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    by , 07-25-2013 at 04:02 AM (719 Views)
    This was another really short lucid.

    I was on top of a building with a bag of money, but I was thinking in my head, "What if someone had a bag of money and--." It was a stereo typical,drawn, two-dimensional bag with a money sign on it." The bag was drawn.

    Then I saw The Greatest American Hero on top of the building with me, but his hair was a little flat, and he looked a little gay, so I called him the Gayest American Hero, and realized I was dreaming. Realizing I was dreaming, I thought I would trick The Gayest American Hero. I "fell" off the building with my bag of money, but I fell a foot and then hovered, while the Gayest American Hero flew down expecting me to fall.

    I then flew back up, but typical of me, at the top of the building, I needed to help myself with physical force.


    I had another dream where I saw an old woman who was so old that her skin was gone and she had a layer of clear skin. Her eyes were big like eyes from a sponge bob cartoon.

    I had a ball with gell and little hard, clear tear-drop shaped plasticy things. I squeezed the ball and one of the plastic things came out and landed on the old lady's leg. She was a bit disturbed, so I apologized and pulled it off of her a bit embarrassed with myself.
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