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    1. Activating a Funny Toy (with study guide)

      by , 07-15-2018 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of July 15, 2018. Sunday.

      My dream’s setting is a fusion of the L-shaped room of the King Street mansion and the lounge room of our present home. I am sitting on my bed as it was on King Street and facing north towards the window. My youngest daughter is sitting on the floor.

      I have one of her plastic toys; Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship. It is part of a big computerized game, though is only a trial model that requires an activation code before it can function. A bag on my right contains many similar toys.

      I think of activating all her toys so that they become the full versions by obtaining the codes from inside them without contacting the company.

      Looking through the window of Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship, I see several lines of computer code printed on a paper strip that seems to be part of a scrolling mechanism that is at the back. There are lines printed on each side of the paper strip, but I am unable to see the print on its opposite side.

      One line ends with the value 9876543210. I doubt that this is the correct code, but I still attempt it. It does not work. There is another number with a random sequence of digits, but that one does not work either.

      The third code is hexadecimal, with “EE” in it, the rest being numbers. I try that one, and something happens. An oversized toy bird beak emerges from the window of the toy rocket, generating an odd chirping. As the codes are so easy to find and use, I consider activating all the other toys.

      Study guide:

      1) What are the two main autosymbolic factors of this dream?

      2) This dream has secondary autosymbolism based on ultradian rhythm. Identify it.

      3) What does yellow represent here?

      4) What is a factor that reveals the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state?

      5) Is there a possible interconsciousness factor here? If so, what?

      Study guide answers:

      1) Vestibular system correlation as flight-related autosymbolism (in two simultaneous forms, bird and rocket) and precursory thinking skills correlation as the need to read numbers and enter a code.

      2) The cuckoo clock association.

      3) Emergent consciousness factor, which is a result of increased awareness of the light spectrum.

      4) I am sitting on my bed.

      5) Transpersonal communication with our youngest daughter while in the dream state. Remember that dreams are in real time, not a result of memory processing as disinformation agents propagate.

      Readability score: 71. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 76.

    2. Umbrella Carousel

      by , 07-28-2015 at 08:24 PM
      Morning of July 28, 2015. Tuesday.

      I enter apex lucidity and allow a generic cafe to form (a typical setting in this state) and allow it to transform in various ways and various color schemes until it stabilizes without using any affirmations or practiced mental forms. I decide to remain passive as some fairly interesting umbrellas form. However, instead of walking around until I trip over something and fall forward out of the state (in a hypnic jerk) I find myself rotating the angle until everything is upside down. I watch the umbrella turn and it reminds me of a carousel for some reason (though no actual carousel appears, or rather, the umbrella does not change that dramatically as features sometimes do regarding wherever the attention flows).

      Two unknown girls appear from the periphery of my perspective and seem to enjoy the “umbrella carousel” ride. I think it might be better to just change it into a carousel (and perhaps even right side up) but I do not. For some reason, the gravity seems lighter in this location. Other random characters appear and disappear over time. I vaguely notice people walking upside-down on the “ceiling” (sidewalk) below but I do not feel disoriented. The umbrella cycles through several different styles and colors over time with only happy and passive emotions expressed. I am not that concerned about the world being “upside-down” above me. (I do not feel upside-down as in past dreams where I did different types of maneuvers - it seems of “normal” orientation.)

      After about fifteen minutes, the focus shifts into a different dream state where I am in bed (as I am in reality) in our home on W Street. A toy flying saucer, seemingly the same one from the old “Uhny Uftz” episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (first seen at age four on September 29, 1965 in La Crosse) but probably about one-fourth the size, is bumping against the light bulb in the ceiling in the living room (where there is not one in reality as the socket had disintegrated a few years ago) like a moth would do, not doing any damage to either itself or the bulb. I think of my mind as being four and clearly remember thinking the voice from the episode was saying “Oomy Oops” (even hearing my four-year-old voice say it vaguely, or perhaps it was actually my youngest son). That amuses me for a short time, but not for long and I catch myself wandering how I got to that point.
    3. Toy Vending Machine

      by , 02-22-2015 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 22, 2015. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,597-03. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

      My gadget dream starts with my youngest son’s birthday (which was in real life recently). My attention is on a miniature Coca-Cola vending machine that changes over time. I look into it from the upper part of the back, and it is bigger inside. I see metallic mechanisms in the inner compartment. The toys are within the mostly hollow mechanical sections instead of the front for distribution.

      I retrieve a couple of items from it. I look farther down and notice several cut-out daily black-and-white comic strips taped upside-down over the internal silver walls. One, with four panels, features crows flying around and seemingly attacking Mary Worth. I think about taking the comic strips out to read, but I do not as they seem too far down to reach and pull out.

      After I examine the inside of the toy vending machine, I give my son two of the presents from it. One is a raccoon figure (possibly a windup toy) and the other a jigsaw puzzle, made from packing peanuts, of a squirrel. It is in a small transparent pillow-shaped bag. Zsuzsanna cheerily complains about its quality. We leave it unopened because of already having an identical puzzle (false memory). I suspect the pieces are too soft to stay connected, and they also crumble. We will likely discard the duplicate.

      The raccoon figure is likely an association with one lost at a previous address, but which had belonged to our oldest son. The puzzle is an association with being in liminal space.

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    4. Gadget Dream

      by , 01-26-2015 at 02:40 PM
      Morning of January 26, 2015. Monday.

      This was a type of typical “gadget dream” where most of my dream’s details are rendered fairly close to my perspective with the in-dream environment not being that clearly rendered or defined.

      I am looking at a toy that I think belongs to my youngest son. I think it may need to be repaired or at least taken apart and checked. I am not sure what it is meant to do. It is like a large plastic device that resembles a suitcase in some ways or perhaps an older toy movie projector. Inside one part is a VHS tape but which functions as a timing indicator perhaps. There also seems to be an 8mm film of Donald Duck which goes all the way around the VHS tape (closer to the outer edges of the containing section) when the device is working, although I have removed and apparently changed certain parts. Over time, the device just seems to serve as a container for some sort of View-Master-like toys in different compartments. The general appearance and inside changes quite dramatically by the end of my dream.
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    5. Horseless Rocking Horse

      by , 01-17-2015 at 07:17 AM
      Night of January 17, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,561-03. Reading time: 55 sec. Readability score: 55.

      I am in a calm, relaxed mood in our present home on W Street, but I realize something eerily dynamic is in the area near where I am resting. I see a horseless rocking horse “rocking” on the ceiling (in the same manner as if it were on the floor but upside-down) a short distance from one side of the room. (I also get the vague and barely discernible impression of a robotic spider.) It continues to rock in one spot only for a short time.

      I get a vague impression that I should be “terrified of this nightmare” and yet I am only puzzled and then very mildly amused at the idea and weird imagery.

      This short dream is seemingly a continuation of residual energies from “Rocking Horse Epilogue” on the 16th. (I am feeling more myself again on the 26th after my dehydration experience.) It may be a representation of mortality as dismantling a baby cot (or cradle) represented death before my sister died. In addition to having precognitive dreams of her condition, I dreamt that she and her husband were dismantling a baby cot even though they never had children of their own. (The upside-down horseless rocking horse also resembles part of an arched gateway, including a section that looks like a ladder; other associations with mortality and organic or spiritual change as well as inherent dream state autosymbolism.)

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    6. Lions in the City, Toy Scuba Diver, Street People

      by , 09-14-2007 at 08:47 AM
      Morning of September 14, 2007. Friday.

      This was a longer dream than average and which mostly has a very stable and peaceful mood throughout other than near the ending.

      It mostly focuses on two very large lions which roam freely around the area we live. I hold no fear. There is an ongoing idea of what other people might think when they hear or see two adult lions where we are living. At one point, my brother Dennis, whom I have not seen since 1994, is near the front of our house. There is something about him not being able to see exactly where he is on a particular visit either at night or in the day (and it seems to be early morning at the time, perhaps 4:30). The idea directly relates to night and day (relative to the sky) looking the same all the time (being fairly dark), and he complains about it somewhat before walking off. I am not sure if it is his state of mind or his eyes that are the cause of this. (I believe this related to his unusual real-life habit of visiting relatives, especially our sister, no matter what time of day or night it was.)

      Again, the lions generate no personal fear at all. They are probably more like “guardians” than pets, but still “belong” to me to some extent. The sound of the male’s roar is very loud and raspy and just like the one I heard in real life years ago. Its mane is very large and flowing. I can hear their breathing.

      I touch the lions gently and with respect. Later, several unfamiliar girls are petting the lioness as it is resting near one area in the yard. About five or six pet her head at the same time and she seems to relax and enjoy the human company. Other people are visiting and do not seem to be afraid. Only a few people on the street seem likely not to approach, but only undesirable people such as potential burglars it seems.

      Not much happens, other than, again, a general good feeling throughout, and the two lions walking about in various areas near our house. They do come inside now and then.

      There is also some cooking going on in the large kitchen, but some drunks and street people (whom I do not know) walk around and make very strange comments. There are friends around, but I am “sleeping” with my head on the table for a short time, still aware of everything. One stranger mentions something about how eating cookies makes your hair fall out, seemingly in the idea that one hair per cookie falls out, I believe, and they complain about some other food.

      Later, my wife’s oldest sister calls me into a very large room and starts to joke about the strange street people there. The “joke” is supposedly really funny and relates to their inability to notice things; something about seeing everything in the house except for the toy scuba diver (which is similar to the Marx Nutty Mad but more normal, I think), which does not really make much sense. She is holding the plastic figure and pointing to it, laughing uproariously, saying how they saw everything except for that (it was in a cardboard box with three or four other toy figures including an unfamiliar toy walrus). My laugh is insincere, as I only pretend to understand why she is laughing so much, which also has something to do with an opening near the oxygen tank (it seems to have something to do with the oxygen tank containing alcohol instead of air and that is how they “cope” when “diving” or some such). The hole has a design that is also the Earth symbol, which is the simple design of the circle with two perpendicular intersecting lines inside of it. This is the point around which I wake, as my fake laughing is somewhat of a task and changes my focus and awareness.

      The parts with the two lions is much like a recurring dream I had a few years ago for about a month, although that involved two bigger-than-life-sized stone statues of lions that “guarded” the front of our last house and only came to life when certain undesirable people came around - and then they were eaten.
    7. The Toy Steam Shovel

      by , 01-15-1974 at 07:15 AM
      From January 15, 1964. Wednesday.

      This is an old recurring dream from around ages three to four.

      I am in a large old house with two floors and a large staircase. Some of the design is based on mahogany constructs or veneer at least. There is a familiar smell, somewhat like cinnamon at times, but later, a lot like that seemingly old but strong unusual wood scent (and for me, very nostalgic) that I used to smell when walking by certain old apartment buildings that had a wooden staircase and with an entrance door open to the public at street level. I only know of two locations in real life where I had caught that special scent in such a perfect way - one of them being the Rose Street apartments - which no longer exist, the other being in an area I only walked by a few times in another part of town.

      The house is possibly partly based on Evelyn W’s house in real life (on Tenth Street in La Crosse) which was a place I visited as a young child and picked out “Little Red Feather” (which I have included details about in other entries) to keep, as I was given a choice to take one of the toys inside the large “toy box” (actually a large laundry basket) as my own and I chose a red plastic Native American figure in a kneeling position. I should point out that my wife Zsuzsanna had an imaginary friend called “Little Red Feather” (also as a child) long before we met, which is of course, only one of hundreds of very precise and incredible meaningful “coincidences”.

      In my dream, an unknown dark-haired and green-eyed lady comes to the house to give me a toy steam shovel. I am not sure why; I do not think it is for my birthday or for Christmas.

      Not much happens in my dream, though there is somewhat of a sense of being isolated at times. I sense the woman is “for” me but I will have to grow up and wait a long time before we meet (and she does not remind me at all of my mother in my dream, who I never saw at this younger age anyway). I remember standing around in the semidarkness at one point, wondering when she would return.

      It seems my wife-to-be (who was not even born yet) is somehow already in my path (or at least the detailed essence as such). There was no question on the appearance. She gave me the steam shovel “to dig or build my path to her”.
    8. The Pink Machine Gun (Augmented Revision)

      by , 07-29-1972 at 03:29 PM
      Night of July 29, 1972 to morning of July 30, 1972. Saturday night to Sunday morning (my dream had at least two “resets” and recurrences).

      Finding things or validating unfamiliar scenes directly after dreaming specifically of them (typical precognitive and remote viewing hybrid) and with additional meaningful synchronicity:

      Additional notes: While doing more research on my important clarifications and revisions (due to it being one of thousands of records that for me validate remote viewing and precognition hybrids - the main governing purpose of dreams), I discovered an additional oddity. This dream was obviously, in part, influenced by “War of the Worlds” (1953), seen earlier this day (July 29), as well as part of the “Miss Universe Beauty Pageant” prior to sleeping. What I found was that “War of the Worlds” originally premiered on July 29, 1953 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, my seeming placement in New Jersey at one point in my dream may actually be due to my association with Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost’s supposed “New Joisey” accent, and the television station likely showing it on this date purposely as an anniversary tribute (otherwise the odds are 1 in 365 by chance alone). Even so, it does imply synchronicity for me, albeit, in a more subtle way.

      The Pink Machine Gun:

      In my dream as a boy (age eleven, and during summer break), I had a toy machine gun that I was somehow able to defend myself with against invading hostile aliens (even though it did not fire “real” ammunition in-dream - it just made that clacking sound) - though the events sometimes seemed to be in the early 1950s (I do note 1953 on one billboard) as if out of a movie - and at times, perceived from a secondary perspective (for example, I watch myself look over a precipice at one point, viewing this from a lower perspective). At one point, the aliens seem to be “invading” a beauty pageant, yet remain mostly unseen. They are more human in appearance than the ones from “War of the Worlds”.

      The toy machine gun had that pinkish Pepto-Bismol color like certain other features that were in my dreams at times (often the result of a mild stomachache during sleep), but eventually was a darker green. That (having a toy gun or even a real one and fighting the “enemy”) is probably a fairly common dream theme for a boy (or for that matter, anyone). However, my dream introduced a certain special feeling, an overwhelming curiosity about the real world relative to a certain location and the realization there were areas close-by I had not fully explored. I was also walking through a large round culvert as if going between towns or safer locations (though the one near our house in reality, you could only crawl through with difficulty).

      I suppose aliens actually represent everyman from my view - or “normal” people and mainstream consensus. Because of my continuous so-called unusual and unexplainable experiences over every day of my life, even more so due to their continuous additional validations (thus discounting the typical “imagination” or “coincidence” cop outs), it makes sense that I see a greater part of the human race as “alien”.

      In real life, solely due to my dream, I was compelled by the dream “residue” to explore our culvert in Cubitis. I had never been down to and certainly not inside the one in the front area of our house but I decided to try it. In the very middle (and I had to crawl in - my mother warned me later not to go in there again due to possible pesticide runoff) and found a section of a toy machine gun; the handle and some other parts that looked fairly old and a larger spring, the remains of which had the “presence” of what I had actually felt in my dream. I kept it for a few weeks out of curiosity but eventually threw it out. How it got in there, especially that far, I have no idea, probably a boy that had lived in the area years prior - an engraved date on one piece was 1953. The concrete block house itself was fairly new, newer than the culvert and highway.

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