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    1. Phone on Fire

      by , 06-04-2018 at 11:27 AM
      Night of June 3, 2018. Sunday.

      This brief vivid lucid dream was triggered by a lapse into unconsciousness while I was contemplating liminal space while still semi-conscious. I was actually thinking about a telephone and its autosymbolic meaning in representing potential communication between dream self and conscious self, though was visualizing a rotary telephone sitting on a table with my dream self in the room and my conscious self on the other side of the wall. It is rendered as a simple sketchy diagram (with the correct waking orientation layout, the dream self room with the telephone on the left and my conscious self’s room on the right).

      Eventually, I am within a vivid lucid dream. Zsuzsanna’s cell phone is sitting on the top of the couch and very soon catches on fire for no discernible reason. I find this intriguing and immediately wake.

      No mystery here, as waking processes of shorter dreams since early childhood have often involved fire suddenly starting as consciousness initiation autosymbolism, not quite as common as vestibular system correlation though sometimes combined in waking process synthesis with such as a meteor or falling and burning airplane and many more forms of inherent autosymbolism of which is unrelated to waking life in most cases (other than when prescient or as a literal carryover).

      This is additionally validated by the cell phone being in the fictitious location atop the couch where I had just otherwise had my head in reality prior to going to bed (thus my lucid dream self was focusing on the last place my physical brain was before being in bed in addition to thinking about communication through liminal space of which the cell phone represented).

    2. Three Short Scenes

      by , 09-06-2014 at 03:06 PM
      Morning of September 6, 2014. Saturday.

      This was a series of three shorter typical dreams - after when I woke but fell into a fairly light sleep and a vivid dream state a short time later.

      The telephone rings in real life and my wife answers. During that time I am sinking back into a dream state and am somehow aware that my brother-in-law is on the telephone, calling from America. Even though this is so unlikely as to be ridiculous to even consider the possibility, I am somehow convinced to a point where I try to wake myself more as I am certain of the conversation relating to him and his need to talk to me. Of course, I am wrong, and it was just the usual illegal marketing scam call-center call. Another day, another short circuit in dream “logic”.

      The second dream is the typical “here I am at King Street in my old apartment” dream. I have not lived there for over twenty years. Of course my family is there as they are now and I have the usual concern that the landlord or landlady will realize we are using the apartment when it is supposed to be empty or I had been away for a very long time not paying rent. This time it is the northeast corner apartment and I am sitting on the floor near the south end of the room listening to music with a slight concern that our activity will alert the owners to our presence. My wife is sitting on the bed facing south and everyone else is in the northern area of the room. I do not question the short-circuiting faux “logic” of how we could possibly all live in one smaller apartment or why our possessions are somehow “still” there after us being supposedly absent or not paying rent for so long, but that is how it is. Interestingly, the usual liminal state of being in “both” places occurs for a time.

      The third dream opens with me sitting on the middle of a couch in a smaller featureless room with at least three doorways - and I am aware of an unknown male. He is apparently a television producer or actor (or both) or at least someone related to work in television. He stands to my left. To my right, in walks Jonathan Frakes as he looked about twenty years ago. I had apparently played the president of Star Fleet or some such on at least a couple “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episodes or whatever at an earlier stage (even though I feel and sense that I am only about sixteen or seventeen years old) and am somewhat unsure of what is going to happen next (whether or not I am prepared) because I am apparently going to be in the same role in an upcoming new episode (even though the show has not been filmed for years), but I am confident and at ease, oddly enough. The studio seems to be located somewhere beyond to my right, but I remain seated on the couch. Everybody seems happy, but for some reason I ask them if they usually get along with each other. The response is not negative, but not all that clear either.
    3. Operation Game Version

      by , 10-29-1976 at 08:21 PM
      Night of October 29, 1966. Saturday.

      I am involved in a seeming prototype (first version of a dream theme that appears in more complex forms later on, especially after moving to a new home) of what appears to be a variation of the (originally) Milton Bradley game “Operation” (which is fairly new at the time). It reminds me just a bit of the “nostalgic” noise and lights of a carnival on a much smaller scale (and according to some sources, actually was based on games in funfairs so maybe that is a typical association). The main distortion is that it has a red telephone (receiver only, but probably only about half the size of a real one) in a recess on the left side, nested on its side though does somehow become full-sized at times. (This may be from a distortion of the actual shapes relative to real game sections, which are somewhat reminiscent of a telephone receiver shape.)

      I am not quite sure if the telephone allows you to somehow talk to the character in the game and receive information on his present status, but it seems a bit strange at times as if I am “expecting” an eerie “contact” at one point. No conversations ever ensue, however. My dream remains nonthreatening.

      Interestingly enough, I did not live in a home with a telephone until 1978 (we never had a telephone all the years I lived in Florida and only my sister had a telephone in the Rose Street building in Wisconsin).