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      by , 06-14-2013 at 05:59 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      • I might have been better rested going to sleep
      • I went to the bathroom and did some very brief cycling.

      I was walking in an enchanted forest or something. I went deeper and deeper. I eventually took a path at a fork in the road. When I turned back, I went the wrong way at the fork. I walked to a lake with blue water, but I thought it was the path, so I ended up walking in the water.

      The water was deep very quickly, and I realized that it was an evil lake. I called it the mucky lake or something like that. The ground was soft and I was very uncomfortable as though I'd disturbed something.

      I turned around and went the other way at the fork. I soon came to a clearing and I was out of the forest. As I walked, I quickly saw several large wooden structures. They were like speakers, but made of wood. They were about 10 feet tall and wide with these huge concave dishes inside.

      I realized I was dreaming, and so I took off in flight. I have been having some reservations about porting through solid objects, so I flew down, ended up flying really fast, and flow right into the wooden structures.

      First one. I was either going to go through it, or hit really hard! I went through. I did this two or three more times until I was in a warehouse. I flew to the ceiling in the warehouse and then came down.

      I ended up walking around and found a bald guy in a room. I was happy to meet him. It was as though we had a special connection. I asked if he was lucid. He said, "Not really." I was thinking, "Why not? I just brought it up, so you should become lucid!"

      I floated around a little, and then came down feeling heavy. I didn't want to come down, so I tried to get tough for some reason. I tightened my muscles, gritted my teeth, and growled, as though that would help me fly better. Then the bald guy did the same thing. Neither of us flew.

      I started to leave and
      lost lucidity.



      I dreamed there was a carton of lice about is big as a large box of BB's. They were crawling around happily. I've never actually seen lice, so I looked at them.

      They were bigger than lice in real life, about quarter inch long. I knew they were bad news, and eventually one was crawling up my arm. Then I noticed there were several on me.

      I started catching them and squishing them. I was terrified they were already in my hair. My fingers became tacky as I squished them.

      Talking lucidity

      I had a gathering at my house out on the patio. I was talking to J. F. about a guy I work with A. He was having a dry spell of lucid's while mine were picking up.

      I lay down on the cement and put my feet up on the little wall when everyone started going inside. I thought everyone was playing some kind of trick on me because it seemed organized, and I didn't know what was going on.
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      by , 06-12-2013 at 03:36 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      • I had some car trouble yesterday that scared me a bit.
      • I woke up to use the bathroom and decided to cycle.
      • About a month and a half ago I was shoveling fertilizer and got stuck in a mud pit.

      I was at the end of a neighbor's driveway talking to a cop. He was going to help me with my car as it was giving me trouble.

      The cop got in and started my car and ended up going off the driveway onto the soft ground, where we got stuck. I started crying saying, "What am I going to do now" over and over.

      Then I realized I was dreaming. I did a hand rc and went through my usual routine where I had 5 fingers, but after staring at them I had 6. I sat there and counted a few times to be sure and they went to 7 and then 6 again.

      I decided to punch the cop in the chest, and then I asked if he wanted me to pull his heart out. I reached my hand into his chest, but couldn't find his heart.

      I may have had a false awakening. At one point I remember trying to go back to sleep and feeling my body buzz, and trying to relax and go with it, but I was having trouble falling back asleep. I think that was an FA.

      Dream Skip

      I'm at school and can't remember what the class is doing. Everyone leaves except this one girl. I look to her for help but she doesn't want to help. She gets up and leaves also.

      I got up and feel stoned and nervous that someone is going to question my red eyes. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands but there is no sink. Where there would be a sink, there is a Port-a-poti urinal. I left disgusted.

      Dream Skip

      I am in some other building and I'm getting something to eat. I see this older black lady feeding from another woman's breast. She is a vegan, so she didn't want to eat any of the food at the cafeteria we were in. I was thoroughly disgusted...again.


      I had another dream where I made it with some hot chick. She was so hot that when I was done, I was trying to do it again.
    3. Lucid February ToTM Attempt; Germany; OGFJx3; Vaulting; 260z Maniac

      by , 02-03-2013 at 10:51 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid February ToTM Attempt

      I was driving a boss in my truck down the highway. The windshield fogged up, so I rolled down the window a little. I started having trouble staying in my lane, but I got it together. I felt as though I was drunk or tired.

      Then I got off on the wrong exit. I started trying to work my way back onto the highway. I got over one lane and started going back onto the highway, but then the road took me a different way. I was afraid it was the wrong way on a one-way street. I kept going until the road ended when I realized I was dreaming.

      I then drove off the road, phasing through a chain link fence. Then I wasn't in the car anymore. I was afraid I was going to wake up, so I closed my dream eyes and started floating in blackness. I settled back into a deeper sleep, but then I was afraid I would lose lucidity, so I started saying, "Task of the month. Task of the month."

      After two repetitions of that, I was ready to begin. What was the task of the month? Look for a dream flower and give it to a DC. Great! I started flying around looking at a WINTER landscape. Mostly everything was brown, but I did find very small flowers.

      First, I found small blue flowers that I'd seen in another dream. I thought this was unoriginal--almost cheating, or simply boring and not really trying or something, so I continued to look for other flowers. I found some more flowers of red and white like Candy Tuft. I picked some white ones. I still wasn't happy though because I thought that I should give a more substantial flower. A tulip or a day lily or something like that.

      Then I woke up.

      As I tried to go back to sleep, I heard my phone alarm which I just set yesterday to give me subliminal messages. "Reality check. Reality check." Louder and softer. The phone was on WAY too loud, but it was in another room, so again, I don't know if the alarm infiltrated my dream, or if my new friend SSILD worked.

      I've spent more time on SSILD than I have any other technique, and I've gone lucid 2 days in a row. I simply don't know which stimulus is kicking me lucid. Oh well. That's the right problem to have.

      I was just inside the border of Germany, looking up a hill at a little city or amusement park inside its own walls. buildings were all gold, or looked like gold. There was a place next to it that was also inside a wall. For some reason, I wasn't able to go any farther than just inside the border of Germany.

      It was as though my car had broken down or something, and I was on a time limit. I forgot exactly what the problem was, but I had a false memory that this had already happened once, and it seemed like such a terrible waste that I would be there twice and not be able to see the country.


      I was outside looking at a park bench and there were two girls who looked similar to J. I likened that to torture. Then I realized I was with a girl who looked like J. Not exactly, but close enough. I was pretty happy.

      All of her teeth were rotting, so I took out a hack saw and started sawing the bad part of her teeth off. Once I thought I went down too far and would hit the nerve, but I didn't. I think that was the point of the dream right there...now that I think about it.


      I was holding a horse for someone. It was a female horse. She was acting up and I called her name hoping she would settle down, but she was acting wild around some other horses. Then came the good part. I was now standing on the horses rump with the reins held firmly, but not pulling on the horses teeth.

      The horse bucked, but I stayed on the horse. I felt like a master vaulter. Then the horse bucked again and I stayed on, but I was now about to slide off which I eventually did, but not until people had noticed how awesome I was.

      260z Maniac

      I don't know how these dream frags stitch together properly, but I was unlacing a shoe because a missed one of the holes on the right side.

      Then I was watching a Charles Bronson movie. A guy asked him if he wanted to be an Ace. They kind of brought up the idea of going to war to Charles, and he was game. It seemed pretty reasonable.

      Then I was outside. I think I was coming out of a public bathroom...with some other people. Walking out, they stayed in a shadow. I walked out farther and into the light. I had a false memory of a 280z that really looked more like a 260z--trying to hit me. Then the white 260z did come after me.

      I tried running away, but as it came at me, I ran up on the hood, went to a knee on the hood, maybe, but eventually the car was gone and I was safely on my feet again.

      It turned out Evil Knievil was driving he car. Now he was in a bathroom hanging over the door. I jumped up to knuckle the back of his hands a couple times and then walked away.

      I went back to "our" car with a couple other people. One person was upset about something. I noticed a medium sized turtle standing on its back legs and told the person to look at it as it was pretty cool, and maybe she would feel better.

      The End

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    4. Black Panther Behind My Bed

      by , 03-09-2012 at 05:38 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A black panther was growling behind / under / beside my bed. He was very close and very angry. I was just waiting for him to attack.

      In my dream, I was in bed and had been sleeping. I was now trying to open my eyes, but I couldn't.

      Then, the panther was a cat. I still couldn't open my eyes, but the growling was now the purring of a cat. I could feel it's cool breath on my face.

      I think there is some connection with FA's and becoming lucid. I felt close to lucidity in this dream, and I considered this an FA. I'll keep tabs on it.
    5. Lucids: 12.10.2011 - 12.12.11 w/monkey squirrel

      by , 12-13-2011 at 05:24 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was in a room. I was tired, so the room was dark and the dream was not vivid, but I was in a room and there was a man and a young man of about 14. I ended up with my face up against the man and began to be smothered. I must have had my face in the pillow.

      I then must have moved my face as I could breathe again. I then saw the man again. I don't know why, but I began to realize I was dreaming.

      I wasn't going to let the man make me feel smothered again, but I ended up walking inside him, as if I were a ghost taking up the exact same space as him. I closed my eyes and imagined myself or my spirit radiating outward and filling him until he would explode or something.

      I was then free of him. I then was with the young man. I grabbed his collar and flew with him. He was so heavy, I started drifting downward, but I found a sofa, and very close to it, I dropped him. He acted as if it was a far drop, but it was only about a foot.


      I don't remember when I became lucid. I do remember that I thought I was lucid and finally had the wits about me to do a reality check to verify if it was a dream. At first, I had 5 fingers, but then I lost my thumb. I kept looking and it stayed gone, then my fingers got really small (creepy). Then they curled up as if to make a fist, but they were all small and nasty looking.

      I decided to try to throw fireballs. I was not successful. I tried throwing them at a man, possibly the same man from my dream a couple nights ago, and I tried to throw them at a tree. The man explained it as having to do with being at a certain place, but I told him I wasn't near that place.

      That sounds like a dull lucid, but it was important for me to have this particular dream.

      Later I had a dream that I can't remember well, but I do remember seeing a monkey squirrel. A little boy caught it. We gave it marshmellows hoping it would stick around long enough for me to get a picture with my phone, but ran away.

      It was a squirrel body but it had skinny monkey arms and a tiny monkey head. I don't remember seeing the tail. It ran on all fours.


      I've gone from 10 lucid's to 16 in about 2 weeks. Let's hope the trend continues.

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    6. Someone Stole my Trailer

      by , 05-13-2011 at 06:33 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Yesterday iwl, someone talked to me about a 16' trailer I am trying to sell. It is locked to a chain link fence.
      The guy, Noe, looked the trailer over and picked up the lock. I wondered why he would do that. I suspected
      he only came up to see if it was locked up, and after talking to me, he realized it was. It was odd the way he
      picked it up for a second and let it fall as if to say, "This is a cheap lock" or "Oh, it is locked."

      Anyway, last night I dreamed that there were two fences, one for the back yard and one for the front, and
      there was about a 4 foot space between them. It was wasted space. Then, I knew I had to see if the trailer
      had been stolen, so I look back and sure enough it was gone. The funny thing was, it seemed as though a laser
      had sliced the fence in half. The line was going slightly downward and perfectly straight. It was intense for what
      little of a dream it was, just thinking about what would have cut the fence like that.

      BTW, in waking life, I still have my trailer and the guy never showed up today to buy it as planned. I'm going to
      come down on my price today. Aren't you glad to know that?
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    7. Video Game; Killer Car; At old GF house

      by , 04-29-2011 at 01:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I have been playing zombie games with my boy.

      Last night I dreamed I was playing a game where you had to shoot these zombies,
      but they looked more like slugs that stand up, which is an idea that a friend of mine
      had in waking life. The interesting thing about the game was that there were clouds
      that you had to blow on or they would form a dragon.

      It was a cheap looking dragon, but I remember at one point, after we had blown the
      clouds apart, they started coming back together, and watching them start to form a
      dragon was really neat.


      I was outside somewhere and it was night time. A limousine pulled up by a curb under
      a tree where it was even darker. It was an old limousine. The paint had lost all its luster,
      and it didn't look like any old limo I've ever seen. It had a grill like a truck on a
      tractor-trailer. It was a giant square grill.

      Then, the grill opened like a mouth. It was a devil car. The grill opened to reveal another grill
      behind it, on which it said something about sex. Super evil. Then the car started to talk with
      the inner grill moving up and down so it was more like a mouth. It told some guy that he had
      to kill some people or the car was going to kill him.

      This guy went into a room where there were a bunch of servers that held information on
      people around the world. He started pulling some kind of cards or mother-boards out from these
      shelves of servers and destroyed them all. Somehow this translated into killing hundreds of
      thousands of people around the world.

      Then I saw his boss and some other guy who didn't even seem to care. I thought that they
      didn't care because the damage was done and there was nothing they could do about it.

      Dream skip:

      I'm in a room that is like a museum. I see a ceramic pot that I really like, and it is teetering on
      edge because someone placed it incorrectly. I was upset and tried to fix it, but only succeeded
      in knocking it over. It fell about 7 feet to the floor and bounced a couple times only barely
      nicking it.

      (This was a replay of when I was 15 in waking life. I was changing a light-bulb at
      McDonalds and it dropped from waist high. It landed perfectly on the top of the bulb--the glass part,
      and bounced back up. I had no idea it would bounce, so I didn't have the presence of mind
      to catch it, though if I had bent down a little, I could have caught it. Instead, it fell back down
      and shattered.)

      Anyway, dream skip and I'm in bed with a stranger. This isn't strange somehow as in my dream
      this happens a lot. I always snuggle with my partner, but it is not sexual. It is just being close
      at night. I kiss her on the forehead and she tells me she doesn't want me to kiss her, so I apologize
      and roll over. Her body was still touching me, so I try to scoot over. I tell her that I am at the edge
      and can't move over anymore.


      I'm at my first girlfriends house and she is telling me something. Her dress comes up a little and
      she exposes herself a little. I look at her in the eye, but enjoy her accidentally flashing me.
    8. Over Japanese Nuclear Plant Disaster

      by , 04-06-2011 at 05:08 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Background note: I used to work at AIG. I did some unique, creative work for them which they liked. I was "promoted" a few times, but never rewarded with rank or title; but I was given better work. The used me for two years.


      There was more dream that led up to this but I forgot it, so I start out in a strange vehicle flying over the Japanese nuclear disaster.

      With the plant shut down, they are releasing all the sea water being used to cool the spent rods back into the ocean as it will be diluted by the rest of the ocean.

      I was being flown in a long box thing with windows. It flew by jet power or something. I looked down and saw the water rushing. There were officials overseeing the operation on top of secured train cars with water almost touching their feet, but they were safe some how.

      The driver of my vehicle swoops down very fast and erratically and comes very close to the water, but we kept circling. It was like we were the news. Then, the driver becomes this Armed Forces guy--very serious, and he DOES go into the water...and we are not enclosed anymore. We have to hold our breath!

      We go deeper until my head is under water. WTF?! The guy doesn't even warn me? So we are cruising deeper and deeper and I think this is pretty ridiculous now, and soon I need to come up for air.

      I make it back to the top for air. Now I feel like I need to save the other guy, so I take four deep breaths to get oxygen back to my brain, I started feeling better, and then I went back down to see how the guy was doing.

      Now I'm with my dad. We are all in Army attire but kind of futuristic (my dad was in the army), and we are lined up as if at a bank. My dad and I are signing papers.

      My dad said to me quietly, "See, I've never had to sign papers with three other people." Only three people were signing the paper, but that is what he meant. (His point was that someone else could change something later and then his signature would still be on the paper, and he didn't feel comfortable with that.)

      Soon, the person behind the counter was an old boss J.H. I was going back to work with her at AIG...kind of. The papers I was signing indicated permissions. I was allowed to map drives on my computer to Google and certain other programs.

      I asked about it for more information and J.H. told me how my dad and I were signing the papers because I was known for talking a lot before. I couldn't get my argument out in this dream of how much I did for this company, so I said, "When do I get a promotion?!"

      At this point they let the cat out of the bag. J.H. pointed to a man on her left and said I'll be working with the devil.

      Fuckin' A! I looked at my dad realizing we were in Hell. Then, very quickly, I realize this I'm in a dream. Cool! I decide I'm going to bitch-slap the devil! I turn to my dad and say, "Watch this!" Then I walked around the other side of the counter and told this bitch of a lady who knew I was going to Hell, "Watch this! Hey...watch this!" I couldn't really get her attention.

      I woke up. Still, of all the times to go lucid, I was really happy for that moment!
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    9. Prediction and Practicing a Dream Goal

      by , 03-22-2011 at 06:46 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Prediction: I am going to have charged dreams tonight. I hope to go lucid.

      I had my first day of trucking school today. I drove a tractor trailer. This should be a great stimulus to induce great dreams. Also, I'm going to pretend to shoot fireballs from my hands and watch things blow up before I go to bed. I am hoping acting out will help me go lucid and have better control. I will then try to enter my nightmare.

      I have been talking with someone on DV who suggested that I pretend as I did when I was a kid, whatever my dream goal is. Much of that conversation took place last night. Before going to bed, I spent a little while pretending that I could shoot fireballs from my hands. Then I went to bed.

      I was in a park. A DC told me to pretend with my Dream Goal, so I started pretending that I was shooting fireballs at trees, that they exploded, and the explosion blew me backwards.

      The DC didn't seem to be impressed by my ability to pretend. Soon the DC tells me to look down the hill. I see my daughter with a lighted ball. This represents some kind of success. It is "like a fireball." It was pretty cool, and I suppose it was a great tool to pretend it is a fireball.

      My daughter throws it up to me, and I turn and throw it up to my son. We play this for couple throws until one time I throw it to my son and it doesn't make it all the way to him. It starts to roll towards him, but turns and goes across the street.

      The next thing I know he is across the street with the ball. I run over to him and explain that he has to look both ways. It is a $1.00 ball that I can buy again, and nothing is more important than him being safe. At that point, the ball was not the lighted ball anymore.

      This wasn't what I wanted for last night, but at least my intention came through in my dreams.

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    10. Alien Slave and Lucid Flying

      by , 03-20-2011 at 01:46 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Note: Yesterday I met my brother and his wife and their 1 1/2 year old son at Stone Mountain. I asked both about their LDing. I later went to a friends house and we went back and climbed Stone Mountain to see the "super moon" last night. It was full and really close to Earth last night. I see that as three stimuli that could have helped me go lucid just now.

      I was a slave along with hundreds of other people, to aliens (I never saw). We had built a huge wooden tower and were now painting it. The paint was unnecessarily thick and difficult to use.

      I was working with a group that I really liked including a girl that I liked. We somehow broke away from everyone and made for a grassy knoll. There were some rocks (like man-placed stones we saw at Stone Mountain). I threw some into some trees that lay just beyond the path of rocks. I was trying to hit the trees. Someone else started to do the same. We encouraged him to hit what he could.

      Then I lay down to go to sleep on the hill. I woke up and everyone was gone. I realized I was under a spell that made it really hard to wake up and move. I decided I better catch up with my friends and get back to work otherwise I may sleep forever, or the aliens could get mad that I left and was sleeping.

      I forced myself to get up; I was so-o-o-o tired. I worked my way up the hill and towards the top, very tired, I forced myself to run up so there would be no lying back down.

      I found the tower and started looking for my friends. I really needed to find my group and pretend as though I had been working on it the whole time.

      I worked with them, but then went to a hire point on the tower. I saw myself in a mirror, though I didn't see the mirror. I was wearing a black knit cap and looked like I had had a really rough day.

      I then found the girl that I liked. She could see that I was feeling rough, but I knew that everyone felt rough from working so hard. I felt guilty for trying to gain her sympathy, but I thought it would make her like me.

      I took my black cap off and put on a blue one and I felt much better.
      Soon I realized I better get back to work again. I am back on the tower looking for my friends. They are the group at the top painting. The paint was as thick as the Nutella we ate at the mountain last night, and it was the same color. (You think I carried the Nutella into my dream?)

      I was working around this guy with a bicycle at the top of the tower. I was trying to get to painting. Then someone had to go to the bathroom. I did too, so I went with him. The bathrooms were like something cattle would use. There were these super-long gates to the stalls. It is hard to explain, but I realized it was too weird and that I was dreaming.

      I was a little afraid that if I defected and my job was real, the aliens would be mad, but I didn't think much about it. I sat down in defiance and was lucid.

      I looked at my righth hand. I had written on it with a red pen. I tried really hard to focus on the numbers and make sense of them. There was a long division symbol with the numbers and the word "look!" It didn't mean anything, so I looked up in the sky to see the stars thinking about a recent dream where I did that and saw stars. I saw them again.

      I decided to try my personal task which was to revisit an old nightmare. I stated the address of the house where I had the nightmare. Then I tried to make a ring of ashes appear. I couldn't do it. I tried to make them red hot even though I couldn't make them appear. I saw a place get red hot, but I couldn't sustain it. The next step would have been to have a demon appear in the red-hot ring of ashes.

      I got frustrated that I couldn't make my nightmare begin. I tried to make fireballs shoot from my hand, or to just appear in my hand. No luck, so I started to fly. It was fun but I couldn't enjoy it. I wanted to enter my nightmare, so it was totally disappointing.

      I was flying around my old stomping ground and thought of someones idea discussed in the Lucid Dream Game Idea thread--super-speed. I tried it. It kind of worked and kind of didn't, so I just started flying around.

      There were some bicyclists. The were amazed that I was flying. Someone asked who I was. I gave them the wrong name and then someone called my by my complete real name. I asked how they knew and they said people knew me and were calling out to me.

      I flew through a restaurant. It was really cramped. I made my way out the back and then I woke up.

      Note: Next time I LD, I plan on trying to find my old house. I think I may have better luck if I try to reproduce my nightmare in the proper location. I don't know why I didn't try to fly to my old house. I guess I just didn't think of it.

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    11. Women Want to Host a Show

      by , 03-08-2011 at 04:10 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I have poor recall on this dream, but basically there were several women vying for the position of host for a radio show or as an advertising spokesperson. They were all trying to earn a vote.

      This one lady came up to me and put her face up against mine to seduce my vote. She kind of ended up kissing me, and then knocking me over a couch or onto a bed.

      Her appearance changed to another woman who slid down the covers. She put her face close to my groin. I thought how nice it was, but she could just go ahead and give me what I really want. She kind of starts to, but never really did. I felt good, but I was disappointed I couldn't get her to commit.

      I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. Maybe drinking the perfect amount of liquid could induce a sexual dream in a man without waking him up. Hmmmmm.
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