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    Oneironautic Escapades

    1. Alligator Fields, Goth Invasion, and Fragments

      by , 12-24-2020 at 05:17 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with K and the doctor is also there. She is barefoot wearing a flowing black dress and her long wavy dark brown hair hangs in front of one of her eyes and lays softly on her shoulders. We are in a large green field with scattered flowers and tall trees lining either side like a narrow pasture. We notice alligators of varying sizes on the sides of some ditches coming up from different places. People are scared and so is K. The doctor and I are excited and treating it jokingly like an adventure. I am more curious than concerned however K is shocked by our nonchalants.

      I hold K's hand while the doctor deals with some of the alligators in a passive way. She is comforted but still cautious of the gators. The doctor is in his original metal tube TARDIS. He fades away leaving us on the edge of the field by a set of very large wooden doors. People are leaving but there is still a large gator by the door. I assure her the doctor will be back because he always comes back. I hold a metal tube in my other hand while walking her to the door.

      I invite K to come with us. She asks us if it is always like this. I tell her this is a typical Tuesday. She is flabbergasted by the excitement and declines more adventure. I am surprised by her fear but understand her cautiousness. The dream ends as we walk hand in hand through the large metal studded wooden gateway.

      I am in my basement with a friend. I walk out front and notice a worker in a work van sitting right in front of my car. There are random graphics on the side of the white van I gather a neighbor has called them for some duty like copying keys. My friend has left my godson's backpack on the sidewalk next to my car. As I walk out there I notice some taller skinny girl in an all jean skirt walking in front of the house on her phone.

      She doesn't seem to notice me. I mention to my friend we shouldn't leave the backpack on the sidewalk as there might be valuables in it, and would be super easy for someone to just walk off with it. Walking to my car which is bumper to bumper with the work van being worked on I notice my car doors are open. The girl walking by just casually gets in my car without saying anything and starts going through it picking things up like she owns the place. We are both taken aback this is happening and I give a curious yet amused stare towards the girl while standing feet away. The girl doesn't realize I own the car.

      After talking to the worker of the van for a few seconds, I ask the girl 'how are you doing?' She says 'Great, just tryna figure out who owns this fine whip!' I now notice she is somewhat goth/punk looking, pale freckled skin and short dark hair with coloured highlights and not bad looking either. I am still shocked she was rummaging through my car. I tell her 'This is my car, just what do you think you are doing in there?' She just shrugs and says 'looking for stuff'

      Somehow it transitions and we're now in my basement all together. My friend is there on my bed and the girl is sitting on the futon with her knees to the side. We are casually talking and I am somewhat interrogating her. Still trying to figure out what she was doing in my car. She is attempting to comfort me by telling me that I am alright and shouldn't worry. She slyly is giggling and taking pictures of me with her cell phone while I am talking to her. I call her out for it and it's no big deal. I now notice one of her other friends is on the couch across the room just watching the whole thing. He also looks like a taller goth kid with long black bangs. As we are talking I notice he now has a girlfriend with him who is laying on him cuddling while we all talk. I start to notice that her friends are starting to just appear in my room and I am not even sure if I trust her yet. She takes my headphones out of her bag and throws them at me. I say 'See! Was that so hard? How can you expect me to trust you or your friends if I don't even know what you've taken from me!'

      Suddenly another friend barges into the basement from the garage door in a hurry. He is portly, red-faced with some random black band t-shirt and a stuffed backpack on. He says quick things to the friends and immediately goes into my bathroom. I am through with this. I tell everyone 'Alright! Get out, I don't know any of you and I have a bad feeling I am being taken advantage of here!' The girl seems cute and I apologise to her but she has to see how this is wrong. The portly guy comes out of the bathroom and just walks back outside and leaves through the garage. I wonder if he has taken from my food pantry in the garage.

      When I look outside to find him I notice there is now white marker written/drawn all over my black car. Random words and symbols cover every square inch of my black paint like some teenagers binder. The girl mentions she has the same car as I do and I tell her she is lying. The portly guy is no where to be seen. When the friend and the girlfriend get up to leave the girlfriend is down low at first and I almost pet her like a dog. Laughing at my sudden lapse in logical judgement. I am now unsure of their genders as they are referring to each other as her. I let the girl use the bathroom before leaving and tell her maybe I'll see her around sometime but it will take some time for me to forgive her intrusion and theft.

      There is a fragment of me driving my car down the street. It is night and cold and snowy. My car hasn't been started for a while so I barely get it cranked and gather the engine is trying to die so I just let it idle while I coast down the street hoping it will catch up and rev to life. My windshield is completely covered in frost save a small gap in the bottom left I can barely see through. It also feels like my seat is too far reclined and I am having trouble controlling the car (most of my driving in dreams is either from the passenger seat or the back seat and usually stressful). I see shadows and yellow flashing lights on one side of the window while it is still heavily obfuscated by the frost. I know there are cars parked on either side of the road in my neighborhood and attempt my best to keep the car centered without hitting any of the cars on the sides. After a time I flick on the defrost and turn the air on full blast, the window clears up within seconds and I see I have kept the car in the center with no accidents so I just continue to drive around the block warming up my engine.

      I have a fragment of being stuck in a dock/asian market place. There are many dim lit rooms with prepared food and second hand goods on tables for sale.
      Everyone seems like a prisoner/drowsy to their life. Everyone looks down and is just slowly going about their business. I am moving quickly from room to room, it feels like a flea market inside an old fashioned run down corporate campus. It starts to feel partially post-apocalyptic even. I make it outside and somehow fly up over the roofs of the building.

      This opens up into a massive expanse of never-ending run down weathered corporate buildings, none are over two stories tall. It is reminiscent of those shack slum villages you see in Brazil or India, buildings showing the gradient of the hills they are built upon. Only every building is mossy, run down, and soiled with algae on the sides. The dream fades as I look down over the watery docks I am hovering over.
    2. Finally Lucidity! Fragments, Re-stabilizing, and Lucille Ball

      by , 12-08-2020 at 03:53 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      Kostas the Grecian baker is showing off a pumpkin plant growing on the wall of his bakery, talking about keeping the roots on the wall because it is so beautiful. I think he wants to harvest the blossoms to cook. I agree whole heartily and take some video for him.

      I am walking down a hallway in a school going to class, all other classes have already begun. No one minds that I am late to the room.
      I sit down at an open desk with my backpack. Everyone is already going over a test or homework.
      When I sit down the desk is small and I fall backwards with the desk attached to me doing a roll, everyone kind of laughs but nothing is too disrupted.
      I realize I am 32 and have been out of school for quite a while. I shout 'hey everyone! This is a dream!'
      They cheer and start to get up, the teacher looks defeated. I say out loud that this should be obvious because I am older and have been out of highschool for over a decade, so this is definitely a dream.
      I tell the whole class to pinch their nose and breathe to prove they are dreaming. Some are confused, some do it. I do it together with them and prove that I am on fact dreaming. It's a great feeling.
      I leave the classroom, there is a group of students standing in the doorway blocking my way. I ask them if this is a door, because it definitely looks like a door. And one by one they move out of my way begrudgingly. The dream destabilizes multiple times in the hallway so I drop to the floor and feel the cool tile with my hands to re-stabilize the dream the hallway comes back into clarity and I begin walking again.
      This happens several times in the dream I always drop down and feel the ground or rub my hands as I feel the dream start to collapse and with some focus it rematerializes around me.
      While outside I fly around with ease, not as much effort as I remember it taking. I have a sort of iron man pose.
      The school is now a 1800's military academy and I see rows of students/soldiers carrying bayonets.
      They are scared of me, one of them throws their bayonet and almost hits me as I fly over. I fly higher into the air and over the pond. It's an old campus with a large pond in the middle and many older trees like southern live oaks.
      The dream starts to crash again so I land and feel the grass through my fingers,I pay attention to the sounds of the water and the street nearby. The scene comes back but the soldiers are gone. There are creatures now moving faster than vision almost.
      I reach out my hands and control one that has gone by me and is almost on the other side of the water.
      I intend to control its movement and wind it back like a toy. I see it's movement slow. It is like an animated toyish looking trex that belongs on a playground spring but it is moving around very fast, it moves backwards and forwards and I am content with my control so I let it go.

      I tell someone close to me that I am dreaming and they tell me to come with them, we all get in a car and they tell me I have to meet Theodore Roosevelt, they tell me that I'm gonna love Teddy.
      He is showing me his collection of cars, one of them looks like a pre-model T but it's combined with a wooden boat. Without saying anything I help him take it down off a rack and fold the wheels down to drive. I complement the antiquity of the collection and tell him the oldest one is my favorite, Teddy is much more informal than I am expecting as he is wearing swim shorts and a safari hard hat. His mustache is large and pointy.
      We go into an army bunker with other officers and the dream starts to collapse again. I drop down and feel the cool floor, then the windowsill and start to take in all the details and senses. The dream comes back but the men are gone. There is a redhead now who looks similar to Lucile ball. She is sitting on the edge of a desk in an all khaki military dress.
      She is pleased to meet me, I ask if it's really her and she nods. I am so pleased to see her again. I wrap my arms around her lower half and just embrace her. I tell someone else in the room that this is the Prime Matriarch. She is my guide, I have been looking for her for literally months. It is an immense relief to be finally close to her so I just breathe it in for a few minutes.
      There are several props and maps around the room she begins trying to show me things while explaining, I don't grasp the meaning of anything she says but the warmth of her presence is comforting.
      The dream destabilizes again and I rub my hands together quickly and feel the walls of the barracks.
      I hear talking and can feel sensations of the walls but my vision hasn't returned yet. I imagine where I just was and intend to step back into the barracks.

      I am now with a couple old friends in their apartment. They show me a collectable figurine they have from one of the Batman cartoons. He undoes the box in a meticulous way to show me the figure inside and puts it all back before going into the other room.
      The box falls forward and I grab it to put back on the shelf. Everything has become shifted in the box and I attempt to put it right. But nothing fits the way it was. I try to fold the box back up the correct way and am unsuccessful, I know they will be displeased that I messed up their collectable. They are leaving to go get ice cream across the street I tell them to wait for me while I struggle with the box
      I finally give up and admit defeat, I have the thought that they will think I was trying to play with the toy rather than admire the collectable. They go ahead of me to the ice cream place anyway.

      I am now in a 50's style diner, it's packed with classmates and people I used to know, they are all at different tables having their own conversations. I gather that I am still dreaming but don't intend to change anything.
      I see the girl with blue hair and I tug on it as I walk by her but don't say anything. She follows me around so I talk to her in passing, then a girl I used to date runs up to me like an excited puppy and tries to derail my attention. It works and I give her the drink I have in my hand. The dream starts to crash so I drop to the floor again to re-stabilize.

      The diner disappears, I am now in a highrise corner new york flat with large windows looking out to the night time city and only one other guy in it. He looks identical to Mark Sheppard. I tell him that I am dreaming and he agrees with me, I go through several periods of almost waking up but always come back into this room. Maybe 4 or 5 times. He is impressed but attempts to get my name. When he speaks details it is gibberish and the same with me, so he tries to write it down. They look like wingdings combined with korean characters. I describe very clearly what I see.
      He tells me he wrote his name. But I cannot read it. He is very amused that we can have normal conversation but certain details seem to be 'edited' in real time from us. He tells me to find him when I wake up.
      I write my name down in permanent marker but he tells me it just looks like random gibberish to him. We are both amused that we can't seem to share each other's name. I do manage to piece it together one of the times I phase back into his apartment after partially destabilizing. He says his name is Marc Bilit. I need to find him when I wake up. He is also surprised when I come back into the room. Apparently when I destabilize I just disappear from right in front of him, and when I come back I just pop back into existence. He is very tickled by this occurrence. Marc Bilit. Remember Marc Bilit it's very important that I find him when I wake up. We are working to understand cross communication between dreams.
    3. Hollywood

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:04 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      I am in Hollywood California as a tourist just wondering around seeing the sights taking it all in. I find myself at some kind of red carpet and there are many celebrities gathered for some reason. There aren't many people around so I figure this is a prime opportunity to hang out with some famous people. I see Ben Affleck with a few other people and I signal him to come over, he walks over a few seconds later with a couple girls apologizing that he was chatting with Milla Jovovich. I ask them if they want to hang out in the arcade next door and they happily take me up. We walk in and the two girls are fixated on an sort of skee-ball game that involves throwing lemons down an ally at specific targets for points. I walk around with Ben and we just chat about life as norm and how people react to them in general. When we come back to the skee-ball game he joins them and I decide to walk around some more there are bright colors and lights and all sorts of arcade sounds I am somewhat pleased by the environment. I return to the three of them and Milla is now in the group playing the lemon game. Ben is requisitioned by some fans and follows them out the door of the arcade. I step in on the game and ask the girls if I can join them, they are more than happy to play with me. I am overjoyed I am playing the lemon game with Milla and Bens date. As I throw the lemons down the alley it is slightly more difficult than it looks and I am embarrassed about wasting their lemons. Other fans have stepped into the game and were allowing themselves to be the targets for the girls to throw at, they are being cheeky and the girls giggle. So I allow them to play some more and then walk away out the door Ben went. He was posing for pictures on the sidewalk and sitting on some kind on wagon facing the street. I wave goodbye and continue down the road.
      It is mostly tourists flocking the streets now. Like a sea of tourists, we are all headed to a good look out point to take photos of the Hollywood sign. I can barely see it from where I am, a local tells me the best place to shoot is from a hillside in the distance they point to and I see people filing that way. I am on the edge of the city and there is a small patch of woods between me and the hillside. I have to travel down a ravine of some sort and it is quite muddy. I notice there are very large pinkish orangy mushroom type trees littering the Forrest. They have large spines on them that bend easily to the touch. I am aware I have never seen anything like this and they seem either alien or prehistoric. I am following a man who has fairly certain footing though he begins to travel away from where we are going and I recommend we take the path of a fallen tree which is more direct he follows my advice and we advance together.
      When I am finally approaching the open hillside I notice a man dressed in biblical attire singing a gospel, those around him chime in and suddenly the entire mass of a thousand people easy are all singing praises at the top of their lungs. It is breathtaking. As I am walking by the people who have stopped to sing I begin clapping the rhythm of the song, I begin jogging and I am suddenly in biblical clothes myself. The wind is blowing rather hard against my tunics and I hold the edges of my gown convinced I can glide on the wind. The singing picks up as I lift off the ground moving with speed in the air powered by the wind and my gown of flowing fabric. I glide forward and backward zig zagging the entire group moving down the hillside. I am overwhelmed by the experience the singing is magnificently heard from this height. The people see me and exclaim I must be the real one! I come closer to the ground towards the edge of the hillside which is more of a cliff. I turn and land though the wind is pulling me towards the cliffs edge. I am gripping the soil trying to maintain and three women who are African american offer me their hands to pull me up. I am eternally grateful, as I am walking back up there is another boy on the cliffs edge, I reach back and help him up as well the singing is dying down and all of the people seem focused on me.
      The Hollywood sign is no where to be seen.
    4. Carnival Islands, dino-babies, and a church prom

      by , 08-03-2012 at 11:12 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was my first night on brain sups.
      Picked up some Melatonin, Choline, and B6, took one of each about 30 min before bed.
      Initial core sleep 11-7 was latent with fragments, no recollections though
      Laid awake for almost an hour attempting a WILD or some visualizations to no avail. Turned off my sleep tracker on my phone and checked my messages, after I felt tired so I rolled over and fell back.. into the fun.

      Standing in some large grassy meadow I realized I was no longer in my room and must be dreaming, looked at my hands to stabilize and decided to take to the air.
      Feeling the wind rush past me was an exhilarating feeling as I gained altitude. Thinking there must be some kind of civilization around I found a small village which looked french from 200 years ago or so. I circled the town but then decided I would stay airborne and continue to explore the island I was on, as I climbed I played with willing my speed faster and slower. As I am fairly new to sustained flight I figured I needed the practice. Some lucidity was lost as I sped up because I was looking down and my mind couldn't keep with the details of the passing ground. I remembered this happening in a previous dream so to establish more control I focused on the distance. It was then I saw several other islands connected to the one I was flying around. Their design was somewhat colonial mixed with the bright colors of a carnival, there were 3 other islands tied together in kind of a line, each with varying size and infrastructure design. They were far in the distance and I remember thinking how amazingly detailed everything was, pondering how wonderful my mind was that I could dream such magnificent things. In trying to decide if I wanted to visit the other islands I got caught up in the details of the ground again, I lost lucidity and the dream faded as I fell.

      Not certain I fully woke up, as most of these were Deilds. I relaxed back into a dream and I was suddenly surrounded by african americans. We were at a wedding. There was much joy for the celebration but it seemed it was located at a fair ground of sorts. Dusty ground and the smell of fried food in the air. I was wondering through the crowd when I noticed a friend of mines brother in a doorway to a small shack, he signaled me over. As I approached the door he took a drag of his smoke and stepped inside, it was a dark room with somewhat cramped furnishings. He kept telling me how awesome his flat screen was, when I looked at the wall it was on it was a tube, with a flat screen, probably 12 inches diagonal. I smiled and decided to go back out to the gathering, there was a woman on the PA system making some announcement. Every time she finished talking I would shout 'Dino-Babies!' into the crowd from behind something. The dream faded and I transitioned.

      Now in a large house there were exotic women all around. I was lucid for most of this one as I phased through many walls and windows. The details escape me as most of it was me running from woman to woman and making out with them. Some smiled, others were taken aback by my sudden inappropriate action. Settling more into the idea that I was dreaming and most of the DC here were for my amusement , I continually rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream if my excitement started to get the better of me. It almost seemed as if there was a meeting going on, yet I was too overwhelmed by the estrogen in the air to come to full awareness. Towards the end I had a petite woman sitting on my lap who was straddling me, caressing her arse I decided to slip a finger into the warm spot. She was soft and slightly humid, could not believe how tight she was just on my finger. The excitement lost me my lucidity and my alarm rang just as I was beginning to get mr. member's tip in.

      Suddenly I am standing in a large group of people, we're all wearing tux's and gowns as it seems to be a prom of some kind. Recognizing most of the people from the church I used to go to as well as my old private school. Realizing I was dreaming I decided to seek out an old childhood crush, everytime I think I see her in a group of friends I turn her around and its someone else. We're in a large cabin type center that has wooden support beams and a soft mahogany furniture everywhere. Wondering to the back of the hall I see an old friend who is wheel-chair bound hiding in the corner with her face turned. I approach her and her turns to me, she's been crying.
      'Emily?! What's wrong? Why are you crying?'
      'They are making fun of me because I keep beating them in cards'
      'How can they do that? Its just a game..'
      'I know, but they say i'm not normal'
      'No one is normal Em, what did they say?'
      'Because I've spent my whole life in this chair I have developed a sort of ESP, all games are very easy for me, especially cards, they fear what they don't understand'
      'That's amazing! How could anyone get mad at that!'
      'I just want to be like everyone else'
      'No, don't say that, you're special. You're like this for a reason, you should support your abilities and stand proud. You have purpose in this life, I don't doubt'
      'I guess, thank you so much Noah' she smiled
      I smiled back 'Here, come back with me'
      She nodded and took my hand as we rejoined everyone else
      It was obvious everyone was now looking at me with her as we approached a group of old friends, getting sideways glances and whispers. I found the friend I was looking for before and she gave me odd looks now that I was with Em. We were all sitting at a table when I noticed a guy at the table behind us speaking loud enough for us to hear
      'Its just not right! People like that shouldn't be allowed to live..'
      I turned back to him, death glared, and began a very poignant monologue on the validity of all humans. Details escaping I remembered the very last line
      'People are people no matter who they are.'
    5. The green screen

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:49 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was the single craziest night of dreaming I've experienced in my entire life.
      True Story.

      But first, some background

      Took 2 sleep aid gummies containing about 25mg of Melatonin immediately before bed.
      Which was around 1148. My plan was to core sleep and attempt WILDing when I usually naturally wake up in 4-6 hours. Using an OBE timer a friend of mine sent to me in mp3. I repeated three words to myself as I was falling asleep, EPIC LUCID ADVENTURE. As I have't been fully lucid in a few weeks I was ready for some fun. I dropped off sometime between 12-1230 as I have clock chimes on my phone to keep me aware of objective time. Recently I've been sleeping with earplugs which assist me greatly process of falling asleep. I awoke at 455, for some reason took out my earplugs, went to the bathroom, got some water, and decided to set the OBE timer on my phone and laid back down. I was excited as this was one of the first times I've ever used a timer to help induce a WILD. I must have been too excited cause every mental excise I went through to calm my awareness completely failed, just as I would start to fade the timer would go off and the beeps would snap me back to complete awareness.
      I laid on my back for an hour straight without loosing consciousness once. I was so freakin pissed. The beeps annoyed me since I couldn't fall asleep in between chimes. When six hit I was overly frustrated and decided to get up and vaporize some hash. Only a small amount, as I have heard before that THC can inhibit REM, fuck it, might as well and see what happens. I was finished and head in pillow by 630. My mind was swirling with thoughts, intentions, feelings, and the hope of dreams.

      The following is my best attempt to properly order the events which took place

      I woke up in my room, I knew immediately that I was dreaming, did a nosepinch and confirmed I was in fact non-physical. I looked around and it was kind of dark but everything was still clearly visible. I shouted 'Clarity!' and things got slightly clearer but not hyper-clear, so I figured it was probably just a regular dream and not a wild. I have wanted to converse with my DG for a real long time as he/she is a re-occurring character in my non-lucid dreams. 'Show me my dream guide!' nothing happened. My room looked exactly the same and my lack of control lost me my lucidity and I decided to go back to bed. This is when things kind of took off.
      After falling asleep in my dream, all I could see was a green panel that wasn't quite rectangular but looked like a screen, with foreign/alien symbols divided into 3 lines horizontally. The screen felt to me like a loading screen for a video game, I anchored the belief that I was awake when I saw the screen and I was just waiting for my lucid dream to load. When the loading was complete I nosepinched and lucidly entered the dream.

      I was in a run down school with no one in it. Looks like it has been abandoned for quite some time. I move things with my mind and run my hands along the wall as I walked down the hall to immerse myself in my senses all while repeating 'I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming.. What do I want to do in my dream?'
      'OH YEAH, summon my dream guide!'
      'I DEMAND TO SEE MY DREAM GUIDE!!!' I shouted in the empty hallway, no one appeared but for some reason I now knew that someone was in the back of the kitchen in the cafeteria to my left. As I was walking through the cafeteria I heard a woman/girl humming that sounded soft and warm. Entering into the kitchen there was little light coming through dusty windows , but I saw her immediately. Her figure is unmistakable, she was faced away from me but slightly to the side, she looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. I walked up to her smiling asking if it was her, she nodded. I took one finger and ran it from behind her knee, up the side of her hip, up her back and slid off her shoulder. Taking in every detail. She was wearing tight faded jean bellbottoms and a light blue tank top that barely covered her midriff. Her hair was long and wavy, with highlights of light blue strung towards her tips, I then realized she looked almost exactly like one of my friends ex-girlfriends when she was 18. Her nose was pointed and her skin pale, I was drawn in and lost my lucidity, so excited I took her hand in mine and started on some monologue about myself, my friends, and my father, somehow tying the non-sense into the fact that she was there. She just smiled and humorously nodded as an adult humors an excited child. I realized her demeanor mid-monologue and it shunted me "awake"

      Back to the green screen there were scrolling symbols still I couldn't understand, I just knew I was waiting for the next dream. When I reached up to nosepinch I sat up backwards out of bed. I was back in my room. SHIT, did I wake up? Nosepinch, nope, still dreaming, Oh kay. I FOUND HER. But shes not here now, I'm still in my room and everything looks like it did before.. Weird, I must be in a dream in a dream. Whoa, alright, I need to get back to her. So I looked at the door to my garage and said with intent 'When I walk through THIS door, I will be in the cafeteria!' I barged through the door, and surprise, it was the garage. DAMNIT. I repeated 'I'm dreaming, anytime I felt myself fade, to keep the clarity of the dream. I walked to the car garage door and phased through it, I was outside my house in the driveway. I looked around, the sky had the same orangey color it was when I first WILD'd a few months back. Weird, there was no one around and my lack of interest faded the dream and I "awoke"

      Staring at the green screen I re-iterated the feeling of being awake, only this time every few seconds the screen would slide to the left and show me a brief picture or setting then back to the symbols which were constantly being updated. I watched it for a few seconds and when there was a large red Semi-truck in the frame, looking like it was on a highway, I nosepinched, and the picture grew all around me and became the dream.

      I was standing in front of the very same semi on a highway of non-moving traffic. There was a gun fight going on all around me, and I was already lucid. Sweet, time to cap some foos. I swung my arm out of my field of vision and felt the pistol in my hand, I whipped it back and started shooting dream characters immediately and mercilessly. Realizing I didn't want to be needlessly violent in a completely open ended lucid dream I stopped firing and they all just looked at me. I dropped the gun and made a fake gun with my pointer and thumb, I 'pew pew'd a car several meters away from me and it exploded into a fiery mess. Sweet. Pew pew hands. Forgetting my original agreement I decided explosions were much better than bullets. Everyone ran away from me as I walked down the road 'pew pew'ing everything I could. Towards the end of my Armageddon chaos I'm fairly sure I 9/11'd an 11-story apartment tower that looked familiar. I smiled and "woke"

      Back to the green screen I still felt awake, knowing all I had to do was wait for my dream to load and I could be lucid again. This time it was just symbols still in their three horizontal rows. My nose felt like it was running and I sat up. (I've woken up with nosebleeds many-a-time IWL and felt this was the case) Raising off my pillow everything seemed dark. I could feel the warmth running out of my nose as I tried to sniff it back in. Fuck it, I'd rather dream than clean this shit up, so I put my face back into the pillow and the green screen appeared once again. This time only one screen of symbols, and the rest were pictures. I was made allowed to choose my destination. Random images of places familiar and not slid in and out of the multi-green off-rectangular screen, when an image of a homey Brit. castle appeared, it seemed to be of an old college, like Cambridge mixed with Hogwarts, I know. I know. It seemed appealing and I was drawn to it, so I nosepinched.

      Like before the night grew around me and I was standing in on the side of a street, under a lamp, looking at the very same building.
      'SHOW ME MY DREAM GUIDE!' I hollered into the brisk night. I saw her, she looked like Selene from Underworld this time, only with longer and brighter hair. She was a short distance from me so I couldn't see many details of her. I waved to her and smiled, she smiled back and shouted 'Follow me! Quickly! We must hurry!' She immediately jumped into the hair and started flying the opposite direction of me. Shit! I better follow, I started floating with my traditional style flying(which I felt as though I needed to exert energy for flight) and it was slow and clumsy. I saw her speeding away over rooftops when I decided I needed to get a move on. Knowing I was dreaming the whole time I thought logically that it didn't make sense to have to 'try' to fly. I should just will myself forward, like I do in my running/jumping LDs. With this thought I rocketed forward, nearly catching up to her. We were probably a couple dozen feet from tree-tops, street lamps and the old style buildings in the campus we were now leaving. She was moving faster. I noticed the more I looked around, at the ground and sky I started to loose lucidity. 'I'm dreaming, I'm actually dreaming, I need to follow her'. She started getting away from me as my flight slowed. I shouted 'HEY! SLOW DOWN! You're gonna wake me up!' Realizing I could keep up with all the details I tried 'dimming' my resolution so I could stay lucid. I must have taken it too far because everything became game-like and computer animated. She landed in the middle of some trees and as I approached her I was focusing too hard on her and I gained a 3rd person view of her as if she was my WOW character. I 360'd the scene and she just looked up at me with one eyebrow raised kind of giving me one of those 'really?' smirks while lowering her head. I couldn't re-form and "woke"

      Only this time I woke up in my bed, wet faced down in my pillow. I was still sniffing, my nose was still bleeding. I tried to hold it to but I could just feel the blood running, I nosepinched to see if I was actually awake and it failed, still dreaming. My mother was in the room with me this time, I asked her if there was blood all over my face because I couldn't see it. She said yes and tried to hold something to my face. I declined and told her it was ok, I was just dreaming and I knew how to fix it. Back to bed, in the pillow I go.

      Green screen, and one of the first images was of me flying over one of the buildings where I just was. SWEET! RESPAWN! Nosepinch, and I was in the air.

      I was flying over the same buildings as before, same sensation as I reminded myself I was dreaming. I noticed she wasn't around any longer. I was more interested in exploring my environment than needlessly following some chick. I saw an apartment building that one of my friends lived in and I figured I would pay him a visit. I flew over and landed on his balcony. I saw 4 of them sitting on the floor all playing some sport video game on the television. My friend (who I don't know IWL, but I recognized him in the dream) saw me through their glass patio door. I placed my hands on the glass, said 'I'm dreaming' and forced my way through without breaking the glass. It felt like plastic wrap going through my body.
      'Sup man'
      'Nothin much man, just hangin out with my friends, they're all sleeping and I can't wake them up so I'm just gonna chill here and play with them.'
      'That's cool, I think I'm gonna explore some more'
      'Alright man, I'll probably see you around'
      I walked to their front door and sort of headslammed into it, well more like through it. I felt my body pass through the wooden door and steel frame kind of haphazardly. I was a lil dazed on the other side but still lucid. Looking down the hallway I saw her again, she signaled me to come with her down the hall when we emerged onto this huge stone balcony on the side of a mountain, there was a carving that went up many stories to my right that I couldn't identify. The balcony continued out and around the mountain, where there was another high entrance/exit with stone carved overhangs like an ancient cathedral. There was a shrouded man in white standing between two large, wide shoulder men, and one jester looking humanoid figure that was in a fitting full body couch cushion fabric with weird symbols embedded from toe to head. It came up right below his nose and the hood came over clamshelling his head shadowing his eyes and facial features. He started toward us.
      She shouted 'SHIT, we need to get out of here, NOW'
      'Neeeh, this is MY dream, I'm gonna fight this guy!'
      'NO! You don't understand!' and she bailed, disappearing from the scene.
      I approached the hooded jester looking individual but he leaped towards me at incredible speed. One massive blow and my body was knocked limp on the ground. I was pushed back out of it as I peered down at my body I gathered I was non-physical (outside my dream body) again. The figure was looking at my body, when it slowly looked up, directly at me and said 'We're going to find all of you, you're not going to change anything'

      This is the best I can recollect from everything that occurred.
      There were several other fragments and brief experiences that I don't much remember.
      Christmas decorations, more telekinesis, and an autistic girl named Mary.

      When I finally rejoined the physical plane at 8am sharp. I felt as thought I had well over a dozen dreams. Though the 'Dreaming within dreams' probably convoluted my recall a bit.Trying to focus on the bulk experiences I cemented as many details as possible before I got out of bed. Really need to get that bedside notepad, recall would probably be heck of a lot better.
    6. Holy Mother of Lucidity!

      by , 07-04-2012 at 12:47 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Finally had a wonderful string of lucids last night/ this morning! SO AMAZING
      it has been well over a month since any clear lucidity was had. And finally 3-4 times just in one night I was able to become lucid in dreamscape! Whew what a rush, I don't even know where to begin. Most certainly these arose from increased reality checks, my plan to teach as many people as possible to reality check while awake. Though in my dream I never did my rehearsed check. It was always realized by either lack of gravity or something being out of place that cued my awareness.
      Every time I realized I was in a dream I was focused on jumping great distances, running as fast as I could and jumping miles at a time. I was so exhilarated the majority of the dreams I was just laughing hysterically. Of course I wasn't content with just the speed and agility, I am bound by no physical perimeters! I am going to fly! So I took to the sky, traveling fast and slow I traversed from city to city, eventually crossing the globe. The feeling was so exquisite! Several times during the dream I thought to myself, "This is why dreaming rocks, need more!"
      Completely amazed at the ongoing experience the excitement dulled my lucidity in place of dreamplot. Several times I would "Snap back" into the reality that I was dreaming and continue exploring. I feel as though I spent a prolonged time in the dream realm, noting that I had been dreaming for a while whilst in one of the last dreams. My recall has been below par recently so the details escape me. But the experience far rejuvenates my desire to rejoin the non-physical.
      Here's to many more, clearer, longer, and more insightful adventures