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    1. Attempt to Nightspy and Desert Claw

      by , 04-11-2012 at 03:16 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      dream 1 - my mom brought our new sister (not in IRL). She was half blooded from Caucasian, wtf?! her hair was blond and her eyes were green. She had similar features from my mom. I tried to hug her. She went to my school building, and she spoke in broken English. I told my mom not to teach her wrong English (I was kinda frustrated)...

      dream 2 - I was at the school...the atmosphere was gloomy. There were my friends from hometown and some from american high school. suddenly bunch of my friends and I were at some kind of castle-like balcony or the top of a tower. My brother said 'look!' pointing to the background. There was beautiful sunny golden cloud covering the Washington bridge of Manhattan. Everything was shiny. There were people on the bridge waving their hands to the sky. We started to shout and waved hands, but suddenly the tower started to tremble - the balcony shifted and it felt like it was gonna crash down to the ground. I thought 'uh-oh' and the balcony started to fall!!! my brother said 'this is not happening!!' and this was really vivid. I felt adrenaline going inside my stomach when it was falling. the feeling of balcony falling per se was sooooo vivid. and then it crashed down - it was so painful. Blacked out. Then I woke up again on the balcony. I thanked god that I was still alive. Some of my friends were awake too. We tried to lift the rocks that crashed on to us by counting 3. We did.

      The scene changed and I walking to school again with my 2 friends. I had some business at my house with my family so I thought I was gonna take only first period in the school. I handed the note to the staff at the main entrance, and I waited for my mom. There she came and we went to home.
      The next day, I only took the first period and went home.
      And the next day, again, I took first period and I was waiting for my mom at the entrance to pick me up. Suddenly my old friend in New Jersey came to pick me up. It was very strange that she had 13 toes.....wtf?

      I don't know when I dreamed this but I was in the hall way and asked a boy out lol. I said "hey you wanna go out with me?" and he hesitated. "umm...I don't know. I don't think I want to." and I was like ugh...I asked him too early and he's gonna talk about me to his friends, I felt embarrassed :/

      Scene jump. I was doing computer and there was no Park voted on the top 5 list for pre-presidential election.

      Dream 3- I was in the living room watching DVD cases I burrowed from library. The cover contained sexuality and I was like wtf -.-

      Shared Dream attempt
      Dream 4 - I did WILD and went out to the veranda. The sky was dark. I could feel the grass under my bare feet. I flew a little. I shouted "clarity!" and the dream scene got more vivid. The sky turned into blue. I shouted "to Desert Claw!" and the dream scene slowly changed, felt a little weird. I was in a room with bunch of middle school kids. There was one kid I remember - his hair was black and long. I wanted to find Desert Claw but it seemed he wasn't there. anyway, I said
      "Hey guys!!! you guys are dreaming! Do RC!!"
      and the kids jumped on their feet, getting excited.
      "Hey are you from Dreamviews? Are you a Dreamviews member?" I said, and this one kid said yes.
      There was a laptop in the corner of the room, and the kid tried to go to Dreamviews. But he typed 'dreapview' in the address bar.
      "No, it's Dreamviews." I said.
      "What? dreambiews?"
      "Jeez, I said D-R-E-A-M-V-I-E-W-S." I tried to type it up myself but I gave up.
      "You guys don't even know about dreamviews....you guys are just DCs!"
      and I shouted "to Nightspy!" then the scene changed.
      I was in the hall way of a house. The floor was covered with soft greyish white carpet. There were 2 room doors closely together down the stairs. I went down and opened the right one. The walls were white. There was a bed on the right side and someone was sleeping. I immediately recognized him as Nightspy. I shook him to wake him up.
      "Hey!! wake up you're dreaming!!! let's have shared dream! "
      But he just moaned as if it was really troublesome. He wouldn't wake up. I saw his blue t-shirt. Couldnt see his face though...
      "You wanna sleep 'in dream'? Oh come on....." I said, looking in the mirror. I was wearing a white cap and a red sweater-jacket.
      I found a sketchbook on a cabinet near the bed. The drawings were mine.

      Woke up.
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    2. 81?st shared dreaming attempt- whiterain

      by , 04-08-2012 at 02:27 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      had a series of tasks in last nights dream. most memorable one was climbing a hill on a horse. i get lucid because i realize that the task is to dive off this hill with the horse, into the lake below. the main test is staying aware when hitting the water

      rest of the dream was mainly going round the dream version of my old college which has the exact same layout changes as usual
    3. 78th Shared Dream Attempt - Windhover

      by , 03-31-2012 at 03:31 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      dream 1 - In L.A. of California, I was at some kind of store with Yellowcard band members. We had to buy foods before the store closes. I tried to buy a donut or muffin but the staffs were already cleaning the foods out. I got frustrated and just headed to a book store - bought 2 mangas. There was still a popcorn store so my friend and I tried to buy it, but the black man who looked like a manager of the store kept telling me that I can't buy popcorn because of my status. I said 'why why?' and the man came out of the counter, holding a square board that said reasonable sentence that I cannot buy...(don't remember what it said) I got really frustrated. The Yellowcard members started to get out of the store, and I followed them running like a rocket, heading back to the studio. It was sunny outside. We entered a white building. A private staff opened the door. We went in and I tried to explain the members what happened in the store.
      "Guys! Everyone should listen to me!"
      but Ryan Key, who was the main vocal of the band, gathered the members to do some kind of team activity along the sofa. He started to gave us notebooks(?).
      "Hey Ryan, I think everybody has to listen to me right now."
      "Get the notebook," Ryan said handing a orange notebook to me. "If you don't then I'll tear it apart in half."
      "Ryan!" I said. I grabbed the notebook but strangely Ryan wouldn't let go of it.
      "Ryan!!" I said again.
      "I'm getting pissed off right now." He said. Then he let go of the notebook.
      Ryan started to do the activity ignoring me. Suddenly my tears ran down my cheeks because I was really fan of Yellowcard, and Ryan brought me down. After I woke up I cried. maybe it should have been affected by my stomachache...

      dream 2 - I was at some kind of desert? Rocky Mountains? The ground was bright orange color and there were tall rocks everywhere. My family was there. I was watching Shin Chan. This dream is kinda foggy, but I remember encountering very muscular man and woman wearing military suits and holding weapons. I didn't feel threatened. I think I ran into some kind of airport.

      dream 3 - I was reading my own comic and I saw my drawing of landscape of destructed world, and my characters facing the sun. it was very beautiful. On the left there were huge mountains with snow covered and in the middle there were some destroyed buildings. Then I meditated this scene to do dream incubation. I was running on the buildings and did RC, became lucid! Everything was vivid. Then I remembered finding Lmrhone, so I chanted his name but nothing changed... soon I woke up.
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    4. 78th shared dream attempt - whiterain

      by , 03-31-2012 at 03:24 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      a few memorable moments. was walking through a 'local' town except the street was lined with all these amazing thatched mansion style places. reminded me of american houses nothing like our local tiny boxes. got into the town and had a chat with andy carroll, building his confidence up for the newcastle game 2mo. then i tried to go back down the road with the massive houses, but despite feeling like i had gone the right way, i couldnt find them. this got me lucid and i said to some lad in front of me that it can be so hard sometimes to find the same places again in a dream.

      i was in a pretty dull white corridor and tried to get down the end of it to look for this place. there was a woman at the end of it though and i got chatting and pretty much gave up my task. she seemed kind of afraid though so i left her to it. the whole thing reminded me of a dream i had years ago. that is two dreams this week that have reminded me that sometimes it can be so much eadier to remember past dreams while in a dream. there are 2 ancient ones that i dont think i would have remembered had another dream not sparked the memory.

      was another bit i cant quite remember where someone was trying to stick my dream map to the wall by my bed, except they had stuck it landscape ways. this turned out to work though as i could look at it while lying down
    5. 2nd Shared Dream Experiment - Windhover's Dream - Riding Ikran (Saturday)

      by , 03-25-2012 at 02:30 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      dream 1 - I was watching family guy. All I remember is Stewie being sarcasm. And then I went to another room - Miho was sitting there. Gahng was also there and they said something but I don't remember....

      dream 2 - I was in the hallway of art wing and I read a paper on the wall that said 'only 2 people got scholarship for art college' and I was like, that's not fair!!! I was in agony to think about this....

      dream 3 - did WILD and went out of veranda. My Ikran was there! Strangely he looked like a crane bird. Anyway, I climbed up grabbing his neck. He tried to lift me up using his head. and then he turned into real Ikran dragon. I grabbed his antenna thingy on the head, and stepped on the thingies(?) on this shoulder, and he spread his big wing. And we floated up to the air - it was so vivid! We flew across the buildings in a metropolitan city. I said 'To Katsuno!' and my Ikran started to fly really fast. I held on his antenna tightly. But after some minutes of flying, there seemed no Katsuno so I said 'To Atras!' but no trace of him... 'To Oceanboy!' no feeling yet... 'To juroara!' 'To thebeastofold!' 'To floatinghead!' 'To hermine!'
      nothing worked. -.-

      Then I woke up in pitch black.

      I should have gone to floating islands...I always forget.. d'oh!
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    6. 2nd Shared Dream Experiment whiterains dream

      by , 03-24-2012 at 01:36 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      whiterains dream

      at a big party in some club. bit of a reunion theme but there are people there from all different groups which starts to get me lucid. have a minor argument with some school people then set off to try and find out who else is there. talk to someone from school who says something about my brother and his bike. find some good mates then it looks like everyone is starting to leave. as we file out i start to realise i can just fly off above this grand set of stairs. i am carrying some stick that looks like a massive piece of rock. i say something like i am going to spin this stick anti gravity style. i try to fly while spinning this stick, and using it to keep me lucid. finally i actually remembered to try looking for dreamviews people but thats about the last i remember for now
    7. 2nd Shared Dream Experiment - Windhover's Dream - Riding Ikran

      by , 03-24-2012 at 12:36 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      I remembered so many dreams after I woke up, but now that I'm in front of computer I only remember two. >.>

      dream 1 - I was a hawk myself. I was staring into a golden eagle's eye in front of me - It had yellow eye, I imagined its eye in green color to get the feeling of 'awareness' (semi-LD?). The golden eagle and another hawk flew away, and I flew with them together too, across the pink sky. And then I was on the tree branch, staring people down the street. Somebody commented on my appearance.

      dream 2 - I did WILD but I was lucid in low level. I was riding Ikran with Atras and Katsuno, and maybe juroara. Don't remember any detail Atras said something to guide us...

      dream 3 - I was on DV and got a pm from someone that I should mass pm active members again, with pictures and vid clips. I replied, 'umm...okay' and then I got 2 pms from Shockwave, and Oceanboy. And then I was looking at twitter page, my fav rock band posted a picture of famous Korean comedian I know together with them. They said he was funny as hell.
      Tags: avatar, eagle, hawk, ikran
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    8. 76th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz

      by , 03-19-2012 at 02:15 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I tried some traditional self hypnotism this time, which seemed to work. I didn't manage to find anybody though.

      I was in a city I didn't recognize, pacing in and out of a building's single door. The city was small in diameter, but had very tall buildings. I was in a shorter building, and, as I said, pacing in between doors for no good reason. The setting changed a few times as I came out of the door, but it tended to go back to the city once I came back.

      Hey, I thought. This is a dream, isn't it? I became fully lucid. The dream wasn't very stable, but it did not occur to me to do anything about it. Instead, I kept pacing calmly, now manipulating the setting purposefully, just for fun. Eventually, I switched it back to the city, and decided to go on a walk.

      As I was walking, I tried to remember various things from waking life that I wanted to do while lucid. DTOMs and all that. Oh yeah, I thought, getting excited. There's the IOSDP thingy toni-

      At this point, I had begun rapidly exiting the dream, rather dramatically. I felt like I had disappeared and left a shock wave behind. I was awake and a little hole in the curtains on my window managed to let a bit of light through exactly align with my eyes, which was thoroughly annoying.

    9. 76th Shared Dreaming Attempt - juroara's dream

      by , 03-12-2012 at 06:11 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      juroara's dream

      Note: I set my intention before falling asleep that I would be lucid and dream share

      False Awakening Nightmare
      I'm just trying to sleep, but I can't. My room is haunted. It feels like there's someone there, standing at the end of my bed. I try to sleep but the entity tugs at my sheets and startles me. I look but I don't see anyone. Again I go back to sleep, but now they grab my feet. I sit up, there's no one there.

      It feels like this goes on for hours. I finally I get frustrated at the entity harassing me and I scream "FUCK OFF! LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

      That's when I realize everything was wrong. My bed is facing the closet, which I hate. The window is behind my head, which feels weird. I have five cats running around my bedroom instead of one. And my sister is awake, its what 3am, and shes cooking? There are strangers in the living room. And its dark, and everything feels foggy.

      Forget this, I can't sleep. I go for a drive. Even though it was dark and a bit creepy driving around town, it was nice. Fresh air, outside. Not like my bedroom, which just felt wrong. There are kids playing outside too, at this hour! They chase me home until their parents scold them.

      I go back home and I walk into the living room with all the strange people, like hobos, sleeping in the dark corners. This makes no sense. This whole night makes no sense! Why is my sis cooking?

      I'm dreaming! I levitate just to make sure. But being lucid didn't get rid of this foggy-ness. I fly outside into the dark. I didn't get very far.

      Suddenly I was slammed back into my bed. I can't move. There's a dark entity standing over my bed, but I can't make out his face. He grabs my ankles, I can feel his grip. He pulls me towards him and all I sense from him is hate. I scream "HELP! HELP!" But my voice is muffled. Why can't I scream? I'm still dreaming!

      I break free from his grip and fly out the window. The dream becomes a desperate chase dream.

      Sunlight Saves Me
      Now there are several dark entities after me. This dream is foggy, abstract and its so hard to move, its like trying to run in a pool. I do whatever I can to get away from them. They're right behind me. I thought about summoning lightning, but I was afraid my dream skill wouldn't work. Instead I ended up screaming "I summon the power - of everything!"

      I finally run into a building that has lights on. But this place!! No windows. Rooms with no doors. There is something wrong with this place. I run into an office and I find my co-workers, blue as zombies. They were just staring off into space.

      I run up to them "Help me!"

      "Oh hi J"

      "They're after me!"

      "Who's harassing you?"


      My zombie co-workers were happy to help and they hold back the entities buying me time. I run down a hallway which morphs into a tunnel sliding down to the next level below. The walls, the ceiling, everything was bleach white. A nurse was holding a baby pig and she tries to eat it live.

      I run past her thinking this dream can't get anymore messed up "Really lady? What the fuck!"

      Finally I see a door! And on the other side was sunlight. I run faster, they're right behind me. A lady is in my way so I leap out the doors window instead and crash land into a sunny spot.

      "Im safe!"

      The entities catch up and surround me. I can't move, I'm stuck, as though it was sleep paralysis.

      "Oh, what's this?" said one of the entities

      "She's escaping!"

      "Then why isn't she moving?"

      They're trying to intimidate me. But I know I'm safe. I ignore them and focus on the rising sun creating the most beautiful glow over the puffiest clouds. Fly. Fly. Fly!

      Bam! In an instant I was up in the sunlit glowing clouds flying as fast as a jet, the nightmare was miles behind, I'm so happy! I wasn't really flying though. Some force was pulling me towards the sun at an incredible speed! It was amazing! The sun was so gorgeous!

      And then just like that, I wake up. I'm tucked under my sheets, but I just know everything is right now. I can feel that my bed is facing the right direction, its facing the eastern window. I can feel a lump by my feet, my cat softly purring. Everything felt right. I remembered a similar nightmare I had a year ago when I tried to dreamshare. It had all the same elements. A dark entity grasping at my ankles. The dark-foggy dreamscape, and eventually, sunlight.

      I knew I was safe, and that if I go back to sleep, I'm gonna be lucid and I'll have a good chance at dreamsharing.

      Its Windy
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I only remember that I just became lucid. The dream is bright, vivid, and colorful. There were so many DCs. It looks like I'm in the middle of a classroom, somewhere in the countryside.

      I go outside and choose my target, Windy. "I now dreamshare with Windy!" My dream seems to shake, like its trying to morph into another dream. Then everything stabalizes again. Did it work? I look around me but I seem to be in exactly the same spot.

      I thought that maybe I had to find Windy. So I try to tell the dream to take me to Windy. Instead the dream responds by making my dream literally windy. This isn't working!

      I go back inside and harass the students. "Do you know that this is my dream?"

      They look at me with blank faces. "I'm looking for another dreamer. Have you seen one?"

      They're still confused. So I try to explain to them the difference between a dreamer and the DC.

      One student replies "So this means, when you wake up, I'm going to die? That my entire life is only this moment?" Some students seemed disturbed, others seemed annoyed at my suggestion that they were just DCs.

      "I dunno! You just go back into my head I think! But seriously, answer my question. Are you or are you not my DC? When I walk into the room, do you or do you not recognize me as the dreamer?"

      They just look at me again.

      "Well what's another dreamer like?" another student asks

      "If there was another dreamer here, that person would be alien to you"

      Then they draw my attention to their student work, a video project. I'm admiring the amazing details of the dream. I remember the glass pane of the computer screen. But watching the video made my dream unstable and I thought I was going to wake up. As soon as I stopped watching the dream stabilized and I continued my search for Windy, or any unusual DC.

      I go outside and fly to a lake. There's a DC walking on water! How is he doing that? I try to walk on water too, something I've always wanted to do in a dream! But its not working. The water feels too real to walk on. I'm kinda jealous a DC can do something I can't.

      "How are you doing that?"

      But this DC teacher was the silent type, he just smiles and continues to walk on water.

      I continue my search through a theater with rows of costumes, a lodge and restaurant. At some point I get a bottle of water and at some point I accidentally dropped into a river. A group of kids hanging out by the bridge scold at me for littering. I thought about flying down and picking it up, but then I think, its just a dream. I wake up shortly after.
    10. 74th Shared Dream - Windhover's Attempt to Aeolar

      by , 03-04-2012 at 02:10 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Windhover's Dream

      I kept waking up for 5 times and I forgot to WILD. When I lifted up my dream body it was hard to stand. I couldn't see. I even rubbed my eyes, but it didn't work.
      and for the second time of OBE I finally could see my room.

      I stood up and transformed into Kneesocks. I saw me on the mirror - the face was still me. But the hairstyle(still black though), clothes, red skin were there. I said 'cool.'
      I even conjured her sickle!

      I thought of finding Katsuno first, but I thought it was too late to do it (sorry Kat :/ ) so I decided to find Aeolar. I chanted his name and opened the door but I was frustrated that the living room was still there.

      Someone was beyond the veranda when I went to the living room. I opened the veranda door and a guy about my age stood there. I immediately recognized him as Aeolar.
      "Are you Aeolar?" I asked, but I don't remember his answer. I didn't even confirm...oh, I think he said yes, but I had to make sure so I did the ignore test - he was still there O.o
      "Oh my god!!!!!! We are sharing dream!?!?" I shouted.
      Then I had to calm myself because I was worried about waking up in dream. Suddenly Aeolar dragged me out of snow-covered-backyard and we flew to somewhere to do something awesome. I think he said we should do some kind of action.

      I could see his face. I looked at him closer to memorize his feature. He had brown, slightly blond hair and brown eyes. He was wearing dark-colored jacket.

      We were at some kind of super market store and started to destroy it with our weapons. I don't recall what Aeolar's weapon was. I stabbed the ground with my sickle, making a big crack reached to the store - the building got split in half! 2 women came out of the store: one in wheelchair, I thought it was dangerous for them so I brought them to a safe place. The wheelchair rolled down.

      "Hey we should do something more awesome! omg!! we should do a catching monster quest!!" I said. I thought of dream battle together, but I wasn't really confident about it, so... Aeolar agreed with me.
      I dragged him to a place where a huge monster would be there. I saw tall buildings and an enormous teddy bear destroying the city xD We started to fight him.

      I flew and swished the sickle (it was really heavy somehow) at the teddy bear but it didn't work out well. So I transforming into Killy to use his powerful GBE laser gun, and then flew down to the ground with Aeolar. There were many people there. I tried to summon GBE gun - imagined it was on the ground, failed, imagined it was behind me, failed, and then imagined it was on my waist, worked. But GBE was a bit smaller than actual one in the manga and it felt like a toy.

      Anyway, I pulled the trigger, holding it for about 20 seconds to shoot it in full capacity. When the bright yellow mark on the gun made beep beep sound, I approached the teddy bear and shot him. It went blam! and then made a huge hole in his stomach. full. of. awesome!!! I've never used his gun before in dream.......but the bear healed himself!! I shot him again several times but he bounded all my lasers.

      I don't recall what happened then... Aeolar and I were in a building walking together. "We should make passwords here to make sure that we've SD..." I said, and Aeolar suddenly pulled out his walkie-talkie saying a word with alphabets and numbers to Katsuno? (damn, now that I think of it I think Aeolar was just my DC...) I gave him a password. This password IRL I sent it to Katsuno. But I don't remember Aeolar's password at all T^T He said something...maybe he forgot to tell me?

      And then we were at my backyard again.... we were talking about SDing. I asked him "how'd you get here?" and he said "I don't know...it just started in my first dream"
      A bunny was running around the backyard close to me, so I tried to catch it while sitting, but it ran so fast. I chuckled. I lied on the grass and looked at sun-setting-dark blue sky.
      Then I woke up.
    11. 73rd Shared Dreaming Attempt- Cay's Dreams

      , 03-03-2012 at 09:19 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      Dream 1
      Zombies everywhere. I was in a truck with J.S., who was driving. I don't know him personally, he's Azra's sister's best friend. He was really torn up because his parents lived in the town, which had been overtaken. We couldn't get to my house, either- the river was up. We turned around and went to Azra's, but her family had already left for a safehouse. We ended up in an abandoned warehouse. It was really cold and we huddled up under a few musty blankets with several other young adults from Azra's siblings' social group. There were crates full of something heavy, which had been pushed up against the door.

      Dream 2
      Lucid! There was a thick snow on. I was down near the pond, which had frozen. There was a tree leaning over it. There was a hole in the ice, and a rope leading from it that had been looped over the overhanging branch. The end hanging down was tied into a noose (symbolism?). I walked across the ice and pulled on the noose, which obviously tightened around my fingers; I just kept pulling, lifting my feet off the ground. A great mass of fishnet, twigs and mud came out on the other end. I was vaguely disappointed, and then I woke up.
    12. 73rd Shared Dreamig Attempt- Cay's Dreams

      , 03-03-2012 at 09:18 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Cay's Dreams
      Dream 1
      Zombies everywhere. I was in a truck with J.S., who was driving. I don't know him personally, he's Azra's sister's best friend. He was really torn up because his parents lived in the town, which had been overtaken. We couldn't get to my house, either- the river was up. We turned around and went to Azra's, but her family had already left for a safehouse. We ended up in an abandoned warehouse. It was really cold and we huddled up under a few musty blankets with several other young adults from Azra's siblings' social group. There were crates full of something heavy, which had been pushed up against the door.

      Dream 2
      Lucid! There was a thick snow on. I was down near the pond, which had frozen. There was a tree leaning over it. There was a hole in the ice, and a rope leading from it that had been looped over the overhanging branch. The end hanging down was tied into a noose (symbolism?). I walked across the ice and pulled on the noose, which obviously tightened around my fingers; I just kept pulling, lifting my feet off the ground. A great mass of fishnet, twigs and mud came out on the other end. I was vaguely disappointed, and then I woke up.
    13. 72nd Shared Dream Attempt

      by , 02-20-2012 at 07:11 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      dream 1 - I met Katsuno's crush. She confessed to me that she liked Katsuno too....lol...... I didn't recognize her face but she had blond hair. we were at some kind of shiny garden? tree-resting place...

      dream 2 - My brother and his friend and I went to somewhere. I get frustrated for some reason.

      dream 3 - did WILD! but the scene was too foggy and unstable... I imagined of being Stella (my character) as a johan with Amy beside me. I could feel her that she was near me but the dream was really unstable. I fight several johans using daggers and kung fu, jumping and kicking.
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    14. 72nd Shared Dreaming Attempt - juroara's dream

      by , 02-20-2012 at 05:56 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      juroara's dream

      Some guy I hardly know dumps his girlfriend to date me instead. But when the government is after me and I transform into a gargoyle mutant to escape, its more than he can handle. He tries to keep up with me, but seeing as he couldn't fly, I guess he felt inadequate. The next time I see him he's escorted by police and his mom and they want to lock me away for emotionally traumatizing him. Lame!

      At some point I just randomly become lucid. I'm in a beautiful courtyard with ancient looking stone walls. It reminds me of something from zelda. I try to dreamshare with someone but I don't remember who. All I remember was I decided trying to dreamshare wouldn't be a good idea.

      So I try to dreamshare with windy. I close my eyes and fall backwards to change the dream. When I open my eyes again I'm in the city and I see a guy with spiky black hair sitting on his motorcycle. Except he was tiny. Like someone shrunk a human.

      I talk to him wondering if he's supposed to be windy and if he's just a DC, but I don't remember the convo. So instead I try to get to the pyramids but my dream gets abstract. This means I'm close to waking up. All sorts of DCs pop up in my dream, confusing me, telling me that I'm dreamsharing with them.

      They tell me their names and where we met, and that's when I remember I met them in other dreams. Then I wake up.
      dream fragment , lucid
    15. 71st Shared Dreaming Attempt - Desert Claw

      by , 02-19-2012 at 11:00 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      I'm in a classroom, we all meet up, and we are sorted by the colour of our hair and if/when we took showers. Redheads were associated with rage and being boisterous? We wait, i sit down and realize i only have a towel covering my lower body. I turn around and see a purple group that has arranged themselves in the middle of a group of chairs. Some teacher comes out and sorts out the classes, clearly upset. SA says he is getting bored and wants a smoke, she gets more upset and says her son took his own life last night :/
      Fragment: Something about living and dying a world where you are free from responsibilities, I can remember a blocky world in the sky, me and others are jumping around on colourful shapes.. it gets really uncomfortable and I try to wake up.
      I thought I wrote this down already...
      On a train, fight with hoenheim, cutscene for 40 minutes with three parts. Something about flying in waves to match the current of the wind. We were in a train surrounded by black explosive balls, apparently we were robots of ourselves and we needed to die to awaken our real selves.. Talking about his past, a train came in with loads of bodies, a girl found an arm and screamed, the guards were trying to take her away.
      Fragment: In a suburb with big houses cats have gone loose, i hear people talking and investigators going to the houses
      Missed first alarm at 6:00am?
      False awakening with cats scratching me..
      Something about starting a fire to protect myself in the wild.. It worked, and it turned out i was in my room the fire spread and I shut the doors so the room would run out of oxygen and put out the fire. It worked, i go outside.
      Something about a local pig that has been protecting us. Then another that says the cows beat the pig.. Remember seeing hilly plains.
      Pretending to write to go into a dream, i wasn't writing because i dont have a pen and paper by my bed... It works anyway. At first its dark with the trees in my backyard falling over, i fly off and the world twists and. See lots of colours which turn out to be balloons. I drop down to a place i think I recognize, something about a funeral. I remember picking up a girl and taking her to her sister who she hasn't seen in a long time. I went to fly but i thought it would be easier to use a door. It works and we walk through the house. I fade out of the dream and I try to focus on something but I FAed. In a room with mum and bro, talking about my dream
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