my dream to begin from the same point but without the creature.

      We arrive at the airport. It is still night. Zsuzsanna is elsewhere for a short time. I am uncertain what airplane to get. An unfamiliar woman who works at the airport and is standing with a few unknown members of the public talks to me. Referring to Zsuzsanna and me, she clearly says, “You are the two special people on this world. Yin and Yang.” She says she is an angel. From here, I wander off and ask if there are angels in the airport, but no one else says much.

      Zsuzsanna and I are soon sitting in the back of the plane. In fact, we are so far back, there is only room for us in the area, as it tapers somewhat.

      The perception of movement is extraordinarily vivid and like being on a real airplane that is taking off. However, when I look out the windows to my right, we have not yet left the ground. I consider what could happen. The airplane might explode in midair or crash, but I am unconcerned. I continue to feel the movement throughout my body. I notice that we are moving on what seems like a highway bordered by guardrails. It is curiously in the form of a complex winding roller coaster shape that continues to go higher. I do not consider this as odd. The pilot is doing his job well, and I trust him. He makes a sharp turn and continues up the runway. I decide to sleep until we arrive in America. It will not be long before we are in our new circumstances.

    2. Roller-Coaster-Like Toy

      by , 10-12-2016 at 04:12 PM
      Morning of October 12, 2016. Wednesday.

      There are some events related to family interaction but I eventually focus on a large toy that runs on batteries and is somewhat like a roller coaster. However, there are at least two toy cars of about the size of Matchbox Cars, but lighter.

      At the bottom of the toy, atop the base, there at least five different batteries that must go in a couple different sections before the entire toy works though different features of the toy might be relevant to different battery compartments. Some seem to be size AA, though at least two are half the length of the first one put in on the leftmost side.

      After I put a few batteries in, working from left to right on the base, I push a button and a car moves around from one side to the other and closer to me. Another car, lower down, also moves about. Curiously, in the middle, there is a large flat male figure (in profile) of at least twice the scale of the cars. This figure sort of rolls diagonally downwards (from my right to my left) as if it was implied to be on roller skates, though moves somewhat slowly. It seems to be dressed as either a policeman or a mailman.

      A young girl who may be our youngest daughter (though does not look or seem much like her and is seemingly a couple years older), while standing, tips water out of a glass near one corner of the toy on the other side to my left (apparently just to see what happens) as I remain seated on the floor. I warn her not to do this, making a claim about “electricity” possibly harming someone if it gets in contact with water, saying that they would “disappear”.

      Electricity or lightning is typically neural energy or rising in consciousness. The presence of water, since it signifies sleep and the dream state itself, vivifies my dream for a short time, thus the young girl who is present, although a function of RAS, is more likely to be the personified unconscious than personified preconscious, the former being more of an induction factor as is the toy male figure going down from right to left. More so, she is on my left, which is also most often a personified unconscious and induction factor. The waking transition is ambiguous here, but it is my dream self in this case that atypically initiates it or at least “warns” of it, especially as I am putting the batteries in from left to right (typical waking symbolism orientation). Additionally, pushing a button relates to an attempt to focus (not necessarily wake, it might also vivify the dream state into full lucidity, though does not in this case).

    3. Rollercoaster and Weird Santa

      by , 12-20-1980 at 06:20 PM
      Night of December 20, 1980. Saturday. (My 20th birthday.)

      There is a lot of clarity and vividness but I have only a semi-lucid awareness. I am traveling on a mostly enclosed rollercoaster and going up but eventually I am horizontally riding through what is almost like a car wash. This dream is somewhat glitchy in its augmented energy as undefined forms move about and I can almost make out waveforms moving in the air in some areas or detached miniature wings (that move on their own with no implied body, bird or otherwise).

      After I move through a doorway (consciousness shift) that still has the essence of a car wash, my dream becomes astoundingly vivid though still glitchy and with an odd ambiance. I look to my right and see a sparse Christmas scene. Santa Claus is seated on a thrown. He leans forward and opens his mouth fairly wide in an odd “silent bark” at me. I am vaguely aware of a very slight sound which is only slightly like a lip-smacking sound. I feel vaguely threatened but he remains sitting, looking a bit crazed.

      Eventually, I climb down from the mostly enclosed rollercoaster as if climbing down over a stack of broken bed frames (dream sign).

      There are a few typical generic dreaming metaphors here, including detached wings (this dream’s flight symbol), which here actually relate to the incorporeal essence of the dreamer (even though I do have a “dream body” in this particular dream), and the rollercoaster (also a form of “flight” since it is metaphorical for the consciousness shifts that occur in the dream state), which becomes a stack of “broken bed frames”, which is analogous to the dissolution of my dream in addition to a play on “climbing out of bed” after my dream ends. I have only had a few “bad Santa” dreams. In most of these dreams (including a few where I was either the “real” Santa, implied to be a temporary stand-in, or where I wore the outfit) there is either a sense of great joy or no particular dominant emotion. The car wash aspect may relate to cellular functions or other bodily functions (related to cleansing, such as especially with the liver or kidneys) while in the dream state though on another level is another form of water induction which is very common in my dreams.

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