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    1. Beautiful Wondrous Rain

      by , 11-10-2018 at 09:08 AM
      Morning of November 10, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,954-02. Reading time: 2 min 26 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I am looking at a map of the island of Sulawesi (Celebes) with its very unusual shape. I notice an isolated fictitious town with the name of “Core” that is otherwise where Central, West, and South Sulawesi meet. There are mostly only native inhabitants there. I project my dream self into the map to create the foundation of my dream. I decide I will play the role of introducing new opportunities and resources to the region.

      At one point, I mentally create diced pineapples in a bowl and the tribal leader enjoys them. I reassure him that I will only allow a few tourists to come to the area only during certain time periods and that I will have my team clean the region on a regular basis.

      At another point, several soldiers, all in black, come to occupy the area. I mentally create an army that comes in from a ship and wipes them all out.

      I decide to go on a journey to Los Angeles. An unfamiliar backpacker asks if he can go with us, and I say yes. I enjoy the idea of a random dream denizen (almost as if I see him as “real” or having perception) being on my ship in my dream. Although the trip is supposed to last several days, we arrive there within minutes. I try to make the ocean waves more interesting. In the distance, there seem to be huge “curtains.”

      I alter the nature and progression of my dream with the intent of increasing my dream state awareness. I create rain to sustain and vivify my dream to astounding levels (as water and its specific dynamics has always been a natural melatonin factor of the dream state). The weight and coolness of the water is incredibly realistic. I slowly fly in standing position above an unknown town in semidarkness. I marvel at the pleasurable sensations of the rain that falls upon my skin and the realistic, vivid sound of rain all around me. I fly slowly over a small canal with culverts on each end.

      I eventually land and bring out the sun. I walk down a wooden sidewalk and notice the nexus simulacrum (personified preconscious) going through a doorway built adjacent to the building on my right but of which goes to the intersection, but I mentally force him to turn around. I ask him, “What is your name?” He looks puzzled and in a hurry. “What is your name?” I ask him two more times, in case there is an interconsciousness thread present.

      I maintain the expectation that the nexus simulacrum may have a level of transpersonal intelligence that may not originate from my dream self.

      He answers with “Dennis Sunimun.” I let him leave, as he seems late for a business meeting. Still, “Dennis” is the name of my brother and “Sunimun” is an obvious distortion of “sunny man.” I was hoping for something more, evidence of intelligence beyond my own, which has been present in certain previous dreams.

      I reset my dream, with the possibility I will wake myself, but I end up in an offset dream of lesser vividness. Still, I make my way to a library to write down the event. I walk through midair, about ten feet above the street, with a few random people.

      In the library, I read handwritten details in a notebook. I write “Dennis Sunimun” several times, but when I look each time, I am not sure if it is clear enough to carry over into my conscious memory and I try writing it again. Finally, I go into another area of the library and walk out with my family.

    2. An Ocean Journey Model

      by , 06-15-2018 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of June 15, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in a mostly undefined setting of which cannot be determined to be indoors or outdoors, though it does not have the typical essence of bilocation. It seems near late morning. I am involved in adding to an ongoing model and story about a journey by sea, though the features of this model sit on the picnic table or hover in the air slightly above it when implied to be within the ocean depths. Other people seem to be present watching and listening to my narration, but I do not actually see anyone else.

      The ship seems to be a schooner, sailing from left to right in my view. I talk about the dangers that might be encountered. I slowly add an unrealistic number of rocks. The model schooner is about four inches in length.

      As my dream nears its end, I add more and more squid, which hover in the air (though implied to be below the ocean’s surface in this model) which are slightly bigger than the ship. A couple of them roll up (left to right) and transform into snails that continue to hover in the air in the seascape’s implied depths. I slowly become aware that I am dreaming and had been non-lucidly testing vestibular system correlation, which I have been doing more of in my dreams in the last few months. (This correlates with another recent dream with different autosymbolism based on the same dynamics, where a solid pipe became a hose, and the eardrum was represented as a hissing valve I “popped”, more related to the illusory “ears” of the dream self.)

      The majority of my dreams since early childhood have vestibular system correlation autosymbolism of several different types. (This includes flying, falling, hovering, and rising dreams, which are unrelated to waking life, despite the multitude of people who continue to propagate falsehoods about “symbolism” without understanding that dreams are autosymbolic.)

      Although this could be considered an extension of the usual water induction process, there is no water present (though WLWS is implied). It additionally includes the hovering factor of vestibular system correlation as well as the visual rendering (by way of the virtuous circle effect of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of dreams and clarity of mind stemming from both lucid and non-lucid dream control).

      The vestibular system correlation is represented by the transformation of squid into snail and visual analogies to the inner ear; that is, semicircular canals, vestibular nerve, and cochlea.

      What little waking life relevance (always literal) is present is based on my youngest son’s friends recently to leave the region on an oceangoing yacht, where they have otherwise lived for a long time.

    3. Ambiguous Boat Ride

      by , 04-30-2017 at 10:30 AM
      Morning of April 30, 2017. Sunday.

      I presently have a cold, and when this happens, my preconscious band expands into wider, unfamiliar patterns, likely external (as it always was with Zsuzsanna before I met her). This preconscious shift sometimes transforms the emergent consciousness precursor into a completely unknown identity as here (which may be a biological factor relating to being in need of more threads from the collective unconscious due to illness), though likely also based on all the news about North Korea.

      I am on a ship (a common water induction beginning, water symbolizing sleep and its dynamics in real time as it has for over fifty years for me on a day to day basis) which seems to be a North Korean cargo ship (or so I assume from recent thoughts).

      There is some sort of situation which I am not directly involved in. It is something about an unknown male following a female around (and curiously, they are both Caucasian), even into the shower area (water induction within water induction - but not fully a dream within a dream, only composite distortion of the ship seeming bilocated with a house on land and my dream being vivified by the additional association). She seems annoyed but the matter does not concern me.

      I look in a mirror and see that the right side of my face is bruised very badly, from my forehead down to my chin, mostly red and purple. I consider that it may relate to my illness and something related to blood circulation. It is mostly covering only the left side of my face (possibly a greatly exaggerated subliminal thread of sleeping on one side).

      Again, because I have a cold in real life, my preconscious band is skewed. When I look in a mirror, I am a Korean girl of about sixteen, without the slightest awareness that I am an older man. I am focused on my face quite clearly and consider telling someone about my medical condition though I do not fully recall it as being a cold.

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    4. Giant Flying Mermaid

      by , 04-22-2017 at 10:22 AM
      Night of April 22, 2017. Saturday.

      I am on a ship out at sea though unsure of the time (though there is daylight). It seems like an older wooden ship as from a movie, though there is also a large fishing net set up on a pulley, seemingly at the front of the ship. The men are dressed somewhat like pirates but do not seem rowdy or aggressive.

      A giant mermaid, with the face of a young Zsuzsanna, and about fifteen feet in length, rises up from the ocean at the (I assume) front of the boat. For a moment, it seems that she may be partly entangled in the net. She has unusual fins around her shoulders which also seem somewhat like wings. There seems to be no threat to me, but many of the men are gathered up in the net by her and she just holds it up. (This seems to happen at least a couple times.) It does not seem she will hurt them. She is also at the side of the boat (port side) at one point. She does not seem angry at any point, just curious and amused. The men are let go and roll across the bow, some whose feet are still caught in the net.

    5. Eye Liner

      by , 08-05-2015 at 02:05 PM
      Night of August 5, 2015. Wednesday.

      I offer my humble apologizes for the title as it is a rather groan-worthy pun.

      I am hovering out over the ocean in late afternoon it seems near what I assume is a four stacker liner. It is quite vivid and I am lucid but decide to just see what is going on and remain passive. Looking more closely, I see a series of portholes on the side of the ship. However, each round porthole is filled with one large human eye in a long perfect series as if either the ship is miniature or the people aboard are giants. Still, this would not be possible due to the fact that human heads could not be in that cramped a space or that close together as implied. I start thinking about what this means to me and remember the pair of large exotic green eyes that moved about on the wall when I was five (in my Rose Street apartment) and how it represented my dream girl before I met her in real life. I tie it in with the liner dreams and reflect on how lucky I have been since early childhood. I relax and feel a sense of peace regardless of the surreal imagery.

      I am later walking around noticing there are no people in the immediate setting. I am at first thinking I am aboard the liner, unrealistically rendered as featureless (other than the floor and the portholes) to some extent, noting a series of circular portholes to my right as I am walking by them. However, I notice that the series of what I thought were portholes have somehow smoothly transformed into a series of front-loader washing machines without that much of a change in overall appearance. I am not aboard a ship now. I must be at a laundromat somewhere. I find myself amused at the concurrent transitions around me though wonder if the “giant beings” in the implied ship were some sort of spiritual manifestation related to purity of thought.
    6. I Become a Ship to Help Many People Escape

      by , 06-27-2013 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, from my orientation and viewpoint, I seemingly remain a normal human being despite what my role is.

      I start out being in some sort of makeshift prison or refugee camp. There seem to be only men. The rooms are dirty as if the building had been abandoned long ago, at least for its original purpose, yet used for many years after as it is now seemingly not maintained.

      Two men bring a third angry-looking man up to me, a man holding each of the held man’s arms, one on each side of him and with both their hands. I do not like the situation. It is understood that even though I am not a part of the group (as most of them seem either Irish or English), my job is to get them all to safety in another country somehow. Still, that does not explain why this man is angry. Perhaps he does not want to escape with the others, or maybe he is a spy.

      There are some odd perceptual changes and scene shifts when I become more annoyed by my location, which seems to be a composite of a very dirty large open bathroom and gymnasium. There is something known about everyone getting out and all going to an area where it will be easier to get to the UK, which is where everyone is escaping to. I am unsure if the UK is their original home, or a place where they will all claim asylum. I am also unsure of what country or city we are in. At times, it seems that I am already in the UK relative to names of areas and later hearing members of the public who speak with a British accent.

      The actor Bruce Willis is in the refugee camp, appearing unkempt and desperate. He is not a main character; just a homeless person I see only in the background a couple times.

      I seem to be walking on my own later, yet somehow I am “carrying” all the other people from the refugee or prison camp. Not only am I supposedly a large ship, I am a large ship on land, moving fairly fast, yet still fully human of my normal size from my viewpoint, just running along, on my way to freedom, helping many others to get to safety. I stop at the edge of a steep bank of a larger river near a forest. An unfamiliar man and woman of about thirty or more, who appear to be English, point out where I should go (to my right) because that is the general direction of where the “Brit Rivers” are that will eventually lead “us” to freedom, apparently across the ocean, yet the name somehow also seems like a resort or hotel where they had stayed in the past.

      From my orientation, it seems I may actually be in Nova Scotia (Canada) and moving north, possibly in Sydney (not in Australia, but the Nova Scotia Sydney - some sort of confusion with the other Sydney, perhaps). It eventually seemingly turns out this refugee or prison camp was in Sydney, Nova Scotia (or somewhere just to the south) for some unknown reason (a vague backstory of England and Nova Scotia at war or dealing with too many refugees), and the plan is to get to the ocean north of Sydney and then swim east from there or, as a ship, to get to the UK. I am a walking human “boat” that is somehow “full of people”, yet again, still normal and human-sized and seemingly on my own.

      The most vivid part of my dream starts, with a few dangerous thrills, though I feel wonderful. I jump into the river, vividly feeling the cold water and motions and current - but the current takes me westerly and in the wrong direction - and at times, I barely keep above the surface. Eventually though, I end up going in the right direction. I vividly feel myself moving through the water, again, just barely above the surface at some points, though I am not actually struggling because, after all, I am apparently a boat and just being tossed around like a boat on the rough waves. There is one point when I move swiftly through tunnels a lot like the scene from “The Goonies” (from 1985), which is really thrilling but also a bit worrisome (somewhat claustrophobic and without certainty if it will come to a dead end with no way to get back - a sparsely recurring dream concept). I am then back moving through the ocean on my way to carrying all the escaped prisoners to either their old home or a new one.

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    7. Take One Take Two Take Superman Out

      by , 06-21-2013 at 12:21 PM
      Morning of June 21, 2013. Friday.

      Here are a couple dreams of the same date with a few different scenes.

      There is a flood again, but the water comes mostly from large tidal waves that somehow move more inland. Some people are looking for survivors as there is still a danger from more flooding.

      There is a strange scene of riding the fast, powerful waves just to get to another area, perhaps to our house, as I was getting my youngest son and oldest daughter from some sort of group meeting or visit in a building from a room that was a bit like my old apartment on King Street.

      A woman is looking for her young daughter of about four or five years and I help a few people dig through the mud near a curb. She was trapped under a lot of mud near the curb and must have somehow gone through the storm drain, which is also filled with mud, and yet she is somehow still alive. However, it would be impossible in real life to take pieces out of the street and sidewalk so easily, although it is broken up a bit in my dream. The girl’s breathing makes bubbles come up through the mud and a thinner layer of water over the mud. Also, it seems there are several storm drain chimney-like sections very close together.

      In another dream, I have my old snub-nosed revolver and end up protecting a few people from another person who has a gun, but who sort of becomes a friend. This was probably heavily influenced by a two-part episode of “Deep Space Nine” I had just seen (“Past Tense” parts 1 and 2).

      There is trouble with another person who seems to be a threat to the area, but then Superman arrives (I have not seen the new “Superman” movie yet - “Man of Steel” - but may in a few years - also really tired of hearing the word “reboot”, which is mindless, way overused “trendspeak”).

      There are about five repeating “takes” in a row in this dream that are mostly the same. I shoot Superman on the right side of his stomach, and he seems surprised and is badly injured (but not dead). People are amazed. All I did was use a Kryptonite bullet, which anyone could do, really.

      I have tentatively decided to classify part of this as precognitive (I never do this unless it is verified with at least a few details involved, but this still happens continuously and has since earliest memory), as my young niece in the USA had to drive through flood waters around the time I was dreaming this - around the same streets as in this dream - and I last saw her in real life when she was very young. Could be coincidence in this case, though, as floods are a fairly common theme, both precognitive and somewhat symbolic, perhaps. However, almost all my dreams contain at least a few clearer implied precognitive elements of one kind or another.

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    8. A Specific Princess - the Hovering Ship

      by , 09-11-1979 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1979. Tuesday.

      There were other versions of this dream but this is the most detailed version (not necessarily the longest) from September 1979. I had not seen Ann L (who I do not see in my dream much) for a few years. Ann L was the only familiar character (other than my “dream girl” of whom turned out to be real years later) from real life in most of my dream. She was a classmate for only a couple grades in middle school and high school. I did not really know her very well or interact with her that much. She was a mousy bookish type. This in fact, is one of my only dreams where she appeared and long after I had last seen her in waking life.

      My dream’s plot vaguely resembles a Harvey comic book story of which I was familiar with (with Casper and Wendy as the main characters). It involves a ship that is similar to the Pacific Princess on “Love Boat” (which I have a false memory of having “seen” at a much earlier age which is likely associated with “Love American Style” from 1969 instead). However, there is also something about it that is also very military-like and the ship itself is greenish-gray, at least later on. Instead of moving normally across the ocean, it floats about three feet or so above the water’s surface (using some sort of advanced technology which America supposedly did not have in my dream), which seems slightly ominous (but still leaves a wake at times). The captain is Captain Badheart as in the comic story, which changes from Captain Goodheart.

      There is something about Ann having a baby (not by me; possibly Barry R or the captain) as well as being locked in the captain’s cabin, but I do not follow her status that closely. It is almost like a secondary movie within my dream that is happening on the sidelines. I know the ship was designed to change after people boarded and kidnap them to keep them out at sea and serve the interests of a (fictional) small country or dictatorship. There is an original reference that I noted in which there is some association with “air ship”. There is a slight awareness of the “mystery girl” even from the beginning, but not quite as much as a much earlier dream of the liner. I now see a connection between “Pacific Princess”, “Love Boat”, and the fact that Australia is near the South Pacific.

      The ship also has advanced weapons, some sort of multiple laser cannons in a series, something I might have associated with the original (1978-1979) Battlestar Galactica (especially as the ship seems to be called the Celestra at one point - the plot of that episode with that name is: “During a celebration honoring Commander Kronus, Starbuck recognizes an old flame of his, Aurora and breaks off a date with Cassiopeia to follow his lost love to the Celestra. On their arrival, Starbuck and Apollo find themselves in the midst of a mutiny” - IMDb), giving my dream a science-fiction-like atmosphere in the main scenes. There is a battle with the United States Air Force at one point. There is a precognitive layer (not quite as clear or multilayered as the liner dream of childhood) referencing my yet-to-experience journey to Australia and a loose connection to “The Man Without a Country”, which I saw in middle school. It has a similar mood.

      The “mystery girl” still remains mostly in the background. I look for her during the troubles on board and I am frustrated at not finding her. Perhaps she has magic that will protect her from the foreign soldiers, but I still want us to get off the ship and back to civilization. At one point the ship is on the water when another ship is in the area so that no attention will be brought on to this strange ship that otherwise eerily floats above the ocean’s surface.

      A singular ship in a dream is an autosymbolic extension of the physical body and linked to a specific level of unconsciousness. This is made clearer here by the additional vestibular system correlation - the fact the ship is floating. Additionally, this (the military association) augments RAS mediation in this case, making my dream into an interesting adventure, but ultimately unrelated to waking life other than the prescient thread relating to my “mystery girl” (Zsuzsanna).

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