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    # 71, 72, 73

    by , 06-13-2014 at 06:06 PM (585 Views)
    I have been really out of this whole thing for a while, but I recently had a few lucids that I am going to jot down very briefly. I have forgotten most of these, but they were all really long, so I was happy with all of them.


    I was trying to strip a girl. At this point in the dream she was like a manikin from the waist down. She had no torso.

    I was trying to get her pants off, but she had layer after layer of jeans on. I really can't remember what ended up happening.


    I ate a girl out well. I had a nice mouthful of her vagina until I started getting hair in my mouth. Eventually I started eating her ass.


    I flew up. I didn't want to get heavy, so I focused above me and just flew. I made it to the top of the tree line. It was night time.

    I ended up seeing a man. I started to fly. I asked him if he knew how I did it. He didn't answer. I asked him if he knew something about the logical part of your mind being off when...?

    He responded, A tornado! (how I was flying)
    Another DC told him, "You would know if there was a tornado!"

    I finally said, "I'm dre-eaming! I'm lucid dreaming!"

    The End

    Each of these dreams were much longer than the salient points I can remember. I enjoyed all of them quite a bit, and I'm really happy to have some success again.
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