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    1. 30th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-11-2011 at 11:16 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dreams

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      11-09-11 I wake up in my bed and have a feeling I am dreaming. I am having trouble opening my right eye. I ask the dream for more vision which it gives me. I am about to just fly through the window as normal, but decide to take a bit of time stabilising the dream this time.

      I do this by grabbing hold of the curtain by the window and really looking at my plants in the window. I normally only have one plant in the window and it looks smaller in the dream than it does in waking life. Besides engaging touch and vision I also try and smell my plants, though without success, however when I do this one of the plants transform right in front of me, which I consider a bit odd as normally I can't really make transformations of objects all that well, but hey it wasn't intentional.

      After some time of doing all of this I sit myself down in the window and notice the weather is grey and drizzling. I think to myself that it is pretty much as it was in waking life. I feel like I am getting ill in waking life and the cold and wind from dream environment is uncomfortable for me so I sit and spend a bit of time altering the chilling sensations so I can still feel them, but without the “cold” feeling attached.

      I fly upwards and encounter an Asian woman hanging in the air along with some laundry out for drying. I am about to just fly past her, but decide to interact a bit, considering the possibility that this may not be a DC. I ask her name, which is really weird and I semi-hate myself for not remembering, and tell her “That is a weird name”, to which she replies “Not as weird as yours!” “Oh yeah, what is my name?” I ask “Stefan Vamt” she replies and I have to concede “Yeah, that is a weird name”.

      Note: First time a DC has given me a name completely different to my own.

      I have been flying around her a bit in order to keep off the ground, at one point I did try just hovering, which went fine, so I don't know why I have been flying around. In any case I get sent spinning into circles, which I at first try to stop.

      “You know what, Spinning, not a bad idea, lets try” So I spin and it nearly crashes the dream and I abort mid way (I think). However I get slung off to one side onto a building my vision faded from the dream completely, but I manage to grab hold of the edge of the roof and start crawling onto the roof until I can feel the roof top (it is a pointy roof) and I start making my way towards the gable.

      When I get to the gable I start getting flashes of the building and more specifically the small water pools at the ground. I decide to try and relax a bit while keeping my sense of touch in the dream. Soon enough the dream stabilises and I take off into flight towards the building across the gap. I decide to just take it easy and observe what the dream presents.

      When I think this the yellow brick wall becomes enriched with detail and I start ascending (not in a spiritual sense). I can't help the expectation that pops into my head as I am going upwards “El Castillo is going to be at the top of the building” which to my joy it is.

      I make my way towards the pyramid that this time actually looks like the actual thing. There are ceremonial artefacts (if you can call crafted objects in a dream artefacts as they aren't necessarily man made), like pottery and such at the top level next to the temple building atop the pyramid.

      I shout out “Fellow dreamers!”, but again my voice seem to be blurry and the words come out slower than normal and at this point I give up on trying to light the beacon, but instead go exploring.

      I turn around and see constructions similar to my first visit. There are columns and archways all over the place and the jungle floor is scattered with smaller buildings all made in something that looks like sandstone.

      The amazing thing is that these buildings doesn't seem intrusive as the foliage is allowed to grow freely, even more astonishing is the sense of living it provides to the city. A perfect integration of architecture and nature, where one adds beauty to the other in a synergistic fashion.

      I look down and spot a large figure and recognise it as one of the feline figures I saw in my first visit here and decide to go and introduce myself. When I get down there it turns out to be a somewhat different figure, as essentially this is a big grey/white cat. It is however a few heads taller than me, has quite the...ehhh.. big bones, is bipedal and dressed in clothing that seems foreign to the city I am in.

      It comes over to me and greets me, it knows about me from the first time I was here as I apparently made quite a gossip. I grab it's out stretched paw.

      I wake up.

      I am in a shop where a couple of my old friends are running it. Furthermore they have an area out back where there are houses and other shops. I walk out into the back and and start talking with the older brother, who doesn't actually look like what I remember and he is wearing overalls.

      I ask him if the entire back housing is theirs as well and he looks around and indicate that not only the houses, but all the shops around the rectangular yard belong to them as well.

      Impressive I think to myself, even that shop up on the corner I once visited is theirs. I walk back into the shop and watch the youngest of the brothers handle a purchase, he seems little more than a baby now and has grown considerably younger.

      I walk out the shop and down the street that transforms into a hallway by first turning into a tunnel type thing. I notice one of the gates on the right hand side is open and know that this is where they keep the Tyrannosaurus, so I can't help but always looking back towards that gate and expect a T Rex come running out, I am close to my room anyway.

      Notes: I finaly understand the term semi-lucid now as this is exactly what I was, I knew I was dreaming sort of, I just hadn't “awoken” yet.

      I open the door to my room on the left hand side and expect a Veloci Raptor (look at my extensive Jurassic Park knowledge of ancient reptiles!) to attack me, even if it does I will just punch it in its face.

      As I walk through my vision starts to fade and I am questioning if I am dreaming
      , but then I notice that my bass is standing upright against one of the sofa's and I know it to be lying on the floor, more specifically I know it to be lying on the floor between the window (where I am trying to go) and me.

      I stabilise by breathing and calming down and gradually my visual sphere of perception is filled out with my room. Along with that I notice that there are quite a lot of tall trees outside in the garden that wouldn't normally be there. I notice that the weather is very similar to the last dream.

      Before I fly out the window I expect El Castillo to be on my right hand side and start flying through the window. But I end up face against the glass and have to break it in order to get through. I fly upwards and to the right and there is something that looks like the pyramid but isn't quite that.

      My flight is terrible and I end up slamming into a yellow building and have to climb up the roof. But strangely I decide to fuck worrying about my lack of control, which seems to strengthen it gradually as the dream progress.

      From the roof of the yellow building I look across at yet another yellow building and run towards it and leap taking off into flight (which is back to normal now). In the top flat on the corner of the building there is a television set running and I think “Great, gonna port there through TV!” which I try, but am unsuccessful.

      I think I just end up on the other side of the building and as I look up there are again loads of buildings that look like El Castillo, but isn't. So I decide to just give up and start flying down the street. The city reminds me of a mixture between Barcelona and a Moroccan city.

      Colours and buildings shaped like that. But the streets are modern and wide and there is plenty of life and activity in the restaurants and bars in the one I am in.

      Like this.

      I notice my mum sitting at a bar that is facing the streets wearing a cowboy hat. I carry on down the street and decides to chill a bit. What was the TotM? something about elements and walking on water. Well no water for me to walk on here, but plenty of wine glasses filled with it.

      I sit down and reach my hand out towards a glass of water and make it boil and bubble. I intend to grab it out of the glass and hold it in the air, but someone talks to me from the back before I get a chance of exercising more control.

      The voice makes me think I don't have much time left, which is weird and I don't even turn around to see who it was. I continue down and find a candle on one of the tables. I start pulling the fire towards me and the flame lengthens towards my hand.

      Lame I think and carry on and find two candles on a table with a stranger sat next to it. I first pull rather hard mentally which extinguish one of the candles. I try again fairly hard, but with a bit more of a gentle build-up of force until the little flame leaps from the candle and into my hand where it continue to burn for a couple of seconds until I wake up.

      Fragments: Sleeping at Kaiser's place.

      Picking up some old winning tickets from my grandmother who is deceased.

      Flying around observing things without a body (non-lucid).
    2. 10th Shared Dreaming Attempt-Deadlys dream

      by , 07-26-2011 at 03:13 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      DEADLY'S Dream

      Very fragmented as I was away at a party:

      Was in my grandmothers house, it have been moved into by new people of eastern-european origins. They had noticed the odd goings on in the house (I 'haunt' there) and had put up magical wards and protection symbols around the house. In the kitchen there was a big red mat with a rubber underside that they were covering in white feathers.
      I decided to head to the pyramid and deal with this issue later, only to find myself trapped in the house.

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