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    Kukulkan Dream (Waking Nomad)

    by , 07-30-2012 at 01:00 AM (902 Views)
    I am at Kulkulkan, weeping, sitting at the top of the pyramid.

    Raven flies down and asks me what's wrong.

    FUCK 2012. Everything's falling apart. I hate my waking life. I just want to live here forever.

    Raven says nothing, but sends healing energy to me. I stop crying, and stand up and give her a hug.

    I miss you, I miss MoSh... I am so frustrated with my broken body in Wakeworld.

    But, we're here now, Nomad. Come.

    Raven opens a portal to the Healing Glen, and we step through. We are in a lovely glen in a deciduous/pine forest in late winter. The Frost Giant steps through, parting trees like cane stalks.

    "The winter is almost past, brother. Spring is coming soon."

    I collapse on the grass in exhaustion. MoSh, Tigress, and Pablo appear, and I feel them healing me as tears silently pour out of my closed eyes. I hear music... Bakara... everyone is playing music. I get up, and we take turns healing each other.

    We walk back to the Frost Giant's Cave. Joseph is there. He is now a young teenage boy, about 15. He smiles at me, and turns into a giant eagle. I applaud and laugh. He turns back into a boy, and suddenly bursts into tears. "Thank you for rescuing me from the nightstalker demon." He grabs Raven and I and hugs us tightly.

    "Everyone, come by the fire, I made some stew," says the Frost Giant. "We will reforge ancient bonds as we share food, drink, and stories."

    (to be continued when my hands don't hurt.)

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