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    1. I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl | Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension

      by , 01-12-2016 at 02:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Live To Serve Her & Flirting With a Girl (DILD)


      Iím on my way to open at work, and the parking lot, if itís even considered one, is so grandiose that getting from point A to B would seem to take a long time, but it didnít. I see a large gray stoned wall that looks like stone doors of some sort. Iím wearing some gray dress pants, and a gray shirt as well, though, before the encounter with a certain dream character, it felt as if I was wearing a green shirt instead.

      Iím in a fairly active mood, and feel so energetic that it slowly bleeds into how I interact with people. The first entity within my peripheral vision was an Asian male thatís probably in his early 20s as me that looks like a parking lot attendant I know. Iím not fixated so much on him other than the fact that heís wearing a bright, lime shirt, and black shorts.

      Heís just strolling around, I guess, and as Iím moving forward, I encounter a blonde female with a heavy foreign accent. Sheís wearing a white vest, and some black pants/shorts. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and as I get closer to her, she professes to me, in a manner of jest:

      ďYou should live to serve me,Ē and smiles. As Iím trying to process the words, I was looking at her reaction to really see if sheís just joking around

      But I couldnít shake off the feeling that there was something between the lines of said profession.

      I basically shrug it off while retaining a transient smile, and go inside the doors that start to open up. Itís this spacious garage with all sorts of stuff that I didnít bother paying attention to. The two main colors that came to mind were brown mixed with a bit of dark violet, and this light turquoise color that has this chalky overtone to it.

      I see two girls that Iíll nickname Bail and ArtGirl10; the former of darker skin complexion, and the other thatís lighter. I fixate on the latter, and she says I look different physically. For some odd reason, I get a surge of motivation to start flirting with her physically. I go up to her, smile, and take my finger to rub her nose.

      She giggles for a bit and asks where I got the shirt, because apparently, it costs like $70 bucks online. I have an ďuhhĒ moment, and we part ways after that. Meanwhile, Bail says, ď3 XXX,Ē and I feel Iím shifted into another dream.


      Shaking Hands to Break Gregarious Tension (DILD)


      Iím inside of a house that is dark brown mostly pertaining to the walls and ceiling, and golden for the flooring; a little nuances of brown blotched in as well. I can see that thereís this indirect gregarious tension with my presence in here, but the individuals remain quiet while trying to find something to distract themselves from making it explicitly awkward.

      To dissipate the tension, I took the decency to start shaking hands with everyone, and they all naturally complied. I reached to the point where I interacted with an obese female thatís wearing this black dress with some dark pink flowers surrounding it along with a fancy black hat as if it was 1930s style, or something.

      I started to hug her for a bit, and as Iím trying to release my grasp, I awkwardly touched the gap towards her armpit, and eventually to the muscles that would connect to the top left region of her breasts. I try to pretend that I didnít notice this, and see seems fairly nonchalant in this being done. I turn around immediately, and proceeded to move forward, and then to the right to go into another room.

      The entrance to the room that I have to turn to the right once more involves this dark red drapery that hangs to the sides like ďY Y.Ē I see there are some chairs that are dark red for the base and back rest, and bordered with golden colors. I go inside to immediately sit, and just reveled in being alone while feeling Iím waiting for someone, or some event to take place.
    2. Plastic Bag Humping, Buzzing, Confucius Gives LD Advice, Picking Up a Chick, Kakashi gives LD Advice

      by , 04-13-2014 at 06:40 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Putting on a Tape Suit & Plastic Bag Carrot Humping (DILD)


      Iím inside a classroom that resembles my biology class at a High School I attended years back (CLHS as an abbreviation for personal reference).

      Iím trying to put on a transparent suit that looks like itís really made out of tape. I ask individuals how to put it on, and when one of them portrays the method to me, it seems more complicated than it seems. How in the world does one put on a tape suit without it sticking to their clothing?

      After a bit, thereís an inflated, and transparent produce bag with a few carrots on the bottom. I put my penis inside, and started humping it. I think there was a competition of who could hump it more, and going for more than ten was more than enough to get by, I guess.

      I think the individuals were cheering me on, talk about ego boosting for inanimate object fornication.

      Kind of reminds me of what I had to do for work today, excluding the humping part and ego boosting, and cheeringÖand my penis inside a bag.


      Buzzing Near the Window (DILD)


      I wake up from my bed, or so it seems, and tried to get back to sleep, seeing how I didnít want to feel too groggy for work, especially with the activities done today. It feels so nice wanting to go back to sleep, back into a state of relaxation and comfort, until something keeps making a buzzing sound thatís extremely annoying.

      I wondered how could something could be so active during the dead of night, seeing how unless it had vision for seeing clearly for night, it would reside somewhere safe until thereís more light apparent. I tried to go to sleep several times, but the buzzing sound keeps pestering me.

      I eventually decided to do a nose plug reality check, pressing my nose with my right index finger and thumb, and was able to breathe just fine. The dream environment seemed to have replicated the house Iím currently residing in to some extent. So, having this in mind, I take the chance to try and go out the usual way to exit the house.

      I proceed by going through the white door, and trying to open it. However, it seems I have to punch in some kind of code in order to unlock it. The buttons consisted of a light milky green color with a rubbery texture. The material surrounding the buttons is white all around, and is shaped almost like a tooth, without the points at the end of course.

      And out of reflex, I seemed to have entered a random code: 90321 I believe, without knowing if it was the right one or not. Unfortunately, the alarm has a very long and annoying beep sound, and this prompts me to try an escape, because I donít know what could be inside the other bedroom in this dream, especially when itís way too dark inside.

      And wanting to turn on the lights was out of the question, since I felt a bit fearful of something randomly coming out.
      Though most of the time, the places in my lucid dreams are often barren, and not really something where random entities will come about to try and kill me, or something dangerous. I probably shouldíve been aware of this before running as if Iím Michael Scofield from Prison Break, ha-ha.

      I go through the living room, and quickly unlocked the door to get out, and now the dream shifts from night to early morning immediately. Now Iím immersed in a virtual experiential reality that seems to be exactly like waking life at first glance, and with more clarity and realism as well. I marvel at this, my breathing, and just my overall existence within this dreaming state.

      The weather, the sensations on my feet against the cold concrete of what seems to be an area where it rained recently, everything felt so real, and then some. After a few seconds of absorbing this experience, I get an urgency to continue running, even though it doesnít seem like anyone is after me.

      As Iím running, Iím changing perspectives where I look at myself running, and it seems to go by in slow motion, and the motion of running is a bit exaggerated at times; it often looks like Iím floating in the air for a good bit, and making weird leg movements to quickly save my descent.

      After watching this for a while, I wake up in a series of false awakenings for most of the dreams below. Fortunately, the nose plug reality check is going to save me.


      Confucius gives LD advice (DILD)


      Felt as if I woke up, then I reconciled with awareness of the experience being a dream again.

      Iím standing on top of a building, and it seems to be early morning, or an event where it rained previously. I see a dream character that looks like Confucius, and heís lecturing to others on lucid dreaming techniques and advice.

      As for actual declarations to recall from him, I can't remember.


      Picking Up a Black Biker Jacket Wearing Chick & Escaping with Her (DILD)


      I wake up once more, only to reconcile with awareness of this being a dream once more. Maybe this was a DEILD, since I can recall those experiences of transitioning back to waking state with my eyes closed, and seeing imaginary simulations of being awake, or maybe itís just a false awakening altogether.

      Iím inside a theater, and it has the usual settings. You know, red carpet, and other warm colors to mask off all those stains from being apparent at first glance. The putrid smell that is also prevalent in theaters thatís like a mťlange of buttered popcorn, weasels, intense chlorine, air freshener, and other chemicals. I didnít take the time to visualize all the major details of the theater itself, but I do know that in the current location Iím at, thereís many paths you could take from the circular base Iím standing on.

      I see an attractive girl, I think, with long black hair, and sheís wearing a black biker jacket of some sort. Underneath that, sheís wearing some kind of milky vanilla shirt thatís fairly tight, and makes her bosoms eye-candy at this point. For some reason, I had an urgency to pick her up, and hold her back, and the bottom of her knees, and run off with her.

      She seems shocked at first, but then kind of goes with the flow, and Iím going with the flow as well. Then the next moment, Iím using my legs to kick anyone that seems to be in my way, and thereís a slight uproar going on while Iím running with the girl.

      This takes ďchasingĒ women to a whole new extreme.


      Kakashi Gives me Lucid Dreaming Advice (DILD)


      This seems to be the last dream in the false awakening chain of events, or maybe the one before it was.

      Iím sitting down with Kakashi, younger version, and heís giving me lucid dreaming advice. However, the advice seems kind vague, and not really something that could be applicable in all circumstances.

      He states that if you find yourself in two conditions:

      • Where thereís little light
      • Where itís too bright

      That one would most likely be dreaming.

      Your non-sequiturs are what prevented you from saving Rin, Kakashi, just as your vague circumstantial lucid dreaming advice is. And that totally was not a non-sequitur, ba-dum tiss.

      Though, looking back, he could be right, especially since I was in complete darkness in the buzzing insect dream, to being in a hyper-realistic virtual experiential reality the next, and then inside a bright theatre.

      But still, the advice is severely limited.
    3. Looking for the Lawnmower

      by , 04-06-2014 at 05:02 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Looking for the Lawnmower (Non-lucid)


      One of those dreams again where I feel like I'm in some kind of alternate hyper virtual experiential reality of waking life again.

      I felt as if I was in waking life, and could feel every sensation of my body, or in this case, my dream body. I'm entering to the garage of a house that seems to be close, or an exact replica of the one I'm currently residing in waking life.

      It seems to be early morning within the dream, and the lighting seems a bit bright, which may have suggested that the temperature would go up gradually over time. I'm wearing a light gray shirt that seems to go all the way down to the mid-thigh region, and I'm wearing a dark blue pants that has very small dark blue, or black vertical lines spread out maybe a quarter to half an inch away from each other.

      I believe I'm wearing a light vanilla cap as well, probably to protect myself from the heat and light. I ask a relative of mine where the lawnmower is, and I believe they stated that they didn't know. I didn't notice until later that the format within the garage was completely different than in waking life.

      I have to proceed through this area by moving one foot a bit higher than usual to go over a few objects, and make a few torso twists to get by. I see the lawnmower is hidden behind some wooden objects wrapped in some kind of transparent material. The perception of how I saw the lawnmower seemed to have changed pretty frequently while I'm on the way of trying to get it.

      First it seems like it's a regular sized lawnmower, then it looks like it's way too small to be of any use for whatever the front yard could be. Then it felt as if there wasn't a lawnmower in the first place. I have to move the wooden objects, and all sorts of things just to get the lawnmower out.

      I can't remember what happens next, things felt too much like waking life as well.
    4. The Guy with the Axe and Gun

      by , 04-05-2014 at 07:02 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The Guy with the Axe and Gun (DILD)


      I wake up, and found myself in an environment that looks exactly like the area I'm currently residing in waking life. Green walls, a bed that's slightly elevated more than usual, and the same material of dark gray carpet.

      I'm gradually becoming more aware that this is a dream, feeling the slight blurry echo effects as I'm moving about inside the house. I hear footsteps coming near the house's entrance, and I immediately motioned myself near it.

      I peek through the hole, and I see a Caucasian male that has dark brown hair, is wearing a yellow polo shirt that's untucked, along with regular blue worker jeans. He's wielding an axe with his right hand I believe, and he's knocking on the door, and spends a few seconds waiting before knocking again.

      I quickly turn in the other direction, wondering where I could find a weapon in case this guy has ill intentions in mind. I decided I should check the other bedroom diagonally to the left of me for something. I hear the knocking, but I try to not let it intimidate me since they couldn't possibly come in.

      Completely wrong.

      I hear the door open, and because I couldn't find something to protect myself, and because I was too fixated on the emotions of fear and panicking, I ended up making horrible decisions, and decided to try and hide under a bed.

      Too bad the bottom of the bed barely had any space for me to hide under, and it would only be a matter of time for the person to find me there even if I could hide under there.

      The individual is getting closer and closer, and he's raising his shoulders up while having his arms at a lop-sided "L" position with the axe, and a gun as well. My perspective starts getting a bit weird, and it feels like I'm seeing things at a slanted angle now, almost as if I'm about to fall down.

      The guy is walking pretty slowly, and the blurry echoes become more prevalent, but I'm too bothered by what may happen rather than attempting to change the dream environment.

      I wake up, because it doesn't seem anything was going to change at the time.

    5. Painting and Fixing a House, Going Through a Castle

      by , 06-19-2013 at 08:52 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Painting and Fixing a House (Non-lucid)


      This dream seems a bit inconsistent, but the overall plot was just to fix a house and make it look better.

      Things start out where I'm in an environment where the gray skies gave an implication that it was about to rain. However, it didn't seem like it would end up that way, seeing as there's a decent amount of activity with dream characters aiming to make this randomly manifested house look a bit better. Although the house itself was just fine as it is, I decided to take part of making it better than it already is.

      To the right of me is a ladder that's about 8-15 feet tall, and the person that's on the right side of it is an elderly woman that looks Asian. She's wearing a light gray shirt blouse or something including a black shirt or some dark colored shirt underneath it. She also has a dark-colored female dress pants as well, and she has her hands placed on one of the steps on the ladder. It seems that she needed help moving it, and I feel that I asked her a few questions on whether or not she needs help.

      I then proceed to go near the house itself, and I get closer to one of the windows and one of the surfaces where random objects were on. It seems people were weeding out some things in the plant pots, and I saw a few small and weird creatures moving about, especially a spider that had an abdomen that was just a circle with legs attached.

      Other than doing random things with the dream characters, I can't remember anything further than that.


      Going Through a Castle (Non-lucid)


      Too lazy to describe this dream because it's just too trivial, very very very very trivial and had so many petty moments to it that it's hard to gather meaning from inconsistent data like this.

      In short, I was just going through a hallway in a castle at night that also had windows opened to allow the moonlight to give a nice blue hue and created small patches of light on the ground, walls, and anything the light can get a hold with.

      I eventually went through a series of random events to eventually open a room where the setting was afternoon and was in a backyard that was very peaceful. There was a pool in front and all sorts of things I can't be bothered to describe.
    6. Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean, Bacteriophages Infecting The House, White Tiger Chase...

      by , 01-07-2013 at 11:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean (Non-lucid)


      First of all, this was quite a scary dream because I was trapped in a room for a while, and it took some creativity and a lucky distraction to get away from Saddler, the main villain in Resident Evil 4.

      There are maybe 2-3 resets in this dream, and there were other dreams mixed into them I believe. The first thing I can remember is simply being inside of a tool shed made of gray bricks and a decent rooftop.

      I go inside, thinking Saddler wouldn't find me there, but I left the door open, and he slowly prepares himself to come in. He takes a peek to see if I'm there, and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm there. For this part of the dream before the reset, it was because I was afraid of what he would do to me that made me shift into another dream.

      Before the dream goes into a reset at that same event, I'm in a first person player dream where I'm holding a gun and I'm running around randomly. I'm listening to someone showing another person how to prepare their gun.

      He screams out,

      "Lift your Arm!"



      The person practicing this was doing the same procedure stated to him, and I was confused on what he meant by "Hold," so I looked at the person and saw they cocked their gun and I did the same.

      I noticed when I was doing this, I get a more detailed version of the gun, and I see #1 and #2 near the holding base of the gun. I decided to press number 2 since 1 was already pressed.

      I hold my arm up, cocked the gun, but I didn't want to shoot. I just repeated the process until I realized I had a different gun. Now I'm shifted back to that same dream I mentioned of me trying to escape Saddler.

      This time, the dream shift skips whatever I did to get out of the dead-end situation I set myself up for with Saddler. The area around me was an island and the borders for this section of the island had light gray bricks that pretty vivid for something that would just be a filler in a dream like this.

      The surface I'm standing on is a trailing path of pure brown dirt with green grass left and right. There's randomly generated trees spaced out maybe 10 feet from each other, but if I remember correctly, there were maybe 2-5 trees overall on this section of the island. The sky above is blue and has little clouds, and it feels likes a tropical environment.

      It feels kind of awkward to have this nice little paradise of an island with evil lurking within in. So I aimed my weapon that's now a grappling gun to the roof of castle-like structure 20 feet away from me.

      I think I'm going to miss, but the grapple just extends a bit further probably to ensure that I get a hold on to something at least. So I shifted my gun downwards a bit and now the grapple is in place. I thought I had to manually climb up, but apparently the grappling gun does an automatic pull for me...sweet!

      So I immediately take a right and head for the sandy beach and find that the water stretching god knows how long. The water is a turquoise type of color that's a bit more on the green side, like pastel green, except a little darker and a bit more yellow to give it a limey kind of color.

      There's a submarine with its top exposed, and I realize I'm riding a balloon like mini submarine. Things are going fairly well for me, and my worries of the balloon like structure popping from sharp objects is eliminated, which allows me to speed up to follow the older man who I believe helped me escape from Saddler.

      I wanted to go into the submarine since the old man was apparently going for it, but he moved forward instead, and I clearly shifted my vehicle to the right. I'm keeping a pretty steady pace, maybe 30 feet away from him, but now I'm shifted to the right, and I think I plan to go on my own into a even DEEPER ocean that's right UNDER this one.

      That's all I remember for that one.


      Bacteriophages Infecting The House (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and basically, there are brown bacteriophages that are about as small as my pinky, maybe smaller than that, infecting this random house I'm in.

      I'm trying my best to avoid them because someone told me that they can cause your memory to degree. They weren't really affecting me, or at least I didn't feel as if they were after me, but I started to get paranoid because they grew by the number at random places in the house.


      Running Away from White Tiger With Black Stripes (Non-lucid)


      There's this female that I'm close to in this very cold area completely saturated with snow.

      There's not much I can remember from this, but I do remember saying something to her, and then I was trying to run away from her.

      She transforms into a white tiger with black stripes, and while I'm trying my best to get the hell away from her, I think I'm saying some cruel things at her along with someone else running away from her.

      The other person does most of the insulting, and I realized that these insults I'm giving to her are petty and just completely disrespectful. I'm pretty sure she was someone good to talk with, but I don't know that triggered this negativity.

      She comes at me fast in her tiger mode, and I'm now in this weird position where I'm controlling my dream body to run away from her, but I also have vision to see what's behind me.

      She's just coming at me with all her might, and I'm barely able to keep up a faster pace than her.

      I noticed the glacier and icy areas I'm passively acknowledging as I'm going maybe 60 mph or even 70 mph, possibly in an animal transformation of my own, are starting to crack.

      But we're going so fast, it doesn't even matter.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Then there's this other dream I had where my father reads my text messages and what's on my computer, and I don't want him to know I have a girlfriend. He seems to be a bit passive, but I still quickly take back my phone and laptop away from him.

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    7. Akashic Records Real or Fake, Calling my Father, Creature, Kaomea PM. Alyzarin commands, and more...

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records Reading Real or Fake? (Non-lucid)


      I remember that I'm inside of a hallway where things are quiet but peaceful. There's a very big book in front of me, and the exterior is a brown color while the pages are slightly yellow.

      The room was a little dark, but there was a window right above me that was conveniently placed right behind the book so that I could easily read it. I couldn't remember the first pages of this book, and I probably wouldn't have been able to decipher them if I wanted to.

      So as I'm going through more pages, I finally noticed something comprehensible. For some reason, that page came out to me, like it tore out on its own or something like that. It stated about me having a 53% of something, and by doing these actions, I would an augmentation leading towards that event being more probable and in my favor.

      It was kind of hard to bear at first, and I don't really recall embracing the magnificence of the Akashic Records, probably because I felt I was in the lower levels of my own Records. The paper showed a graph somewhere on the right, and then there's a table that shows actions I can take that gives me a certain percentage if I accomplish them.

      Then I had this mentality where it was Thursday of next week I believe, or maybe Thursday that already passed for this week. But to be practical, I'm going to presume the dream or astral scenario was for the week coming up after this dream journal entry.

      So if I wanted to be in the clear for the event to be in my favor I had to get at least 10% to make it 63%.

      With the options below on the table, it seemed I had a pretty good chance in making this happen. After realizing this, it gives me a sense of relief,
      but I'm still not sure if this was simulated or not.

      Then the whole experience starts go into dream like qualities, and I see random people like Nick from Young and the Restless,
      so now as I'm typing this, the Akashic Records reading was either:

      - Real, but I dozed off and got the experienced intertwined with a random dream

      -Simulated along with the random dream

      - Real, but how I conceptualize it was associated with how I analyze dreams.

      Now the dream shifts where I'm planning out some of the activities on the paper that's torn out (this was obviously a simulation or something, because I don't recall your own pages actually being able to be ripped off or being able to be torn out.

      It was mostly things related to college, and then it felt like it was Friday, and I didn't have any kind of awareness on any percentage increase. I felt my time here was limited, and that things would start crashing down for me.

      Going into this self-induced pit of negative emotions, I start to phase out of my planning, if I had one, and I can't recall the rest of this experience.


      Trying to Call My Father (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house I'm currently residing for the New Years break, and I find myself trying to call my father. The phone starts blanking out pretty frequently, which irritates me.

      My father picks up sometimes, but most of the time I can't even hear him at all. I didn't bother to check if the phone volume was on mute, but I didn't really want to do anything but to call him.

      The house itself has the kitchen light turned on and the T.V. on the left is on as well I believe.

      There's someone wearing an orange shirt and brown leggings or velour pants in the house that starts becoming annoying after a while and starts screaming, and I'm not sure if it's at me or my father.

      But when she's screaming, I hear the response from my phone. I get confused, and I can't remember what happens after that.


      Weird Creature & Dave Chappelle (Non-lucid)


      There's a creature consisting of orange and a slightly green tentacle. It's as small as a human fist, and it's moving around like crazy where I'm too scared to do anything.

      Dave Chappelle randomly comes into this dream, and I'm trying to throw a ball at the creature, but Dave catches it with his butt cheeks. He starts going random mode on me, and I'm trying to look the other way before things go into the shitter for this dream.


      Kaomea PMs me (Non-lucid)


      Kaomea PMs stating that I could PM her every now and then.



      Alyzarin makes me Respond Quickly (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin wants me to respond to a thread with preset responses, and I do it quickly because she says it to me in a rush.

      I thought I created the thread, which was something related to putting what describes you as a tag or something, but it seems Erii created it before me.

      After reading my reply the second time, I felt this didn't really describe me. Then some random user below me with a Kid Goku picture for his avatar stated how he was going to describe himself, but I pretty much took part of what he was.

      A lot of people liked this, and I feel confused on what I actually did to "steal" part of his identity in the first place. I felt guilty either way, and then as I'm scrolling up to see who liked it, I saw Kaomea and 6 other people liked it.

      I was still speculating what I did wrong, and I felt guilty....lol...guilty over people who liked something that basically makes me look like the bad guy.

      I turned to Alyzarin and told her that she shouldn't have made me do that, and she instant messages me with (paraphrasing here):

      "I tend to do that a lot, get used to it."


      This dream so random and incomprehensible to piece together.


      Don't Bold, Italicize, or Underline! (Non-lucid)


      It's pretty much the whole dream; someone tells me not to bold, italicize, and underline.

      It wasn't like that exactly, she made a blog post on how "Brandon" is violating the Terms of Service by doing these actions. Then she goes on to ramble on and on and on and on.

      Then I looked at the comments that seemed automated and a bunch of one-liners. Then after speculation, I realized this whole blog post was a bunch of BULL, and this didn't make sense AT ALL.

      Could've done a reality check, but nope.
    8. Almost Caught Masturbating

      by , 12-09-2012 at 06:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Almost Caught Masturbating (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a random house, and I remember that I did a lot of things in the dream, but not exactly what I did. I felt tired, and a few familiar faces were going to sleep as well.

      I was assuming me and a few others were guests for someone that I know from New York in waking life. She's remaining passive like she usually is, looking at me occasionally without really realizing that she's looking at me way too much.

      At least in this case, she's focused on something else other than me. I remember a few dream flashbacks where she asked a family member of mine something, and they responded "No" while fixing something on a table.

      It seemed that it required his full attention, which made him end up being laconic to her.

      After that and a few more that I can't recall well

      I'm wearing a pajama set where there's swampish green stripes going down vertically next to a more faded lime green color....so it was a faded lime green stripe, then a swampish green stripe, and so on.

      And now for the fun part......

      ........(warning, a bit graphic)........

      Spoiler for 18+:

      Then I hear footsteps, and someone is calling out my name.

      I had an "OH CRAP!" moment, and I still didn't even get the chance to reach orgasm and ejaculate. I couldn't think straight, and even though I was in the closet, I was still panicking. I decided to use whatever is on my right hand to cover up my boner, and I quickly pulled up my pajama pants.

      The lady was wondering why I was away for so long, and I just tried to look at the ground and not make eye contact with her, because I'm still kind of horny. She scoffs at me, turns around, and I follow her into the bedroom.

      I'm still wondering how the hell I can fap without anyone noticing. I started to create scenarios, since I'll be sleeping next to this woman, on how I can still fap vigorously without her being suspicious. I didn't want to have sex with her mind you because she was a family member.

      I tried to imagine if she would sleep with her back facing me, which means that I could at least align myself where I'm resting on the right side of my body. This way, since I'm uncircumsized in the dream, I could use my thumb and roll around the head of my penis and get a quick ejaculation without making lewd noises to wake anyone up.

      The other scenario is that if she was facing me, I would have my back facing her while I'm resting on the left side of my body. This way, I could use my right hand, but it would be a little too strong for me since I haven't used it in a-------

      Wait, what am I saying...I....I don't............

      You didn't see that!

      As I'm busy formulating ways I can get this boner over and done with, I'm trying my best to make sure I suppress the urge to stroke this eager cock....it's realllllllllly hard to suppress it.

    9. Weird Science Lab Experiment, Two Invaders, Faster Driver

      by , 10-03-2012 at 01:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Weird Science Lab Experiment (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a laboratory where there's just a few long black tables with stools lined up in a row vertically when you're looking the screen this way. There's a list of instructions to do the experiment, and they're pretty easy to follow. While I'm doing so, I realized that the people sitting in the stools on both sides of the black tables aren't really doing anything.

      I contemplated on what was holding them back, and then proceeded to wait for a while for some part to finish for the experiment. Most of the questions I'm looking on the paper seem to be personal queries. Then I remember being around something with a yellow color, and it was very distinct because the lab room mostly had dull colors.

      I read the questions again on the lab instructions, and it turns out that there are more questions on the list now, and they do not even relate to anything to the lab. It's like the whole experiment I went through was useless when the answers just came like that. It's as if I needed to do the experiment, despite it not matching the instructions, in order for the answers to show up.

      And most of these questions are self-help kind of questions like, "Can you Do it? YES!" or something like that.

      Weirdddddddddddddddd, don't know how a means of motivation relates to lab....maybe it's a sign for me to keep being more positive even through rough times?



      Two Invaders (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking inside a house saturated with orange-yellow lighting, and I have growing suspicions that two people will be trying to invade the house. I go to the location where I'm picking up the strongest vibe of this possibly occurring, and I see two random men trying to get inside the house through and opened window. I screamed at them, and they fall back and probably just stand there.

      Before they do something else randomly, I think I go to the other side to open some door to tell someone that looks like my Grandmother that two men tried to invade this random house we're in. She looks left and right, and isn't even looking at me.

      I don't know what happens next.


      Fast Driver (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is being inside of a vehicle, like a Ford truck or a Jeep, and the person to the left of me seems to be in a rush to get somewhere. It's also night time in the dream, and I don't know why I'm in the vehicle with this guy, I have no faith in him being able to drive well at all.

      *sigh* Here we go again with the N-REM randomness....hope this cycle of mine ends soon with a lucid(s) sometime before the end of this month.
    10. I'm a Disappointment + Was That Windhover??, Exam Review?

      by , 09-23-2012 at 04:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I'm a Disappointment + Was That Windhover?? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and I'm holding a shiny gray metal bowl, it looks like the same bowl I have in my apartment that I use to mix pancake ingredients. The house itself resembles the one in waking life that I went to for summer vacation by the end of my Freshmen year.

      There walls in the living room are Pastel Green, the flooring in that same area was dark brown with a nice wooden polish. I think my mother was there as well, which is really something I keep forgetting isn't a part of waking life at all....

      I can't remember the details in between what I did inside of the house, but I think I tried to get out of the house again and escape for some odd reason. I ended up coming back because I was afraid of someone, like my father, catching up and finding me.

      When I came back to the house, I played it off as if I just went outside for fresh air or something like that. Then the dream shifts to where I'm walking with my father in a completely different place, and he tells me,

      "You're a disappointment."

      I looked at him weirdly, and I can't remember what exactly caused him to declare, but I kept trying to talk to him and try to understand what it was that I did wrong. However, random things in the dream keep distracting me from trying to give him a rational explanation.

      This next part is confusing, I can't even tell if I'm in my dream body, or if I'm watching Windhover, or if I'm taking the embodiment of Shiro that's on her avatar from Deadman Wonderland.

      And here's my horrible sketch in the morning of Shiro....aHHHHHH....but it's really how I saw Shiro/Windhover/Me/I Don't know who!!! :c
      (And those hands are Shiro's/Me/Windhover/Idk's hands...the hands look weird..but...don't worry about it xD)

      Spoiler for Horrible Sketch of Shiro:

      Even my thoughts started to become a distraction as well, because the more I tried to formulate words, the more a tingly sensation in my mind would initiate, as if it's telling me not to declare whatever thought came first.

      I saw someone in spectator mode having their arms folded and hands open as if they were really trying to come up with something to say, but failed. I think the Shiro counterpart was wearing a khaki jacket and a white shirt underneath.

      Unfortunately, that's all I remember for that dream.
      Exam Review? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a lecture room, and it's pretty spacious. There's a huge screen that takes up nearly 90% of the whole wall that's far away from me. There's a downward slope, probably to be efficient with spacing, and there are a few people in here already.

      I believe I'm already sitting down, writing things whoever is tutoring us at the bottom left corner is writing.

      It was some math problem, but it seemed it had some Organic Chemistry with Equatorial and Axial positions. I remember the number "5" next to one of the two axis labeled:

      X axis:______

      Y axis:______

      It seems the tutoring session for the exam review was coming to a close, and there was something about the problem that bothered me, so I raised my hand and asked.

      "If you were to put the 5 on the axial rather than the equatorial, wouldn't it be reversed?"

      Something along those lines, and whoever it is I'm looking at, I can't remember their visage well, but they nodded.

      I guess I was right about something.

    11. WILD + Spirit Guide Search Failed + Pseudo Lucid Dream???, Who's That Anime Blonde Chick?

      by , 09-16-2012 at 03:58 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      WILD + Spirit Guide Search Failed + Pseudo Lucid Dream??? (WILD)


      I woke up around 3:23 AM from this. Before then, I believe I had woke up for a while, and was conscious of it. I closed my eyes and was sleeping on the right side of my bed.

      I decided to try and imagine some random image, which was:

      " n_n " emoticon, I sort of pushed my eyes out, and from that point, those sensations started to come back to me. Random numbers, Then a mini Green 0,1 matrix font coming down.....and then more random numbers and images, BAM.

      YES!!!! WILDED LIKE A BOSS!!!!! SUCK IT 20 minute WBTB.....10 second WBTB FTW!!!!!!!!

      Also, this pushing eye my eyes thing while I focusing on one image for a few seconds, and then seeing random stuff appear....I wonder....maybe I should try that again after this entry...


      As the images and numbers started streaming, literally giving me the sensation of having my dream body pulled out and then laid on the edge of the bed, I finally have my dreaming eyes opened without trying to force anything open.

      Good..goood...let the lucidity flow in you LINK. I stay in this awkward position on the edge of the bed where I have my upper breast region, head, and arms on the bed. My arms were spread apart and stretched naturally. My head was on its left side, and I realized immediately that this dream setting is set for night time. I slowly get up, amazed, but still calm, that I'm dreaming.

      Then I decided to touch myself so that I wouldn't be indulged into that excitement, and possibly ruin my dream stability. So I rubbed my chest with my hands for a while, and my thoughts start becoming clearer now, I realized that using the mentality that being exciting or pumped up would be useless, so I might as well just be nonchalant about the whole thing to increase stability.

      For some reason throughout the process of rubbing my chest for a few seconds, I had an image of Madara Uchiha appear with the Rinnegan, in a completely lifeless form.
      Weird.....maybe it's just an afterthought when I woke up...but it just came up when I was just typing this stuff below.

      I didn't pay attention to the surroundings in my bed for too long, though I did see a orange-yellow night light source on the north-east side when I turn my head to the left(since I'm still standing on the ground next to the edge of the bed).

      I saw that there was a huge dresser shelf laid out to the left of the night light as well, and also a mirror on top I believe, but I paid more attention to the shelf instead. It was light brown, had a fairly shiny wood coating on it, and then I decided to do a nose plug reality check.

      I take my right hand, plug my nose, and tried to breathe, and I can't breathe at all. Maybe I didn't plug my nose completely, but I'm pretty sure that I did. I attempted another nose plug reality check, and got the same result. I also felt the lower torso of my body sucking in, except that I didn't feel too much of it compared to if I did the nose plug RC in waking life.

      I did hear that sound where if you didn't plug your nose all the way, it would make that "pbbbbt" sound
      (try to leave a little hole open in your nose if you do a nose plug reality check, and you'll know what I mean).

      A nose plug reality check where I can't breathe through my nose....HA...

      Better resort to the good ol' finger counting! So I take my hands out from the nose plug reality check, look down, they looks like my hands alright. So I started to count from the right hand thumb.

      1 2 3 4 5 6....yep, 6 fingers is definitely abnormal, definitely dreaming. And during this whole process, I finally become cognizant that the moment I turn my body around, I find that there's a door a few feet to the the right in front of me. Something about area feels.......kid like....spacious....there was this feeling, as if I was a spoiled little kid.

      Mind you, I still had my dream body of now, so I wasn't a little child in my dream, even though I didn't look at myself in the mirror. I was sure of this because when I rubbed my chest from before, I felt these slight bumps, and I was most likely in a muscular body than in waking life.

      Anyway, after reality checking, I started to collect my thoughts together, not aware if I'm naked or not.
      (I know I was naked in waking life).

      I told myself,

      "As soon as I open this door, I will find my spirit guide............."

      I slowly turned the knob of the door to the right, feeling the circular edge around it, and opened the door slowly. I take a little peek out without popping my head between the gap,

      "Okay maybe not????? Sorta?"

      I opened the door completely, and it's apparent that my bedroom exit would be next to a kitchen to the left of me. The section to the right of that is completely dark, and I presumed it was the living room of this random and spacious house. I haven't stepped out of the bedroom as yet, but as soon as I did, I noticed my mother is standing there to my right.


      I look at her for a while, and I'm bit shocked by her presence, but I went back to calming myself down and tried not to get too excited. It seems she's wearing clothes that resemble her sleeping outfit. She's wearing a white tank top that had very thin arm strings, and she wore sky blue velour type of pants.

      She had a bit of a stomach to her, and had thunder thighs as well. Her hair is tied up, and the rest of it is curved up into a ponytail style that's balled up. I looked down on the floor a little bit to distract myself and try to come up with something to do with her being here.

      I get close to her and try to reach my hand out to her, but as soon as I try to touch her hand, she immediately retracts it.

      Oh come on now, you're not my mother if you do that, even if I don't know you too much, you were never like this.

      I stand there disappointed in myself, not really thinking too much on why she retracted her hand just now, and to be honest, from the dream I had yesterday about her, there was no point resorting to rage at all.

      She starts to move perpendicular to where I'm at, and as I'm watching her walk to the left, I tried to get her attention again.


      I then tried to make myself larger and tried to scare her, but I failed SO hard doing that. I get my upper torso and arms flexed and tried to lift them up, trying to get the sensation and imagining my body getting bigger, but no luck at all.

      My mother turns around, and she tries to imitate me as well...LOL...She fails in her attempt to grow larger as well. I try it again, just one more try, I did it with so much force that I felt my legs trying to come off from the ground by a few inches.

      My mother does the same thing again with imitating me, and by this point, she's completely useless to me, but I still decided to indulge into the thought that she's significant in this dream region for some region.

      So instead of running out of the house and TRYING TO FIND MY FUCKING AKASHIC RECORDS FOR GOD SAKE OR EVEN MY DAMN DREAM GUIDE, I stay in the house like a good little boy. *sigh* I waste my time for a mother who retracts her body away from me from every attempt of me trying to hold her hand....

      After our little imitation trick of trying to grow larger, which was kind of a cute mother-son bond thing (even though it was obvious this was just a lifeless dream character with no signs of initiative), and her not saying anything to me at all to this point, I still I had a fear about her.

      I don't know, when I was trying to get larger, I imagined her doing some scary shit like having her eyes pop out and her turning demonic or something, but nope....she's just as incapable as I am in the dream of doing these kinds of things.

      Then I hear a grunt from my left ear, and as soon as I turn my head to the left, I see my father trying to get into an erect sitting position as he's waking up. He's wearing a dark blue pajama shirt and pants with a even darker hue of blue stripes going down vertically. He has his eyes squinting at us, trying to see what's going on.

      Out of reflex, or maybe a slight shock, I quickly told him,

      "Oh no! Everything's perfectly fine here....."

      He makes a grunt noise and goes back to sleep, and by the time I turn my head back to focus on my mother again, she's by the kitchen on the left. It seems she's going to heat something up, maybe some warm milk or something of that sort. By this time....I decided.

      Screw this. I dashed to the door, which had a light shiny gray lock on top of it, I turn it to the right or left (doesn't really matter now), and I opened that door and catapulted my way out of there. I slam the door shut, and as soon as I turned my head, this fairly big neighborhood appears before my eyes.

      It's still night time, but I can still make out the contours of the houses around me and in front of me. It seems the house that my parents and I were in just now in the dream is located near a cul-de-sac.
      Ha....a dead-end, d----dOn'T ANALYZE NOW.

      There are a few small bushes to the left and right of me, and I could tell this neighborhood is fairly decent and peaceful.

      I'm surprisingly able to keep running without losing stability AT all...so plus for me..unfortunately...and it's very hard to for me to distinguish if there was something in the middle of the cul-de-sac, I slowly start to float in the air.

      I had no intention of flying at all, but figured that if I'm floating, this means it would be harder should my mother want to chase me, but in all actuality, that was not needed at all. Though I could sense that she was gone at this point, even though I didn't bother to look back at the house I came out of.

      I started to get higher and higher in the air, slowly flinging my arms and legs out, feeling out of balance, but I knew this was a dream, so I still remained calmed. Then my body starts rotating a bit slowly, and I could see that roof of the same house I dashed out from starts to open and remains tilted to the right side.

      A HUGE BEAM OF LIGHT SHOOTS OUT FROM THE HOUSE AND TO THE SKY. It was SO POWERFUL, that I swore it could've been enough to reach outer space...in the dream of course.

      Then I realized....I'm floating BECAUSE OF THAT.

      So basically, the dream environment is telling me like,


      I try floating away from the house, with all my might, but I'm completely incapable of doing so. So I went into "oooh screw it" mode and let the beam of light suck me in, and I'm almost in transitioning myself to wake up, but then I hear some voice....like the voice from the guy from "The Price is Right."

      No, not Drew Carey, the "YOU JUST WON A NEW CAAAAAAAAAR!" guy voice. I don't know where he is, but all I hear is (paraphrasing):

      "Find out how YOU can pseudo-lucid dream as well!"

      Wait wait........I KNOW that when I woke up with my eyes opened for a few seconds, I saw the fan I have in waking life rotating.....I think.....DANG IT, NOW I'M CONFUSED. Do I tag this as a WILD or a DILD contributing a FALSE WILD

      UGGGGGH..But but....how can I have those sensations of being pulled in, just like a WILD, I was in the dream in the first plac-----*cries*

      I don't know anymore! It's a WILD to me.

      Who's That Anime Blonde Chick? (Non-lucid)


      I can't remember much from this dream, but there was a lot of feelings of being hopeful towards a blonde anime female. There were a lot of people in the dream that were skeptical about her, but I still had more faith in her than any of them. She looked like the one chick from that show I rather not talk about. :x

      But if you do find it, "SHHHHHH."

      There were dream shifts where both of us were walking along some thin path. We had to brace our backs against the rocky walls, and make sure that our feet are still on the very very thin walkway, otherwise, we would fall into a seemingly bottomless pit.

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    12. You can Do it, Cafeteria Round Table

      by , 07-21-2012 at 03:58 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      You Can Do it (Non-lucid)


      I took a nap around 2 PM or so, and woke up around 5:15 PM I guess?

      3 hours for a "nap", no wonder my recall of this is better than those skewed recall with 1-2 hour naps.

      I'm following an Asian man, he's wearing a hoodie, without the actual top on his head, has glasses on, and your generic light blue jeans. I don't know why I'm following him right now, but it seems we're both having a decent conversation while going through waves of people.

      He has black spiked hair as well, but it's only spiked at the edges, everything else is smooth. He's making most of the conversation, and I'm just answering what he asks me. After we get out of the airport, the environment shifts to where it feels like we're in some kind of run-down urban area.

      The whole atmosphere just breathes that this area is industrialized. As I'm following the Asian man, I noticed that we're walking on some old and faded out wood. There are a few wood houses and stores to the right of us, but I ignore all of them and focus my attention on following the Asian man.

      I look to my left, and I see a few more wooden houses, but they are more spread out, and they are high off the ground and supported by some long wooden beams. The ground itself is pretty much light brown and sandy dirty. As I continue to limit my sensory input on the environment more to catch up with the Asian man I'm following, I randomly asked the man if he plays Runescape.

      When he responds, he speaks so fast, that I could barely recognize what he said. Instead of saying "pardon me" or "excuse me," I just tried to speak fast too to show that I didn't understand what he declared.

      He takes the hint and speaks slowly, and declares, "HaHaIhave0Range." It felt like a weird name to have, and I even repeated it just to make sure I heard him correctly, which I guess I did since he didn't respond back to me for correction. He then asks me what my Runescape username is.

      "King Wuggles."

      I start to giggle silently because I realized that sounds so silly to admit to someone, and then the man starts laughing more than I did, which compels me to laugh just as loud as him. I continued to block more of the environment I'm in, and it seems it's night time right now.

      I'm finally inside the man's house, at least that's what I think I'm in right now. There's a few light sources, both ranging from faded yellow to bright orange, and I think he said that we can play a game on his Nintendo 64.

      The moment he mentioned that, I started to have images of outdated graphics in my head, but I figured I might as well be sociable to the guy, since I am staying at his place (apparently).

      He turns on the T.V., and it turns out the game that we're playing on the N64 is actually a Basketball game. I didn't really care too much about it, but it was a good time killer. The graphics were actually pretty decent, dare I even say better than actual N64 graphics.

      For the game itself, we were playing in an indoor Basketball stadium, and I think some of the characters' heads were a little bigger than their actual body. I think one of the teams we were using were wearing white outfits and long black socks.

      I can't remember much of who won or lost, and I could care less. The guy disappears, and I assume he's just going out to get something, and then the dream shifts to where I'm outside again.

      It's not night time anymore, but close to it, and I can still see the sun on the horizon. I'm standing on the light brown sandy ground surface I mentioned before when I was following the Asian man. There are a few vehicles that look like your 1960s type of small trucks and cars passing by me.

      I wasn't sure how these people were able to distinguish the proper lanes to be on, since I couldn't see any lines that would majorly help with preventing accidents. I see the house that I was in before the dream shift, and I immediately start running to get there.

      I see a vehicle coming to my direction going diagonally on my right side, which leads me to assume the driver will keep going that path. I run a little faster from this assumption, and she nearly runs me over.

      I pause for a moment, turned around to look back at the idiot trying to run me over, but I knew I couldn't do anything about it. The reason being is that when she was driving, she was either so lifeless to not know where she's going, or she's being too careful to where she's not actually paying attention to the area she's driving at.

      I somehow jump up on top of the same house that's elevated through long wooden beams, or maybe I climbed a ladder, not too sure on that. I noticed the dream environment changes into night time again instead of being in the onset of it.

      The place is empty, and I'm still outside of the small house. It has a square walkway for you to see things outside before actually going into the house.

      After looking around for a little while, I see a HUGE dog that looks like an Alaskan dog, or at least a hybrid of it.

      I thought I would feel afraid when it jumped up, but it seems in the back of my mind that I met this dog before. I even presumed that this was the Asian man's pet as well, and I tried to get its attention by saying,

      "Hey boy!"

      But it doesn't pay attention to me, it simply passes by me and jumps down where I went up. I felt a little disappointed because the dog had this energy that it could be playful and fun to be around. As soon as it jumps off the place I went up, it's like the bottom area was saturated with darkness, and I could not visualize where the dog was going to go.

      This prompts me to go back inside of the small house, since it's getting a little too dark out here. Everything is quiet, and I walk a little bit to hear someone talking. The voice sounds like teenager girl, maybe 16 years of age, or at least close to my age of being 18.

      By the sound of things, she's arguining with her mother, or an older relative. I can't recall her visage well enough unfortunately, but I do remember her wearing a small green hoodie jacket with fairly long strings on the sides to tighten or loosen it.

      She had long and beautiful Platinum Blonde hair. I see there's some food on the table she has her hand resting on, and as I get closer to her, I hear the sounds of the older relative yelling at her. I finally glance over to see that it's a tall redheaded lady.

      She's wearing a long green or gray jacket. She has glasses on, and she has a fancy hairstyle. It's hard to describe it, but here goes. From her forehead, the hair is slightly cut off to be in a straight form, and then the sides of her are short, but both of them have depth and a nice orange shine to them.

      She immediately silences herself when she sees me, probably because it felt awkward to continue yelling while a guest is here. I actually felt I was in the wrong house, but the mother of the girl didn't seem to mind my presence here. The mother seems to be embarrassed that I heard her yell at her daughter, and she turns around probably to go into house clothing.

      After that small drama, I look at the food near the girl on the table. It seems to be some huge sausage with hot dog buns made with white flour. It's inside of a small paper tray, so I guess they went out to buy the food. I take a small bite out of it.

      I can't remember the taste though, but I guess it must've tasted pretty good.

      It realize that we're in the kitchen, and the lights above are the only ones on at the moment. I turn to the girl, placed my hand on her shoulder, and declared to her with confidence,

      "You can do it."

      She asks me what I meant by this, but by the time I could make a response, I forget what happens next.

      Cafeteria Round Table (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting down at a round table in a High School I attended before. Everything outside of the range of this table feels blurry, so I let myself focus on what's in range of my peripheral and main direction of vision.

      To my left is a girl name Sarah, the same Sarah that accepted my request to sit by her and her friends in lunch, since I moved to that High School in waking life, and needed people to hang around with so I wouldn't look like a social outcast.

      I'm wearing long black pants, a gray shirt, and my black winter jacket. Sarah has her attention to me, but it seems I'm ignoring her. I'm still looking at her with my peripheral vision, and it seems she's smiling at me.

      She holds this facial expression a little longer until it's just her mouth being neutral. I couldn't say anything to her or the person to the right of me.

      The person to the right of me is Joel, someone that used to question why I didn't talk to others in the tennis team in waking life. He's looks depressed....like he usually is. It's time for everyone to leave and go to their next class. As I'm getting out of my chair, there seems to be something in the way of me and Joel's path. I think it's just a small backpack where you just pull the string to tighten it, and I kick somewhere out of the way.

      Joel looks down to try and move it, but he sees I already took care of that, and he goes back to looking all depressed and ignoring me again.

      I guess this dream was just portraying proof of how quiet I was at the table when I was a senior in High School....oh well.

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    13. Lunch, Restroom, Hot Sweaty Sex

      by , 07-17-2012 at 04:43 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Eating Lunch and Saincara (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a family's house, and apparently it's the family of a man in waking life called Mo. That's not his full name, but let's go with that.

      It seems outside is either early morning or early afternoon, because it's fairly bright. Maybe it's too bright for a reason, so that I would focus on the interior of the house more. There's a shiny wood flooring I'm standing on, and furniture, the objects, and the house itself are very realistic.

      There's isn't a Half-Life 2-esque kind of graphic style that I normally see, it's real just like in waking life. Mo is trying to get his family to come together to eat with me, and it feels like this meal would be my last in the house for the time being.

      I think I explore the house a little more in the mean time, but I can't remember all that I did. I think I went to a closet to decide which shirt and pants to wear.

      I'm not sure if this experience that I'm going to mention is a separate dream, but it felt connected with this dream.

      As I'm trying to decide what clothes to wear in the guest bedroom, I see some activity outside through the window on my right. I see three characters from Code Lyoko.

      Ulrich was wearing a shirt, with a small dress shirt opened on top of it. He was trying to confess his love for Yumi, and after a bit of stuttering, he finally tells her that he loves her. I assumed Yumi would say she loved him as well, but she just stands there with her eyes wide opened.

      Ulrich is still waiting for her to acknowledge his confession, and Yumi finally takes one step back and shakes her head. She couldn't say anything back to him and runs away. Sissy, the third character that's outside, gets near Ulrich to console him.

      I can't really tell if Ulrich feels bad, to me, it felt like he knew Yumi wasn't ready for that confession, even though they had many many many MANY MANY MANY moments in the actual show that they had feelings for each other.

      Then I believe the environment shifts a bit,
      and I'm not even sure if this fragment belongs here, but oh well, here goes.

      There isn't anyone outside at the moment, there's just a gray bench, and how it's represented is just like the Code Lyoko art style, so I guess it looks like it's painted, but it's still realistic, just a bit. While I'm staring at the bench and the rest of the environment outside, I hear two people talking.

      I focus on one point in the environment outside, and then blank out on the rest, then I see subtitles on the bottom of the area I'm looking at. The two men talking, even though I can't see where they are right now, are talking about some kind of Camp located in Africa.

      The man declares about a location called the Saincara? Something along those lines, and then the guy tries to correct him by saying, "Don't you mean the Sahara?" The other guy confirms that he's not confusing it with the Sahara, and he goes on to explain that it's some lost location on the map, and that it was sort of like a camp for a specific group of people.

      After that little soap opera and Saincara
      (I think it's really Saincara he said now, but I won't go too much into it), I shift my attention back to the closet, I finally decided what I wanted to wear! I already had a plain white shirt on, it looked like it felt tight on me. I wanted to wear a dress shirt on top of it opened. The sleeves were a little longer than the usual dress shirt, maybe 3-4 inches more.

      I decided I should fold the edges up a little bit, and then it felt uncomfortable, so I unfolded them. I go down stairs, and I see the family of Mo are waiting for me and one other random person. I sit down, and there's some random blonde guy, who seems to be their butler or something, and is handing out their food.

      He's a fairly tall man, blonde hair, but he looked a little too old to still have nice hair. He's wearing a fancy dark blue dress shirt that's buttoned up, slim light blue jeans, and a very enthusiastic expression towards everyone.

      He manifests the plates out of nowhere, for all I know, he could've just pulled them out of his ass or something.........

      But no one cared, so I conformed and decided to not worry about it either. I forget what he serves to Mo, his wife, and his daughter, but I do know that they were completely random food objects. When he serves my plate to me, it's basically Guacamole and Chips. While he was putting the plate in front of me, he said the meal's name in what seemed to be in a French Language.

      Must be from all the French talk during my vacation.

      I look at the plate for a while, it's a dark blue plate, and the Guacamole looks like it's LEGIT Guacamole, with some bell peppers chopped up, and some decent corn Tortilla Chips. Before we could actually eat, Mo and his family prepare for grace.

      Now, I may be putting a stereotype here, but I don't think this type of family would be one to use Grace with their cultural beliefs...but whatever...

      Mo is to the right of me, and his wife is to the left of me. He closes his eyes, and she does as well, and they both spread their hands out to me. It takes me a while to understand what they're doing, and then I realized they're saying Grace. I quickly held their hands, and put my head down to listen to what Mo was saying.

      Within 5-10 second, he's already finished with declaring Grace. He says something at the end like, "Thank you God." etc etc., probably for the food on the table.

      I take one chip and scoop a huge load, since I didn't get a lot of chips in the first place.

      The Guacamole almost tastes exactly like the one I had in a Hispanic Restaurant in College Station or Bryan, Tx. It still felt bland, but I ate it anyway, and once I'm done eating, I say, "Excuse Me."

      Seems no one here cares about anyone having basic table manners....oh well. I pick up my plate, and I head over to the sink and put it in there. I see a small plate filled with some Ginger Ale. Eradicating all basic logic in my mind that it's supposed to be in a bloody cup, I take it and drink it.

      I felt the fizz swirling in my mouth, and it tastes pretty good, very refreshing. I try to look to see if the wife was looking at me, because I wanted to pour more Ginger Ale on the plate. I did my best to make it look like I'm looking at something else, and tried to use my peripheral vision to make sure I wasn't trying to do the obvious.

      Seems she's still busy eating, and I guess I was just being paranoid in trying to get another shot of Ginger Ale. I pour it out slowly, and drink it a little slower this time, since I couldn't have a lot on the small plate.

      I forget what I did next, but I believe the dream after this one somehow correlates to this one.

      But about the Saincara thing, I don't have a lot of background on it, but based on what I read and searched, it involves something about how desire is born and grows.

      Hmmm....my desire for what exactly?

      I have several "desires," but I never really fulfill them, or at least don't think that I can.

      Public Bathroom (Non-lucid)


      It feels like this dream was a continuation of the previous one, so I presume that after I left Mo's house, I'm inside a Public Restroom. The flooring is light gray, the walls are dark gray, and the ceiling itself is probably light gray as well.

      The bathroom stalls are dark gray, so even though things are a bit bland for a bathroom, it contrasts pretty well. I see a man wearing a dark gray jacket and hat
      (like the hats that Mafia members wear) and shiny black shoes. He goes into a bathroom stall, and something about that guy bothered me.

      He wore glasses, looked like he was in his 50-60s, and he was holding his hand with his left hand, and using his right hand to cover up the opening of the jacket he didn't button up all the way.

      Maybe he was just preparing to take them off when he was going in the bathroom stall, but because he held that position with his hands before he even reached 1 feet away from it, it felt suspicious to me.

      By this time, I do my business and get out of the bathroom.
      Hot Sweaty Sex (DILD)


      Spoiler for 18+:

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    14. Alyzarin Grinds Me?, Giochemistry, Running on Track Field

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Alyzarin Grinds Me? (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin told me that she grinded me before, and when she told me that, I see what seems to be myelf in first person perspective.

      Alyzarin looked like an anime girl, I believe she had light violet hair, green/white panties that were pulled down near her thighs, and she's getting ready to grind my penis.

      But again, the dream doesn't go all the way, it only shows me some anime girl near my penis, and I'm not even sure if this is my penis anymore.
      Giochemistry (Non-lucid)


      Ha ha ha, way for my mind to TROLL on me. This dream had to happen because I'm worried that I won't be able to get the right courses in for my major. Either my mind is telling me that changing my class to fit my Biochemistry degree is no problem at all when I have to set up an appointment with my adviser, or maybe it's just trolling me.

      I'm inside the house with my father, it seems that it's early morning, because the silk curtains covering the blinds aren't emitting the bright and natural lighting from outside. There are a lot of clothes stacked on the couch and sofas in the living room, though I didn't pay much attention to this.

      I told my father that I'm ready to go
      (to go for for what?). He asks me if I'm sure,


      Then something came into mind right after I sai that, I had an image of some screen or paper saying that I need to finish one of the few steps before I can register for classes or something. Apparently, all I had to do was giving my home address, probably just the apartment address that I'll be residing this year, and then the system is going to give me options to choose some classes to switch, without setting up an appointment.

      The options were:

      (Lmao, what the hell is that? What's funny is that G is diagonal to "B" on a QWERTY keyboard.....this feels like a mind TROLL

      Something medicine, one Genetics course, and something else I can't remember. The Giochemistry that I thought was supposed to be Biochemistry is what caught my attention the most.

      I quickly collect my thoughts back again, and I quickly asked my father what's the maximum or latest time he can reach there.
      Damn it, reach WHERE?

      He declared something, but I forget what it was, guess it wasn't really that important. I go back to spacing out by lookng at the screen coming into mind again, and I have to finish this application until 7 something (I don't know if it's PM or AM though, even if the dream setting looked like it was in early morning.

      I think I look at my laptop
      (THERE WE GO, I'm looking at a laptop now instead of seeing things like I'm crazy) for the time, and it's 6:52 something....

      I have a little "mini-heart attack", and then I quickly calmed down because it would just make it worse with a worried mind. Then for some reason, something in my mind tells me that I forgot to set my timer an hour back.

      What's funny is that the moment I typed that in the dream journal system made by Banhurt, I realized my actual laptop in waking life is set 1 hour after Texas' Central time.....LOL....guess mind isn't trolling on me, I just had to pay attention........yay me for actually making use of the dream!!!!!

      Now that I realized this, it's only 5:52 something, so this makes things WAY easier. I believe the dream skips a bit, since entering a few addresses wasn't that hard. But before the dream does that, I remember the section for the addresses involving two planes.

      Not airplanes, planes like Astral planes, you know, dimensions and all that totality of infinties....hmm...

      I can't remember the two new planes shown to me, and maybe I'm confusing this with "lanes," but still, something tells me these are some kind of dimensional planes I could access in a dream.

      By this time, I ignore my father, not worrying if he's waiting for me to get ready. I think I finally switched two classes, and everything is okay.

      At least in the dreaming world....not waking life....I hope I can drop and add classes like that so quickly.
      Running on Track Field (Non-lucid)


      The dream setting is set to early morning, no surprise there with homologous variation and all that. (Stephen Berlin's usage of that word in his Youtube videos is starting to become addicting to use now =P).

      There's a small boy, and he looks like a elementary/middle school friend I had in waking life. Let's call him Clearance, since I doubt he'll even remember me, or even know about Dream Views. Clearance is wearing one of those sports powerhouses shirts, the ones that are so tight to make you look fit, when it's just there to be some kind of stripper clothes accessory for males. xD

      The outfit is red, and he's wearing black and tight long sports pants, I don't even try to look there, just too disturbing. He's jogging a little, adn then he stops a little to walk. The track field is red-orange, with the white marks as lanes.

      I think I tell him I can run at a certain pace, and I believe it was either 240+ kmph or 240+ mph. I think Clearance starts running to see if what I'm saying is true. He runs a little faster, and I have trouble catching up to him.

      I'm almost catching up to him, but I forget what happens next.

    15. Party and Sneaking, Stephanie's 10 Mill Method, Stupid doors, Girl Party

      by , 06-15-2012 at 02:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Party and Sneaking (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting on a bed with my laptop on, and I have the Runescape Login Screen up as well. Though it's a bit different, it seems the female mage that's usually on there is wearing a different outfit, and it looks a little bit more of a fire element to it.

      I wonder if that could just be my mind predicting what she would look after the Combat Evolution update is finalized? That would be cool, her hair alone would match with fire and lightning type spells I guess.

      Anyway, I see a lady that looks like "K" in waking life. "K" sees the female mage on the login screen, and she smiles at me asking if I like that type of stuff.

      Lolwut? The female mage or the game? I just nod because I would be safe anyway. I get up and do something, can't remember what, but I do know I was at a party.

      The dream shifts, and I ask a child that looks like the son of "K" to help me find something, though I don't know what exactly. It was very late at night, and I someone managed to get into the house of "K's," but it wasn't like her house in waking life.

      The child deactivates the alarm system, don't see why he needs to do that, but okay, better than it going crazy at some random interval in the dream...

      I go upstairs with the child, and he takes me to the bedroom where he and his older sister, who is probably 19-20 years in waking life I believe, and his other twin brother.

      I didn't notice his sister was in there, and the child was showing me around the room. Then "K" wakes up, I can just hear some weird sounds fumbling around some place. The child told me I can hide under the sheets, which where fairly huge, and the perfect hiding spot.

      I go under the sheets and the child helps me, and I basically wait things out. Problem is, the kid didn't conceal me right, my head is still exposed...


      Dumb kid.

      But it didn't matter, because I felt "K" didn't mind having me around, and the fact that I was "sleeping" right next to her older daughter, I could've sworn I sensed "K" smiling, and then going back to bed.

      I don't remember anything else after that, maybe I did things with the sleeping daughter, who knows?


      Stephanie's 10 Mill Method (Non-lucid)


      I honestly don't know where I am in this dream, I just know that I'm in a place with several people inside, and this girl that looks like the Stephanie that I used to be tennis mates in High School comes up with a solution to make 10 Million GP in Runescape.

      The tennis coach announces this to the people in the group, and we all close in on her telling us what to do.

      Here's the funny thing, we're not playing Runescape, elements of it are appearing in the environment we're in. She summons some kind of creature, probably a Pack-Yak.

      I get a little jealous because I didn't think a girl like her would be playing Runescape and have that high of a Summoning Level. I think I told someone something about me having a Pak Yak as well out of jealousy.

      I don't know why I was jealous of Stephanie....
      Stupid Doors (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a house, and it's daytime. I'm trying to close the front doors, but I can't because they can't lock in place properly. I go outside, and there's a covered porch attachment to the house, which was pretty fancy to me.

      It had a wood flooring with a nice shine to it, perfect shade with the coverings, and all that fun stuff. Some random guy comes in, and then as he's getting closer and closer, he looks a lot like "Carl" in waking life. I believe he's wearing a brown jacket, with the feathery texture formed in a ring on the top of the jacket, and is wearing regular jeans I believe.

      He's reminding me of some site he wrote down on a small green piece of paper. I pretend to know what it is that he's talking about, and I turn to my right, and there's the green sticky note paper laying on a small table at the porch we're in.

      He leaves.

      I forget what I did next.
      Girl Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm probably the only male in this dream, I'm in a room with a bunch of females, and it seems that I'm getting ready to put the ceramic plate or whatever material it is somewhere to be cleaned. I follow a few girls to know where to put the plates, and apparently, it's just to get it soaked up.

      Then I have to turn back and go forward and I see "K" again. It seems "K" is checking marks down for each plate going inside the sink she's behind. I put my plate down, and I forget what happens next.

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