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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Pool Party; How not to pick up a girl

      by , 01-23-2012 at 06:30 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Pool Party

      I was in a swimming pool. There were multiple DC's, but I rarely look at any of them. I did not see any of them last night.

      I looked up into the sky. I saw clouds moving in from either side. In the middle was another set of clouds clearly making a hand. I couldn't quite believe how perfect a hand the clouds formed. Then I noticed the moon was the index fingernail. It made more sense then, and then it seemed extraordinary again.

      I asked some of the other party-goers if they could make out the hand in the clouds. I wanted them to see it before the other clouds covered it up. I counted the fingers on the hand twice. There were 5 fingers both times.

      I then realized I was wanted by the International police for drugs and guns. I ended up getting out of the pool for some reason, and going through the corridors of an airport.

      I ended up telling the guards I was wanted by InterPol. I then turned around and tried to find my way back to my airport hotel room. (?)

      There were lots of people, hall ways, and rooms, but I found the right way to go. I called out and my daughter answered. Having found her, I now found myself back in the pool.

      There were guns at the bottom of the pool, and the police had shown up. I didn't see them, but I saw a gun under the surface of the water pointed at me. It seemed to have a glowing outline, and was an odd looking weapon that we don't have in waking life.

      I was scared by the gun. I knew the guards at the airport told these police that I had said I was wanted by InterPol, and I wondered why the fuck I would say that to the police.

      The cop wondered if I might have any automatics, or a revolver. He explained how a revolver spins around with an ugly look on his face. I played scared and ignorant.

      I walked out of the pool and found that the police were led by my father's second ex-wife. I showed her a cylinder from a revolver I had found at the bottom of the pool. I asked her if it belonged to her gun. It was partly true, but somehow it was part of a stash of guns that I had had.

      I thought if I asked if it was hers, it would show I didn't know anything about it. I then realized that I seemed to know about these gun parts for some reason, so I was only giving myself away.

      The lady thought I was in on some drugs too, so she said something about the cylinder not being hers, but she would just go smoke a joint. She wanted to see if this peeked my interest.

      I saw a couple joints, one of them wet, on the ledge of a wall in a tray. The police woman didn't notice. I bumped her on the arm hoping she would notice but she didn't. I told her she was missing all kinds of opportunities.

      The End

      How not to pick up a girl

      My brother saw several girls playing some kind of ball game. He wanted to interact and impress them, so he rolled over to them. It was controlled, but looked uncontrolled. He created a circle by touching his toes. He was a perfect circle and started rolling over to the girls.

      Soon he was rolled up much more tightly, rolling. He started bouncing. Being rolled up into a ball was supposed to be the easiest on the body (which it would be), if rolling.

      He ended up bouncing up very high. I thought it must have hurt when he landed. He then rolled in a tight ball between the legs of one of the girls. He unfurled there as he had come to a stop. It seemed reasonable to end up there since he'd been out of control trying to roll without getting hurt.
    2. Video Game; Killer Car; At old GF house

      by , 04-29-2011 at 01:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I have been playing zombie games with my boy.

      Last night I dreamed I was playing a game where you had to shoot these zombies,
      but they looked more like slugs that stand up, which is an idea that a friend of mine
      had in waking life. The interesting thing about the game was that there were clouds
      that you had to blow on or they would form a dragon.

      It was a cheap looking dragon, but I remember at one point, after we had blown the
      clouds apart, they started coming back together, and watching them start to form a
      dragon was really neat.


      I was outside somewhere and it was night time. A limousine pulled up by a curb under
      a tree where it was even darker. It was an old limousine. The paint had lost all its luster,
      and it didn't look like any old limo I've ever seen. It had a grill like a truck on a
      tractor-trailer. It was a giant square grill.

      Then, the grill opened like a mouth. It was a devil car. The grill opened to reveal another grill
      behind it, on which it said something about sex. Super evil. Then the car started to talk with
      the inner grill moving up and down so it was more like a mouth. It told some guy that he had
      to kill some people or the car was going to kill him.

      This guy went into a room where there were a bunch of servers that held information on
      people around the world. He started pulling some kind of cards or mother-boards out from these
      shelves of servers and destroyed them all. Somehow this translated into killing hundreds of
      thousands of people around the world.

      Then I saw his boss and some other guy who didn't even seem to care. I thought that they
      didn't care because the damage was done and there was nothing they could do about it.

      Dream skip:

      I'm in a room that is like a museum. I see a ceramic pot that I really like, and it is teetering on
      edge because someone placed it incorrectly. I was upset and tried to fix it, but only succeeded
      in knocking it over. It fell about 7 feet to the floor and bounced a couple times only barely
      nicking it.

      (This was a replay of when I was 15 in waking life. I was changing a light-bulb at
      McDonalds and it dropped from waist high. It landed perfectly on the top of the bulb--the glass part,
      and bounced back up. I had no idea it would bounce, so I didn't have the presence of mind
      to catch it, though if I had bent down a little, I could have caught it. Instead, it fell back down
      and shattered.)

      Anyway, dream skip and I'm in bed with a stranger. This isn't strange somehow as in my dream
      this happens a lot. I always snuggle with my partner, but it is not sexual. It is just being close
      at night. I kiss her on the forehead and she tells me she doesn't want me to kiss her, so I apologize
      and roll over. Her body was still touching me, so I try to scoot over. I tell her that I am at the edge
      and can't move over anymore.


      I'm at my first girlfriends house and she is telling me something. Her dress comes up a little and
      she exposes herself a little. I look at her in the eye, but enjoy her accidentally flashing me.