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    International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal

    This is the Official IOSDP Shared Dream Journal!

    The Rules for posting entries are the following:

    1. Only post dreams on the dates of the shared dreaming attempts. Please do not post your dreams you have on non-attempt days unless they have to do with the location or you believe they are significant in some way (if so describe why you believe they are significant). On the attempt days please post all of your dreams.

    2. Title the entry like this: # Shared Dreaming Attempt-(name's) Dream
    For example: 8th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Atras's Dream
    For non-attempt days, title them like this: Shared Dreaming Attempt-Name's Dream

    Title the Experiment entries like this: # Shared Dreaming Experiment-(name's) Dream
    For example: 1st Shared Dreaming Experiment-Katsuno's Dream

    3. On the first line in the place where you write your dream please put this: (Name's Dream) in bold and point 5 font and any color you want. If you have any confusion with this, just look at the entries I have put in for an example of how to head it.

    4. Do not provide a link to your entry, make sure that the actual entry is written down here.

    5. Do not post random things that aren't related. If you do this I will disable your access to the dream journal .

    The Link to the Results Thread is here:


    1. 27th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 09-05-2011 at 02:36 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      Just fragments tonight, but I'll post them anyway. Sorry I'm so late posting, I'm aware that the first 28th attempt is already posted. >_>

      1st fragment: I was playing a broken Minecraft adventure map, and after reading many complaints on the forums about how the map was poorly drawn and upside down and all that, I played it anyway. I glanced at a yellowed, ink-drawn map with some villages and towns marked as circles at several times throughout the dream. The dream fragment ends when I am sneaking around a dock and examining a boring ship, preparing for a voyage, from around a building.

      2nd fragment: I was at an airport parking lot at dawn. I had been in this exact setting before, on vacation. I walked up to the typical reflection of a bored, unenthusiastic, minimum wage, college-aged teenager at a ticket booth. He wore a Lowe's Uniform. I was about to pay a ticket, but then I was shocked into lucidity. It was so ungraceful I almost tipped over.
      Sadly, my first thought was how lightly I was sleeping. I could start to feel the pillow under my shoulders. Focus... focus...
      My eyes, in waking life, opened. After several attempts to DEILD, I decided I was too awake to fall asleep again.
    2. 16th Shared Dreaming Attempt - NonConformist's Attempt

      by , 08-08-2011 at 04:06 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Shared Dreaming Attempt - NonConformist's Dream

      I am with my friend Will, and he's showing me where his family always goes out to eat. It's an ice cream parlour, but before we could get any ice cream, Will's mom said we had to leave because there were dragons. Will and I left nonchalantly, and started walking to their minivan. We turned left around the corner, and began walking. I started looking for the dragon, and I saw one shape that seemed more defined and bony than a bird should be. I told Will to look, and as we stared at the flying creature, it swooped around and began flying towards us. It's skin was the color of gray stone, and it's wings were brown. On it's spine were small jagged spikes, enough for a person to sit comfortably near the neck. It's aura was forest green. As I was inspecting the dragon, I knew that this one was my companion. I had created this dragon as a baby with my own energy, and it had grown up very quick. As we watched it fly away, we walked to the car. I told Will's family that they need not worry about the dragon, it's no threat to us.