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    1. Ocean Imagery Strips and Ford Model T Convertible

      by , 04-18-2020 at 09:42 AM
      Morning of April 18, 2020. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,479-03. Reading time (optimized): 2 min 15 sec.

      My imagined dream self becomes instinctually aware of my dream beginning, including a viable thread of waking-life identity. As a result, the first rendering is a female form close to my left, modeling the sleeping orientation of Zsuzsanna and me, though she remains standing while I remain seated in a cross-legged position. She is a short distance closer to the wayside of an unknown road than I am. It seems to be nighttime. On the other side of the road, off to the right, is an unfamiliar business building. Feelings of cheerfulness and peace remain throughout my dream. (The eventual sleep-wake personification, firstly as an association with imaginary proprioception, is not intrusive other than wanting me to move from the side of the road to return to slow-wave sleep).

      Instinctual dynamics of dream state management begin. On my lap is an open sheet music book, though the sheet music displayed is unknown. Upon that is a tablet with another one atop it. The first features equidistant thumbnails from a web site, mostly of random people, and the second displays a blank screen. Atop the tablets is an open A4 spiral notebook with my handwriting describing dream content as well as equations.

      The inference is that I am solving equations using the sheet music book (mainly the arrangement of notes) and the web page thumbnails, which supposedly link to the content of previous dreams and six-digit numbers that serve as markers. The first calculation produces an image of the ocean on the previously blank screen, though it is a small strip, oriented lengthways near the top of the screen.

      The second calculation results in an additional lengthways photograph of the ocean, and I am fascinated when it matches perfectly with the first when adjacent to the right side of the previous image. Although the image never moves, there is still the fundamental liminal impression that it defines my status of being asleep and the absence of physical demarcation. I start to consider what will happen when the strips fill the entire top of the screen. They will probably continue to a new row. This identification and anticipation results in the summoning of imaginary proprioception and latent physical preparedness (which usually begins around this part of a dream’s timeline, though here, there is no anticipation of vestibular system ambiguity from the lack of discernment of physicality while sleeping).

      The sleep-wake personification initiates from my right. An unknown man drives a Ford Model T Convertible into the area on the other side of the road. (Cars, as with all vehicles, typically correlate with the imaginary physicality of the dream state or preparation for wakefulness with emerging physical awareness and mobility potential.) He cheerfully calls out, implying I am blocking his way even though I am not on the road. (This scenario is also co-occurrent with how I am sleeping close to Zsuzsanna, as the other man is a preconscious personification of my potential consciousness and emerging physical awareness. This same causal factor has occurred in many previous dreams.)

      I move back a short distance, but the man parks his car near the business building and walks over to my side of the road. He looks at the items in my lap and seems curious about what I am doing.

      I absentmindedly state, “I’m doing sequences of fractals.”

      “I can’t even do one,” he says happily, emphasizing “one.”

    2. Technology and Yellow Pennant Flags

      by , 06-18-2019 at 12:18 PM
      Morning of June 18, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,174-02. Reading time: 36 sec.

      While in subliminal to emerging liminal mode, I engage in the imaginary pursuit of attempting to discern technology, including text, as a factor of cognitive arousal. I look at my computer in an undefined location. I have the idea to search for the most common words and imagery on the Internet.

      Following a complete search with an unknown program, I see the most common image is one of two types of yellow pennant flags. One appears as a regular triangular form pointing down, and the other has a comma-like curve to the left. They are about the size of avatars, in random order.

      My dream includes three emergent factors. Yellow stands out when returning to consciousness. Flags represent confirmation of territory (in this case, upper liminal space). My use of technology comes about when I try to heighten my awareness while in the dream state (the same as trying to read).

    3. A Surreal Printer

      by , 12-07-2018 at 01:20 PM
      Morning of November 28, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,972-04. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score: 56.

      I am in an unknown residence which my dream self erroneously perceives as my current address as is often the case. I own a big computer printer that also serves as a modem. Much of my current conscious self’s identity is present. I am aware of Zsuzsanna’s presence.

      I am looking at the Internet, but something happens that causes something to happen to the printer, though I do not perceive it as needing repair by the end of my dream. I may have bumped part of the top. There is a row of several cylindrical containers, horizontally oriented, that resemble oversized cylindrical fuses of about four inches long. They are full of blue liquid. Two of the rightmost ones fall out from where they are connected and spill over the circuitry. Most of the electronics and circuit boards at the bottom are visible. My printer has no cover.

      Later, I see that an ice-like (or powder-like) residue is covering all of the circuitry. First, I think the printer was damaged by the spill, though I then consider it is part of a process to keep it from overheating.

      It is likely that the process relates to gamma-aminobutyric acid, the natural form, not medical. The fluid in the containers is also an association with melatonin. As electronic circuity is autosymbolism for the brain and concurrent brain activity, my dream at this point would indicate pulling back on the initiation of consciousness (in relevance to thinking or attempting to read) to sleep longer.

    4. The Roar

      by , 09-21-2018 at 12:06 PM
      Early evening of September 21, 2018. Friday.

      Reading time: 1 min 56 sec. Readability score: 64.

      During an evening nap, I slip into typical VSC in which I had borrowed a truck from someone unknown. I drive along in an unfamiliar neighborhood but with no focus on its unfamiliarity. The sense of movement, which begins my dream, is vivid throughout.

      I stop near an unknown residence where two unfamiliar women are present. For no reason in particular, I ask the oldest one if she would like to return the truck to its owner. She seems slightly puzzled. I tell her how he only lives about a block away. We talk in a friendly manner for a short time, but I decide to return it myself.

      I start to roll forward down a slope (a common VSC factor in dreams since early childhood) without driving, but I maintain control of direction with the steering wheel (and non-lucid dream control of VSC). I feel good. The street illogically becomes part of a big warehouse.

      As the vehicle rolls into the big warehouse and turns to the left, I see that the street turns off ahead to the right at about ninety degrees, but an internal warehouse wall blocks the view of it.

      I hear a loud roar, reminiscent of that of the MGM lion. A strange vehicle approaches from the opposite direction. It resembles a steam shovel without the cab and with the boom mostly vertical. It seems to be on a rolling platform. I get the impression of rails guiding its direction. The small bucket may serve as its “head.” Its “face” is blank and dark, reminding me of the essence of a television that is not on.

      As it continues to move towards me, I realize the truck I am in no longer has a roof. It now seems like a military jeep. I have no fear at all (even though I am only liminally becoming lucid) and look forward to jumping up, grabbing, and crushing this “creature,” (as soon as it lowers closer to me) which may be a robotic maintenance vehicle for the warehouse, but instead, I spontaneously wake before it arcs down.

      VSC personification as the unknown older woman but then choosing to initiate the transition myself was almost like ad-libbing. It even felt as if I was randomly doing such as part of a self-directed stage play. Perceiving the emerging consciousness factor (though still dominated by RAS) as an “empty” television (as in my “Kingdom” novella of 1990) may stem from recently watching more television than I have in years, though still not as much as many other people. I have not perceived television as a “monster” since before I met Zsuzsanna, though even so, I held no fear here, only the desire to crunch the machine, with a sense of certain (automatic) victory.

      A warehouse serves as a representation of leaving the liminal space of the dream state, typically the last setting of a dream.

    5. Activating a Funny Toy (with study guide)

      by , 07-15-2018 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of July 15, 2018. Sunday.

      My dream’s setting is a fusion of the L-shaped room of the King Street mansion and the lounge room of our present home. I am sitting on my bed as it was on King Street and facing north towards the window. My youngest daughter is sitting on the floor.

      I have one of her plastic toys; Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship. It is part of a big computerized game, though is only a trial model that requires an activation code before it can function. A bag on my right contains many similar toys.

      I think of activating all her toys so that they become the full versions by obtaining the codes from inside them without contacting the company.

      Looking through the window of Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship, I see several lines of computer code printed on a paper strip that seems to be part of a scrolling mechanism that is at the back. There are lines printed on each side of the paper strip, but I am unable to see the print on its opposite side.

      One line ends with the value 9876543210. I doubt that this is the correct code, but I still attempt it. It does not work. There is another number with a random sequence of digits, but that one does not work either.

      The third code is hexadecimal, with “EE” in it, the rest being numbers. I try that one, and something happens. An oversized toy bird beak emerges from the window of the toy rocket, generating an odd chirping. As the codes are so easy to find and use, I consider activating all the other toys.

      Study guide:

      1) What are the two main autosymbolic factors of this dream?

      2) This dream has secondary autosymbolism based on ultradian rhythm. Identify it.

      3) What does yellow represent here?

      4) What is a factor that reveals the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state?

      5) Is there a possible interconsciousness factor here? If so, what?

      Study guide answers:

      1) Vestibular system correlation as flight-related autosymbolism (in two simultaneous forms, bird and rocket) and precursory thinking skills correlation as the need to read numbers and enter a code.

      2) The cuckoo clock association.

      3) Emergent consciousness factor, which is a result of increased awareness of the light spectrum.

      4) I am sitting on my bed.

      5) Transpersonal communication with our youngest daughter while in the dream state. Remember that dreams are in real time, not a result of memory processing as disinformation agents propagate.

      Readability score: 71. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 76.

    6. The Astounding Big Old Printer

      by , 06-10-2018 at 09:56 AM
      Morning of June 10, 2018. Sunday.

      I slowly become more aware of my dream and its backstory over time, though my family and I are living in an unfamiliar residence. My dream involves having what I first perceive as a secondhand computer. It is very large and there are two main sections attached to serve as one keyboard and hard drive unit. The focus is eventually very vivid and increases in vividness by the last segment. Curiously, I do not think of having a monitor, as the back of the printer where the paper otherwise goes seems to serve as some sort of monitor at first. This is a curious distortion and lack of reasoning and viable memory that is otherwise very common in dreams.

      I perceive what is like a web page that translates between English and Russian and I use it for several minutes. The “web page” is at an angle, like the angle that paper would be oriented in in a typewriter. In fact, the device also serves as an oversized typewriter, which I also test a few different times while also trying to get it to load Internet pages. Additionally, aspects of the Russian and English web page seem uniquely interactive, with moving parts, such as smaller drop down menus that are physically present within the printer’s mechanism, in the back, but apparently based on the nature of the web page that has loaded.

      Time passes, and something seems different. I cannot get certain web pages to load anymore. In fact, it now seems like I am trying to get them to appear by putting more paper in the paper holder. The detail is very vivid and amazing, though it now seems like this device is meant to be used as just a printer, though still with manual typewriter features. Curiously, I am not thinking of viable computer technology at any point and I do not even contemplate to any extent why I had bought this old secondhand device. At one point, I press [Return] and the whole device changes slightly, with the paper jumping into the other section.

      The friendly unfamiliar male (of about fifty) who had sold it to me is now present. (He just appears. I have no recall of calling him.) He asks me about how the device is working and also tests some settings and connections.

      It is supposedly working better now (according to the other male), though in the way it was originally designed to, which is unrelated to using the Internet or even serving as data storage or computing. Zsuzsanna is present. I tell the man of how I had been using a website for Russian and English translation and he seems puzzled, as if such an event would not have been possible on what is just meant to be a printer. I remain slightly puzzled as well.

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    7. Missed Concert, Bathroom Wake-up Call

      by , 01-05-2018 at 07:05 AM
      Morning of January 5, 2018. Friday.

      The time is perceived, by looking at an analogue clock, as about 10:30 at night. Apparently, there is going to be a concert that Zsuzsanna and I will be going to (as well as at least our youngest son, as I see him in the room). We are in the bedroom of our present home. However, the room is different. Our bed is oriented correctly, but there is a toilet just beyond the foot of the bed, facing it (on the right side, and I sleep on the right side of the bed in reality) and at the southeast corner of the room. I do not consider this as unusual.

      It seems that it may be a Three Dog Night concert, though this is anachronistic (though my dream self does not consider it as wrong). I see their photograph in a newspaper I am reading and they mainly seem in their early thirties. Curiously, I am aware that I can download a song, though the technology is somehow embedded in the newspaper. I see a metallic image of an MP3 player on the page, with equidistant vertical graduation lines regarding the length of the recording. Under the right side of it is a downwards arrow that implies opening up a context menu or clicking it to download it. (I do not really consider how ridiculous a concept this is, as one cannot click on a newspaper page as on a computer monitor.)

      I have to use the toilet, but then I realize that if I did, we would be late. The concert apparently starts at about 10:45, which I see is only about three minutes away. I decide that we will have to miss going to the concert. I wake up anyway, as I need to use the bathroom in reality.

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    8. The Mandelbrot Source

      by , 12-24-2017 at 12:05 PM
      Morning of December 24, 2017. Sunday.

      The foundation of this dream was totally unexpected, as it was based on a computer program I wrote nearly fifteen years ago and of which I had not thought about for years, before we moved from Brisbane.

      I am in an unknown residence but which seems to be where we are implied to be living. My youngest son and I are looking at a large poster-sized image of surreal imagery. In some sections, there are human-like figures of which were created randomly by a special algorithm with a basis for a more natural choice of which next color and in which direction the line would continue. I remember that the first version of my computer program merely had an equal probability for each next line to continue from its previous point. It was like watching an invisible pencil scribble all over the screen, sometimes with insignificant leaf-like or vine-like (or spaghetti-like) patterns (and of course sometimes going beyond the range of the screen and coming back again, though my second version did not have this potential occurrence). Using probability based on a real drawing or other image was more interesting, though still resulted in surreal images that usually did not really look like much of anything. Bitmap (BMP file) templates had to be used (for gleaning probability of particular values as a percentage of the original total), each template image of course producing different results.

      I begin to consider that it is very strange, yet intriguing, that images that look so much like people standing around were created randomly. I consider altering how the program is running. My “computer” is very large, bigger than my entire desk in real life. The monitor is the size of a large window. The image appears on the screen and I print it out when I see something interesting.

      At one point, I seem to have done something wrong, as when the program starts again, the imagery remains in vertical orientation, looking something like a vine growing upwards, though with “leaves” coming out from each side now and then. I try to adjust it.

      Eventually, something quite unusual occurs, as my program seems to be missing certain subroutines. Sections of written print keep appearing along with parts of a Mandelbrot image. It seems like the parts are coming from the same original image, but in unusual irregular swirls and patches over prior imagery. Now I know something is wrong, but I have the false memory that my original template was a Mandelbrot image above a paragraph or two of writing, possibly from a virtual textbook or database. I am somewhat annoyed that it is not working as it should. (I do not consider that I would not have used an image of printed text for any sort of template to produce new random patterns from.) The area of random imagery selected (to be reapplied) is too large to make anything very unique. (This is an unusual false memory which is not perceived as such - yet my thinking skills are otherwise more present than usual as is my current conscious self.)

      Just as I think of fixing my program, there is ambiguity of being inside and outside at the same time. A nuclear explosion occurs nearby, though mostly only followed by small fireballs overhead. I get Zsuzsanna and our children and decide to go into a close-by underwater bunker, where I think we might be safe. (This is an attempt at dream state reinduction - returning to the essence of water, which represents the dynamics of sleep, as my sleep was slightly restless towards morning due to the extra warm weather.)

    9. Wonders (with a flying gorilla)

      by , 11-13-2015 at 05:13 PM
      Morning of November 13, 2015. Friday.

      An unknown male (of about thirty) works for a large company related to technological development. He does not seem competent or interested in doing his job and seems to see himself as a “victim” in his employment and tasks.

      There is a scene where a young dark-haired girl, probably a young version of my wife (as her father seems to be the head of the aforementioned company) is at an auditorium to give a long speech related to some sort of award she won; something related to educational or developmental milestones. The employee cannot seem to get the loudspeaker system or the microphone to work, though is also involved in something unrelated to his job, such as playing a computer game, in addition to getting everything working. He does not seem to care about the functionality of the setup that much. The audience seems patient but eventually grows annoyed by his antics. Oddly, the employee sits in the center of one section of where the audience sits, where he is working on the electronics and sound deck. People are gossiping about him due to his incompetence and poor work ethic. He is reminiscent of the Dennis Nedry character (Wayne Knight) from “Jurassic Park”. It seems the speech is never given but he is not fired as a result.

      Later, he goes into the girl’s room when she is not there. (The room is unfamiliar to me.) He opens a drawer in a small desk. He looks through her diary. He finds about five diamonds, loose in the drawer with other items such as pencils made by the company. They are synthetic but supposedly the same as (and indistinguishable from) natural diamonds. He takes a couple of them. He starts to see a conspiracy in the advanced technological development that the company is utilizing that is kept secret from the public. He may sell the diamonds and not reveal where they came from.

      There is a vivid scene where I am fully in-body and making some sort of drinks. The first one I make, I am able to drink, but the second one is unusual. There are three smaller cups, though two almost bowl-like. I use something like cocoa liquor and water and some other liquids to make some sort of fantastic chocolate drink. I am looking forward to how great it will taste. I use a stirring rod to mix some of the elements in the main bowl-like container (though parts of the drink are still in the two other containers). As I am stirring, all the liquid vanishes (from all three containers) leaving a very subtle and brief pale sparkling. This annoys me greatly. My delicious drink just vanished.

      The last segment involves the Dennis Nedry character. He seems angry about the secrets kept by the company. He injects an unknown liquid that was in a secret room at the company’s main building. It seems he may reveal, to the media and the public, that the company is keeping too many secrets. Eventually something splits apart from his arms and I get the impression he will disintegrate. However, it turns out he has grown wings. He seems upset at first and starts going through a second change. This time, he grows larger and becomes a huge gorilla with wings. He starts talking in a loud commanding voice how he is now superior to humans and flies away.

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    10. Magazine Mechanism?

      by , 06-21-2015 at 09:05 PM
      Morning of June 21, 2015. Sunday.

      This dream was fairly abstract and no main events occur. It involved some sort of longer computer-like machine (looking more like an electronics deck of some sort from the 1960s) that displays various images, which seem to be random parts of various magazines and comic books for no particular reason other than perhaps as a so-called screensaver or perhaps even related to advertising (the books apparently being scanned somehow in their entirety on the right of the monitor).

      The main focus seems to be on a fictional comic book about an elf superhero called Aye, vaguely similar to Elf Quest (which I have not really read much of) in some ways but more like Thor in terms of theme and art. The name of the comic book also seems to be “Aye” (possibly just an in-dream play on “eye” or “I”). The images on the small screen (in comparison to the machine itself) show fairly quickly (and also include random images from old issues of Life Magazine, Look Magazine, and Superman comics), almost like riffling a deck of playing cards. It is a typical “just looking at something” dream with no dominant emotion and there does not seem to be any plot or theme, just the idea of the mechanism and the imagery.
    11. Odd Technology

      by , 09-13-2014 at 03:13 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2014. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,435-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      I had a distorted impersonal dream that was like a science-fiction movie scenario. It is like watching someone else’s ideas or fantasies.

      At one point, two young college men send up a small communications satellite mostly made from a beer can. People talk about using it to send a message to relatives, having something to do with how it shines and what direction it faces. It will somehow stay up in the sky even though it is too close to ground level to be in orbit. (I see the shininess of the small object from the ground).

      There is an eerie part of my dream that involves unfamiliar technology that is like a combination of a tiny alien probe and a mechanical insect. It seems to move on its own for a time before it finally settles atop a black vacuum cleaner. I watch it clearly for several minutes before waking, expecting it to display some signs of additional activation but nothing else occurs. It looks like an alligator clip (laterally symmetrical) lying on its side, but is more elongated and has other features (like a miniature spacecraft). A teacher warily makes comments about it in a school setting. It seems necessary for people to pretend not to notice it. Although the object is tiny, it seems to be the result of an advanced alien civilization that may eventually overtake humanity. It reminds me of a robotic fly. It seems it may have a “primitive intent” (or programming) to camouflage itself.

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    12. Playing some sort of Pac-Man game

      by , 05-24-1997 at 11:24 AM
      Morning of May 24, 1997. Saturday.

      I am playing some sort of computer game that is like Pac-Man for the most part, but also has text adventure elements that appear on the screen. There are questions at different points depending on the area of the maze Pac-Man goes to. There also seem to be areas where passwords are required, of which I am not sure of the exact nature of but may be keywords obtained from going through the maze in a certain way.

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