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    1. The Town that hid the Aliens

      by , 03-05-2014 at 09:38 AM
      Morning of March 5, 2014. Wednesday.

      The first section of the dream is more vivid and blissful compared to the second half. It starts out with watching the very dark nighttime sky (viewing to the north is implied) and seeing green and orange patterns in various locations, mostly above the twenty degree viewpoint. The patterns are unnatural but beautiful. At first, though, it seems to be the result of natural but amazing rainbow effects (with all the rainbow colors only at first) that somehow scatter over the moon and clouds. Over time though, I notice a Yin and Yang symbol made of evenly divided green and orange light (which I first thought was either a reflection of some kind over the moon, or some sort of “reflection” of the “altered” moon from elsewhere); that is, one section of all green, the other of orange, almost like orange and green commas in the sky (one rotated 180 degrees) and connected to each other. There are a couple more isolated solely green or orange patches that are somewhat rectangular but very irregular otherwise. Other clustered patterns of green and orange (often together in equal proportions) are in the sky. Some are superimposed on clouds, others on their own. This all seems to be evidence for alien activity and using the town as a “landing point” or “beginning location”, but not necessarily with a threatening implication.

      Later, I seem to be with a few unknown people at an unknown address which is like our last home in Brisbane but somewhat different. Extended from one side is a larger, longer garage-like structure where the driveway would be. I talk about the activity in the sky but there is a man who denies seeing anything.

      Over time, upon several occasions when incidentally looking in a particular direction, I see something almost human-like, but much smaller, running through an area of the garden and behind a corner. A couple of times, I almost think I see wings on the “creature” as well (at this point, likely a real-life reference to a draco/“winged” agamid/flying dragon I had for a brief period when young - though I guess it mostly reminds me of a basilisk lizard), but the figure is very indistinct and always moving at about a forty-five degree angle from my forward view. There also seems to be some possible distortion caused by the outdoor light and the fact that the “creature” is zigzagging to avoid being seen (faulty dream “logic” - zigzagging would not actually prevent someone from being seen). There seems to be some drama associated with the viewing and others taking notice, but in the end, it seems I am the only one who regards the forms as unusual or out of place. I start going off on a rant about how the town is supposedly hiding aliens. I am not angry about the aliens, only about the town hiding them from the world or not admitting to their activities, especially regarding the evidence in the sky. Although there are a couple times when the figures seem fairly large compared to other times (about half the size of an adult human), they seem to be smaller and smaller over time. At one point, it seems they may be only about the size of a larger insect (such as a dragonfly or large grasshopper) or perhaps even are insects mistaken for aliens. There is also the vague awareness of the old comic book scenario where a giant shrinks at the same time he is running to appear to be running away much faster.

      Finally, I manage to corner an “alien” in the garden (or so it seems at first) and grab it with my left hand. It is actually a baby blue tongue lizard which does not try to escape. I hold it gently in the palm of my left hand. I do not question how lizards could run around upright on two back legs, but this one is smaller than the first creatures I had seen running around and first assumed were aliens. I inform the man that had been denying everything that I had caught one of the creatures I had been seeing (which everyone else eventually claimed that they did not see or at least see anything unusual about - again, taking into account regarding how a lizard could run on two back legs). I hold the lizard up and it actually speaks quietly into my left ear, saying something about the alien presence in the town. For some reason, I do not question this - I guess because some kinds of birds can talk so why not lizards? The lizard is not an alien yet I am aware he knows all about the aliens and will reveal everything to me even though none of the people will. I ask aloud, but softly, where the aliens came from. The lizard says “B'nishia”.

      I tell the man that the aliens came from (planet) B'nishia. He looks astounded. “How did you know about that?” he asks tentatively - not about the concept of actual aliens in the town, but about the name B'nishia. He does not seem to acknowledge the fact that I am holding a lizard at all, let alone possibly communicating with it. Not much happens after this.

      Originally, when hearing “B'nishia”, I got a strange association with “beneath ya (you)” and “Malaysia”. In addition, I found this about one type of lizard which seemed to be in this dream: “These ‘Jesus Lizards’ can run across water for short distances.”

      More here: http://blue-opossum.tumblr.com/post/...ssing-airplane

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    2. More on the Yin and Yang encounter and the Fiddler

      by , 02-11-2014 at 03:43 PM
      Morning of February 11, 2014. Tuesday.

      The Barton Ministry was the first Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 1 January 1901 to 24 September 1903. My father was born during this time. Coincidentally, on his birthday, because the “fiddler” theme has just popped up again, I found a surprising old article. (The “fiddler on the roof” was ironically Jesus in an old childhood dream.) On the day of my father’s birthday there was an article (in an American newspaper) of a “celestial being” (in description) of a boy who played the fiddle. He was from, of all places, where my wife’s father had lived in Hungary. His name was Kun Arpad, but no one is sure what happened to him (well, at least certain people - I am sure there are/were many who know/knew). At any rate, another surprise - my wife just happened to find a second-hand DVD of the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” at just the “right” time - and for a dollar - right after the “96 Tears” book.

      One dream from just prior to contact with my wife the first time was incorporated into my unpublished novella, which I had sent a copy of to Piercing Eyes in the PAIA. This novella had a scenario of a man being chased by a chubby fiddler up and over a hill with a group of other people in the very loud, somewhat discordant music - one of my most vivid dreams, not quite as vivid as such as the quetzal and silver sebright “union”, though. It also featured elements of 1901 and earlier. One person I had sent it to was so overwhelmed by the precognitive facets in it (including the eruption of Mount Pinatubo exactly as in the story - among other things) that they could not even accept it and tried to convince themselves that the postmark was somehow in error and that I had sent it to them after the events mentioned (9-11 was detailed in very precise ways in the same story, even with lines about the flames coming out on both sides of the building - but that event came years later).

      Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 after my wife and I had been writing for a short time. Coincidentally, my wife had written to someone prior to this for a short time (before our first contact) and relating to the Ifugao people which I also wrote about in my story - based on a dream with several levels of precognition of events over about a year all-in-one. This was a time when synchronicity was truly surreal - other people seemed to be experiencing this as well, and I know of at least one book on it regarding twin flames (Yin/Yang match-ups) and such (there were even large “no smoking” signs featuring the Yin/Yang symbol) - one person claimed that 22 led him into “Hell” with it being the only number he heard randomly from various sources for several months - whatever - this is just the “me too/two” mentality at one level, I suppose - but the world did not end (even though “two” is the English word that represents entropy) - and I found my own endless “22” repeats from everywhere and anywhere amusing, not alarming. Not only that, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines was, of origin, on my father’s birthday (including the year). “Presbyterian missionaries in the Philippines in April 1901 invited missionaries of other evangelical churches to a conference to discuss the possibility of working together in the proclamation of the gospel of faith alone as the only way of salvation for Filipino Catholics, Muslims and pagans.”

      After seeing a lot of old intriguing videos and going over documents, and my wife going through a huge number of older photographs, I went back to where it began (at least on one level - technically it began before I was born). I noted the overhead view of near where I was born has a design that resembles the eight-spoked wheel (which I have seen in many forms including the “We Can Fly” video). Standing and gazing out over the ocean as a young boy - I pondered how long it would be before we were together. Standing out looking over the ocean - exact to the degree - of where she was being born.

      More on the article about the “fiddler”:

      “Kun Arpad, child violinist, now became a political pawn in a larger game." (The pawn is a negative, apparently, variation on the 22, a two flipped and superimposed on the other as I had shown in another entry - however, being a "pawn” of the universe is not always a negative association).

      “In Boston, the Journal of Education said: ‘Why should one little boy be denied the privilege of working in a shop by day while another is allowed to work at night, work that is vastly more harmful?' A 9 year-old boy playing a violin was no match for the political machines at work here.

      In August, Kun’s name appeared again in the newspapers, but this time in the society section, where he was described as entertaining guests at a few house parties in Newport, Rhode Island, the fashionable address for New England’s wealthy elite.” (where the old Cowsills “We Can Fly” video, which I had just seen for the first time in years, was filmed - more intriguing synchronicity.)

      Tevye: As Abraham said, “I am a stranger in a strange land… ”
      Mendel: Moses said that.
      Tevye: Ah. Well, as King David said, “I am slow of speech, and slow of tongue.”
      Mendel: That was also Moses.
      Tevye: For a man who was slow of tongue, he talked a lot.

      …from “Fiddler on the Roof

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    3. Comet Girl

      by , 08-15-1990 at 02:15 PM
      Night of August 15, 1990. Wednesday.

      Prior to contacting my wife-to-be for the very first time in waking reality, I had a very vivid dream of two comets orbiting each other in a very close spiral pattern and becoming the Yin Yang symbol for a time. The feeling of Fall/Autumn seems slightly enhanced. The pattern of the two “comets” eventually turned into a Paisley design after moving apart again. I am also aware of one-half of the Yin-Yang symbol floating out over the ocean (seemingly from another country far away), like a sort of intelligently guided swirl - and I feel a sense of peace. It moves in a circle, but at times becomes comet-like again - leaving a trail of subtle sparks and brilliant wavy lines.

      After several minutes, the swirling light becomes of human form and “lands” on the shore, near the ocean. (The original objects appeared to come to me from the south.)

      It turned into a girl named Amelia (wearing a Paisley dress) possibly of about seven to nine years of age (no older than twelve), standing on rocks a bit out from the shore. I “knew” she was my future daughter Amelia (in complete contrast to when my “mystery girl”, that is, Zsuzsanna, appeared in a dream). She is seemingly wearing an old-fashioned dress with a blue and gold flower design.

      There is also a curious feeling of peace and assurance that seems to be coming from some sort of “superior force” (of nature?).

      The Paisley design represents another subtle form of the Yin Yang symbol for me. This was a fairly common “pre-anniversary” dream, where the date prior to the precognitive link matches (in this case, my real daughter’s birthday). My wife-to-be, without any clues or cues from me, told me that she liked the name “Amelia” and thus we decided on this as a first name before we even met.

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