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    Take One Take Two Take Superman Out

    by , 06-21-2013 at 12:21 PM (234 Views)
    Morning of June 21, 2013. Friday.

    Here are a couple dreams of the same date with a few different scenes.

    There is a flood again, but the water comes mostly from large tidal waves that somehow move more inland. Some people are looking for survivors as there is still a danger from more flooding.

    There is a strange scene of riding the fast, powerful waves just to get to another area, perhaps to our house, as I was getting my youngest son and oldest daughter from some sort of group meeting or visit in a building from a room that was a bit like my old apartment on King Street.

    A woman is looking for her young daughter of about four or five years and I help a few people dig through the mud near a curb. She was trapped under a lot of mud near the curb and must have somehow gone through the storm drain, which is also filled with mud, and yet she is somehow still alive. However, it would be impossible in real life to take pieces out of the street and sidewalk so easily, although it is broken up a bit in my dream. The girl’s breathing makes bubbles come up through the mud and a thinner layer of water over the mud. Also, it seems there are several storm drain chimney-like sections very close together.

    In another dream, I have my old snub-nosed revolver and end up protecting a few people from another person who has a gun, but who sort of becomes a friend. This was probably heavily influenced by a two-part episode of “Deep Space Nine” I had just seen (“Past Tense” parts 1 and 2).

    There is trouble with another person who seems to be a threat to the area, but then Superman arrives (I have not seen the new “Superman” movie yet - “Man of Steel” - but may in a few years - also really tired of hearing the word “reboot”, which is mindless, way overused “trendspeak”).

    There are about five repeating “takes” in a row in this dream that are mostly the same. I shoot Superman on the right side of his stomach, and he seems surprised and is badly injured (but not dead). People are amazed. All I did was use a Kryptonite bullet, which anyone could do, really.

    I have tentatively decided to classify part of this as precognitive (I never do this unless it is verified with at least a few details involved, but this still happens continuously and has since earliest memory), as my young niece in the USA had to drive through flood waters around the time I was dreaming this - around the same streets as in this dream - and I last saw her in real life when she was very young. Could be coincidence in this case, though, as floods are a fairly common theme, both precognitive and somewhat symbolic, perhaps. However, almost all my dreams contain at least a few clearer implied precognitive elements of one kind or another.

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