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    Oneironautic Escapades


    by , 06-11-2023 at 09:20 PM (199 Views)
    Cyberpunk Chase & Planet Mu

    I am in a suburban neighborhood at night
    One of my old friends is with me we are exploring different homes along the way
    I gather we are also being pursued by some unnamed force
    Random things keep happening, streetlights are changing shapes in front of me
    I have an umbrella that has a tv antenna coming out of the end, it keeps getting longer like 15'
    Try to show my friend next to me and he doesn't realize what's wrong
    I look back and there is a pizza box-looking object now on the end of the umbrella
    I wonder why nothing I'm looking at stays the same as we're exploring
    We are at his friend's house with his friend sleeping on the couch, we try to be quiet to not wake her up and I wonder if they will be mad we just walked into their home
    We go from building to building just exploring the street
    The scenery turns into a cyberpunk-type city
    Dingy streets with neon storefronts on the street level with high rises surrounding me
    I realize I am trying to get a job maybe
    I am very dirty like a vagabond with a dirty face as well, they are all put of by how I look
    Entering a storefront that almost looks like a bank, I am applying for a loan and they turn me down without a second's hesitation
    My friend is an alien now with an orange leopard face and time cop fatigues
    The employee of the store are all alien cops coming after us
    He shoots them with a red phaser-type alien weapon as we are in a shootout with different colored lasers flying all over the place
    He tosses me an alien gun
    I catch it midair and begin shooting the guys coming for us
    The shape of the gun is compact like a toy with red accents and a short barrel that shoots red pew pew lasers
    Seemingly ineffective with a single shot and gather I need to hit them multiple times for the stun to be effective
    It feels like we are robbing the bank maybe
    I notice other weapons on desks as we make our way through the office space
    Grabbing one with my free hand it is larger, boxy, and gray with blue beams
    So I'm dual-wielding laser weapons shooting our way out
    The room opens up into a quite large atrium with many types of aliens scattered about almost like the MIB headquarters
    We are on the 7th or 8th floor overlooking the open area with everyone down below
    I somehow am able to change shape into an alien being while I hide
    As we're leaning against the guardrail hiding the alien cops are still looking for us
    I overhear one of them say to the other
    "Tell me why the number one wanted delinquent kid in the city spends his entire time in virtual cafes"
    I understand now I am VR-hopping to escape and can choose whatever I experience
    The entire dream before makes sense now as reality keeps shifting right in front of me
    My friend changes into another alien which is ~3' tall chubby gray with smooth features and large cartoonish white eyes with black pupils
    Noticing all the changes I say to them "This has got to be a dream"
    He responds "Well, yeah?"
    I am instantly lucid but also frustrated because this is not what I wanted to experience
    I say "I want the Pearls, I want to be on planet MU"
    And he replies "SURE LETS GOOO!!" while waving his arms up with a magical motion
    As I turn around the entire scene dissolves and in its place a very scenic ocean landscape manifests itself
    All the dozens of aliens that were around us turn into variants of the pearls though none were shaped exactly like them
    I see the bright beach in the distance with house-sized shells and a tropical shoreline
    We are all in the ocean traveling that way as a group
    Realize even more strongly that it's a dream I remember my lucid goals
    First, to summon something, I think of summoning the phaser I had earlier
    So I swing my arm out of vision intending the alien gun to appear feeling the weight of it in my hand
    I swing my arm back and it's there, spinning it like a cowboy I laugh and toss it away
    Also remembering I need to fly as well
    So I pick up two people on either side of me as I slowly levitate out of the water and fly over the crowd of other beings
    We are all still going toward the island now at greater speeds
    I am above everyone moving quickly and remember I need to manipulate some elements as well
    Tossing the people I was carrying forward I lift both arms from waist-high palms up to shoulder height watching the ocean in front of us swell into a massive quarter of a mile-high stationary tsunami
    We are all rising up with the wall of water
    People are caught up in the water but I am flying parallel straight up to the top
    I fly over the crest of the wave which feels incredibly high up
    Doing a sort of backflip turn in the air similar to the way a pole vaulter clears a jump
    Feeling the mist of turbulent water on my face from the top as I cross with the water to my back, I am looking upwards towards the dark starlit sky with a bright sun still illuminating the setting
    I feel the dream destabilize some so I turn my head to get the beach and shoreline back in my field of view
    I am overcome with emotions and a pleasant sensation washes over my body as I freefall head-first down the face of the tsunami toward the island
    There are several alien pearl beings on the shore along with pearls around me in the ocean
    There is no violent crash of the water as the wave levels out with the ocean calmly again
    We are all now just wading water a few feet from the shoreline
    The dream fades as I take in the scenery completely overwhelmed with the realization that I finally had my lucid dream
    It's beautiful and picturesque, just a sunny day in paradise
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    1. Meiseki's Avatar
      What a sick lucid, that dream control is amazing!! Congrats!
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    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      Your dream control is awesome man!
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