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    * The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the dreams of our nights.

    1. Lizards and Snakes; Atourney and the Monster; The Dog and Flying

      by , 01-30-2013 at 03:15 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lizards and Snakes

      There were a bunch of baby chamelions. Then a snake came and had one in it's mouth.
      A narrator started explaining how all the lizards were being eaten, and then there
      were many snakes and they were all eating a lizard until there were none left.

      Then the narrator started explaining how the lizards are vulnerable when they are out
      of their homes, and he started explaining about their homes. He explained that the lizards
      lived in a little hole, and I'm seeing everything that is being explained.

      The lizards would chew a little home from wood and have their babies in the home. Then
      the babies need to chew their own home, and in that time, they are vulnerabl. In this case,
      Snakes had eaten every lizard that was running around, but there was a whole where some lizards
      had been spared. They came out and there was a whole batch of lizards that survived.

      Then one of the snakes was making his home. It was an Eastern King snake, and it made its "home"
      by crawling "hard" into the ground, but again, the snake crawled in a piece of wood. The snake
      carved out an indentation in the wood as though it were crawling through sawdust.

      The snake was crawling around me. I wanted it to crawl around me, so I stayed very still
      so it wouldn't go away or bite me. It started crawling around me and I thoguht it was awesome.
      He was about 3 feet long and very pretty. Then I noticed that a bit towards its head, the snake's
      body was torn. It looked like the nylon from old pool chairs. I felt bad for the snake, but it
      also signaled trouble. Then the snake looked at itself pretending it was going to bite itself.
      This was just a ploy to not draw attention to the fact that it was going to bite me, which it did.
      It didn't hurt, but it was annoying.

      Attorney and the Monster

      This was such a cool dream. I was watching Perry Mason. His table was in the middle of a huge, empty
      room, and surrounded by a little wall all around him about knee or waist high. This scene later repeated
      with the wall a bit higher. Anyway, that was the opening scene. Moving forward, a man is choking a
      woman on the ground. He doesn't kill her; he merely scares her. She's fine, but she can't get up.

      The man runs away, she looks over and now I see where she is looking. There is a rock wall like a cave
      wall or something. There are jagged rocks. Right against the wall and kind of blending in, is a rock monster.
      He is made of a line of flat rocks standing on edge getting bigger and bigger as they go to his head.
      It is kind of like a snake, except made of increasingly larger, flat rocks. Its head is like a triangular
      rock, but the corners are way rounded. His expression is painted on with lines drawn in either pink or black,
      strange, but I can't really remember which. The eyes were just lines, as with the mouth, but the expression
      was eerie. He looked evil. The eyes were drawn like lines going up, over, and back down, so like a frowning face.
      the mouth was just a line also, but painted on this rock face, and that rock body, all on the ground, it was
      humble and miserable...and wanted to get the girl that had been choked.

      The Dog and Flying

      I had a dog that was in a cage I think, on a train. It got off the train. I held it by a leash, and someone
      told me to just try to get him back up on the train.

      I then saw a lady come down from a second story in an apartment, and then come out through a closet. I figured
      I could go up if she had gone up and come back down. I went in the closet and saw an opening in the ceiling. It
      would be awkward getting up through that opening, but I believed I could do it, so I jumped up to fly through,
      which I was successful at. I ended up in an up-stairs area. I knocked over a telephone because I was still flying,
      though I was heavy and not very skilled.

      I had something like a balloon or something that I put under me. It helped keep me afloat. Now I knock over a
      large, multi-line phone. It falls downstairs. I say, "Watch out!" but it hits right next to a woman who never
      even tried to move. She looked up. I said, "It wasn't my fault!" It wasn't, though it felt as though it were almost
      my fault.

      I dip down again as I'm not good at flying, and went back up as I worked on my belief.

      The End

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    2. Creature Trapped; Bank Robbery

      by , 07-13-2011 at 05:39 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      There was man in a cave. For some reason it started turning into a monster type figure, though he
      wasn't evil.

      He slowly started walking out of the cave. In the middle of the cave was a kind of cave doorway
      without a door. As the creature approached the cave doorway, sideways stalagtites grew like
      cave teeth to block its passage.

      Trapped in the cave now, the creature turned around to go back in the cave. With his back to the
      toothy, sideways stalagtite protrusions, the creature grew wings on the outside of the new cave growth
      while he was on the inside. He was now trapped exactly in place.

      I thought there might be some way to free him just by busting up the rock.

      This was about the strangest dream I've ever had.


      Someone had robbed a bank. I ended up with the get-away car with two bags of money in the back.
      An old ex friend stopped a truck in front of me so I couldn't get away. He knew I had robbed the bank.

      He pointed a strange gun at me and told me not to move. My windshield fogged up and I thought about
      my situation. I decided I would rather die than go to jail. As the fog cleared, I told the guy my decision.
      I backed the car just waiting to be shot, but he never did.

      I drove away and drove into a warehouse. Dream skip ~ The dock door was shut behind me.
      I saw a trailer from an 18 wheeler outside. It couldn't fit in the warehouse. This is residue from my last job driving a truck. I didn't remember driving the trailer, and wondered if it was full of money.

      All of a sudden, it was like a bedroom, but I was still in the warehouse. Someone had set up there bedroom in the warehouse as if they were going to live in it. Then they came around and I was hiding.

      Dream skip ~ I am knocking on a door and opening it to see if it is OK to come in. It is my grandparents house. They are very old. I shouldn't have been bothering them. They are gone in real life and I think my subconscious was incorporating that into my feelings.

      They were so old that they couldn't enjoy grand-kids. The end of like was a great burden and they couldn't
      enjoy other things.