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    1. Kinder Surprises on King Street

      by , 12-01-2018 at 07:41 AM
      Morning of December 1, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream # 18,975-02: Reading time: 3 min 48 sec. Readability score: 58.

      My infra-self’s illusory location of being beyond the nexus of RAS (reticular activating system) separates me from my waking life identity. My infra-self (non-lucid dream self as personified subconscious) loses the viable connection with my unconscious mind in the non-lucid dream state, this personal truth (validated tens of thousands of times since early childhood) being the opposite of what most of modern society naively believes about non-lucid dreams. Only one subliminal thread of my conscious self remains without activating any other until I am in the nexus of the waking process.

      I am in the King Street mansion, in the middle room of the east side of the second floor of the house, where I have not lived for over twenty years. I am wearing a dark blue hooded sweater with big front pockets. I am going to fly to Northside La Crosse, to Marilyn’s house. (Marilyn is an older half-sister on my mother’s side who died in 2014. My infra-self has no memory of her death.) The thought of physically taking to the air to fly has occurred in dreams all my life (even at age three), without the slightest pause of considering it as an impossible act, and of course, it is effortless. Flight and elevation symbols, both projected and inherited, have occurred at least once (typically more) in every sleep cycle for over fifty years. It is vestibular system correlation, the most common factor of the dream state, which I do not pretend has any association with waking life. It merely correlates with the nature of the absent physicality of the dream state.

      I have a total of five Kinder Surprise eggs, all of which are still in the original packaging, though one of them has some of the foil coming off, with part of the chocolate exposed. I decide to eat that one and put its yellow toy container in my right pocket. I put the other unwrapped chocolate eggs in my pockets, three on the left, one on my right, and will give them all (including the toy) to my youngest daughter. (This focus does not bring about a recall of where I live. However, this is the second recent dream where I remembered her while my infra-self was erroneously on King Street and preparing to go to Northside La Crosse, though that one was caused by her speaking when I was sleeping. Also, I never saw Kinder Surprise products in America in reality.)

      I fly to Northside La Crosse. I eat an entire chocolate pie (and appreciate its flavor) in an unfamiliar room implied to be in the Loomis Street house. (Dreams in which I eat something sweet only occur after I drink something sweet before sleep.) After this, I am watching television with my brother-in-law Bob. I do not care much about watching his show, which he comments on at times. I subliminally become aware of the nexus (the precursory association being the television), and this causes me to choose to go out onto the front porch. I look outside from the porch door and see a few unfamiliar people in the dark of late night. (There is no recall of often using this scenario to vivify and sustain my dream. Instead, I succumb to the subliminal awareness that I am dreaming in the next scene.)

      I lie down on the couch on the porch, my head east. My dream becomes much more vivid in this preparatory transition. Marilyn’s neighbor comes onto the porch but appears as she was in the late 1970s. It is dark, but I can vaguely discern whom it is seemingly implied to be. She is going into the living room to see Bob but stops briefly, saying, “Oh, hello Claude, I’m sorry if I scared you.” On the one hand, there were no concerns about this simulacrum coming onto the porch (even though the preconscious is typically domineering at this stage of the waking process in this dream type). On the other hand, she never called me by my real first name in real life, and this error augments my self-awareness, though I remain only semi-lucid and soon wake.

      Hearing my name in a dream usually results in consciousness shifts and level of awareness, as my imaginary dream self is unlike my waking life identity. It causes me to think about who I am, which causes me to wake, though the porch as the commonly recurring “bridge” through the nexus was already extant.

      This entity had the essence of the interconsciousness more so than the preconscious (which seems absent here), which is atypical but has happened in other dreams. It most likely included an emerging but distorted thread of recalling Zsuzsanna. However, why was it apologizing? Does this go all the way back to 1965 when it came as a giant white cat (with a beard) that walked over my chest (one of my first nexus-as-porch dreams)? It may also relate to the bull simulacrum that, as a child, served as a limitation of deliberate dream state vivification and indefinitely sustaining them (which is unhealthy).

      I think that the five eggs are autosymbolic for the beginning of the return to consciousness, as I have five children, though my infra-self only remembers my younger daughter, which correlates with the partially unwrapped egg as the beginning of waking life recall. (This is a no-brainer as “kinder” means “children” in this context in German - well DUH.) Yellow is the color I have always used (since early childhood) to initiate consciousness, whether in subliminal, liminal, or lucid modes. (Plus, it being on my ride side indicates waking process association, as I sleep on my left side with my right more exposed to my real environment.)

    2. In Filmed Flight

      by , 08-26-2018 at 07:46 PM
      Morning of August 26, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 23 sec. Readability score: 56.

      In my dream, I am in a new variation of the Cubitis house. It seems to be late morning. Zsuzsanna is present. The television is in the west area of the living room (where it never was in real life.)

      I seem to be mentally creating or recording calculus equations onto a VHS tape as I am standing on the other side of the room. The VHS player is on a shelf below our television. As it is recording over previous content, at least one episode of “Sesame Street,” I am still able to see parts of the original content. There are also brief sections of music and random patterns of static and snow.

      Eventually, I see that the “Sesame Street” images are upside-down, yet rendered very realistically as such. I am only vaguely puzzled by this.

      Soon, I have a small video camera, and I go out to the south side yard. I am going to make a movie about flying. I rise in the air, and before I fly higher and faster, I find amusement by seeing my shadow over the front yard, north of where I am hovering. My shadow is distorted, short and somewhat round, but I can discern from it that I am wearing a top cat and a cape or cloak. The movie may also be related to a fictitious detective serial. From here, I effortlessly fly higher and faster over Arcadia until I wake.

      Pertinent information for new readers:

      Since childhood, I have developed and enhanced various processes in the dream state. One of these is attempting to clarify the status of my infra-self by focusing on concepts such as reading or using a computer (before computers were in use in households), yet by association, mathematics sometimes occurs though is rarely viable. It typically enhances threads of liminality (sometimes lucidity) even when I am not lucid (as the infra-self does not otherwise have a viable reading ability or logical reasoning). The muppets, which I associate with control of dreams, are a result of this process. Television is a type of liminal space division (similar to a fence or wall), the contrasting dynamics of infra-self and conscious self.

      A significant factor of the dreaming and waking processes is vestibular system correlation, that is, resolving the illusory nature of the dream self’s body with how the real physical body is oriented (though it also includes the distortion or expansion of space around where one is sleeping). That is what is behind falling, flying, rising, and hovering dreams.

      The first dream of each sleep cycle, for over 50 years, usually involves falling, though is more vivid when I had done more walking that day, while in stark contrast, the last typically involves effortless flying whether or not I am lucid, usually in the final scene. However, I have often deliberately used falling for reinduction or sustaining a dream.

      Zsuzsanna’s presence typically has priority over threads of where we live in reality. (Zsuzsanna has never been to America as my dreams often imply.) I never dream of correct settings, as they are often mixed-up variations of everywhere I have lived. (I have not lived in Cubitis since 1978.)

      The upside-down dynamic mainly stems from Zsuzsanna saying, “if it sounds upside-down, it’s from down under” on her first recording to me. However, this did not result in my infra-self remembering I live in Australia.

      A shadow stems from a subliminal, liminal, or lucid thread of my conscious self looking into the dream state. In apex lucidity, I play with or test my shadow to see if it is “me.”

    3. Bodies of Relatives and Broadcast Manipulation

      by , 06-13-2018 at 10:49 AM
      Morning of June 13, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream self holds a liminal awareness of being asleep. Eventually, a subliminal focus on bodies in blankets, as we have more (and thicker) blankets on us in the cooler weather, helps build the first dream segment. The setting is unknown, but seems loosely based on an association with our backyard on Stadcor Street in Wavell Heights (where we have not lived in years).

      I find myself carrying a corpse fully wrapped inside a thick blanket (autosymbolism, though with literal threads, for my physical body being inactive in sleep). I consider that it is Earl (an older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in 2007). Even so, the body is not of realistic size or weight (though my dream self does not consider this). I drop him into a pile of other bodies that are in a hole in the ground. The hole accommodates the length of a little less than two bodies and the width of about two bodies. The bodies are almost to the top of the hole. When I drop Earl in, he somehow easily slips down vertically into a space between my mother and my brother-in-law Bob on the right (though Bob is still alive in real life as far as I know). (They are each fully wrapped in a blanket.) This cheerfully surprises me. There is an awareness of how his body actually seemed to quickly shrink as it slipped down into the space below (vestibular system correlation autosymbolism). I know there are several other bodies farther down, all relatives. I briefly think about the bodies being together like this, vaguely pondering if it is the right way to have a burial. I have a false memory that it is normal to have the bodies of deceased relatives in a backyard like this.

      Knowing that they have to remain buried at a deeper level, I push down on the bodies and even roll around on top of them to force them farther down into the hole. This works to a degree and about two feet of space remains near the top of the hole, but I do not yet shovel dirt into it.

      In the next segment, dominated by non-lucid dream control, I am in an indoor location, though it is mostly unfamiliar (though my dream self perceives it as our present home). I am explaining to members of my family how to see into the spirit realm. They are all on my right, including our youngest son. I consider possible communication with Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side who died in 2014).

      This connection to the spirit world is activated by pressing a paperclip onto the edge of a button on the television remote. (In my dream, the perimeter of each button is metallic.) Doing this distorts the signal, removing most of it to display supposedly ghostly broadcasts and patterns. At first, the screen is mostly black, but there is a fuzzy form that moves across the screen from right to left (though of which mainly just seems like signal interference). I point it out to family members as evidence that ghostly activity is being seen.

      Soon, another form is seen. It is like a very hazy incomplete rendering of Godzilla, about half the height of the screen, somewhat like a pale gray outline with some other details, but it also seems to be a chubby young cat walking on its back legs (which my dream self does not pick up on the autosymbolism of in a cat being a “witness” to the nature of the dream state in mediating the preconscious bulwark, here rendered as the television screen). The image wobbles and sways as it moves from right to left. I tell the others to watch this odd feature.

      Eventually, very clear and detailed scenes are visible, though they are in black and white. There are two “devils” conversing in one scene, one female and one male. They are also insect-like, though mostly human. They have goat horns as well as insect antennae. They are in an outside environment near a rocky area. I have no concern about this scene (as I even find it amusing) and I start to consider that this is a farce. At one level, despite continuing to pretend the images are coming from the spirit world, I realize that all I am doing is weakening a normal television broadcast to create “ghost” images and isolated partial pieces of the real broadcast.

      Sliding the paperclip against the buttons on the remote, the normal broadcast of a schooner at sea, originally in color, changes into a hazy black-and-white image and the rolling sea becomes the wavy lines of the vertical hold being out of adjustment, distorting diagonally (an amazing effect in my dream). There are other images after this, one being the hazy “ghost” of a sea captain. Soon, color images from legitimate television broadcasts start to remain on the screen longer. I tell my family that the process is starting to weaken and the supposed spirit world contact is no longer viable. It has an association with static electricity lessening after more continuous contact with the metallic surfaces. The last image as I wake is a vivid colorful view from under a girl looking down at the viewer, her head against the blue sky.

      This dream was caused by the typical combination of autosymbolism (based on the sleeping, dreaming, and waking process) with television influence, which is interesting, as television is an analogy to a liminal space division or preconscious bulwark.

      The primary influence of both dream segments was “The Seven Year Itch” episode of “Grimm”, seen just prior to going to bed. The remote and paperclip scenario was additionally based on a question from “Think Tank” seen earlier yesterday, though based on an incorrect answer otherwise regarding how a felt-tipped pen saved the Apollo 11 mission (by completing a circuit). It is extraordinary how non-lucid mediation of a dream combines total fantasy with distorted waking life associations, though this is by lifelong habit since early childhood in sometimes reviewing and altering content of television shows, movies, comic books, and so on, in liminal stages of the dream state induction process.

    4. The Missing Television Episode

      by , 06-06-2018 at 06:16 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2018. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am looking at the Internet. It seems to be late morning. I find myself looking at an archive site for television series, possibly archive dot org, though it is rendered differently. A list of episodes of an unknown television series appears mainly on the left half of the screen, but I do not look at much of the right half of the screen, which seems mostly featureless. (This is logical as dream state orientation autosymbolism is most often directed to the left while waking process autosymbolism is most often on the right. This is a natural result of liminal focus on sleeping as being directed to my left side toward the bed’s surface while waking autosymbolism is oriented to my dream self’s right as it is more open to the environment in reality.)

      A dream journalist who exists in real life had made a comment on one of the episodes, saying that the episode was not there and he could not find it anywhere else, worded as “Is the true broadcast available somewhere?” The show is possibly “Frasier” (or implied to be), as I saw parts of this show prior to going to bed (though I have never seen an episode in its entirety). The episode above the one that is supposedly missing features a story about a secretary.

      I click on a link under the title of the supposedly missing episode (of which I cannot presently recall the title). I discover it goes to another page of a similar appearance. The episode is there, with the ability to play it on the web page. I look around on the two pages and realize that the episode that was claimed to be missing is actually the only one that is available while the others have only a summary and no link to view the episode. I think of writing to the poster to tell him that “the link is right there in the link”, but that sounds ambiguous and I wake before I write anything.

      This afternoon in real life, I randomly ended up on the archive website by originally looking at a Wikipedia article. I noticed one of four comments in which it was claimed that “Payment Deferred” from “Studio One” was not actually there as all the other episodes apparently were. Part of the review read “The file present is a mislabeled duplicate of the 25 November 1947 revival broadcast” ending with “Is the true Moorehead/Sloane broadcast available somewhere?”. It was written by someone called “Professional Tourist” way back on May 8, 2011. I had never looked up “Studio One” anywhere online prior to today and that was only due to a reference in Wikipedia about “The Twilight Zone”. Though it is true that many files are mislabeled or missing on websites, it is still a curious and unlikely sequence of events to always have something “repeat” on one level in waking life after the otherwise distorted dream event. Additionally, Googling the detail, two YouTube versions of the “Studio One” episode appeared first, posted in April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2018. (The real event was for a radio show, not television.)

      All my life, on a day to day basis, I experience threads of prescience while many other people refuse to accept it. Because of that, it is no longer possible for me to view mainstream society as having any credibility or intelligence where it counts the most. Still, when more is known about the nature of time and perception, the underlying causes may be known, though I have often considered the possibility that people were not meant to know in this era. Presently, I have only publicly acknowledged about 600 precognitive dreams on the dream journal website, though there are many more of which I have never included the full details online.

      On a more mundane level, this dream is likely the result of contemplating how this poster (and many others) have beliefs and experiences of which are the opposite of mine. Thus, I find the video which exists and the others do not, the opposite of the original claim.

    5. Television Difficulties (subliminal reinduction)

      by , 11-06-2017 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of November 6, 2017. Monday.

      In my dream, I am seemingly implied to be in our present home, though it is very different. For a time, our youngest son is watching television and our youngest daughter is also present. (In my dream, our television seems to be in the center of a much larger version of our kitchen and facing north. In actuality, it is in our lounge room and faces south.)

      At one point, there are distortions in the television screen. There is too much red dominating the overall image. I read the instruction manual and there is information about adjusting colors. It specifically mentions that the small elongated knob for adjusting red is to the right of the knob for adjustment of the extent of black and that the knob for red must be turned to the left to decrease the color and prevent it from being too bright or bleeding into other images. There are a number of small plastic knobs on the back of the television.

      After a time, I notice that it appears to have worked. The picture looks a bit more balanced. However, I eventually notice that features that are supposed to be red (including some sort of oval timer superimposed at the top left of the screen) are now a pale purple and I consider adjusting it again.

      Our youngest son watches a show about video games and their characters. I notice that the television is on its side so that now the image is vertically rectangular, yet fits the scenes that show people standing, as their feet are correctly downward. This seems strange to me. Eventually however, the television is back in its previous position where it is viewed as normal widescreen. Still, I had placed it on the floor yet consider it is not really watchable while in that position. During this time, I had not adjusted other knobs.

      I adjust the knob for red again, slowly turning it a short distance back to the right, as well as turning a few knobs for other colors. Soon, something happens and the picture becomes smaller and there are now only random horizontal white lines on the screen. This occurs after a sort of popping noise. Our youngest daughter puts her feet against the screen. I consider that I must have destroyed the television by changing the colors too much. I know that it will be very expensive to replace.

      I go to tell Zsuzsanna about the ruined television. She is sitting back on our bed. At first, I think she had injured her forehead somehow. I eventually see that she has a black sleeping eye mask partly on though the eye patches are doubled up on her forehead, above the area between her eyes. My dream eventually fades from this point.

      There are a few subliminal dream state indicators here. One is how the television is on its side at one point as relating to how the physical body is different in sleep in lying down - as well as the eyes seeing the environment as “turned sideways” when lying on one’s side. The main indicator is my subliminal knowledge of red being an end marker for the dream state. Red typically only dominates a dream when I am closer to waking after sleeping a bit too long and as such, is analogous to a “red alert” (a more dominating RAS factor). Although I am not lucid, I still maintain this realization subliminally, and deliberately lower the red value in the television’s image. I do this by turning the knob to the left with the knob for black on the left side of that one, black symbolizing being unconscious, so a part of my unconsciousness is aware of this, that is, deliberately trying to go back into unconsciousness to sustain my dream, even though I am not otherwise viably lucid.

      This aspect of black as symbolizing unconsciousness is carried over as a dream state indicator in seeing Zsuzsanna in bed though awake, yet having a black sleeping eye mask doubled up over her “third eye”. (The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms, yet I still do not realize I am dreaming at this point. There have been thousands of dreams with very precise dream state indicators as in this dream, where I still did not become viably lucid, though many others where I have.)

    6. The L-Shaped Bed?

      by , 06-10-2017 at 09:28 AM
      Morning of June 10, 2017. Saturday.

      This is just a typical first-level dream sign dream of the type I have had continuously all my life, although I only document them when there are unique features. As I have explained before (though it is a no-brainer if one actually understands dreams and how the human mind works), the rendering is based on threads of real-time but subliminal conscious self awareness within sleep. (The number of threads of conscious self identity vary greatly from dream to dream, which is why “interpretation”, as in relating to the current conscious self, is not really feasible.)

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar location. There are a number of unknown people around who I do not perceive as imposers. Curiously, we are all on an oversized L-shaped bed, which goes around the internal corner of a wall (that is, of an inward ninety-degree angle). There are at least two windows, one on the side I am on and the other around the turn. I am also aware of a few family members.

      A television is on on the opposite side of the room but I do not pay that much attention to it. I want to keep the window on my side open. It is a bit difficult as the piece that is meant to hold it up (at about the halfway point) is somewhat flimsy. Someone else (unknown), around the corner and on the perpendicular part of the large bed, hands me a gold metal rod (which I thank him for), which I think was a horizontal piece from the other window (which I think may have come from the top of the lower sash). It is about two and a half feet long. One part of it on one end (perhaps attached to it) loosely resembles a very long barrel bolt lock. I am able to place it vertically within the window’s left side to hold up the lower sash at the level of the upper sash.

      After this, I do something to a headphone cord that is apparently plugged into the television. I pull it closer to where I can comfortably put on my headphones (not getting off the bed at any point). I soon hear the television sound through the headphones, although it also seems to be coming out into the room (which is not possible unless the relevant Y-cable is used).

      This last part loosely comes from a recent real-life event. The speakers on our new television stopped working and I had to jury-rig a cord from the headphone socket into amplified multimedia speakers. (Our new DVD player appears to have no tuner so I guess technology is still moving backwards, as usual.)

      Over the last several years, I have learned a little more about the specific elements of “behavior” concerning preconscious factors, especially the personified preconscious. After closely studying tens of thousands of dreams all my life, it appears, quite obviously, that the nature of the preconscious in this case is non-aggressive or confrontational as I am “already in bed” and additionally “already near the open window”. (A window symbolizes, in real time, either the threads to the conscious self status, or another level of consciousness. In holding the window up with a piece given to me by a personified preconscious persona, I am willingly, though subliminally, entering the waking transition without the need for the preconscious to create aggressive or confrontational waking symbolism). Additionally, hearing the television through my headphones symbolizes, in real time, my approach to the waking event horizon, as a television sometimes represents (in real time) the dreamer’s external environment (though it depends on the dream type and time frame of the dream).

      Additionally, the L-shaped bed is probably an unusual visual form to make the clear distinction between the fictional dream self (and its typically false memories and false identity) and the emergent consciousness (which is far more like the current whole conscious self identity). As such, it is likely analogous to the intersection feature in some dream types.

    7. A Corrupt Television Needs a Reboot

      by , 04-07-2017 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of April 7, 2017. Friday.

      My family and I as we are now are watching television. At one point, it seems we are watching the movie “Firestarter” (1984).

      Over time, it seems that there are some very strange changes in the movie as I remember it and I become more and more annoyed.

      In a scene where Andy is talking to his daughter Charlie, he is now wearing a fireproof suit (where in the original scene he was in his normal informal clothes). I talk about how they must have covered up the image of the actor with some sort of CGI. I find the change ridiculous. (His face cannot even be seen as it is covered with some sort of material.)

      Other scenes have been changed. At times, Lego people appear in some of the scenes instead of human actors. Another scene has a stuffed dog that moves about like a real one. The nature of the movie becomes more and more surreal. At one point, I am sitting on a bed, seemingly somehow inside the movie (but only for a short time) and a stuffed dog and a stuffed rabbit are present (the stuffed rabbit in the bed and the stuffed dog walking about near the bed).

      I eventually decide that the television has become corrupt and needs to be rebooted like a computer so that television shows and movie scenes will be as they should be. I am in front of the television. Our youngest son is also present. I mention how I have to reboot the television.

      I look on the bottom right of it but I am not sure what to do. On the bottom left, but mostly arranged vertically, is a set of about seven buttons. They are of different shapes, a couple horizontally rectangular and a couple vertically rectangular while others are square. I see that one of the buttons (the bottommost one) reads “SET”. I assume that this might mean “reset” so I press it and the television screen goes black and a sequence of dominoes (overhead view) appears on the screen. Our youngest son tells me that those buttons are only for the domino game.

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    8. Enhanced Kissing and more

      by , 01-22-2015 at 07:22 AM
      Morning of January 22, 2015. Thursday.

      Of all the “experiments” I have done in my life to influence, enhance, or alter dream states, I have ultimately decided that simple thinking is the key. I have tried a particular focused form of thought enough to know it is the most powerful technique, especially when preceded by “thank you for…” (without even needing belief in a deity). Just listening to something does not seem to do much unless it is with my own special technique and even that has certain limitations in certain states. Needing to hear something seems to limit certain states (plus, I have experienced a vivid lucid state where external sound and its influence is non-existent), likely because a part of the mind is still “grounded” in a particular way. (Once again, I should mention the lucid dreaming fiasco of years ago where I entered the most vivid dream state possible with a shorter audio loop, though once in my dream, solely tried to find the source of the sound to turn it off - the very meaning of “irony”). So what do I do that works? Three-minute very subtle mental affirmation meditations (not spoken aloud, just actively thought) throughout the day and night (sometimes in closer clusters), watching the clock and using an addend of four but only ever counting them as three minutes in my personal journal. In this case, it added up to sixty minutes overall.

      In my dream (and the ones which followed) I find myself in a full-body awareness that is no different from being awake other than the senses being enhanced and the depth perception intensified. This used to puzzle me - but I attribute it to being “closer” to one’s internal awareness in sleep. I have never had the slightest concern (as some people claim as possibility) about differentiating from the real world and a dream when awake - and in a vivid lucid dream, that concern is pointless anyway, so yet again, typical mainstream dream literature fails to impress me or even make any sense.

      I find myself in a dream environment in a larger room that I cannot identify, though it is similar in familiarity to (but much larger than) the larger southernmost room in the Loomis Street house. I am sitting comfortably on an armchair facing east. As with another recent dream, the increased sensuality, almost to a point where I would otherwise think it impossible, seems the most “automatic” and natural of all dream states, almost as if all nuances of my dream are “instantly surrendering” to a core subliminal whim. In fact, all I do is lift my arms up a bit and my beautiful wife materializes in front of me (only her head at first) and she bends down to indulge in passionate kissing with me for quite some time. The sense of touch is probably double that of reality and I am also amazed by the solid nature of her form.

      This is followed by making love on the floor, from the side and from behind, but holding ourselves up with our left arms, in some sort of otherwise physically impossible situation (well, at least for me). During the climax, I notice (as I have in several other dreams) that my wife has sparse reptilian scales around her hips and bordering the small of her back, which does not bother me. However, I soon take this into a forced scenario out of habit, relating to what I feel happens often in non-lucid dreams; that is, the dreamer forcing certain possible conflicts possibly regarding a need for increased “pulsing” energy as such for whatever reason (again, for example, maintaining the knowledge but vague memory that I was solely the one that instigated my own chase dreams even with dinosaurs following me, just to experience the event, although most people do not seem to remember the event horizon of when they planned this themselves, so thus you have people that believe in demons or similar entities - the case seemingly being that a particular section of memory was lost).

      My dream is not “fooled” though and I am too vividly integrated with my dream’s environment to be absentmindedly a “victim”. When I try to force a negative association for a dramatic movie-like scene, I illogically in the past tense speak to my wife, saying, “You had scales!” but she just cheerfully lightly laughs and shakes her head and levitates a bit from the floor, “rolling about” in midair and lowering herself again. I ask her “Why did you have scales?” and then I feel idiotic since it was me that gave her the scales in the first place. I try to get her to appear more aggressive, but that fails and she becomes about ten years younger and we make love again, “rolling around” in midair, at times like mists with various tendrils but I also become aware of where I am in reality.

      An odd false awakening occurs. I am in the computer room in Wavell Heights though the setup and room layout is different. My dream is almost as vivid as my previous but I am no longer lucid. There is a closed window near where the printer is. The printer seems more like an oversized typewriter. There are also what seem to be kitchen features in the room, including a faucet over the top of the printer (seemingly on the window sill as was strangely the case in our Clayfield apartment’s kitchen). I absentmindedly turn the faucet on (it is more to the right), realize that the printer is then filling up with water (almost in the manner of a sink) and then turn it off. The physical sensations of doing this are greatly enhanced and I briefly contemplate that real life is not this “close” in the sense of touch but do not become lucid again. Once again I catch myself having turned the faucet on in the semi-dark room. I again turn it off just as the water starts spilling over the top of the printer a bit. It then sits there still full, like a full sink, and I am contemplating when it could be used again. I then finally notice that the printer is plugged in, so I remove the cord from the printer itself, which is higher up on the front instead of the back area (this is likely because the back of my desk in reality is open to the path into the room as if it was the “front”). I then go to tell my wife about the event, planning on asking her to help with getting the water out of the printer by using cups, though this does not seem feasible. I do not think turning it upside-down would be a good idea, though.

      There is another false awakening, this one more intense, but ending up as some sort of parody of people who preach about the end of the world. Having heard about the supposed approaching “end of the world” in virtually endless scenarios since I was very young, any emotional impact or credibility has dissolved. I am watching a set of four smaller televisions in a column in an extended part of a doorway. Each television has the same show but with slightly different timing (this is based on a real-life event of years ago, where I was changing channels and noticed the same religious show on two different channels but one about a minute ahead of the other and I played around, sometimes getting unintentionally funny phrases with each switch over).

      There is a chubby preacher ranting before a live audience, loudly asking “What if the world ends tomorrow?” and he keeps repeating this for a short time with a terrified look on his face. I notice red flashing lights and other people crying out including a few from the choir on the stage. It almost seems possible that the world could end tomorrow but I do not feel afraid. However, he then shouts “What if the world ends the day after tomorrow?” with an even more terrified visage. This does not seem to make much sense as that would be one day later and less to worry about for a short time. However, he keeps going on like this, with his emotional anticipation illogically inverted, going into more and more preposterous and loud unrestrained queries such as “What if the world ends the day after the day after the day after three weeks from tomorrow?” seeming more and more alarmed each time, the longer the potential “doomsday” is from then - completely senseless. The audience keeps gasping and crying out to everything he says. I stand there in disbelief until my dream fades with a strong and clear attitude that it does not even matter if and when the world ends - why keep theorizing as such? This last false awakening seems vaguely influenced by the last scenes from “The Blob” (1988 version) - seen the evening before - where the traumatized preacher is shown as having the power to “end the world” from a piece of the life-form he has in a container.
    9. Improving a television signal

      by , 08-23-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Morning of August 23, 2014. Saturday.

      I am back at the King Street boarding house (where I have not lived for over twenty years) as part of the recurring concept of being there “secretly” for the most part; that is, without the owners (who live downstairs), particularly the landlady, knowing I am there. This is usually due to not having lived there for awhile or not having paid rent for a month or more.

      In this case though, it is a fictional room on the second floor. It is on the west side of the building, but immediately at the northwest corner, where the kitchen is in reality. It is also about twice the size of any of the real rooms. It seems very “real” in-dream though and does not seem like a mirror-image reversal (regarding the whole house being mirror-imaged in directional layout as dreams sometimes do) of the northeast room, as the northwest corner area seems like part of a normal room rather than part of a cupola (the corner being shaped as a partial polygon in reality) - and also as three windows go across the north wall in-dream. I do not notice any windows on the west wall. My brother Jim is alive again and visiting me. Dennis (still alive in reality) is also there. We are apparently watching television (which faces east and is somewhat near the center of the room) which seems to be an older episode of the original “Star Trek” series, but the picture is not that clear. After a time, I notice an antenna lead (the old flatter twin-lead type), somewhat coppery brown, going up and around the room and to the opposite corner and I am thinking it would be good if I was able to connect it to the television somehow. At this time, I notice that the room is very slightly L-shaped.

      I also notice that, at the south wall, the antenna lead seems detached on one side but is also wrapped in packaging tape in the spliced area (thus, though the tape is holding the two leads together, one side is still detached under the tape). I am aware that this setup was done by the elderly landlord. (I do not remember in-dream that he had actually died over twenty years ago, as I had also gone to his funeral.) I cannot reach any of the lead, though, as most of it is attached along the highest parts of three walls near the ceiling.

      I mention this idea about me connecting the lead somehow by placing a chair on the large table with metal legs (which is along the north wall) and Jim happily offers to do it instead. He places the chair on the table after climbing up on it and successfully pulls part of the lead down while standing on the chair (I am somewhat amazed by how strong the table is to support his weight without incident). I am able to get it to work, but “Star Trek” is ending and a different show comes on. It is an odd kid’s show called “Tellagogo” of which I vaguely seem to be aware of the spelling (though it might be better formed as “Telegogo” as a play on “television” - in fact, I have discovered this word actually exists but do not know anything about it). The dream soon loses cohesion after this.

      It occurs to me that much of this dream may be symbolic to simply trying to “connect my senses” to wake up - as the television was on at the time in reality with my youngest son watching it. The lead being mostly disconnected on one side probably relates to my conscious mind still not “getting the signal” from the real world - the evidence is that the television show went from “Star Trek” (suggesting a fantasy world) to a kid’s show (which was actually on in the real world at the time - thus I was then waking from the dream successfully after more fully linking my conscious awareness).

      This reminds me just a little of a dream of about twenty years ago where I had an audio loop going (on a digital sampler with a held down key by way of the cord over it and under the two opposite keys) that was designed to bring about lucidity in-dream. I became fully lucid in the resulting dream, but then spent the rest of the time trying to find the source of the sound to turn it off. I eventually found that it was behind a locked door in-dream (as part of a long hallway), and became so annoyed, I eventually woke up out of one of the more lucid dream states I have ever been in. Pure irony and hilarity.
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    10. “Spanish Harlem”

      by , 10-18-2013 at 04:18 PM
      Night of October 18, 2013. Friday.

      I am sitting and relaxing during a work break at night at a small motel I worked at with a maintenance crew in real life over twenty years ago. There is a smaller analogue television in the corner which, at first, is receiving the broadcast of a news report. A little later, there is mostly only snow and static, but soon, the song “Spanish Harlem” (Ben E. King version) starts playing over and over, audio only, with occasional additional video glitches such as horizontal wavy lines and such. However, the song had been altered and distorted (partly relative to the signal - which may be the result of a nearby storm) to where it seems certain frequency bands have been stripped and replaced almost flawlessly so that almost all of the vocals are gone and particular instruments come and go sort of like a dub reggae mix.

      Every now and then, the original vocal line “IN…my GAR..den…” is heard abruptly, sometimes causing the other maintenance workers on the longer break to look up or seem confused or annoyed. At these points, there is sometimes also the brief fuzzy video transmission (only about a second or two at different times) of a shadowy female figure (in a cloak?) standing on the outside of a beginning garden, sometimes the “snow” (video term) becoming actual snow relative to the scene, but it mostly seems like a sunny region where the scene takes place. The song transforms into the Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass version, at times seeming like overly loud and overly-compressed-sounding tones coming from old squarish loudspeakers at a bullfight. I enjoy the song, though (one of my older favorites which I also played on the piano fairly often). I am not sure where the broadcast is coming from, or if it is some sort of mix-up of television and radio broadcasts as I have seen in real life in the past from either medium. There is a very slight association with the “Prince of Darkness” movie from 1987. The “broadcast” as at the end of the movie is perhaps coming from my wife thirty or forty years from now, in the future, through some sort of advanced technology sending “broadcasts” directly into my mind (again, as in the movie but in a far more viable and positive light) to give me clues about the present (as it sometimes seemed in dreams when I was very young and as a young adult).

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    11. Out of the Television

      by , 09-29-2007 at 03:29 PM
      Morning of September 29, 2007. Saturday.

      I am living in a ghetto, in, I believe, an old apartment building on what seems like at least the third or fourth floor or higher. Actually, I am not sure if I live there or not since I do not recognize anything or seem to know a couple people I may or may not be living with. They do not even seem all that aware of me. Mostly, they remain in the kitchen and I mostly stay in the living room area.

      The main focus is on the television near the front door, of which something rather strange is happening to it. There are what seem to be holes and cracks in the glass, but which, oddly, actually seem to seal up as others appear elsewhere. There is some sort of concept that seems difficult to relate, like the glass is some sort of link between two different dimensions; “mine”, and other worlds beyond, but which are perhaps random, or changing, and varying in potential, growing stronger, or growing weaker (at random?).

      I am somewhat wary; not really afraid; just suspicious of what could result. Some sort of ugly face forms in parts like a jigsaw puzzle (sort of like bits of static forming into three-dimensional solids from more random pieces) automatically sorting itself out over the imagery of an unrelated television show. Out comes some sort of monster, vampire-like (but not a typical “movie vampire”), and mostly colorless. Now I am somewhat concerned, as the creature screams (seemingly in anger at being disturbed?), but I am still not afraid.

      Time passes. The creature actually seems afraid to go very far after seeing the city outside the window (it is late at night). He cowers on a sofa and eventually seems to be annoyed by this world and eventually breaks up into bits of “static” (like squarish moths with reflective wings) which flows back into the television. Even though he is like a powerful demon or devil, mankind seems far worse to him than his own essence, and the “monster” is more and more like a sad comic strip character before he goes back to wherever he came from.

      Later, there is more activity across the glass of this strange television. I see eyes again, but this time it is a beautiful girl in some sort of dark green Robin-Hood-like outfit (but with more variety in color and ornamentation) that very slowly emerges, head first. She has a bow and a set of arrows and seems to be some sort of elf-like creature and “at one” with the powers of nature but somehow more powerful (both physically and mentally) than any human on Earth - because of that supposed direct link to the forces of nature. I do not think she can “control” nature, but remain in some sort of perfect “frequency” (harmony) with the energy as a whole. I do not think she can speak English or understand it, although she seems to be linked to me somehow (perhaps a more fanciful version of my wife). She seems to reflect more of a sense of personal power than the earlier “monster”, almost as if I subliminally created both but which were “incubated” in this other dimension behind the glass of the television. My dream eventually breaks up into less vivid patterns that I cannot quite remember other than a feeling of deep respect and understanding for beings that “incubate” within the energy of the television somehow, which seems to represent features of the Source (or other levels of consciousness) in this case rather than real-life television, which I do not respect at all. (Of course, the television itself likely represents the dreaming process in indirectly utilizing other levels of mind and perhaps collective consciousness.)

      The female elf-like and Robin-Hood-like character is a seemingly neutral character that has sparsely recurred in my dreams since around age sixteen.

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    12. Alarm Clock Strangulation

      by , 10-05-1983 at 09:35 AM
      Morning of October 5, 1983. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am watching the news in my L-shaped room at the end of the hall (and to the right) in the King Street boarding house. The television is in a similar location as it is in real life - in about the middle of the longest rectangular area (but is color instead of black and white), but turned perpendicularly towards the east where I am apparently seated or in bed. I am not that aware, but I am focused on the imagery and sound of the television news report.

      Over time, I become more and more clear on where I am and what I am seeing within my dream. The man on television is about thirty and wearing a necktie of mostly blue and orange. In real life, the sustained buzzing of my alarm clock had started. This causes my dream to take on a rather bizarre change. The man I am watching on the television starts grabbing at his neck immediately as he is saying “and they are going to…mahhhhhh” - his voice warping flawlessly into the alarm clock sound (the implied word seeming to be “make”, yet only the m is human-like). The buzzing alarm clock sound is coming from his open mouth and he is desperately trying to loosen his tie, continuing to clutch at his throat as it buzzes, with his visage being more and more horrified. After a fairly short time, I am aware that I am coming out of my dream state.

      This is a very good example of a dream that is apparently completely lacking in meaning or foresight (at least at one level - I did not document all the nuances of the in-dream news report) and suddenly truncated (or “interrupted”, assuming my dream was “going anywhere” in plot) by a real-life event, in this case, real-life audio - as in probably about equally occurring contrast to in-dream precognition or foreshadowing that somehow builds up to align with a real and unexpected sound not yet present while sleeping. In those cases, some people make the mistake of assuming the sound may have caused the dream’s outcome. However, in some cases, the dream was already seemingly building up to the not yet occurring sound (again, unlike in the case of this entry where my dream was unexpectedly “destroyed” by the intrusive sound) - thus a form of obvious real-time precognition in the other dream type I have never read about elsewhere. I have experienced it myself fairly often.
    13. Television Adventure (On the Inside)

      by , 04-02-1979 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of April 2, 1979. Monday.

      I am seemingly back in Florida, somewhere near Lakeland (possibly the front central area of Southgate Shopping Center), with no memory of having moved back to Wisconsin. There is some sort of ability I have to give trees the ability to grab people or even grow larger and stretch horizontally to capture someone (briefly recurring event during this year). This is related to trying to escape from several unknown males; either gangsters or the authorities (uncertain of which). I know that I have done nothing wrong, but there is a vague association with someone I knew who became a killer. This in turn, with only partial memory, places me in a “maze” of trailers in a large trailer park. The “maze” is probably only about three (trailers) by six or seven, though.

      At one point, I have this strange “realization” that I should lead them into a television - and inside of it - to trap them within the television. This may work when used in combination with the trees blocking them or grabbing them and throwing them elsewhere.

      After a time, everything becomes less problematic. I find myself in a field, though I am aware there are still people around. I eventually notice strange “lines” (about nine feet long) floating in the air horizontally and seeming like lines on a television. There is a vague association with snow on a television (relative to static) in a possible link with Winter Haven (and even an odd uncomfortable link to “Heaven”).

      I am trying to gather my thoughts but something is not quite right. Static and horizontal distortions cannot exist in a real environment - only on television (or in the case of static, a radio as well). I become semi-lucid. I realize that I must somehow be “inside” a television that is on. I even hear more short bursts of static from an undefined direction and more lines in the air to confirm my suspicions. I am somewhat wary of remaining where I am - thinking that if someone turns off the television I may cease to exist. There is a “reset” and a false awakening, but I eventually “escape”.

      It seems to be that anyone (even a figure of authority) who spends too much time looking at a screen (without a real-life passionate relationship to ground them) will face a future of “static” and little else. Life is vision. Love is life. An older person without a meaningful relationship is like a mirror without a reflection. Plus, the horizontal hold is wack.

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    14. “The Kiss” (movie and x-ray in a dream)

      by , 02-08-1973 at 08:08 AM
      Morning of February 8, 1973. Thursday.

      There seems to be a (fictional) movie involving a sailor’s romantic relationship (and he is an unknown character to me). I am watching a very large television (perhaps four square feet) and there is a movie on, seemingly oriented on the west side of the room, though I am not sure what building I am in. (It may be from a memory of a motel my parents and I stopped at when traveling to Florida.) There are scenes of the man being intimate with an unknown woman, mostly hugging and talking at first (though followed by kissing and a love-making scene). The scene relates to his leaving America, I believe. (It may be that he has already left America to meet this female in another country, perhaps Europe or Australia, though I am not certain.) I think the movie is called “The Kiss”. Eventually, though starting out as a cutaway view, everything takes on an X-ray appearance at one point and I am watching the insides of their bodies in x-ray. It does not seem that unusual. Later, I notice color variations. The flowers in a vase on a table in the motel room seem to be affected by the colors on the television screen or change accordingly. It is almost as if features of my dream are “leaking” into each other.

      This dream seemed a partial result of a less focused “experiment” where I was deliberately trying to dream in black and white. I think the cutaway view may be an influence from looking at cutaway views (side views) of the human reproductive system.