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    Operation Game Version

    by , 10-29-1976 at 08:21 PM (230 Views)
    Night of October 29, 1966. Saturday.

    I am involved in a seeming prototype (first version of a dream theme that appears in more complex forms later on, especially after moving to a new home) of what appears to be a variation of the (originally) Milton Bradley game “Operation” (which is fairly new at the time). It reminds me just a bit of the “nostalgic” noise and lights of a carnival on a much smaller scale (and according to some sources, actually was based on games in funfairs so maybe that is a typical association). The main distortion is that it has a red telephone (receiver only, but probably only about half the size of a real one) in a recess on the left side, nested on its side though does somehow become full-sized at times. (This may be from a distortion of the actual shapes relative to real game sections, which are somewhat reminiscent of a telephone receiver shape.)

    I am not quite sure if the telephone allows you to somehow talk to the character in the game and receive information on his present status, but it seems a bit strange at times as if I am “expecting” an eerie “contact” at one point. No conversations ever ensue, however. My dream remains nonthreatening.

    Interestingly enough, I did not live in a home with a telephone until 1978 (we never had a telephone all the years I lived in Florida and only my sister had a telephone in the Rose Street building in Wisconsin).

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