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    1. A Chance to Sail

      by , 03-13-2020 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of March 13, 2020. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,443-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In this dream, American actor Vic Tayback (as Mel from the television sitcom “Alice,” which I have not seen in over 20 years) randomly serves as the typical sleep-wake mediator (personified preconscious) without much focus on his identity. Instinctual awareness (and control) of the nature of dreaming processes for the usual transitions is viably willful, though there is no lucidity. My dream was influenced by “The Truth About Spring” (1965) though only in the association with sailing and nothing else. (Zsuzsanna and I watched this movie before bedtime.) Despite this influence, my waking-life identity is absent, and the setting is a variation of the King Street area in Wisconsin though incorrectly integrated with docks near the ocean so that the streets are instead water channels.

      Vic is the captain of a sailboat. Several unfamiliar people are present to where there is not much room to stand. The boat’s mooring is at the foot of the stairs. It is a wooden staircase (fictitious feature) of about six steps outside in front of the King Street mansion. I carry a small cylindrical container with one of Vic’s front teeth in it (the reason unknown). There is a cabin, but it seems too small for anyone to use.

      I throw two pillows onto the deck (instinctual awareness I am sleeping), but I go into the house, as I believe the boat’s large square sail is in my room upstairs, in this case, the middle room of the east side of the house. Although my act of walking upstairs does not seem to occur (as it is more like teleportation in this instance), the timing still initiates vivid imaginary proprioception. The sail is in an irregular heap on the floor of my room. I carefully fold it in half as a strong wind moves it about with vivid somatosensory dynamics. My activity seems to last for several minutes and is the most vivid part (as imaginary proprioception usually is). I enjoy the challenge, and after I fold it in half, I fold it again to where the bundle is now only about four feet in length.

      With minor cognitive arousal, I also have a few paperback books to take to the boat. When I step near the wooden staircase outside, a surreal distortion occurs. The water level near the middle of the steps is somehow about two feet above where the water’s surface near the sailboat is. The impossible dynamics confuse me for a short time. I anticipate the sailboat will move away, and it does. However, after turning at the intersection and moving adjacent to a small maze of piers, it returns (as a result of my instinctual summoning) to where it was, and I step aboard. I wake before anything else occurs.

      The most interesting factor is my carrying the imaginary “voice” (tooth in the cylindrical container) of the sleep-wake mediator, who is mostly not active in this dream, dominant or otherwise, giving me greater instinctual control of most of the dreaming processes.

    2. Transition: Sailboat to Lungs

      by , 02-07-2016 at 08:07 AM
      Morning of February 7, 2016. Sunday.

      This dream, curiously enough, seems to be an offset “sequel” of one of several dreams of yesterday - “Unlikely Meteorite”. It mostly seems an unusual residual offset of the library scene just prior to the sighting of the anatomy chart. Even the same unknown female librarian is present (although she could be a version of my wife Zsuzsanna). This one makes more sense in a more discernible hypnopompic disclosure, when the meaning of a dream is more clearly revealed during the last stage of the waking transition.

      I find myself briefly thinking of a half-finished jigsaw puzzle that featured in “Unlikely Meteorite”. It was seemingly, as originally written, a simplified American clipper ship. However, I find myself in a transition where it simplifies into a modern sailboat. The librarian approaches as I look at the chart, which is now actually not a chart but some sort of three-dimensional model of a male human body encased in glass, similar to the “Visible Man” model kit but lifesize.

      The lungs of the seemingly holographic model expand and slowly deflate, then expand again, though after a time, transform into the sails of a sailboat (and I also realize that I am probably “seeing” my own breathing during sleep). I realize that, being that a sailboat is an autosymbolic dream component that can either be a dream self induction (into the dream) or a waking self transition (out of a dream), that it is also a symbol for breathing, especially as a boat is an autosymbolic extension of the physical body (as subliminally perceived in REM sleep). Watching the unusual “sailboat lungs”, I enter a lesser state of waking self perception, visualizing a sailboat on a river (as a waking conduit) to return to my full conscious self - my even breathing carrying me peacefully from my dream, the sails and lungs filling with air, turning, and relaxing, breathing outwards. It almost feels like I “completed a jigsaw puzzle” (a puzzle being autosymbolism for the subliminally perceived ambiguity between fictional dream self and conscious self identity).

    3. Red Sailboat

      by , 06-28-2014 at 12:28 PM
      Morning of June 28, 2014. Saturday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna’s younger brother George is visiting us at our present address and I am telling him of my unusual dream about a red sailboat. This event actually happens in a longer-lasting false awakening. Zsuzsanna and I are together on our bed and he is also on our bed a bit farther over, with his cellphone. I believe there is an image on his cellphone that has something to do with my other dream, or at least something about sailboats or the ocean.

      In real life however, I would not consider talking with him about dreams, as he has no interest in anything related to either dreams or spirituality (though that is moot I suppose, as most people have zero understanding of dreams and the nature of the dream state, though Zsuzsanna and I have an advanced understanding - validated of course by the fact she is my literal dream girl, and we share our dreams); so as such, even though this is a false awakening, it is one that represents a highly unlikely scenario, unlike those where you dream you have awakened and are recording your dream in a journal or notepad or are relating it to someone you might be inclined to in reality.

      The linked primary dream prior to this false awakening involves me floating over the scene where I am looking down at the ocean towards sunrise or sunset. A sailboat passes within my line of vision (seemingly moving “upwards” in my perspective and orientation). Everything in the environment is of a normal natural color except for (eventually) everything related to the sailboat, which appears to be covered in some sort of odd, fluid “paint” which I actually see cover everything relating to the sailboat fairly quickly. The sailboat and everything on it is soon red, including the sails and all the man’s body (skin and hair) and clothes. Everything is completely red all around, somehow more “solid” than just a lighting effect.

      Later, the sailboat seems to crash onto a beach (and it then seems a few hours earlier than just before rather than logically later - unless it is implied to be the next morning) with no one hurt. There are several people on the beach. The man soon gets out of the sailboat and the colors seem to go back to normal.

      Typically, red only dominates a dream when my breathing is accelerated (validated by witnesses during my virtually countless experiments with dreams in the 1980s) or when I have slept a little too long, which makes sense here, as a sailboat is both an autosymbolic extension of the physical body (subliminally perceived) and the sails are a breathing analogy as revealed in instances of hypnopompic disclosure (when the meaning of a dream’s autosymbolism surfaces upon waking).

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    4. Plesiosaurus vs. Ichthyosaurus

      by , 08-03-1977 at 02:03 PM
      Morning of August 3, 1967. Thursday.

      This is probably my first vivid plesiosaurus dream. It mostly involves the “coming to life” of a two-page painting spread which I think was inspired by a book in real life previously (though I have not tracked down the source). It involved a very vivid and long event of a plesiosaurus fighting with an ichthyosaurus. There was a lot of color and well-rendered detail. I was seemingly not in any danger at any point; it was more as if I was floating about or hovering, watching the event as if it was some sort of amazing holographic movie. At times, I was aware of being in a large sailboat on my own on a calm sunny afternoon, though, and watching and feeling the movement of the big waves (caused by the fight) hitting my sailboat. There were times when I felt joy in looking up at these creatures from my sailboat. It seemed that no other person was around for many miles. This was like a special private enjoyment. There were minor degrees of semi-lucidity at times. The closest shore was seemingly west, though I had thoughts that I was traveling southeast.

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