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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Rude Guests and an Evil Salesman

      by , 02-04-2014 at 04:10 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2014

      dreamt rude guests prevent me from falling asleep. I finally 'fall asleep' and dream within a dream. About an evil salesman.

      Rude Guests

      Two random dudes are staying over, mom's treat. I'm trying to go to sleep, but its now past 3am and the two dudes are still being loud and annoying in the living room. I interupt their gaming several times but I was never able to tell them to just shut up and go to sleep.

      It seems like a couple of more hours pass, meanadering through the house, waiting for some peace and quiet. Finally, its past 5am, the sun is rising and the two go to sleep. And when I went to the kitchen to grab some water they acted like I was now the rude one preventing their sleep.

      I use the restroom and my little cousin harrasses me. And then finally, I crawl into bed and fall asleep.

      Evil Salesman
      A naive salesman is being shown the ropes. He's shown that he's really serious about this new gig, which looks like a pyramid scheme to me. His managers show him, or rather, pitch to him, how awesome this reward is if he makes all of his sales.

      A brand new car! His managers must have repeated this lame ass pitch a hundred times before. I'm checking out this car reward. It's a total fake. Viewed from another angle you can see the car is a wreck. But whatever, the idiot is sold on his new sales gig.

      The boss shows up and shows the new guy the other rewards and merchandise, just right behind the car. Some of this merchandise were perscription drugs being sold for a quarter of the price. But they were left outside to the elements and have spoiled rotten.

      Finally I get pissed off and say "You can't sell these meds! They've gone bad! You'll kill someone!"

      The boss didn't like me questioning him. But since I wasn't one of his lackies he just asks me to leave this private affair. Fine, whatever.

      I walking away when my friend, Kitd, pulls me aside. She got into this business and but needs help getting out, it's a total mafia she explains. For talking to me in private like this, the big boss threatens her.

      He curses and curses and threatens to kill her!

      "Hey, you can't talk to my friend like that!"

      But before I could fight the boss my friend insists we should make a run for it. Is she fast! I couldn't keep up. I try flying instead. We run/fly to an elevator. The boss was right behind us and catches the next elevator. The two elevators had a window so we can see each other. His eyes were murderous.

      I slam on the window and threaten him back "If you lay a finger on her, I will kill you!"

      From the elevator we make way to an airport. This was a futuristic airport, only the size of a room. The security here is fierce. My friend had an instant pass and I just flew over the security guards heads. But the boss couldn't get through so easily and the guards stopped him at the gates to see some proper ID. It bought us a few minutes.

      We sit down at a strange terminal. My friend types in an address. Rather than a plane, this machine teleports you. In an instant, we are teleported to safety.
    2. Construction Truck Rampage

      by , 02-01-2014 at 06:18 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 31, 2014

      review: friend Q rampages the streets with a construction truck, nightmare

      Construction Truck Rampage

      I'm waiting on top of the hill for the light to turn green. The street dead-ends here so I have to turn either left or right and I definitely need to turn left.

      This light is taking forever! As I wait, I watch a construction truck harass a man outside of his own home. The con. truck destroys his yard and nearly kills the man. What the hell is going on?

      The con. truck leaves, going in the direction I need to go. Finally, the light turns green. I drive and make my turn. A gust of wind pushes my car, and just about everyone else on the street, backwards. It came from that same con. truck ahead. Crap! I should turn back!

      He smashes up the cars that got too close! This guy is insane! Suddenly he jumps out of his con. truck and races towards me. I recognize his face as my friend Q. But here, he was no friend! Just some mad man!

      The crowd is terrified of him, and runs!

      My car disappears and I run down an alley, hoping I can hide from him. But he waits for me, pacing back and forth for me to come out. What do I do? As I run out the other end I dial up 911 on my cell phone. They take FOREVER to answer! The responder explains that she's the ONLY employee there. What? Are they cancelling 911?

      I explain to her there's a mad man chasing me in a const. truck on evers and some other street I can't remember. "HURRY!" I hang up and run! Q continues to chase me in his con. truck, mauling everything along the way.

      I run into a crowded mall, there's no way he can find me here! And there's no way he can maul down this mall!

      I look behind me and there he is, psychotic eyes! Help me! I run from room to room to room to room. Eventually I crash a party being held at some fancy restaurant. I tell the server, "help! get the cops!" I call 911 again!

      I hang out in the restaurant for awhile until it felt safe again. I didn't see him and hoped it meant officers were doing their job. Later I go to the supermarket and see him there. I quickly hide between isles 70 and 80 to get away from him. I woke up shortly after.

    3. Red Tornado - Calm Beach

      by , 01-06-2012 at 07:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 5, 2012

      Synopsis: we take refuge from a red raging tornado, lucid, escape military and imagine a new scene - a beach

      Note: I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to recall the dream I just had. All I remember was that it had something to do with someone being healed. Their legs? Ayurveda? I realized now's a good time to try a lucid dream induction. I didn't, I just fell asleep instead. But its the thought that counts!

      Red Tornado - Calm Beach
      I'm walking with a group of friends in the industrial part of the city and were just having a good time. That was until I saw the red storm. "What is that? Do you see that?"

      A massive thunderhead was sweeping down in a funnel shape just next to the lake under the highway overpass. The storm was glowing red. And as the funnel became a tornado it was like the red was a shaft of light in its center.

      "We need to take cover!"

      There was an abandoned warehouse like building nearby. But it was also right next to the path of the red tornado. As we ran inside I thought it was strange that the red tornado was stationary. It didn't seem to be moving and it was silent.

      The inside of the building was weird. It was mostly empty, with dark concrete walls. Dark because of the lack of lightning, kind of like a parking garage.

      "There's a basement level, that'll be the safest spot" said an older man who was now leading our group that grew into 20+ people.

      We ran down the flight of stairs, which were really abstract. When we got down there I looked out the windows.

      "Why are we on the third level? I thought we were going down?"

      Its true, some how running down the stairs took us several floors up. We examined the staircase and determined it was missing a level or somehow that level was twisted the wrong way. We can see the ground level with the cars from way up here.

      Back up we go, which takes us down. All is quiet now. There's only one light on in the "living room" of this vast empty basement. Without the company of friends, this place is creepy.

      I don't remember why but I went down *back up* by myself - to get something or look for something. When I came back up to the basement everyone was gone. There was no way they could leave without me noticing, there's only one door and I crossed it going back up.

      They vanished.

      "Hello? Hello?"

      I get that strange feeling I've gotten before, they vanished because they never were. I don't want to stay here anymore, the place only feels darker. I quickly run out of the closest window, lucid. The storm is gone. Excited that I'm dreaming I observe my environment. I start with the items closest to me. The brick wall. I touch it, its gritty. There's a vase on top of a post.

      So shiny it looks so real! I tap on it and it makes a hollow sound. I put my palm on it and try to merge my hand into it but I can't. It feels too solid. I realized I do this a lot as a RC in waking life, and that its not a very good reliable RC for me.

      The military show up on the scene. What do they want? I just try to mind my own business and go the other way, into this weird cityscape that looks like a bad video game layout. But they follow me. I try to lose them and they give chase.

      They chase me into an area that looks like the isles of a walmart were tossed into a field, and lots and lots of boxes. Dream characters start to shout at me as the military men get closer. They're blaming, they're telling me how horrible this dream world is and its all my fault.

      "Get her!"

      I finally lose them in the field of isles and boxes. I hide underneath a table hidden by cardboard, I hope they didn't see me. I want to change this dream scene!

      I close my eyes and imagine the ocean instead. At first it feels like nothing is happening, I swear I'm still just underneath this table. But I give it a few moments, waiting for a cue. There. I felt it. I dunno, it just feels different. I open my eyes to a sandy strip with Hawaiians and tourists dancing.

      Cool. I saw people I recognized from waking life. Happy I shouted "were dreaming! were dreaming! hey, are you listening? this is a dream!". But they just nodded their head at me. I couldn't remember where I met them from, so my dream gave me dream-memories. I remembered them from a strange class.

      The dance is over and everyone is gathered by a stone wall. My vision blurs in and out. I can't feel the ground. There's almost no sound. I figured this was sign I could wake up anytime soon. So I didn't feel like sitting by the wall listening to some old bearded man yap on.

      I saw a tree with huge candy fruit of every color. I take a huge bite, but instead of something sweet, its more like a mild lemon.

      I woke up. Its a FA actually. I tell my sisters about my dream. My room is totally facing the wrong wall. And then I wake up for real. (or did I?)

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