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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 76th Shared Dreaming Attempt - juroara's dream

      by , 03-12-2012 at 06:11 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      juroara's dream

      Note: I set my intention before falling asleep that I would be lucid and dream share

      False Awakening Nightmare
      I'm just trying to sleep, but I can't. My room is haunted. It feels like there's someone there, standing at the end of my bed. I try to sleep but the entity tugs at my sheets and startles me. I look but I don't see anyone. Again I go back to sleep, but now they grab my feet. I sit up, there's no one there.

      It feels like this goes on for hours. I finally I get frustrated at the entity harassing me and I scream "FUCK OFF! LEAVE ME ALONE!!"

      That's when I realize everything was wrong. My bed is facing the closet, which I hate. The window is behind my head, which feels weird. I have five cats running around my bedroom instead of one. And my sister is awake, its what 3am, and shes cooking? There are strangers in the living room. And its dark, and everything feels foggy.

      Forget this, I can't sleep. I go for a drive. Even though it was dark and a bit creepy driving around town, it was nice. Fresh air, outside. Not like my bedroom, which just felt wrong. There are kids playing outside too, at this hour! They chase me home until their parents scold them.

      I go back home and I walk into the living room with all the strange people, like hobos, sleeping in the dark corners. This makes no sense. This whole night makes no sense! Why is my sis cooking?

      I'm dreaming! I levitate just to make sure. But being lucid didn't get rid of this foggy-ness. I fly outside into the dark. I didn't get very far.

      Suddenly I was slammed back into my bed. I can't move. There's a dark entity standing over my bed, but I can't make out his face. He grabs my ankles, I can feel his grip. He pulls me towards him and all I sense from him is hate. I scream "HELP! HELP!" But my voice is muffled. Why can't I scream? I'm still dreaming!

      I break free from his grip and fly out the window. The dream becomes a desperate chase dream.

      Sunlight Saves Me
      Now there are several dark entities after me. This dream is foggy, abstract and its so hard to move, its like trying to run in a pool. I do whatever I can to get away from them. They're right behind me. I thought about summoning lightning, but I was afraid my dream skill wouldn't work. Instead I ended up screaming "I summon the power - of everything!"

      I finally run into a building that has lights on. But this place!! No windows. Rooms with no doors. There is something wrong with this place. I run into an office and I find my co-workers, blue as zombies. They were just staring off into space.

      I run up to them "Help me!"

      "Oh hi J"

      "They're after me!"

      "Who's harassing you?"


      My zombie co-workers were happy to help and they hold back the entities buying me time. I run down a hallway which morphs into a tunnel sliding down to the next level below. The walls, the ceiling, everything was bleach white. A nurse was holding a baby pig and she tries to eat it live.

      I run past her thinking this dream can't get anymore messed up "Really lady? What the fuck!"

      Finally I see a door! And on the other side was sunlight. I run faster, they're right behind me. A lady is in my way so I leap out the doors window instead and crash land into a sunny spot.

      "Im safe!"

      The entities catch up and surround me. I can't move, I'm stuck, as though it was sleep paralysis.

      "Oh, what's this?" said one of the entities

      "She's escaping!"

      "Then why isn't she moving?"

      They're trying to intimidate me. But I know I'm safe. I ignore them and focus on the rising sun creating the most beautiful glow over the puffiest clouds. Fly. Fly. Fly!

      Bam! In an instant I was up in the sunlit glowing clouds flying as fast as a jet, the nightmare was miles behind, I'm so happy! I wasn't really flying though. Some force was pulling me towards the sun at an incredible speed! It was amazing! The sun was so gorgeous!

      And then just like that, I wake up. I'm tucked under my sheets, but I just know everything is right now. I can feel that my bed is facing the right direction, its facing the eastern window. I can feel a lump by my feet, my cat softly purring. Everything felt right. I remembered a similar nightmare I had a year ago when I tried to dreamshare. It had all the same elements. A dark entity grasping at my ankles. The dark-foggy dreamscape, and eventually, sunlight.

      I knew I was safe, and that if I go back to sleep, I'm gonna be lucid and I'll have a good chance at dreamsharing.

      Its Windy
      I don't remember the beginning of this dream, I only remember that I just became lucid. The dream is bright, vivid, and colorful. There were so many DCs. It looks like I'm in the middle of a classroom, somewhere in the countryside.

      I go outside and choose my target, Windy. "I now dreamshare with Windy!" My dream seems to shake, like its trying to morph into another dream. Then everything stabalizes again. Did it work? I look around me but I seem to be in exactly the same spot.

      I thought that maybe I had to find Windy. So I try to tell the dream to take me to Windy. Instead the dream responds by making my dream literally windy. This isn't working!

      I go back inside and harass the students. "Do you know that this is my dream?"

      They look at me with blank faces. "I'm looking for another dreamer. Have you seen one?"

      They're still confused. So I try to explain to them the difference between a dreamer and the DC.

      One student replies "So this means, when you wake up, I'm going to die? That my entire life is only this moment?" Some students seemed disturbed, others seemed annoyed at my suggestion that they were just DCs.

      "I dunno! You just go back into my head I think! But seriously, answer my question. Are you or are you not my DC? When I walk into the room, do you or do you not recognize me as the dreamer?"

      They just look at me again.

      "Well what's another dreamer like?" another student asks

      "If there was another dreamer here, that person would be alien to you"

      Then they draw my attention to their student work, a video project. I'm admiring the amazing details of the dream. I remember the glass pane of the computer screen. But watching the video made my dream unstable and I thought I was going to wake up. As soon as I stopped watching the dream stabilized and I continued my search for Windy, or any unusual DC.

      I go outside and fly to a lake. There's a DC walking on water! How is he doing that? I try to walk on water too, something I've always wanted to do in a dream! But its not working. The water feels too real to walk on. I'm kinda jealous a DC can do something I can't.

      "How are you doing that?"

      But this DC teacher was the silent type, he just smiles and continues to walk on water.

      I continue my search through a theater with rows of costumes, a lodge and restaurant. At some point I get a bottle of water and at some point I accidentally dropped into a river. A group of kids hanging out by the bridge scold at me for littering. I thought about flying down and picking it up, but then I think, its just a dream. I wake up shortly after.
    2. 61st Shared Dream Attempt - Windhover

      by , 01-28-2012 at 07:16 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Windhover's Dream

      dream 1 - I'm Yerin.(due to doodling her last night) I go into a house. I meet a middle-aged man who's going to sleep(wtf?!!?!!) with me. He's really short, maybe below 150cm, his head is bald and he's kinda fat... he's wearing ordinary suit. I'm kinda scared so I think of escaping. When the man is gone, I look inside of the house. I open the door and walk into a hallway. The house is pretty huge. It has wooden walls. I return to where I came and I see my mom. She tries to help me escape... there's a small window high on the wall; mom lifts me up and I open it. I stick my head in but I'm found by that bald man. He says "where do you think you're going?"
      He comes inside the house. I gestured him behind my mom that we can't sleep together, how about we just hug? and he gives me a face that he agreeds. He comes closer to me and covers my waist with his hands.(where's my mom?) and he strikes my body.(FFFFFUUUUUUUU-- I got really scared D and then he tries to kiss me. I get really frightened and run away, opening the door......
      This was such a disgusting dream.

      dream 2 - Maybe scene jumped, or I got outside of the house... There's huge blue-green sea infront of me at the beach. I try to escape from something...maybe still from that bald man. I run into the sea and swim away. Suddenly the wave hits me and I fall backward. I rise up on the surface of water, but then the enormous wave (it was really big, I got scared) falls on my head again. I get sucked in, and float away to the beach. I try to give up escaping.

      Dream 3 - I'm snowboarding on sloppy hills. I climb up some kind of tower. When I get to the top, Lain from Serial Experiment Lain is sitting on snow. Suddenly I feel that she's like having a little sister and I want to hang out with her. She says "wanna hang out with me?" so I say "I was going to!" and she smiled. She has a long sled to ride with me. I sit back and she sits in front of me. I push the sled and we slide straight thru very sloppy hill.
      Then we see huge sliding are up the hill. I'm kinda semi lucid here. I give Lain a piggy back ride and try to 'fly' up the hill so we can go reach there fast. But it doesn't work. (I can feel Lain's weight) So we just walked over and get on the sled and slide away.....

      Dream 4 - I'm in comic class... kids are painting a cover of some kind of picture book. My friend asks me what the character in the picture doing. I look closer to the picture. There are 2 white dogs with black spots doing something...

      Dream 5 - FA. I see 5 colorful cereal boxes on a counter in the kitchen. I wash my face in the bathroom...
    3. 35th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Kaomea

      by , 09-24-2011 at 07:36 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Kaomea's Dreams

      Goals: None. I have other things I need to focus on but if I happen to end up at Itza temple, awesome, but I'm not making that the focus.

      10 pm - 12 am

      I'm with a guy on a mountain. There's some sort of attack which ensues and me and the guy race back to our vehicle. I see it and immediately feel bad. It's covered in mud, not just stuck in it either, it's about 1/3 burried in it. That was our only means of escape. The guy climbs in anyway, literally sitting in mud now he tries to turn it on. I feel like it's hopeless. He's still hopeful. He manages to get it running, I climb in still doubtful. We somehow manage to leave. Awesome.

      Side note: HA! FINALLY I can recall what happened in the initial sleep period. IT DOES EXIST! WOOT!

      2 am - 2:30

      Seriously WTF?!
      I FA in my bed. Look around, I feel a very distinct energy, ghost/spirit/demon like presence. It's that thing that's been lingering in my closet for years that's been picking on my family, just not me. (Waking life too). I acknowledge it, thinking it's always been friendly towards me except now there's something different. I can see it clearer. It... frightens me a tad... and I'm not easily frightened. I decide I can't ignore it, which is what I typically do in waking life and dream life. I get up to go get Nae in the living room. I get to him and start jabbing him, trying to wake him up.

      As I poke and prod him to wake up, I feel the 'thing' try to subdue me...? It feels like there's a heaviness to my motions and each time I try to interact with Nae, my physical dream body is declined. I keep fighting it, angry at this point at not being able to exert my own self-control and I eventually end up on my knees on the floor. I stop fighting it and expand my awareness, focusing on seeing whatever the hell this thing is. I feel 'it' become defensive... it doesn't like me focusing on it. It releases me a little and once that opportunity opens I snap my awareness back into myself and I become lucid.

      I realize I'm dreaming, but not that I'm dreaming, that I'm out of my body. It doesn't have the feel of a dream. Since I can't touch Nae, I decide to speak to him. I employ the powerful tactic of love and acceptance (hahaha, funny right). I shout at him, "I LOVE YOU! WAKE UP!" He still sleeps. Finally, I get so pissed at being restrained and controlled that I silently command myself, 'WAKE UP!'

      At which point, I lie awake in my bed, I RC, it's real. Write my notes for this dream thing. I recap wtf just happened, still pissed, and plan to get up to actually go get Nae and tell him what just happened. Then.... I get sucked back into a dream which I had absolutely no intention of doing.

      I FA AGAIN and don't realize it's a FA. I'm back in my bed, get up, with the intent to go get Nae to tell him wtf unfolded. I stand up, look in my closet, tell the thing in there how pissed I am, and walk out. On my way to the living room I see Koa (4 year old). He stops me and wants attention. I stop and give it to him. I notice as I'm putting him back to bed there's something different about him. Great. It merged with a kid...

      Nonetheless, the creep value of this 'dream' which is yet again, more of an OBE than a dream, I still offer love to Koa. It's not his fault he has some idiot thing merged with him.

      I hug him.

      His face transforms very demon like, black maws and energy which is extending past the physical body as it's trying to reach out to my face. Before it reaches me, I get a good look at whatever it is. I can tell it thinks it's winning. Winning what, I don't know. An outside voice pops into my thoughts, "You're dreaming." I'm dreaming? ... FUCKER! I stop any interaction with a swift internal, WAKE UP!

      At which point... I wake up in my REAL bed. R/C, I'm awake and BEYOND livid. I stalk into the living room and retrieve Nae. Simply because it's the principle of it. PFFT.

      3 am - 6:30 am

      Goals: Find the dark energy thing that was giving me a difficult time.

      I'm with my family and I'm protecting them. Exploring safe houses, trying to find a place for them. One of which is a town that has no cars, cars are forbidden. It's a beautiful town and we're walking through very natural settings. Fields. I wonder why noone is outside their houses and they were instructed to remain inside for today. I think it was because we were visiting or passing through?

      I walk through a set of doors, found a somewhat suitable place for them. We relax in a pool. Well they do. My mind is still in detective/protection mode.

      Heavy stuff
      I'm out and about alone. I'm working on something, flipping through towns and finding all the pieces to the puzzle. Nothing exciting or 'aha' worthy. Boring from an external point of view but it had an overall very heavy feeling to it.
    4. 30th Shared dreaming attempt

      by , 09-12-2011 at 09:24 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)

      12-9-11 from 2:00 - 7:00 8:00 - 10:00

      Remember some things. I was browsing this forum and there was a lot of activity by Omnis Dei. Something tells me he was on acid yesterday? Because his name shifted from Omnis Dei to Lysergic. Let me know. I'm having prophetic dreams lately. Fact that he gave me a "like" on my thread while i was sleeping makes it more puzzling.
      Also, i didn't know what the word lysergic means before this dream . i had to look it up.

      Dreamed of logging in on msn and having a message in the "Type a message for ur friends" bar. But i don't remember what it was.

      I dreamed that this girl i know. Who i saw at a club yesterday. She invited me to her home a few miles from here. I told her i don't know where she lives. She said, you do. And i remembered i brought her home once. I do know where she lives. I think i accepted. Had to fix my bike first tho, i had a flat dream tire. I think i recall riding outside her house trying to find the place. Nothing more.
    5. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Ahsaka

      by , 09-10-2011 at 01:35 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Ahsaka's Dreams

      1. I was in the midst of working on a speech for an upcoming event when outside I heard the faint strains of violin music. It was Summer by Vivaldi. I went outside and followed the music to try find out where it was coming from.

      2. I don't know why but I was left in charge of watching several kindergarten aged kids. There was something important I was supposed to be thinking about but the kids wouldn't allow me any time to think. They kept climbing on me and trying to play with me.

      3. I was at a family get together. My sister was talking almost non stop, bragging about the places she's been and seen. It was rather annoying and I tried to ignore her by starting my own conversation with my brother. He had just started talking about his kids when my sister interrupted and started bragging about how wonderful and intelligent her little sons were. She happened to mention that they would be going to Mexico because her son was learning about it in school.

      Quite suddenly I remembered writing, To Mexico or bust!! somewhere. I then decided that I would tag along with my sister to Mexico in an effort to further my own personal educational aspirations. i told her that I would come with her.

      The dream scene changed. We were sitting in an airport. I was surprisingly calm and devoid of my fear of flying and I thought that this was very strange. I did a reality check simply because the lack of fear was unnatural for me. I quickly found out that I was dreaming.

      I became anxious. I wanted to get to Mexico ASAP. I had the overwhelming feeling that this dream would be a short one. I attempted teleportation but found that I was anchored quite formidably in the airport. I tried spinning to change the scene but that did not work either. It only drew suspicious stares from the people around me. My sister looked very ashamed of me.

      I knew the dream would end soon. I had not time to spare. If I could not get to Mexico maybe I could find Yeon in the airport crowd. I started yelling "Yeon" hoping someone would answer. No answer came so I began yelling "Windhover! I know you're here. It's me!" Still no answer. By this time I didn't particularly care that a crowd of bug eyed onlookers had gathered around me. I stood up on a bench and continued yelling, at the top of my lungs, for Windhover.

      I woke up quite suddenly, frustrated that I had not gotten to Mexico or found Yeon/Windhover.
    6. 24th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Thebeastofold's Dream

      by , 08-28-2011 at 08:07 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Thebeastofold's Dream

      Dinner fight with mom and dad...

      I was sitting at a large dinner table and my parents and someone i thought was my cousin were there...all of a sudden my folks and i were yelling at each other for absolutely no reason...I told my cousin to get out! my cousin said oh well, that means youve got to do the dishes... and they left....they?!?!? all of a sudden my cousin was twins..weird...so they both walked out....I yelled goddamnit!! and i went into the kitchen and started clearing the table and doing dishes..mom and dad went into the room off the kitchen was were discussing something that sounded humerous and light hearted..they would sound excited and laugh from time to time... the dream shifted

      Alien rescue mission?

      i was headed to walmart on some kind of rescue mission....either rescuing aliens or rescuing some people from aliens..i didnt know.......i had in in my head the mission would be revealed when i got there......i walked into the front door of walmart and saw a bunch of weird men in black type weapons on the wall tomy left...i had to climb on top of a pallett of clothes pile like 6 feet high to get to them...a guy walked up to me as i was climbing and i decided he was the enemy..so i grabbed a weird rifle, figured out how to load the clip into it and aimed it at him and pulled the trigger..all it did was make a muffled hiss sound...ad he smiled at me..i kept pulling the trigger and he started laughing and said loudly...thats not a weapon, its a vaginal relaxer! eh?!?!?!?!?!? um ok......so i put it right in his face and started frantically pullingthe trigger until he eventually passed out......i grabbed a weapon that resembled the handguns from babylon5 out of the hand of a guy that just walked up to me and i shot the guy on thje floor about 5 or 6 times..energy pulse weapon...sounded really cool......i jumped down and walked around randomly started shooting people i thought were the enemies...when i was done, and i just knew somehow i had killed all the enemies......a lady walked up to me with a smile and said you did it! but now were out of tv's....dreamshifted again...

      mom eavesdropping blogs... dream fragment...

      I was sitting at a computer in what looked like an old classroom and i was looking at miscelaneous blogs and mom was standing right behind me leaning over reading over my shoulder... woke up at thsi point and went back to sleep immediately...

      dream journal under table somewhere?

      i was in a dining room somewhere..it idnt look familiar...and i had the previous dreams in my head and i was crawling around under all the tables inthe room looking for my dream journal so i could write them down....under the table si found every notebook ive ever owned, even some i had as a kid..but no dream journal...then i had a false awakening..i was dreaming i was laying in bed writing my dream journal..then i woke up for real, and had to write it all over again..hehe
    7. 9th attempt- It'sMEE (Emma)'s dream

      by , 07-24-2011 at 04:51 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      It'sMEE (Emma)'s Dream

      The alarm goes off at 3:27am. I switch it off and drop my phone onto my bed, and drift back to sleep. As soon as my eyes close, I shoot straight back up. I have the feeling I should be somewhere, but I can't quite remember where. I remember my phone went off, because I wanted to try WILD, but I look about my bed and just can't find the phone. Then I remember where I'm supposed to be. I look at my hand, because that's where I wrote the name of the place; 'Chichen Itza' It says, but a little bit has rubbed off. When I look again, all of the writing is there, so I do the nose plug RC... Of course, I'm dreaming. I get out of bed, and I'm magically dressed, my pyjamas are neatly folded on my bed, which appears to have made it's self. I walk up to the door and visualise the Chichen Itza pyramid and tell myself it's on the other side of the door. I slowly open the door with my eyes closed. I can feel a breeze in my face, but it's a warm breeze. So I open my eyes. Yes, there it is, the old dark pyramid. I feel like climbing up it, but look at my hand again to remind me what I'm supposed to be doing. The doorway behind me has gone, but that doesn't really matter so I hardly notice and run up to the pyramid. The light is at the top, so I know someone is or has been here already just I can't see anyone. I hear voices on the other side so I run round there. I round the corner, expecting to see at least two people, because it sounded not like an argument but more of a discussion, but there had to be at least two people so I'm really surprised when I see that there's nobody there. I hear voices just around the corner again, so I dash around there. Now the voices have moved to the opposite side of the pyramid. The voices get louder and quieter and keep moving, but I never see who's talking. Eventually, they sound like they're at the top, so I practically cry out. The voices begin to laugh instead, and I'm sure they're laughing at me. I begin to climb to the top. When I'm there, I'm standing in the light, which is so bright Ican't see. The voices are gone now, so I just sit down for a while, waiting for them to come back. By now I'm so frustrated that I jump off the top. I find myself in bed. I do an RC and I'm awake, but the scary thing is is that the time is only 3:28am. I fall asleep and remember no more dreams that night.