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    1. An Ocean Journey Model

      by , 06-15-2018 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of June 15, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, I am in a mostly undefined setting of which cannot be determined to be indoors or outdoors, though it does not have the typical essence of bilocation. It seems near late morning. I am involved in adding to an ongoing model and story about a journey by sea, though the features of this model sit on the picnic table or hover in the air slightly above it when implied to be within the ocean depths. Other people seem to be present watching and listening to my narration, but I do not actually see anyone else.

      The ship seems to be a schooner, sailing from left to right in my view. I talk about the dangers that might be encountered. I slowly add an unrealistic number of rocks. The model schooner is about four inches in length.

      As my dream nears its end, I add more and more squid, which hover in the air (though implied to be below the ocean’s surface in this model) which are slightly bigger than the ship. A couple of them roll up (left to right) and transform into snails that continue to hover in the air in the seascape’s implied depths. I slowly become aware that I am dreaming and had been non-lucidly testing vestibular system correlation, which I have been doing more of in my dreams in the last few months. (This correlates with another recent dream with different autosymbolism based on the same dynamics, where a solid pipe became a hose, and the eardrum was represented as a hissing valve I “popped”, more related to the illusory “ears” of the dream self.)

      The majority of my dreams since early childhood have vestibular system correlation autosymbolism of several different types. (This includes flying, falling, hovering, and rising dreams, which are unrelated to waking life, despite the multitude of people who continue to propagate falsehoods about “symbolism” without understanding that dreams are autosymbolic.)

      Although this could be considered an extension of the usual water induction process, there is no water present (though WLWS is implied). It additionally includes the hovering factor of vestibular system correlation as well as the visual rendering (by way of the virtuous circle effect of developing a deeper and deeper understanding of dreams and clarity of mind stemming from both lucid and non-lucid dream control).

      The vestibular system correlation is represented by the transformation of squid into snail and visual analogies to the inner ear; that is, semicircular canals, vestibular nerve, and cochlea.

      What little waking life relevance (always literal) is present is based on my youngest son’s friends recently to leave the region on an oceangoing yacht, where they have otherwise lived for a long time.

    2. My Father, and a Squid Living in a Mattress

      by , 03-10-2018 at 09:20 AM
      Morning of March 9 2018. Friday.

      My father is alive and appears as he was in the 1960s. I do not remember that he died in 1979. I am also not at all aware of my current conscious self identity. My age may be implied to be about thirty. I ride around in a car with him in late morning. The driver’s side is on the left, implying America.

      There are a few repeated scenes. We mostly visit apartment buildings where gangsters supposedly live. No one is around but us until the last scene.

      My father punches a wall and creates the impression of dampness and marks like small squid tentacles instead of fingers.

      At one point, I watch a waterbed wiggle. A large squid apparently lives inside the mattress and the movement of the mattress’s surface is caused by this otherwise unseen squid. I am briefly, though not viably aware that I am dreaming, and I consider if this scene is autosymbolism as relating, as a precursor, to hypnopompic kicks (as did my donkey inside a mattress dream from Christmas of 2016, which crosses my mind as such very vaguely and briefly).

      In the last scene, my father and I are standing in a hallway where a curtain is drawn across one area. An unfamiliar male moves the curtains aside and says my father has a doctor’s appointment.

      Water usually represents, as autosymbolism, the essence of sleep, dream state induction (in fact, my most common form of induction since early childhood, occurring at least once every sleeping period), and the absence of emotion in unconsciousness. I suspect, curiously enough (from personal evidence), at least on one level, that a squid has something to do with augmented sexuality, however, as related to dream state reinduction (as a subliminal directive) rather than waking life. The problem with pretending that dreams are symbolically about waking life is in ignoring how the fictitious non-lucid dream self (personified subconscious, which lacks temporality and intelligence) is not the conscious self and that, even when non-lucid, I typically seek the understanding of the dream state rather than waking life, to develop clarity of mind. Plus, dreams are primarily autosymbolic in symbolizing the nature of biology, vestibular system ambiguity, transitions in unconsciousness, and consciousness reascension, so how could they viably relate to waking life in the way many people seem to believe (other than when additionally prescient or as literal carryovers)?

      Other than being autosymbolic of the usual RAS mediation and the emergent consciousness factor (by way of preconscious personification), the last part of my dream regarding the doctor (looking into my dream self’s essence through the curtains, which is autosymbolism for the liminal space of the waking transition) is possibly literal and reflects my occasional focus on mortality, though hopefully not literally prescient yet. From experience, I know that my father now often represents my current conscious self identity even if it is otherwise not extant in the dream state. Still, I really had to go upon waking, and as a waterbed mattress is called a “bladder”, there may be a connection, though I had a dream about a squid on a mattress in 2015, and although there were pools of water on the bed, it was not a waterbed. Incidental associations are probably enough to trigger such a dream, though, especially in punching a wall (vaguely influenced by the 1980s movie “Altered States”), with a wall representing the autosymbolic barrier between fictitious dream self identity and conscious self identity.

    3. Clown Buttons and Immortal Piece of a Cat

      by , 06-06-2015 at 12:43 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2015. Saturday.

      Sometimes dreams are so surreal and unrelated to life and every facet of a person’s personality and thoughts and interests, it is a task to make any grounded reasonable associations. This is a good example. Nightmares are very rare for me and always seem linked to sleep apnea or my lifelong cardiac arrhythmia (which my father also had) though only problematic for a period in the 1980s, but this one comes close with the strange mood (though I still would not call it a true nightmare, as there was no residual negative emotion carried from it).

      My recent vampire witch dream had a typical carryover (though it was atypically divided by more than one day) - being embarrassed about wearing clothes in public.

      I am seated in a dark movie theater (while the unknown movie is showing) and realize that I am wearing clothes and thus become embarrassed since I “know” that you should not wear clothes in a movie theater, especially this particular one which is also a library. Even more frustrating, I seem to be wearing a clown outfit (with no back story on how this occurred) or at least a white shirt with dark pink pompom (or pompon) clown suit buttons that are about the size of a small fist.

      I stealthily leave the movie theater with one hand each on the top two buttons to hide them. I get the impression that someone is laughing at my clothed body. However, I manage to suddenly find myself (as if by teleportation) in a different scene in a library checkout area - which is also somehow the same theater’s lobby - where my shirt seems to be normal though I still seem to be holding pompoms in my closed fists. However, they are moving. I place them on the counter and they are each a small cuttlefish, which writhe around (as if disoriented) a bit and then decide to mate. This in turn is my payment for an overdue fee regarding books I did not even check out, but I do not question it. (I think cuttlefish are metaphorical for human hands as with spiders, because both instantly make me visually associate human hands - in fact, my “Things From Outer Space” childhood dream seemed to feature more of a giant cuttlefish-like creature than an alien spider - though actually recognized in-dream as a “giant” hand with theatrical enhancements - this being the first time I have clearly made that connection even though other creatures, such as the octopus-man, were also ocean-related).

      In another scene, I become aware of an annoying (stray?) cat, possibly a darker tortoiseshell. I am not sure who it belongs to. I eventually see that it is only a piece of a cat; the head and front part of the body (with two legs), yet almost flattened into a two-dimensional form (though still with perceivable volume). It cannot possibly be alive, but it somehow is. When I pick it up to check on its status, it makes strange meowing sounds and I consider that it may be just a residual muscle reflex and that the animal is not aware of anything. However, there is slight movement as it meows, but I decide it will probably not live very long so I put it in a cardboard box and into a commercial dumpster in an alley in a business district. I do not have the will or interest to “put it out of its misery”.

      After this, I have a very uneasy awareness that the cat will exist like this forever (long after I am gone) and I feel a bit guilty over its immortality as such, as it goes (without any of its own intent) to places unknown (perhaps trapped beneath layers of debris and not able to do anything or to be a “proper” cat and enjoy its cathood). It is a haunted feeling, although the creature cannot move much or walk (and thus cannot threaten me). It is almost like being aware of a human mind being “trapped” in a particular time period or culture (or religion) for endless years.
    4. Sea Monster Realm Under Present Home

      by , 06-16-2014 at 12:16 PM
      Morning of June 16, 2014. Monday.

      I am at our present address on W Street. Our youngest son Oliver is playing outside. I go outside into our backyard, look under our house near our wooden steps, and soon notice an “ocean” under our house at where ground-level would otherwise be. This uniquely isolated ocean feature solely under our house in this part of town has a large sea monster living within it yet somehow also lives in the “real” Pacific ocean much of the time via some sort of “portal” or unexplainable underground or underwater access point. The sea monster is a rather atypical squid-like creature with jellyfish-like features and of a pale violet color, with seemingly random truncated cylindrical legs of differing lengths. At one point, it somehow builds a brick wall in the middle of the underneath of our house (with no back story concerning where the bricks originated from), running east and west, by which I can then not visually follow it or learn what it may be up to; for example, in trying to burst up through our floor in a particular room north of the wall - which I actually expect at one point - especially on our front porch, though this never occurs. This is a rather strange setup; sort of like a hybrid of a semi-lucid dream and a (fairly rare) vertical composite of themes or symbols, with the undesirable or threatening elements being below me and probably related to supraconscious access (via the metaphorical ocean presence under our home).

      Sea monsters (in a negative association, not when they are “pets”) may often represent invasive but more isolated “collective consciousness” (or again, supraconscious links) - sometimes caused by people you cannot realistically relate to - or with their invasive wrongful beliefs being a part of your day to day experiences - sort of as with the negative connotations of an invading alien (which may represent an annoying relative or associate - even someone you have not meant). As I have documented in my past, dream characters are often not an extension or direct “part” of the dreamer at all as some people seem to erroneously believe, but situational connections with outside forces or external concerns as in real life. Some dreams have characters that are a “part” of the dreamer (as a reflection of one’s particular attributes for review), but many do not, especially the very common literally precognitive layers.

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