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    # 69

    by , 07-29-2013 at 06:24 PM (799 Views)
    I've been trying to log only my lucids, but my memory fails me now. I'm convinced that steady journaling of my dreams aids in more complete memory of all my dreams. I'll set up another page for my regular dreams so I can continue logging only my lucids here.

    I've been lazy with my cycling, but I woke up at around 5:00 AM and decided to cycle. I didn't do do much, and the cycling was disturbed by itches and other discomforts, but it didn't seem to matter. I ended up going lucid. This technique is like old faithful for me.

    # 69

    I was in a strange house. I don't really remember what was happening, but someone was leaving top-shelf alcohol in my glass. I would finish what the person didn't drink, but I knew something was wrong. After finishing the end of a second glass, a woman appeared and said something about it not being community alcohol, though she said it some other way, and did not get upset about it at all. In fact, she started pouring me more.

    I liked her even though she was about 10 years older than me. She was sexy and I think I got to see her breasts.

    I started thinking I might be dreaming, but was afraid to take the woman. I looked at my hands and they were split so that I could see air through a couple fingers. I put fingers from my other hand through the cut slits in the other fingers to prove I was dreaming. I still didn't believe it, but I took the woman and paid close attention to whether she acquiesced or not. She never flinched.

    Soon I was with a girl who was much younger than her, but I think she just turned younger. I put my hand up her shirt and felt her up. I pushed her bra up and saw her tits. Then I undid my pants and put her hand on me.

    Then two guys walked in. One had an assault rifle. I started to beg for him not to kill me, but then I stood up and started to beat the shit out of him. My punches didn't have the umph I would want, but I kept punching and got the better of the guy with the rifle.

    I never got back to the girl before I woke up.

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