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    1. Wooden Sculpture; Physical Memrise Points

      by , 12-05-2012 at 04:26 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Wooden Sculpture

      One or two nights ago I dreamed I saw these wooden sculptures. They were logs, but circular designs were cut out all over each of them. I had the option of making a dangerous maneuver--I could hang on some bar and swing my body and hopefully land on the top of one of the log art structures. I did swing and I landed successfully.

      I didn't log this dream earlier because it was short and pointless, but I figured I'd take the opportunity to log it now.

      Physical Memrise Points

      I am addicted to a website Memrise.com. It is a site that offers learning courses. You get points for answers you get right. Last night I was learning several courses, so I dreamed that I was getting points, but somehow they were physically manifested points.

      Not a great dream, but I like to log lest I forget.
    2. Starwars Godfather

      by , 09-18-2012 at 05:11 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Starwars Godfather

      There was a subway type train. Something or someone in the train was moving C3PO using telekinesis. Then I saw R2D2 moving through the air to be taken into the train.

      IWL, I was talking to a friend about Atlas Shrugged. She is reading the book on my recommendation. I also told her she should watch the STAR WARS holy trilogy. I didn't even consider the train connection until just now.

      Some other R2 unit was using that little spinny thing on a rod to try to unlock the train to get (our?) R2 unit. It wasn't working but all of a sudden I was inside the train, so maybe it did work. My boy was also inside the train. He'd been captured apparently. Al Pacino and his father were on the train, though the father was not Marlin Brandau. The father was old and scraggly looking with a long, grey beard.

      Al and his father were somehow advised which train got everyone (?) and someone yelled "They will get us!"

      Al was the God Father. He was young and strong, so he took the lead role in the family. Al's father went to kiss his forehead. That would have been the ring in the movie. So the father goes to kiss Al's forehead as a show of respect to the Godfather but going to kiss his son didn't seem to show the respect to the father, so he didn't kiss the Godfather's forehead after all.

      This all turned into a ruse to fake out other families as to who the real Godfather was.

      IWL I had to use the bathroom. In my dream I asked for a bathroom. The stairs and decorations on the walls were vivid. When I got down to the bathroom, it was right in front of a girl at a table in a restaurant. I said, "I can't go in front of a girl. Then the girl was with a guy. They were cozied up and were going to get married.
    3. It's Peeeeeeoplllllllle!

      by , 08-06-2012 at 11:08 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Journal later:

      Walking up hill and JC gives me a pitcher of beer.
      Sit down at a table drinking with friends. Later, walk up to the table again wondering where everyone went, but some friends and I sit down.

      I see two purple, paper ovals and a dollar.
      Rafting in a man made river.
      BL had taken me there before.
      On raft, a mediocre girl with underwear on and nice package below on me. I didn't want her on me at first but then I thought about her underwear and pulled her down on me.
      Going down river, I know a waterfall is coming, but it's safe.
      We dropped. My wife said, "That hurted." The girl and I were fine.
      I tasted the water. We got out of the river.

      It's Peeeeeeoplllllle!

      I was in a car wit people I've never met. There was plenty of room for everyone. There was a black couple, a really sexy girl and her husband, and some other people I don't really remember well.

      I was people-watching and considering the cards everyone had been dealt. I thought it was interesting that the black guy ended up with a black girl. It seemed so token. There was a sexy gal I wish I'd been able to get with, but that seemed typical too. She was with some responsible guy.

      This guy was eating a barbecue sandwich. It looked really good. He asked if I wanted one and I said, "I'll get something later I'm sure--whatever I get." Then the guy had a camera. He was trying to get a picture of someone. I figured he'd try to get a picture of me sleeping because it was so real, or it told some story of our day.

      I closed my eyes because I was so tired. I figured I'd give him the picture. I couldn't help but close my eyes.

      I woke up and saw it was raining really hard. I looked back and saw we were at the top of a hill. behind us it was raining even harder. The clouds were dense, yet I noticed small cloud patches flying by. They looked like balloons being blown horizontally.

      I pointed it out to someone. Something was wrong with it. It was completely unnatural. The storm had been worse behind us, but now it was over us more. Lightning struck a tree about 20 - 50 feet away. Over the next few seconds, lighting lit up the sky (just a little really), but I saw the lightning bolts strike over and over.

      It began to look as though we were rolling backwards. Eventually I noticed the driver was backing up down the hill. She wanted to get away from where the lightning had struck. There were trees all around, but we weren't really getting away from any. They were all over.

      At the bottom of the hill we were now out of the car. Responding to a comment that we might be dreaming that it is raining, I said, "I much prefer you dream it is a nice day. Then we might wake up and find it IS a nice day."

      The guy with the sexy wife put his computer in a plastic tub that had water in it. He didn't care it was ruined. He thought it attracted the lightning before and said he'd rather leave it there and get a new one later.

      I looked up and we seemed to be at the dock of a warehouse, but the dock platform was up about 8 or 9 feet. People from our car were sitting up on the dock. One guy was hanging out in the dumpster. He had given up.

      Then clothes started falling into the dumpster. Some would hit a concrete platform and the bounce into the dumpster. I saw an old time hat that Humphrey Bogart would have worn with same other piece of clothing and a wallet.

      More and more clothes started falling and I began to realize that that is what the strange clouds were. It was people and they were falling where we had parked.

      My DC's had the dead-pan dream-thousand-yard-stare going. I was trying to get there attention to get back in the car. Realizing what was going on, I knew it was like Soilent Green, but I couldn't help it, and I yelled, "It's Peeeeeoplllllllle! It's Peeeeeoplllllllle!"

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    4. Mermaid

      by , 01-05-2012 at 08:59 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was at a beach. It was at a vacation resort or something. There was some chic in the water who's bathing suit turned into a mermaid costume. For some reason, half of the top was exposing the bottom of her breast as though it were a bikini top. ?

      I didn't get a good look, but others there supposedly had their bikini's coming up also, so I tried to catch a peak with them. I didn't have much luck.

      I looked back at the mermaid and thought it a strange bathing suit.

      Dream Skip

      I'm inside the resort finishing a bowl of soup. I go to get some desert, but first have to put my bowl in the soup kitchen. As I go to that kitchen, the door closes to get in. I'm thinking the door to the desert kitchen is also closed now. That sucked because I was hungry.

      The End
    5. Living a Movie

      by , 11-27-2011 at 06:29 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I recently had a similar dream where I was living in a movie. This time I was watching from the outside, but the movie seemed to be very similar to real life.

      I had this dream yesterday, but I have to record it. Many details are now lost.

      At one point, I was watching a scene from ancient history mixed with pre-history. I was in Rome. There were people who had captured prehistoric lions. Someone ran by with a giant lion.

      There were three black Tyranasaurus Rex's tied up to a horizontal post like horses in the old west. This was an extremely cool visual.

      I had positioned myself to watch this movie where I could see a really nice view. I showed a DC this epic view of a mountain in the back ground under an ominously dark sky. There was a valley in front of the mountain with trees on either side.

      Dream skip to where I am on a flying square. I'm on with three young lady's. The square starts tilting. I can barely hang on, and one of the ladys is making it hard for me to hold on.

      I tell her to stop what she's doing and I grab on to one edge with my feet. That's better.

      Then I'm on the ground with one of the ladys and I lay'd a giant sloppy kiss on her. I was happy about that.
    6. WWII Danger

      by , 11-23-2011 at 04:45 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I should have journaled this earlier, but I have to at least note this dream.

      I was looking at a Nazi. I didn't want to become his prisoner. I realized it was a little odd to be looking at a Nazi, and while I didn't like it, it wasn't as big of a deal as it obviously would have been if it were real.

      I was also near Russian soldiers. They were a much better option if I had to be taken prisoner.

      In waking life, I have a book of personally written poetry. Some soldiers from one of the two sides were looking for my poetry as though it were illegal propaganda or something. I think I started looking for the book so I could hide it.
    7. Good Dream

      by , 08-07-2011 at 03:22 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A couple nights ago I had a strange dream. At one point I was in some kind of boat or raft. I was with a woman I don't really know. We were paddling, and at one point she tipped over and got her head caught between two rock walls. Watter was pouring down the walls like waterfalls. It was really dangerous because it would pull anything down into the crevice. I decided I had to save her in spite of the danger.

      Later I ended up making out with her. I was really happy.
      Tags: kiss
    8. Falling in Love at the End of the World

      by , 07-30-2011 at 01:59 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      It was after everything changed. There was no more civilization. At one point in the dream I heard someone saying how they remembered when you could order a hot dog with catchup, so apparently we were eating rations. Maybe there was no electricity--I don't exactly know. There was a greyish hue to everything.

      I spent most of the dream frustrated because there were old revolvers in perfect working order, but they weren't mine, and there were rifles, but they weren't mine.

      I have enough money in waking life to buy a rifle if I want one, but don't want to spend the money right now. I carried that knowledge into my dream and was so mad because there was not buying a rifle now. Everybody wanted them to fight the people who might come around. At one point I told a friend from when I worked at K & C bedrooms that I just didn't want to become a slave in some roving band.

      He said he would work on helping me find my own gun, but it never happened. I took a rifle and saw a cartoon of a Monopoly character running through a cartoon town. I got him in triple sights on a rifle, aimed ahead of him, and shot. A pretend drawing of a bullet arced onto the paper and killed the man. I really wanted a rifle then.

      Then I was outside. There were a bunch of people, some on a bridge to one side, and some coming up from behind on another side. Right in front of me was a beautiful girl that I recognize from somewhere--probably a movie star or something. She was fantastically gorgeous. Her blouse was unbuttoned a few buttons.

      She came up and kissed me square on the mouth. She was leaving her boyfriend. I hugged her close and I kissed the side of her breast. I actually felt her breast mush in. (Why did it have to be a dream?) She had a nice body. I heard her boyfriend telling me I better buy her two cars. I looked at her and told her I can't do that and if that is a problem she shouldn't have kissed me. She said she was only joking when she kissed me.

      I told her that I had kissed her once before a long time ago, so it wasn't a joke when she kissed me now. I kissed her on the mouth again, then held her close and kissed the side of her breast again. It was vivid and wonderful.

      I had taken 1 Spirulina and 1 B-Complex that night.

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    9. A Little Titty, but Nothing More

      by , 07-11-2011 at 06:26 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was in a room waiting for a football championship to begin. It was weird because I was at the event, but in a room.

      I was with an oriental girl in bed. I was taking my time until she pressed me, so I pushed up her shirt and started sucking on her little breasts.

      I took off my pants, but then she freaked out. I was sad, but put my pants on and consoled her. I told her that
      she is still a virgin and she has nothing to be upset about.
      Tags: sex
    10. Rman's Workbood: Intro to Lucid Dreaming

      by , 06-05-2011 at 02:07 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I always journal my dreams. I guess I fail to note in my workbook when I don't remember them.

      My dream goals are to enter my worst childhood nightmare (which has proven difficult so far), and
      to shoot fireballs or move something with my mind.

      I think that before I can do that, I need to focus on my ADA and triggers more. I used to think about
      it all the time--then when I had a lucid, I remembered my dream goals. The last two or three lucid's I
      had, I didn't think of them at all.
    11. Calculating my miles

      by , 06-04-2011 at 02:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was playing Tetris last night in waking life.

      I dreamed I was calculating miles driven on a trucking run by the
      shape of each leg of the run.
    12. Mail

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:04 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I dreamed that I received several packages from my mother via UPS. In waking life my mom recently sent me a package.
      Tags: mail, mom
    13. Fragments of Houses and Slipping in a Pond

      by , 05-23-2011 at 03:27 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      IWL, I have been looking for house. In doing so, I always take an interest in the garden. Sometimes you can snag a cutting or some seeds.

      Last night I had more vivid dreams for the third night in a row, but I've been tired, so my recollection is week.

      I dreamed I was looking at some houses, but not to buy. One was my brother's, though it was a made up home just for my dream.
      There were some others I was looking at as well, but they belonged to people; they weren't up for sale.

      I was looking at my brother's house a little jealous, turned around, then tried to walk around a little pond or lake and slipped in on my back.
      I was really disturbed by this. It hurt my feelings to fall in. I got out and never really felt wet, but I forgot what happened when I got out.


      There was a cat either in the same dream, or in a dream skip. I forget everything else about that dream.

      I've been working 11 hour days plus home work, otherwise I would log my dreams earlier.
      Tags: cat, houses, lake, pond, slip
    14. Copping; Detailed Emoticons

      by , 05-17-2011 at 03:47 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Last night I dreamed I was in bed with an attractive, long-haired blonde. She was in a tight sweater. Her family was all around us.
      It was like the bed was in the living room or something.

      It seemed I had wanted her for some time, and it would be understandable for me to touch her, so I put my hand up her shirt.
      I felt her breast including her nipple, but then she told me to stop. I tried to pull my hand out, but her sweater was too tight.
      I tried to tell her "OK" that I would stop. Eventually, I got my hand out.

      The dream ended there.


      I also had a strange dream of complex emoticons that created a whole body including stitching on pockets and stuff.

      In waking life I've been chatting too much on DV.
      Tags: emoticons, sex
    15. Video at the Ocean/Lake

      by , 05-10-2011 at 03:20 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was at the ocean. I think I had given my brother a small video camera that you could clip on.
      I was on my computer, watching what the video camera saw. I trained the camera on a young lady
      riding a surf board in on her stomach.

      I looked for the camera to see how I could look down and point and zoom in exactly where I wanted.
      I found the camera was clipped onto a sailboat. I have a friend who's father just bought a 24' sailboat for my friend to stay on in San Francisco.

      I was able to control the camera, and zoomed in on the surfer. She was wearing a read bikini. I tried
      to see her breasts, but no luck. Then I checked out some other ladies, but couldn't see anything there

      Then I was in a lake. I was holding on to a jeep that was floating in the water like a dock. The water
      under the jeep was cold. Someone was poking fun at me because I needed to hold on to the jeep. I can swim, but I don't like the water. I wasn't really upset by the guy, but I decided to show him I could swim.

      I gave him a waterproof, handheld video camera and told him to video me. I gave him time to hit the play button, but I almost dove off before he had time to record me. I gave him just a second, then without
      hesitation I did a back dive into the water. Very uncharacteristic of me in waking life.

      I seemed do dive down really deep. I had plenty of breath, but got nervous anyway. As I swam, I felt my body at an angle like I never started to level off or head back up, so I started swimming upward to get air.
      I swam and swam and started getting nervous. Finally I did come up for air, but that is where the dream ended.
      Tags: jeep, lake, ocean, swim, video
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