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    Activating a Funny Toy (with study guide)

    by , 07-15-2018 at 02:26 PM (236 Views)
    Morning of July 15, 2018. Sunday.

    My dream’s setting is a fusion of the L-shaped room of the King Street mansion and the lounge room of our present home. I am sitting on my bed as it was on King Street and facing north towards the window. My youngest daughter is sitting on the floor.

    I have one of her plastic toys; Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship. It is part of a big computerized game, though is only a trial model that requires an activation code before it can function. A bag on my right contains many similar toys.

    I think of activating all her toys so that they become the full versions by obtaining the codes from inside them without contacting the company.

    Looking through the window of Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship, I see several lines of computer code printed on a paper strip that seems to be part of a scrolling mechanism that is at the back. There are lines printed on each side of the paper strip, but I am unable to see the print on its opposite side.

    One line ends with the value 9876543210. I doubt that this is the correct code, but I still attempt it. It does not work. There is another number with a random sequence of digits, but that one does not work either.

    The third code is hexadecimal, with “EE” in it, the rest being numbers. I try that one, and something happens. An oversized toy bird beak emerges from the window of the toy rocket, generating an odd chirping. As the codes are so easy to find and use, I consider activating all the other toys.

    Study guide:

    1) What are the two main autosymbolic factors of this dream?

    2) This dream has secondary autosymbolism based on ultradian rhythm. Identify it.

    3) What does yellow represent here?

    4) What is a factor that reveals the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state?

    5) Is there a possible interconsciousness factor here? If so, what?

    Study guide answers:

    1) Vestibular system correlation as flight-related autosymbolism (in two simultaneous forms, bird and rocket) and precursory thinking skills correlation as the need to read numbers and enter a code.

    2) The cuckoo clock association.

    3) Emergent consciousness factor, which is a result of increased awareness of the light spectrum.

    4) I am sitting on my bed.

    5) Transpersonal communication with our youngest daughter while in the dream state. Remember that dreams are in real time, not a result of memory processing as disinformation agents propagate.

    Readability score: 71. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 76.

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