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    Linkzelda's Dream Journal

    1. OpheliaBlue and her Short Yellow Dress

      by , 02-02-2013 at 09:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      OpheliaBlue and Her Short Yellow Dress (Non-lucid)


      This dream was like being in another Universe. I mean literally, there's just this weird vibe going on as I'm trying to recall this. I took a nap, and had a lot of random dreams. My dream recall isn't horrible, it's just that I have to wake up early because I have morning classes starting at 8AM for five days straight.

      I don't have as much time to type something if I have to take up at 6:30 AM, Brush teeth, eat food, and then ride my bicycle to class before 8:00 AM. I could try sleeping early, but I don't know, maybe I just have to condition myself to working hard as hell and sleeping early.

      So I'm in spectator mode, and a dream character that looks almost exactly like Opheliablue is looking at herself in the mirror. The area I'm in seems to be a top floor covered with a milky caramel brown carpet that was fluffy. The window blinds were down, but the sunlight was so bright that no artificial lighting was needed.

      This area felt like an apartment complex or something where there are multiple rooms for people. I seem to be coming out of my room or something, and as I see Ophelia looking at herself to see if she looks okay in her yellow dress, I quickly try to hide so she wouldn't notice me.

      She also had red-orange leggings (more on the orange side), and she started to do some pop and lock moves along with snapping her fingers when she does the lock.

      She does some more random stuff, but recalling this for a few days after being distracted, I can't remember everything. I guess she thought she was the only one that was up, and she was enjoying herself dancing in the mirror.

      I can't remember what she does next, so let's shift to what happens next. I get out of my hiding position since she's gone, and I moved forward 5-10 feet from where I was, and then I turn right. I walk passively, and then saw a door to my left opened.

      I go inside to see if there's anyone, and there's a dark-skinned male that resembles someone I know that's probably transgender
      (I'm just putitng a label so I know who it is if I read this later in the future; not implying any kind of discrimination mind you).

      His room is saturated with light violet walls, bed sheets, pillows, mattress, almost everything. He seems to be waking up, and I didn't want to disturb him, and my last memory of him was when he was reaching for a black alarm clock (the stereotypical alarm clock).

      I close the door slightly and gently, and I moved on to the next room that's opened. This time, it was a female, and she also resembles someone I saw in real life as well. I quickly shut the door when I saw her, and it's most likely because I presumed she was just a lame person that barely anyone cared about.

      I can't remember anything after that.

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    2. Dream Views Shuts Down, Amon and Large Ghost Rider, Ordering Breakfast Tacos (SDE Pt.2 Day: 06)

      by , 10-11-2012 at 02:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dream Views Shuts Down (Non-lucid)


      Alex decides to close the DV forums, and Opheliablue makes the announcement that DV will be closing soon.

      It remains inaccessible for a few minutes, then I checked on Meta to find Alex made a thread stating what happened. He decided to sell it to a person who's French.

      Alex didn't state why he had to leave, but I guess he was going to leave everything to the French guy's hands now.

      Eventually, the same French guy who is now admin is using the site for a French class, not for lucid dreaming overall. I get irritated, and there's a bunch of threads that seem to be deleted since it's not related to French class at all.

      I looked at the Notifications section on top of the screen, and saw I have a few likes received. There's one like where I made some post that had some naked lady with her breasts covered by hands. I think I made the post in response to someone who did post pictures of breasts.

      The other likes looked like I posted in threads that died a long time ago.

      Then after all that, the dream shifts to me being outside now, and it seems that the area I'm in has Europe vibe to it. It's a completely new environment to me, and I'm presuming it have a France vibe to it.

      The concrete had rock material fused together, like those little bumps you see formed close together. I realize that I'm sitting down a small bleacher bench while looking at some people to the right/left of me.

      These looked like randomly generated DCs, and then I come to the realization that the new admin really didn't buy Dream Views to sustain the forum, but to make a new site for French classes.

      I end up leaving, and I think I see SpaceCowboyDave leaving before me in this weird area.
      I Have SpiderMan Powers and Facing Huge Ghost Rider (Non-lucid)



      I'm inside of an area that's reminiscent of the LOZ: Windwaker's section where you would face Puppet Ganon, except that the area has shades of brown, mostly because the surface of the whole area seem to be made of wood.

      There's these wooden surfaces that would be on some parts of the wall that were surprisingly stable. There was a long wooden path high on the wall you could walk on the right side of the area as well.

      The walls have a lighter hue of brown, but since this area has a dark vibe to it, it isn't noticeable immediately. There's a few torches lighting up the place, but it doesn't really make most parts any clearer to see. This place also seem to be reminiscent to Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones' area where the Prince had to move a statue before the place burns to a crisp.

      I seem to be flinging around the place like I have Spiderman's abilities to web-shoot and swing. I do this for a while, and I hear Amon's voice from The Legend of Korra. He comes out of of this black and opaque opening, and he starts saying some things to me.

      I can't recall what he said, but he does have my attention for sure. I eventually get on the lowest surface in this area, and I was somewhat close to Amon. I get a little scared, and decided to quickly jump and web-swing again away from him.

      The dream shifts to where a HUGE ass creature forms, and it looks a lot like Ghost Rider, except it's 1,000 x bigger. I don't know what to do except to keep flinging webs and swinging at random areas.

      It doesn't seem the Ghost Rider thing isn't concentrated at me at the initial periods of it manifesting. It seemed to be attacking some random people in what I thought was an empty area with just me inside.

      After a while I get so scared that I decided to hide behind a wall on the same long wooden path on the right that I stated before. I seem to have found the Ghost Rider Giant's blind-spot. The wall I was behind I think let to an exit, but I decided to stay there.

      While I'm hiding behind it, I can still see what's happening behind me. The Ghost Rider Giant starts punching the walls randomly, probably aiming for more randomly generated dream characters. It tries to get me, but it simply is not able to get through small spaces.

      After that, I don't know what happens, hell, I don't even know if I can even kill this thing.

      It just appears out of nowhere....what the hell.
      Ordering Breakfast Tacos (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my mother, and we're inside of a store that probably sell Hispanic food. It's similar to the environment you see in Starbucks, but that was probably because I wasn't paying attention to the rest of the store with my peripheral vision to the left.

      I just stood near the cashier, and waited with my mother. When she received her order of what seems to be Sausage and Potatoes wrapped in Tortillas, I told her that I would like a Breakfast Taco. She looks at me as if she's a little annoyed that I didn't tell her sooner, but she quickly changes her demeanor from irritated to kind towards the employee.

      It takes quite a while for the order to be finished, and I was wondering if they forgot or something. I was looking at some Asian man wearing a dress shirt and probably dark brown dress pants as well. It seems he's writing on something, and when I take a little peak, he seems to be writing on a PINK Intuos4 Tablet.

      He's writing on it with a ball-point pen without the ball-point in it instead of a tablet pen. The tablet seems to respond to this object that shouldn't even make any kind of response. I think there was another Intuos4 near the cashier counter, and I started to touch it.

      Man, that tablet is very sensitive, it picks up my movements with my finger pretty well, and the harder I press on it, the large the cursor increases. I take my fingers off the active base of the tablet product after playing with it for maybe 15-30 seconds.

      My order finally comes, and it's inside a brown lunch bag. I take a peak inside, and there's two breakfast Tacos for myself. I also feel that I could've been younger in this dream, like 14 years old or so rather than 19 years of age.

      The breakfast tacos looked very enticing as well...the eggs, potatoes, and whatever meat is in there (sausage or bacon) closely packed together. The eggs seemed to be the main thing that attracted me, they were so fluffy and yellow.

    3. Sean Connery's Hideout and Tommy Lee Jones, Penetrating Contest (SDE Day 15)

      by , 08-29-2012 at 01:59 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sean Connery's Hideout and Tommy Lee Jones (Non-lucid)


      Sean Connery and me were at a beach, and he's just wearing a dark blue beach underwear. He presses some button near some rocks, which opens up a secret door. We quickly go in and it closes, and the insides of this place consists of shades of brown.

      The place was fairly small, but pretty nice for one person living here. I see Sean Connery, though I can't remember what he's wearing exactly, probably a dark brown sweater and khaki pants now instead.

      He's walking around, and I'm just standing there watching him move around his hideout. I try to make conversation with him and tell him,

      "You keep this place pretty clean Connery," and I also mentioned something else about the place he's hiding in, probably related to what conceals the place.

      He moves around a bit some more and tells me,

      "There's still some bottles on the floor."

      I didn't know what to say after that, so I decided to look around the place myself. I looked at window curtains, which completely covered the windows. They had some weird colors, but most of them were dark colors, maybe some white too. I take a slight peek to see what's outside, and I see a lot of houses that are packed together.

      They were long sideways but not so much in length. Most of the houses I'm looking at had bright colors like light yellow for the base and dark colors like dark borwn for the roof. The back of some houses were supported by these thick wooden structures that were deep into the ground, and some houses were even above a slight downward slope.

      I look around a bit, and this place seems peaceful, and at some point in the dream I decided to go to the exit, but not open anything. It was like a big pipe entry that was cut in half. I look around the walls and floor, and one part was different from the rest. Instead of being a darker shade of brown, it looked like it had a gold-ish type of color.

      Maybe that was the switch to activate the exit, beats me. I go back in, and probably did more searching around the house while Connery was busy doing something else.

      The dream shifts, and apparently, someone has found out about Connery's hideout. He's out defending himself, and I'm only watching him, but I'm not part of the action at all. He's just using a pistol, dodging bullets while staying near the secret entrance that's covered up.

      But the environment now changes from a beach to some kind of construction area. The secret entrance was to the left of a small sandy hill that almost went over a gray wired fence. Connery was on that slope, and barely takes any shots at people.

      The dream shifts again, and I don't see Connery anymore, and I'm pointing a gun at someone, but it doesn't seem like they're going to do anything to me. I'm still being cautious because I don't know how I got inside this bus in the first place.

      The inside walls and ceiling were light green, and the seats had a dark turquoise type of color, and this whole section felt so old to me. I had a feeling I ran out of ammo, so I quickly too some gun magazine and quickly slide it into the slot of the gun.

      I put the magazine in the wrong way, because while I'm still holding a gun, I get an angle where I can see under me, and the magazine is clearly not inserted right.


      I had to do something quick, so I pretended to act all serious again in front of these people, and quickly take out the magazine and put it in correctly this time. I aim the gun left and right at the three people near me just to make sure none of them don't pull a fast one on me.

      By this time, the third person was outside of the bus near the opened window behind the driver's seat. I don't recognize her visage at all, looks like a randomly generated dream character. Most of them are wearing white dress shirts and black pants, almost like fancy pilots and flight attendants.

      Then Tommy Lee Jones, a fairly old version of him, comes in out nowhere, and walks slowly towards me. While he's walking on the left side getting closer and closer, he looks at me for a little while, stops where he's at,
      and after that, I forget what happens next.

      Penetrating Contest (Non-lucid)


      This dream is weird.

      Spoiler for 18+:

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    4. Littlezoe Statue, Lois Griffin and OpheliaBlue Spanking, Beer Belly Man

      by , 08-09-2012 at 03:13 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Littlezoe Statue? (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a large room, and it feels like a museum in a way. The dominant colors in here are mostly white intertwined with lighter hues of brown, muddy brown specifically.

      (I wish I had the female's sophisticated scale of colors in my head.....just kidding about that. )

      It feels so spacious, though I didn't really take that into consideration while in the dream. At my current position, I can look to my left, and I see triangular medium with the top cut off to make a square base has some sort of statue of a cat.

      I looked into the composition of the cat, and I keep having feelings that it's somehow associated with Littlezoe on Dream Views. The feelings kept accumulating, and I eventually had to take my eyes off it.

      I don't know why, maybe it could be that I didn't want to have my mind saturated with those thoughts, or I had some random objective in this dream.

      I believe I go upstairs to do something, but it's all speculation at this point.


      Lois Griffin and OpheliaBlue Spanking (Non-lucid)


      I wish I could recall more of this....

      There's a weird process where if something happens (dang it, why can't I remember?), a person gets intensely spanked. I think Lois Griffin was one of those people, and apparently, OpheliaBlue was next.

      OH YEAH..

      I remember it being practiced somewhere upstairs in a random building, and there was a small walkway where people can be rolled over and spanked.

      Sigh...only a dream, but not a reality...


      Beer Belly Man (Non-lucid)


      I really don't want to go into detail of this dream, but to keep disciplining myself with keeping a steady dream journal, here goes...

      I remember being in a room with my father, and some random dream characters. Though some of them look familiar to me, they don't really associate with people that would be considered "friends" to me or my father.

      I remember the flooring consisting of a dark red carpet layering, and the walls themselves had the same color, or at least some kind of dark color. I remember an old man who's looks Indian is completely naked in the torso region.

      He has a beer belly, a REALLY big one, and he has his left arm resting on the side handles of the red sofa-like furniture he's sitting in. He's wearing glasses, and are very trimmed around the edges as well consisting of a black color.

      Blah blah blah, that's all I remember.

    5. Birthday Party, Gambling Again, Supernova Banned, OpheliaBlue, Another Sneaking Mission...

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:37 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Birthday Party (Non-lucid)


      I'm upstairs, and I believe I'm talking to some kid that looks familiar.

      Let's call him "Keen."

      Keen was talking to me about something, but I forgot what it was, and then he started to imitate his uncle in real life, and he's doing it really well! I tried to contain my laughter because I heard his uncle was nearby, like in another random bedroom.

      I believe the uncle was calling someone at the time talking about some birthday party, and then he asked something about the day of his birthday.

      Maybe he was trying to hint at the person that it's his birthday.

      The uncle finally comes out, and it really is like him in waking life.

      Keen goes downstairs, and continues imitating the accent of his uncle, and finally shifts his attention before he trips downstairs.

      Gambling Again (Non-lucid)


      I remember playing Runescape, and apparently I'm in a clan that doesn't mind if you gamble. I'm playing the hot/cold x 2 game again.

      (Basically you bed on what color flower will show up when a person plants, and if you're right you get double the money you gave them....have to watch out for people who log off with your money though, looool).

      Anyway, I believe I decided to gamble 6 million gold pieces to a player, and like always, I say "Hot" because I assume that a warm flower color will show up, but it ends up being a cold flower (purple/blue mix).

      I get pissed off at myself from trying to risk 6 million gp for 12 million gp, and the person who bet says, "aww."

      Damn it. I can't tell if I'm the one walking or if I'm still playung runescape, but anyway, I go upstairs somewhere as me I guess by now.

      There are white floors, and I see red chinchompas from Runescape walking around. And guess what I do.....

      I start setting up traps....LOOOL (Red Chinchompas can be hunted in Runescape with Box Traps, and it seems I was doing the same in the virtual reality of this dream).

      I decided to go south of the small section I'm in (there's a reverse-L shaped wall that takes up most of the space on the left).

      I set up the traps, and some random person comes up and starts talking to me about something, most likely related to how I'm setting up the traps. I see the person setting up traps near the same stairs I came up to this floor, and he takes the traps off.

      I decided to set the traps....or maybe I just gave up overall.

      Supernova Banned???? (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside of a house that feels like a replica of the one I'm at in waking life. The garage is closed, and I'm sitting down, resting my back on the garage talking to some guy doing the same.

      There's another guy that comes around the corner to add on to the conversation, and I believe our main topic was about old members or members who decided to leave Dream Views for a few weeks/months or whatever coming back.

      I get a flashing image that Supernova gets banned? Like, I see a random post, and I look at his avatar and signature, and they're all blank.

      Then after the image fades, I'm back into the conversation, and apparently this same person I'm sitting next to is a DV member himself who quit.

      How I knew was because the other person standing talking to us said something about him leaving DV for a while and then coming back. He said it in a surprised accent as a question to the guy.

      The guy looks at me for a few seconds, and I can't remember what happens next.
      OpheliaBlue and Digital Drawing (Non-lucid)


      OpheliaBlue has a deviantart, and she has a lot of colorful digital drawings up.

      In fact, while I was looking at her deviant art gallery, she was working on another digital art, and I could see her progress. I don't think she knew I could see it though. I tried talking to her on the IRC or some kind of messaging medium, but she's probably busy working on the drawing.

      I believe she's using gridded drawing, and she has several screens popped up for many of these drawings. The one that she's currently working on in the dream seems to be making rainbows and trying to add them together for something I can't remember too clearly.
      Another Sneaking Mission? (Non-lucid)


      Feels like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in this dream.

      It starts out with me following someone, and this feels like the mission where you use camouflage and use a sniper rifle most of the time.

      We're ducking for cover, and slowly walking into an abandoned house. There are some elements of this same level, but the enemies end up looking different, at least that's what I remember from not playing Modern Warfare campaign for a while.

      The guy I'm following tells me to plant some kind of grenade, and I just go by his word, and plant it to the wall, and then I think he prompts me to activate it.

      I did so, and expected some kind of loud boom, but it seems to be some kind of grenade specialized for electronic interference. And it seems that the enemy that's at least 10 feet away from us didn't hear us.

      I had a feeling that this mission was going to be bad-ass because the guy I'm following seemed to know what he was doing. He tells me to go ahead and crouch down to the dirt floor because an enemy is near.

      It takes me a while to get ready, and I turn my back facing the enemy, and I hear the enemy say, "Huh?"

      I quickly duck down, and the enemy quickly retreats to his position, guess he assumed it was just the wind blowing on the faded and brown grains or leaves.

      I slowly rotated, while still on the floor, and I looked up to see how the enemy looked like. Seems they are wearing a gas mask.....hmm.....

      I think we wait for the enemy to move somewhere else, or the guy I'm following kills him, not sure. Anyway, we both go inside the old house, and there's probably 2 enemies inside right now. The guy following me gets really close to them.

      I'm wondering how he can be so damn risky almost getting himself exposed like that. And since the floor is wood, I was worried it might move too fast, and possibly get one of the floors making the "creak" sound.

      But this guy seems to know what he's doing, and he's even sitting by the edge of one wall with his legs spread out. And the enemy is coming in the same room he's in, but they don't notice anything at all. He starts trying to have a little conversation with me, but I still feel uncomfortable talking right now because the enemies have automatic weapons while I think I still have a sniper rifle.

      Not going to risk anything at all, so I kept quiet. The guy turns his head to the left, but doesn't look at me, more like looking at what's outside from the house we're in. He's trying to see if I'm going to talk, and then realizes I'm probably still afraid to do so, so he gets back to business.

      I can't remember what we do next though.

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    6. Green Globe, Pool of Toy Balls, Is that a Dragon, Eva and Akashic Records??

      by , 04-22-2012 at 02:27 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Green Globe (Non-lucid)


      I don't really care too much to this dream, except for the fact that this possibly was a precursor to the dream I had with Eva and the Akashic records dream...

      I'm walking somewhere at my University, and I'm following a group of people, but the traffic and amount of people here started to irritate me, so I thought of trying to teleport somewhere....

      The opposite of that occurs, and I find myself instantly flying up pretty quickly. I look down, and was a little scared at first, but instead of trying to think about falling down, I looked up, closed my eyes, and imagine myself propelling upwards.

      Then a white light flashes before more, signaling that I teleported out of the dream environment.

      I'm now floating, and I see a Green globe, and I rotate it with my mind, and I decided I should go to Houston, TX.

      I feel a pulling sensation from this green globe, and feel like I'm being warped into the area I wanted to go to...

      I can't remember much from that dream..
      Swimming pool of Toy Balls? (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a play area that's full of what seems to be toy balls, or something like that? It was kind of dark though, and it seems there's always water in this area as well.

      There's this random lady who is fairly huge, and we're just floating around, minding our own business. Then the lady started to say, "Daddy?" out of the blue, so I presumed someone else was with us.

      I think I see a man who is shirtless, and is wearing dark blue shorts underwater, and the daughter I think lands on him. I was kind of concerned that her weight might cause his to open his air path in his throat, and possibly drown him or something.

      Then all of a sudden, when I go back up to the surface, the girl is floating as well, and she's wondering where her father was, and I think she's close to even crying.

      I go underwater again, and I see this white string near a drain that's sucking up the water, so the dad probably was sucked in there.

      I can't remember much after that, didn't really care too much about this dream in the first place....too random...and it was too dark for me to associate anything from it...
      Is that a Dragon? (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to convince some people to look up at the sky, because I'm seeing a large creature flying, and it looks like a dragon in metal armor, it had that silver color to it with some slight hints of blue.

      I think I saw a redheaded lady as well, not sure if it was Opheliablue, but I was trying to nudge at whoever it was to look up. Even when they did look up, all they did was shrug and have the "I don't know" expression on their face.
      Eva and Akashic Records? (Non-lucid)


      First of all, I'm glad I finally met Eva for once, she was a little bit more degraded from something...and man, this dream was scary.

      I honestly thought I wouldn't have met Eva AT ALL, but it seems the intention worked by watching a few videos about her and Snake.

      (I watched some short videos on the Akashic Records, and I wonder if this dream itself was the path for me to get there, seeing as you normally need a guide to shift you to the right path.....and clearly, I was following Eva like she was a guide....and there were guards.....so there has to be something precious within this library......)

      Watch this video first before reading the dream if you can, there are some things that the lady said like "Cairo, Egypt" and such that you'll find that my mind did some homologous association with it the people in white robes...you'll find out what I mean...I don't know why, but I was browsing through DV articles, and typed "are the akashic recrods real?" on a youtube search bar, and found this late at night before I slept.

      Things start out where I'm at an area that seems to be a green underground cave. I believe I'm in the lighter side of this area, and I finally see Eva.

      There's something odd about her, there's this type of loneliness within her, she looks degraded, used up, raped, or something...it was kind of sickening, but the fact that I still saw her, she obviously had the intention of actually interacting with me for once for a little longer.

      Her hair, it isn't blonde like it was before when she gave me the grey letter with the letter "M" on it with in a non-lucid I had a long time ago.

      It was light orange, but you see, it looked like it was like the color because someone probably fried her hair up a little, I'm not too sure.

      She looked exactly like Eva, she was quiet, but it was definitely Eva. She wore a very bright green military jacket, and she had it open.

      And I saw her breasts, she left them exposed with her opened jacket, and her nipples were pink, maybe a little darker than that. I think the point of her projection was to portray that she was used up by someone or something.

      As for her pants, it was the same with her regular biker outfit, it's just that the jacket was green instead of the usual Khaki type of color all over, and I believe she had black boots as well.

      Her jacket was way brighter than this, so imagine it being opened completely, and you can see her bare skin and breasts exposed to you, with the edges of the jacket hanging on the sides of her nipples.

      She gets close to me, but there's this type of barrier separating both of us, so she starts pushing as much as she can. I take a step back to let her open it fully, and I get closer to her.


      She doesn't look too desperate for small talk right now, seeing as how the look on her visage was a little bit depressed and sad. There were marks on her hair, and some of it wasn't complete. She was bald in a few areas, but she still had her long hair.

      I follow her, and we go up some stairs, we haven't talked at all, I merely pick up her non-verbal cues. There are two characters talking to each other, and I stay behind Eva, completely relying on her to guide me through what seems to be a library.....

      We wait for the two guys to finish talking, and it seems to be that they are wearing white robes like they're from Egypt....

      (Okay something is up...but you'll find out what I mean after)...

      I wait for Eva's cue to move, and she finally does, so I quickly go along with her, and we hide behind some shelves until the two Egyptian robe wearing characters move further to the left. Then Eva goes to a bookshelf perpendicular towards the direction she's going.

      Like, imagine being parallel to the back of a bookshelf, and one being perpendicular to you....so I quickly dash to the bookshelf, slowly moved my head up to see that there are two or so guards on the other side.

      I crouch back down, waiting for Eva to cue something to me already.

      For some reason, I decided to be a little bold, and I start making a little whistle sound to attract the guards. I believe I did that because I thought the guard was too far to hear the whistle, but they pick up the sound a few seconds later.

      I crouch down quickly since I saw the guard turn around immediately. I started to get tensed up for a little, feeling this weird tingling sensation in my head....I definitely made the horrible mistake in making that whistle....

      I have a gun in my hand, and I believe Eva didn't have a weapon at all, so I guess I had to be the support in case things get rough.

      (Normally, when I ignore a DC and get distracted with something else, they usually disappear, but she was still there....it's not my obsession with finding her that kept her there, in fact, my concern over her was temporarily faded because we're in a serious situation with the guards and everything).

      I have my gun ready, and it has a cyan laser sight, and once I realized this, I quickly moved the laser sight to the edge of the bookshelf we're parallel to, because the guard might find the laser dot....but I already knew my feelings of being tensed up and fearful meant the guards were already too suspicious.

      I wait having my gun aimed at the predicted path of where the guard's head should be...I started to get more tensed up, feel the guard coming closer and closer....

      Then I see the side of a face taking a slow peak, and I slowly aim my laser sighted gun to their heads, but they quickly so their whole body to me and try to aim at me, but since he saw that he's not going to win this one, he's shocked, and an Exclamation mark appears on his head....

      Definitely a Metal Gear Solid element there with the exclamation mark....

      (It was like this, but the mark was light blue)

      Anyway, since the guard was moving, I decided I might as well show myself to the others, but I didn't, I just popped my head over to the top of the shelf to see that the same guard told the other one that we're here.

      So I decided to shoot the guard trying to contact Headquarters through this big swamp green radio phone....I believe I managed to shoot him before he did...

      The same man with the radio phone wore glasses, a long brown leather jacket, and it he looked a lot like Ocelot when he was extremely old in MGS4.

      Once he's taken care of, at least, I'm presuming he's dead or knocked out from the gun shot, I try to aim to the other guard that alerted him.

      Then this other guard comes out from NOWHERE, and has holds a pump-action shotgun with one hand. I thought he was going to come after me first, but he's aiming at Eva, and she's still crouching down....I realized that she was too injured to react

      He came so quick, that I couldn't even shoot him because my gun didn't even fire any bullets. He shoots Eva, I get fucking pissed, and the gun magically works, I shoot the hell out of the guy.

      But instead of going to Eva immediately, I had to make sure there weren't any more guards around us, so I move forward to scan the area, and things are okay.

      I take a look at some kind of weird base in front of me, and I believe I'm looking outside the library, like the door was wide open. There was this area with grass, but the type of grass you see in video games, where everything on the floor is just mashed up together.

      I see the door to go to another base....and it's overall color is violet with some hues of bright pink....then I realized...


      I completely forgot about her, and I turned around, but I couldn't do it quickly, everything was going slow, the dream is starting to fade, and this would've been the point where I would've been lucid, since I felt so much emotion in this dream.....

      But the dream fades quickly..

      I wake up, but I still have my eyes close, I'm still thinking in my mind saying




      I thought I should do a DEILD, but I might've forgetten the dream if I did...

      I find it funny that despite finally meeting Eva, who had a few alterations like having orange hair (redhead), green jacket, and some other qualities.......I didn't remember her saying one word to me. Not ONE little word at all...

      All she did was just guide me somewhere...and I honestly believe it was for the Akashic records, but obviously, because I was being stupid and whistled at the guards, I obviously wasn't prepared for it....

      I can't believe one careless mistake I made would cause so many chain of events.

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    7. Kaomea & Tie Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...

      by , 04-06-2012 at 05:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Kaomea & Tye Dye Blue Shirts, Ophelia's Twin Sister, Wrong Prescription...


      I remembered at least 3 dreams from the WBTB, but I decided,

      "Oh, let me just doze off again for a few minutes, no biggie!" Forgot most of them now, except one. I still have a lingering experience from it.

      Dream 1: Kaomea &Tye Dye Blue Shirts....
      Spoiler for Speculation and Insight:

      I do a nose plug RC somewhere in this dream, and just saying, "I'm dreaming..." a few times. Then after I stabilized for a little while, I believed I could start running fast to find Kaomea.

      "Okay...let's do this!"

      I started to dash towards some gray wide road, and then I see that I'm at a high level somewhere, and I needed to land.

      I go back a few feet away from the ledge, then I started to run as fast as I could and tried to jump far. I did a regular dash jump, and was feeling myself floating down.

      This was a moment where I thought I would lose lucidity, I tried my best to accept that I was dreaming as a means to keep stable , and looking at the ground still made me have brief moments of predicting how it would feel to land, including thinking about a horrible landing...

      Throughout the process of jumping from this high ledge, I believe I was rotating my arms in a weird motion, probably my attempt to fly or something. I landed safely, still feeling that rush from jumping from a high ledge.

      The environment....I remember it looking as if it was going to rain....the sky....it was light gray....and I see this weird looking building in front of me.

      I want to say it was probably a pyramid/temple....it looked a bit old (go figure...), it was dark gold I think, a little dirty and all.

      (Maybe it was a desert....maybe it was a construction zone...I don't remember, but I do remember another lingering experience after this).

      I believe I jump on top of this abnormal pyramid structure, and I go inside some dark hole on the top of it. I land and find myself in an area where there was several light blue shirts, kind of like tye dye shirts, but with just various shades of blue.

      There were these stationary clothes hangers with some plastic chest torso bodies like they're being put up for display.

      As far as lucidity goes, that's all I can remember for this dream. I did remember seeing a lady in red, and I would love to admit that it could've been Kaomea.

      Maybe she (or some other DC that probably looked like her...I don' know...) told me to go somewhere because we both to take care of a few things, but I'll just have to leave this dream for speculation, or wait until Kaomea makes an entry of a somewhat similar encounter.

      Just didn't want to give up on the bits that I remembered...

      Dream 2: OpheliaBlue's Twin Sister

      My whole experience of this dream was sort of hazy. I believe I'm sitting down near the edge of some high building, and there's a few people there as well.

      I see OpheliaBlue, she's wearing blue jeans and a a semi-transparent shirt that has this mix of dark pink and diluted red to it. Her hair is most likely black, and it was bundled up into curls, like one of her photos I've seen in a thread. >.>

      Anyway, she tells me that I should come with her to see her sister perform some unique talent of hers, I think it was balancing plates with thin light brown sticks, something like that.

      I acknowledge her response to me and get up, but it's taking a little bit for me to stand up completely. After she started to walk a little bit, I felt like I should rest again on the floor.

      I motioned a "Give me a moment's rest" type of action to Ophelia.

      I laid down to my side, my body feels so tired and weak. I look at the ground for a little bit, seeing the little bumps on each tile of the flooring outside of this building. Then I look at what's in front of me, and I see the edge, and I'm awfully close to it.

      And the floor outside of this building I'm resting on is slightly slanted, and I didn't want to roll all the way down there, because it felt like I was at a really high elevation.

      So I get my left hand and make a fist to the ground to help with getting up, I managed to extend my left arm to where it forms a slanted L shape, but I can't get up.

      I believe I rolled to my side to look where Ophelia's going, but here's the part that was really confusing to me.

      She told me her sister would come, but to me, it looked like she had twin sisters, or I'm seeing another image of her.

      Ophelia has the black hair, and the other person that is probably her twin sister has her hair dyed red, with a few traces of black.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 3: Wrong Prescription

      I riding my bicycle near some parking toll booth entrance. In my hand, I was showing the person inside the booth about a wrong prescription apparently.

      I guess they analyze and do customer service with pharmacy related issues as well.

      The lady was asking me a few questions, and I told her that I never opened the bottle before.

      Then for some odd reason, I open it, and take a pill, but I didn't swallow it immediately. I let my tongue make various forms around it, and it tasted a little bit like any regular hard capsule vitamin/pill.

      Then I realized what I did, felt depressed, and said,

      "Never mind........"

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    8. DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father & Test, Rain & Building...

      by , 02-22-2012 at 03:36 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father, Rain & Building (Non-lucid)


      I forgot what time I woke up, but it was probably around 3-4 AM. I tried to do a WBTB, and I basically was trying to induce a WILD, but I thought I was failing because I just stayed still trying to create a dream environment. But I started to have a lot of dreams after I dozed off, but no lucids.

      Dream 1:
      Dream Views Members All Meet in Real Life

      I'm not too sure on this dream, but I see several people that look that they would be members of DV in real life. Maybe Kaomea and Alyzarin were there, but there were so many of them in a line for me to check. We were all at some barren grassland, and we were looking at something.

      Dream 2: Meeting Opheliablue?

      I was sitting down somewhere, and I think Opheliablue is sitting to the right of me. I have my Zune HD with me apparently, and she takes the Zune to see what's in it (oh god, don't look at the videos!). I asked her if she knew how to use, and I think before I gave her or had my Zune taken for her to use, I was moving my thumb in a circle around the Zune HD, and I could feel some kind of surface that caught the grip of my thumb for a little while.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-500x_img_9386_01.jpg

      It felt kind of grainy in the middle when I circled it for a while.
      She already knows how to use the Zune, and she was looking at a video and then put the Zune to rest somewhere while she was listening to it.

      I just chill sitting next to her, and I'm hoping she doesn't see the other videos :x

      Dream 3: Seeing Redhead female on laptop

      Not to sure on the rest of the details of this dream, but I'm in some kind of secret base or laboratory or something. It's like being inside of a spaceship even, like Metroid Prime type of spaceship interior design.

      I see this redhead female in a gray skin tight latex suit. She looked familiar to me, I thought she was a DV member similar to Dead, but it was more of me glancing at her for a few seconds, and her face was turned to the side looking at some laptop.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-10891726-slinky-long-sleeves-latex-catsuit.jpg

      She was doing some weird poses on the chair and looking at the computer. I think she even has a black gun in her hand, it looked like it had a silencer attached as well, but I'm not sure, I just know she was holding something since her hands were formed weird like they were holding something.

      Dream 4: Nina & Spammers in IRC chat

      I log on to IRC, Nina says hi to me, I respond back, but there's so many bloody spammers on the IRC for her to scroll up and see who pinged her. They're posting so much random crap and some of them do some weird syncing with pictures with words on them.

      I couldn't interpret what they said, but they were just going crazy with the spamming. I think one user linked a DV thread where some user went on some server
      (probably the fake one during the time this entry was written) and changed their name to Nipples.

      I was surprised Nina didn't kick the spammers, but oh well.

      Dream 5: Walking with Father and Random Stuff

      I'm walking with my father at night, and there's a white microwave half buried in grass, and he turns around to see if it's good enough, but he doesn't actually go to it. I keep moving forward with him. Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm in a car with him.

      a question for a lucid dreamer.....-m_mt4155spq.jpg

      He said something about how we had to take some test, but I didn't take it too seriously, I just said something about that I already know what to do for this test. I think it was just memorizing the Constitution and probably the Bill of Rights
      (which is funny since I have a Political Science Exam this Friday).

      Dream 6: Walking in the Rain and Going into a Building

      It's raining, and the dream is vivid, and I think I'm in College Station, (which is probably why I probably didn't feel like RCing since I am in College Station right now) and I'm walking down the street, probably near the hill going up to Northgate. I meet at an intersection, wait for a lady in a car to pass.

      She looks at me for a while, probably to signal that I can go ahead and walk, but I just stand there and she just makes that awkward "Oh" face and drives off. I think it was a silver or white car she was driving. Then I cross the small street, and then turn left.

      I go into some building and see two DCs. I can't remember what they wore or their visages, I just go up the stairs with them. I think one DC asked the one who was going up first what he's in the building for, and I think he said something about College Architecture or Structure.

      I think he trips on stairs, and I think the DC asking him laughs a little bit, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.

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