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    Oneironautic Escapades


    by , 06-15-2023 at 12:41 AM (208 Views)
    Biker bar shenanigans

    I am in a biker bar that is dimly lit
    There were other instances before this that blurred together
    I am looking around at the neon signs and people sitting around the bar
    All of their facial features seem blurred and misshaped
    I immediately know that I am dreaming
    Looking at my hands, yup too many fingers and two thumbs per hand
    I try to remember my dream tasks and decide to summon
    Swinging my hand out and back in I have a gun in my hand
    Nope, did that already, I de-summon it while looking at it, just fading into nothing
    Remembering Iím in a bar I decide a beer would be nice!
    A bottle slowly phases into my gripping hand while I look at it
    The DCs around me are staring(through their deformed eyes)
    I gather I am putting on a magic show of sorts for them lol
    Hold the beer up to drink it exaggeratedly and feel the liquid going into my mouth
    It tastes like nothing, like no carbonation or anything, almost like drinking air that has volume to it, I am let down because I wanted to drink something in a dream
    It seems to be hard to remember the whole list of tasks from the competition
    I remember thinking about telekinesis (this used to be my most reliable dream sign but had the thought the other day I haven't had any TK dreams in quite some time)
    Reaching out with one hand I levitate all the bottles sitting on the bar
    People sitting around stand up and audibly gasp
    Oh boy now Iím causing a scene
    I drop them all at once and hear some glass breaking
    I walk around the bar just taking in the details
    It seems dimly lit and not as clear as I would prefer so I say in my mind loudly ďCLEARĒ
    The picture snaps into focus and brightens some, good enough
    I then remember thinking how Iíve never made a portal in dream and that would be interesting
    Holding my hand out with two fingers extended like Dr. Strange I start drawing semi-circles in the air
    Greenish sparks start coming out of my fingers and I can see the outline of the portal forming
    Iím unsure where I want to go, the portal seems to be fading in and out
    It is now a large human-sized oval greenish portal like from rickís portal gun
    I sidestep into it without a clear idea of where Iíll end up
    The dream pauses/does that screen shake thing that happens when you walk through a portal in VR chat
    The dream destabilizes and I lose lucidity as the next dream locale boots up


    I befriend a younger couple, and the girl has eyes for me
    I attempt not to be disrespectful but the guy is constantly leaving us alone
    It feels like a survival situation
    We have a hole with cargo nets in it we can hide in to be safe


    of a war game/outdoor airsoft match
    I throw a grenade through a window a great distance away, and hear the enemies yelp before it goes boom


    I am with my friend who has started a fire in his backyard to keep us warm
    He started the fire inside a dilapidated shed with no roof and missing a wall or two
    I worry the fire could spread
    Some time elapses and I go back to his backyard to check on things
    The fire has completely engulfed the shed as it was mostly all dried aged wood frames
    He doesn't seem to mind much because they were going to have to clear it away anyway
    I am slightly concerned at the size of it and people might notice
    Then we hear the news playing from inside his house
    They are reporting a house fire seen from miles away
    They describe the location as being exactly where we are
    I think, oh boy here we go
    The dream fades while we talk about how to deal with the tall flames
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      The mass telekinesis was cool! It's always interesting seeing DC's reactions to dream control.
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