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    1. Meeting Dexter -Lucid Dream

      by , 01-09-2017 at 06:12 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Notes: dream starts off non lucid with parasitic monsters, afterwards I meet Dexter. Later, school nightmare

      Dexter: young skinny black male, with a giant fro, dressed like a nerd

      Parasitic Monsters
      Im inside a large building with multiple floors. On the first floor, there was a slaughter taking place. There were these parasitic alien monster creatures. I don't remember what they look like, only that once they take a host body the host only has moments before they horrifically die. Soldiers were trying to contain the situation, but all I remember were panicked shouts and gunfire.

      Me and a few others try to escape the battlefield by going to one of the upper floors. We were in the upper floors for awhile when we noticed it was quiet again outside. Is the battle over? We go back to the first floor. There was only one parasite left. Right before our eyes, it takes the form of a young blonde woman.

      She acts like she has no idea that she's actually a parasite alien in human form. She tries to talk friendly with us and just wants to know where she is. We sorta run from her! Not understanding, she runs with us. We try to act coy around her, see if we can get away without her realizing what were doing.

      We all sneak into an elevator and watch the doors close with her on the otherside. She quickly wedges her hands between the door and enters the elevator. Her expression is cross! Some of us step outside the elevator, still trying to act coy. But then they decide thats too obvious and step back in. The scene was dumb and just seems to go back and forth.

      First we go up to the top most floor, but realizing we can't do anything up here we quickly change plans and go back down to the first floor. The parasite girl is still with us and I feel she's starting to figure it out.

      As soon as the elevator doors open on the first floor I bolt! Im racing towards the windows. The building was wierd here! The wall was glass, so I can see the happy green courtyard on the other side. Beneath the glass was a strip of stone wall, it had cut out shapes that acted like windows. I jump through the cut out shape into the courtyard. I drop my heavy backpack on the ground and run past some soldiers standing guard. I decide I'm thirsty, so I go back to my backpack for a quick sip of water.

      The parasite girl is exiting the building with everyone else! I run past the guards and start to fly away, flying over the stone walls and a canopy.

      Once I flew above the canopy, the dream scene changed. As I was flying low to the ground, I noticed a young man also flying. He turns to face me and I somehow recognize him. He's a young black man, skinny with a huge fro. He seems to recognize me too. Seeing him makes me lucid.

      I have a false memory of meeting him with a group of other dreamers, he introduced himself as "Dexter!"

      "That's right, I told everyone my name but no one told me theirs"

      "I'm Cindy"

      I'm convinced Dexter is another dreamer, so I follow him around and harass him. "What's your last name?"

      But he says something paranoid about giving out personal information. So instead of his last name, he gives me a bunch of numbers. We walk into a closet? He gets out a piece of paper and writes out the numbers. His facebook account number? And a password? I was able to remember the numbers.......for a moment.

      When we walk out the closet were in some place that looks like an antique shop, but then I realize its all nerd merchandise. Dexter himself looks like the biggest nerd of all. He asks me if I like one of my pokemons. I tell him I barely play the game!

      I think about inviting him to my local anime chapter, but then I get the impression that he lives in some other state.

      Dexter seemed busy, that or he was trying to ignore me by looking at all the items. He walks out into a garden and pays attention to all of its details. But I'm still harassing him. "I can't remember those numbers. It doesn't even make sense to give me numbers, you should know most people can't remember numbers like that."

      He turns around and smiles and says "Water boy. Dexter Water Boy" I assumed that was a nick name having something to do with avatar. He laughs and begins to tell me a story "About numbers, there was this one time I was trying to acquire information in a dream, like espionage........"

      But I drifted awake right then. I woke up just a few minutes before my intended alarm for WBTB. I was awake for a good while after, probably too long. Id given up on doing a WILD and just passed out instead.

      School Nightmare X1000
      I wake up into a false awakening, where I get up and get ready. I'm late for my college classes! Except, I can't remember what classes I'm taking, what's the class room, or what time! How many weeks has school been in session? How many weeks have I missed? Am I failing? I don't remember doing my homework or projects.

      Mom asks me if I'm almost ready to go, "another minute!" I'm trying to figure out how the hell I can log into the school website and figure out what I'm supposed to do. But I dont remember my password!

      Should I just go to school and see if I can just figure it out?

      Then a thought forms in my head and slowly surfaces "The reason I can't remember my classes is.......I'm not enrolled this semester. I don't have classes. Of course I don't have classes, I'm a graduate!"

      then I wake up for real this time
    2. Lucid Logic

      by , 01-04-2017 at 02:28 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      Review: I dream about coworkers. I wake up and logically deduce I'm dreaming. But then I fall into the dreams abstract plot.

      Lucid Logic
      I'm in a generic building, my friend Al is there. The lights are dim and the dream is obscure looking. I remember talking to Al and then leaving for another room. Then I wake up.

      Everything looked normal, nothing weird about the room. It wasn't my room, but I am staying at a friend's place. My eyes hurt and vision is normal. Wait a minute, I fell asleep with my contacts on? But I remember very clearly taking them off before I went to bed.

      I get up and notice some people at my friend's place, who I know were not here last night. I logically conclude, I must be dreaming. But this conclusion worries me, because the dream felt so realistic. I need to confirm this! So I go to a mirror, I recognize my reflection. I tell myself, if I'm dreaming, I can change colors.

      My skin changes to purple, then green, then orange, then pink. Yep! I'm dreaming.

      Instead of going on an awesome lucid adventure, I fall into the dreams synopsis. The house is a video game dungeon. In a room behind me they're fighting the dungeon boss. I don't want to deal with it. So I put on a weird mask, the left side of the mask looks like zuko. And I jump outside and fly. I watch the house game from a safe distance. Then I wake up for real.
      lucid , dream fragment
    3. Car and Driving Dreams

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      multiple car dreams, a new reality check, lucid

      From the Theatre
      I'm at the theatre and the show just finished. I walk out with my friend and she heads for the subway, wait, there's a metro in SA? I was so excited about the metro! But I didn't know which was my stop.

      The train is approaching and my friend says "That's my ride. Are you getting on?"

      I wanted to, but then I realized I'm holding keys.

      "No thanks, I have my ride!" I jingle my keys and say goodbye. I walk outside, but I'm downtown and no where near a parking lot. Where the hell did I leave my car? I walk around for awhile but this is just making me really anxious. Where's my car?

      I decide to skip all this silly walking and just close my eyes and WILL my car to appear. I tell myself "when I open my eyes again I'll be at my car!". I knew I could do that but I wasn't quite lucid.

      Like magic I'm at my car. It looks weird and different. But whatever, I get in and start driving home.

      Car Smashed
      Because of some adventure dream I can't remember, my car has been smashed by the bad guy. Something to do with my car flying out a building window.

      But that was then and this is now! I walk out the grocery store with my bags and its started to rain. The rain feels real. The puddles pooling by my feet feel real. I really thought I was awake. But when I get to my car I'm horrified.

      My car is squished. Exactly the way it was from that dream. I'm flipping out! "My dream became real!" My mind was racing! "This means if anything bad happens in a dream, it happens for real?". I didn't want to believe it! I kept walking around my poor squished car.

      Well, at least she drives.

      Reality Check
      I made a left turn. Even though I was in the right lane. Even though a car from the left lane was going straight. Even though the light was red?? What? That makes no sense.

      I'm needing to drive forward but now my car has a mind of its own and turns. What is going on? I park at some random strip mall and it finally dawns on me. This driving makes no sense because I'm dreaming!!!

      Happy to be lucid, I take off my shoes and start to fly! I begin my dream goal, but moment later I black out. My dream goes fuzzy, weird, non-lucid and abstract.

    4. Desert Run and Brief Lucid

      by , 01-17-2014 at 07:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: run across an ugly river, run through a desert. FA and brief lucid, where I try to dream share with LM. astronaut dream

      Desert Run
      I don't remember my dream to this point. But there are 100's of people outside, enjoying the weather and the green grass. The boundary of this place is an ugly river/storm drainage. I play in the storm drainage for a bit.

      But then I decide I want to go to the other side. I climb up that hill, by contrast to the green landscape I just came from, the other side is a dry sandy desert. I got the impression its a foreign country too.

      I see some people in the desert and a few scattered buildings. But mostly I got the impression I wasn't allowed to be here because its a foreign country. Oh well! I run around in the sand on all fours as some weird desert creature and just had lots of fun.

      Green Window-Lucid
      I wake up and get ready for work. But when I walk past my bedroom window something catches my eye. Its green! The greenest greenest green!

      A wild green landscape is growing outside my window, underneath starlight. I jump out my window exhilarated that I'm dreaming. At first I try to dream share with LM but I figured by now he's already awake.

      I'm flying over the green landscape fast but I have no control over it. Its more like I'm a magnet being pulled. I try to slow down but I can't. Instead I give in and shout "okay dream, take me to where you want to take me. Fast! Faster!"

      The dream pulls me and I'm flying faster and higher until all is a white haze.

      I wake up back in my bed but I'm rudely interrupted by astronauts. Our probe has landed on the alien planet and it has something to show us! I quickly jump out of my bed, assuming I'm an astronaut too, and join the others in the console, still in my pjs. I wake up for real shortly after.

      lucid , false awakening
    5. Archive: The Dragon that gives Lucidity

      by , 05-11-2013 at 05:09 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      2008 Dream Archive

      I was looking for a new lucid dream task. I decided to visit a dragon kingdom! Lots of dreamers have done it. It looks fun. My plan was simple, I summon the dragon king, ride on his back, and I'll have an adventure in dragon kingdom la-la land.

      I was just looking forward to a fanciful lucid dream.

      What I got was something really unexpected.


      For most of the dream, I wasn't lucid. I was hiding and running away from typical dream bad guys. I tried to escape them by running out the back door.

      When I came to the back porch it was such a beautiful sunny scene. It 'snapped' me right out of my zombie-ness, and I realized I was dreaming.

      Thrilled, I shout out into the blue sky "Can I see the dragon king please!"

      I look up anxiously at the sky, hoping my dream meets my demands. At first nothing happens. Then I see it! A small purple eastern dragon descends from the sky. He wasn't very ornate. Very simple, very plain looking. Just a purple serpentine dragon.

      He lands on the grass about 30 ft away from me. The sun shines on him like a spotlight. He looks my way and waits for me. Excited, I fly over to him. For a brief moment an image of a purplish female flashes before my eyes. She had strong Indian features. This didn't make any sense to me. The image super-imposes over the purple dragon, and slowly dissolves so that only the purple dragon remained. I do remember that the purple female said something to me, but it didn't make sense to me. My mind sorta blurted it out.

      What comes next is probably the weirdest dream experience for me. Now that I was at the presence of the dragon, I was compelled to love him, respect him and honor him. I kneeled before him on the soft plush grass. I looked up at him expectantly like a small child.

      Now I've had dream characters tell me they were angels. I've had dream characters tell me they were God!! But I greeted them with doubt, fear, or just curiosity. I never felt compelled love or bow before any of them. So my purple dragon was a first (and an only for that matter)

      Face to face with the purple dragon, I felt safe and warm. His wrinkled dragon face was kind, loving, understanding. He felt wise. For a moment I just admire his face in awe. There was nothing abstract or surreal about this scene. His face was perfectly three dimensional and real.

      He speaks to me, and his voice rings in my head. "The Fire is in your eyes!!". But his poetic and triumphant words were totally lost on me. Sure, I've breathed fire as a dragon in previous dreams before. But what kind of fire is in your eyes? I repeat it in my head trying to get it..the fire ..is in..my eyes? What? Understanding that I didn't get it, the dragon explains

      "You only need to imagine and it will happen!"

      It was like being slapped with lucidity a thousand fold. If I thought I was lucid before, hah, that was just day-dreaming! This was lucidity. This is what lucidity is all about! I really finally understood that I am creating this dream. That every ounce, ever grain of sand, every moment was created in my minds eye. I am the God of this dream.

      That's when I remembered how shitty my dream world has been. With murderes killing beloved and terrorizing my entire dream world. The dragon says no more. I thank him respectfully, and fly off to shape my dream world to my liking.


      only problem was, the moment I left the dragons side my god-like lucidity dropped instantly. I was back to normal lucidity. And with every step further and further away from the dragon - I was less and less lucid. And in a few moments, I was back to hiding from the dream bad guys.


      I woke up feeling I really let the dragon down. But at the same time in awe that a 'dream character' could have that kind of effect on my awareness.

      Why didn't the dream follow expectation? Why didn't I get a KING who took me to his kingdom? Why did I get a lesson on awareness? And who was that purple female that flashed before my eyes?

      I had to know So I thought....why don't I try again right?

      I got my opportunity two weeks later. Again I wasn't lucid at first. The dream was long and vivid and super fun. With zombies fighting a war with rebel mutants. I'm looking for a way out of this zombie hell house. And I'm facing this long hallway. It's white, and sunshine is flooding it from the bedrooms.

      This stopped me in my tracks and made me realize I was dreaming. Maybe it was the sunshine? The zombie fested dream world had no sun. It was always night.

      I fly out the window and the first thing I do is fix my dream. In an instant the zombies were gone. The rebel mutants danced and celebrated in the streets, now bright and sunny!

      Remembering my dream task I call out in my dream "Can I see the Dragon King again...........please?"

      The sky instantly EXPLODES with the crackling of thunder!! Two meteorites crash land on both sides of me. They're crackling, smoking, smoltering, and still actively exploding with what looked like fireworks. The suddeness of the meteorites really caught me off guard, I was on the ground like a scared cat.

      Something begins to levitate me towards the sky. I'm facing the bright sun, and it feels like a WILD. Or if you believe in astral projection, I was caught in this projection. My heartbeat raises, I'm really anxious. My thoughts race. What's going to happen? Where am I being taken? Not that I felt something bad was going to happen. On the contrary, it felt like something amazing would have happened had the projection completed!!! Too amazing maybe!! Apparently I was too scared.

      The projection stops, and I'm gently put back on the ground. Damn! I'm instantly disappointed in my self for being so nervous. I thought that would be the end of my 'summoning'.

      But then a soft voice speaks to me..."Go on..he's waiting!"

      The meteor marked my way. It landed at the base of a building. I look up the building. And staring down at me was a sphynx statue. It was a deep blue color. Is this who I am supposed to see? A statue? Where is my purple dragon?

      I fly up to the top of the roof. As if I had taken soo long to get my ass up there, the statue hand changed forms. It was now in a laying position, like that of the sleeping buddha......Except.....reversed? Rather than resting on his right arm, he was resting on his left. *I've been told the reversed position is for females!*

      The sculpture smiles and comes to life when I finally land on the roof. And transforms into the same purple woman I had seen before!! I recognized that this women is my 'purple dragon'!

      There's this sort of fuzzy feeling all around me, I dunno, what do I call it? Cloud 9?

      I willing kneel by her feet. My legs are firmly tucked beneath me. I look up expectedly again like a child. Waiting for my teacher to teach me. Feed me or give me a cup to drink from. My lesson seems to pick up right where I had left off. Lucid dream lessons.

      "First, start off the objects nearest you until they come into full clarity"

      Since I am kneeling, I start with some strange objects by the beings feet. Everything was very surreal at first and hard to focus on. But then slowly the ground came into pristine clarity. Solid and life like. But although the ground had come into full clarity, I was still really puzzled by what I saw. There's something big and metal between me and the purple being. Are those...chains?

      I pick up the ugly thing "it's rusty!"

      She laughs as if a child had said something obvious and silly. I felt really foolish, especially since I am sitting down here while the being gets to stand tall. I didn't want to be the 'child'. I wanted to be the adult like her.

      She didn't give me any more instructions, but I took some initiative. Now I wanted to see her in full clarity. The dragon was easy for mind to digest. But there is something about this purple woman, I couldn't put my finger on. It's like I can never stare at her directly.

      I start slowly. First with her feet. I slowly lift my gaze, bringing everything into full clarity. Her body becomes solid. Her clothes dazzling and ornate. The environment also becomes completely solid. Slowly, still lifting my gaze I bring the entire scene into full clarity.

      All that's left.......is her face.

      It's the one thing I wanted to see! The dragons face brought me such peace. But the moment I tried to bring her face into full clarity, it ripples like water. For a brief moment the entire dream around me was in full clarity, except for this face. It made me uneasy!!

      My mind starts screaming "what's going on! why can't I see your face!"

      The more I tried, the more it rippled like water. Like a vortex. Eventually the entire dream was swallowed by the rippling water, now glowing white. I tried to hold on, and just before my dream dissolves completely in this void of white watery light......I understood.

      I couldn't see her, because what stood before me was just an illusion of what really is. A mask. That the purple woman, isn't a 'purple woman'! But I was still really unsure about what I just saw.


      Waking up, I'm left with more questions than answers. When I could see the 'illusion' of the purple woman, I noted something very weird about her. She had no breasts!! There was something masculine and feminine about her all at once. After all, who did I summon? A KING right? Not a queen?

      I then began to consider...what if it wasn't a purple woman? What if it was a man? That's when I realized who 'she' looked like.


      Why would summoning a 'male' dragon deliver me, a purplish androngynous being? And why was this feminine being so concerned about increasing my awareness? What's the connection between a dragon, the feminine, and higher awareness?

      And what kind of experience did I miss out on with a failed projection?

      I had some help from the Astral Dynamics website. The answer given to me I think is the best. That my dream might have been a kundalini experience. Even if its just a little one. Being completely IGNORANT about the kundalini, I had to do some research.

      It turns out the dragon is a very symbolic image, which does in fact represent the Kundalini. The Kundalini as most of you know, has been considered apart of the Divine Feminine aspect in us all. The coiled sleeping serpent. And also

      "The dragon is often synonymous with the dual aspect of the serpent, which as the caduceus represents, is both conscious/unconscious."

      "The dragon is the "mercurial serpent" and is also synonymous with the divine water and egg, and it's symbolism goes back as far as Lilith, or Melusina, who lives in the philosophical tree. Later, Christ appears as the archetype of consciousness and Mercurius as the archetype of unconsciousness. Thereby, the dragon is related closely to the creative godhead in symbolism, and also represents the union of opposites."

      After considering that my experinece was more than just a mere dream character, I was honestly too afraid to ever repeat it again! I dunno, I felt like I was only summoning the 'Dragon King' out of naivity. After all, the second time around, I saw no dragon. And 'Dragon King' no longer seems like an accurate name to give to whoever, whatever it was I met.

      Just goes to show, dreams can defy expectation!
      Tags: significant
      memorable , lucid
    6. Dreamers, Friends and Freaks

      by , 02-16-2012 at 10:38 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 12, 2012

      Synopsis: After helping two lost kids I become lucid and meet "dreamers". I chase down dannon, dive into a mucky river, and visit a Moroccan like city

      Note: I had just woken up from a night of random nonsense dreams. So at 7:30 am I refocus on dreamsharing and on the pyramids.

      Lost Children
      I'm walking to work and I pass by two children who looked so sad. Wait a minute, I turn around and realize these two young kids, a boy and a girl no older than eight were walking without their parents in the warehouse district.

      I asked them if their mom was nearby and they told me they were running away. They looked like they had been walking for days. So I took them with me to work and hid them behind the receptionist desk. I'm starting to get this weird feeling. Like I'm dreaming.

      I ignore the feeling and focus on the kids. Boss is already giving me work but instead I look for food and water to give the kids. I had a giant subway sandwich *what I hate subway* and found water under the boss' desk. Damn, I've got to be dreaming!

      My vision is blurring in and out, this only happens in dreams and in dreams where Im close to waking up. I bang on the wall and scream "VISION!" My right eye clears up. I bang on the wall a couple of more times just to feel the pounding sensation and solidify the dream. "LEFT VISION!" My left eye clears up. Well no one is looking at me like I'm a freak so I've go to be dreaming. I levitate just to double check.

      Yay! Lucid, I still give the kids their water and hoggie and then I run out of work - free!

      Part Two: Dreamers Friends and Freaks
      There's so many people downtown! And they all looked like dreamers to me. I realized I didn't know anyone in iosdp well enough to even know who I was looking for. So I remained curious and skeptical that maybe these dreamers were just DCs trying to fool me.

      A large group wanted to go out to eat. But one tall slightly heavy blond says "I don't want to waste my time eating in a dream when I could be doing something more exciting!"

      "Yeah you're right!" So I grow bat wings and start to fly around town, over the park and light-posts. And then I see Dannon down below. I land and talk to him. "Are you the real Dannon?" He tells me something but I don't remember it. Suddenly he transforms into a golden colored lion and makes a mad dash across the city. I was scared he was going to pounce me so I flew away again.

      I fly over a river. Except you can't tell its a river because its so mucky. There's a thick film of slimy green stuff, you can't even see the water below. I float for a second or two debating it but I cant fight my dream instinct. When I see water I've got to jump in. I dive into the mucky water head first.

      I first I regret it, it was scary down here. The water is black, I see something floating, is that a dead body? Then I see something swimming towards me, a dolphin! I pet its large forehead and then I fly out of the nasty water.

      My vision is blurring again. So much I can't really tell where I'm going or who I just walked past. It lasted for several minutes.

      I find a courtyard where a man was teaching something to a group of kids. I don't remember what but it seamed relative to dreaming. I turn into a bat creature again, scare the kids and fly away.

      I find the dreamers and Dannon one more time downtown. The dreamers finally decided they would eat at Pei Wei. Dannon says "I love pei wei!" but he wasn't hungry so he turns into a lion and runs off again

      After a while I enter a desert city with beautiful arabic like buildings. My vision cleared up and I wanted to remember the architectural details so I start shouting "BROWN, RED, OCHRE!" The colors of the details, the doors, the windows. But this city was empty.

      I keep flying but now I don't remember what it was I was looking for. I fly through someones house and out the other end was a beautiful grassy plush field surrounded by forest. But the husband of the house, an old black man, thought I was the spawn of satan with my bat wings and hurled harpoons at me. His aim was horrible so he gets his son out and yells "Get'er!". Scared I flew into the forest, my vision blurs and blurs and blurs until the dream dissolves and I wake up.
    7. Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers

      by , 02-03-2012 at 06:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2012

      Synopsis: I witness a strange tribal rite of passage that left a child unloved by her parents. Lucid, I jump into a golden swamp with swimming deer and trash.

      Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers
      Inside a hotel room, me and a reporter get a first look at an ancient tribal rite of passage from Africa. A young female teenager, naked, sits supported on top of a boys back. She slowly dances using only her upper torso while the boy crawls around with his head tucked into his chest. It was a wierd visual effect, making it look like she had six legs. The dim lights helped with the eerieness.

      The dance is over and now the rest of the female teenagers line up to have their bodies inspected by an elder in the tribe. To do so, they strip off their bathing suits. I was talking to the reporter and we both agreed that technically none of the girls were afraid to be naked because this was a nudist tribe, they were only wearing bathing suits because we were in a hotel.

      A mother is so proud of her daughter, its like the kids just graduated. Just when I thought the ritual was over I noticed two girls quickly squat down on command, in front of the elder. They were completed folded over, with their foreheads to their knees and their hands tucked in.

      But somethings wrong, their backs are completely flat, and so is the back of their heads. Its like something squashed them. They were squished into table shaped people. What could do this? Then I realized their backs were being used as the ground for the ritual, and after so many years, their backs flattened. The elder rearranges them like boxes and yells at one of the girls to stand up.

      The reporter was recording the entire event.

      The box-girl wanted to perform the rite of passage herself. But before she can even try she's insulted by her own parents for being too fat and ugly. She frowns and chokes back her tears. At this point the reporter says 'Im sorry, I have to stop, her expression is too sour" and walks out the room. The parents insult the girls hideousness some more, then summons everyone to dinner.

      I was horrified and pissed off! Magically at this point the family went from black to white.

      The family was eating dinner in a private restuarant they rented out. I remember the father screaming at the hungry reporter "Family only!" I had something to say to that man that could make him choke.

      "What are you standing there for, youre family too, come on eat J"

      I didn't say anything and just left myself. I waited for what felt like hours for the family to finish their over priced meal. I snuck in, into the hotel room of the sleeping girls. I found the "ugly" girl, her hair was curly like mine but softer and lighter in color (like mom). She had a frown even while dreaming. I whispered softly to her

      "Not matter what your parents say or think, you will grow up to be the most beautiful"

      Then her frown changed into a smile and she continued to dream sweetly. I felt like my dream mission was done, which made me realize - hey Im dreaming.

      Excited to be lucid I run around looking for something to do. A whole laundry lists of dream tasks pops into mind. Maybe I should do that, maybe this. I found a library. Maybe that can offer me intriguing information about the subconscious, nah that sounds like it'll take forever. So I continue running. Then I find an air hockey table. But playing made my dream abstract. Afraid it'll make my dream unstable, I stopped playing and looked for something more useful.

      Thats when I finally find a door out of the hotel.

      Outside was a swampy marshland, with golden grass growing in the water, and golden water shimmering with the morning sun.

      "THAT!" I was so excited I couldn't even finish my sentance, but I found what my lucid dream was about.

      I noticed deer were swimming in the swamp, with only their heads above the water. So its deeper than it looks. I dive on in! The water feels so real it makes me think for a moment that maybe ive lost my mind and im really awake. Its cold. Its slimy. It smells like a swamp smells, and theres a dead frog floating next to me.

      Im grossed out but I remind myself its just a dream and im not going to get any diseases. I swim with the swamp deer for a few minutes. The waves grow and grow. The height of the waves covered my view, hiding the human boats on the other side creating them. We were almost run over. Its so hard to swim fast! Giant boxes and random items float our way atop the waves. It felt like the humans were trying to corner the deer. It was working. Scared, the deer swim away to the other end of the swamp where the water was shallow. Theres a fence and more boxes preventing them from fleeing.

      I look at the humans on their boats and im pretty mad at them for ruining my swamp. Then I wake up.

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    8. Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment

      by , 01-28-2012 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 27, 2012

      Synopsis: Lightly lucid, I help the dream characters learn to fly. Later, I witness birth life and death in a single horrifying moment.

      Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment
      I was at school, in a large open format classroom. There isnt a class in session but there's lots of students hanging around. After what felt like a long time, I get the idea that I can fly. I look down at my feet and imagine myself getting lighter, light enough to float. It takes a moment but gravity gives way and I'm airborne!

      Excited I start to dance in the air and fly over the classmates. Some of the students started to fly to. "Its a dream! You can fly!"

      My friend was having trouble, she told me "Its been so long since I've flown in a dream I dont remember how. I feel stuck to the floor"

      So I stand next to her and show her slowly, one foot at a time off the ground. After everyone gets their taste of flight inside school, the professor walks in and starts a different class. So we head to the backroom to continue our lucid exploration.

      "Lets try walking on water"

      The back room was dark, dank, dirty, old and it had a huge sink. So we filled a bucket with water. "Okay, you first". The water was oily and slimy.

      "Hell no" I said "I dont care if its a dream, im not touching that dirty water". So we dump it and try to clean the bucket real quick. But nothing we did worked. The water was still dirty and greasy.

      "Lets try walking on water another time, at this rate I'll wake up"

      I also remember talking to the other students while in that room and I remember saying "We spoke about dreams for hours" which I don't remember "And after flying, all in all it feels like ive been dreaming for five hours"

      We left the back room, I felt I could wake up any time now. I went back into the main classroom which was now empty except for a small group of students.

      The next moment was so vivid and horrifying, I forgot half of the dream.

      A group of students sat around a creature, moaning in agony. His mother was in tears. They held his hand, caressed his head and remained in sympathetic silence.

      He had white fur and blue eyes. He bellowed in pain as he swelled up and mutated and grew some more. I realized he was born just an instant ago.

      "Whats going on? Rapid development?"

      His mother continued to cry as he continued to grow, mutate and age. He cries out "why, why". His eyes were deep. There was anger, as life was stolen from him in an instant and he begins to die, fear as he dies, and gratitude that he lived at all.

      As one creature died another was rapidly born from the mutated mass. But I didn't want to witness what I just witnessed again. I altered the dream and now these rapid development creatures were just mutants, but their life cycles were stabilized. Still they looked in the mirror and asked why.

      I woke up soon after, but that single moment of birth life and death stayed with me the whole day.

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    9. Make the Water Still

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 18, 2012

      Synopsis: I ride a tree, become lucid, talk to DCs and meet Tracy who told me how to get to my forest

      Make the Water Still
      In a giant backyard some bad guy mocks me, my sisters and my friend, some guy I don't even know. The bad guy makes my friend climb a tree, and asks me to do the same. I don't mind! Not sure how this is punishment, but I wanted to climb the highest tree.

      So I fly up to the highest tree and sit on its branch and look down on every one below. My friend tries to sit next to me but he just falls off as the tree starts to sway back and forth. Some people below thought it was funny, so they pulled and tugged on my tall tree. But nothing made me move from my tree post.

      I get this idea "im out of here!". And me and my tree ride away. Its covered in fur and its branches reach the ground and become fuzzy feet. Its like a giant cat tree. Through the fields, down an old england ally, and into a mansion. I noticed my cat tree at some point had no legs - I was floating. The cat tree gets smaller and smaller until finally im just holding onto kitty. I give her a kiss and put her down in the fancy bedroom. I guess Im on my own now.

      I run outside and scream "im lucid dreaming!". I was just so happy to be lucid dreaming again. I'm in a courtyard and there's a lot of DCs. Im surprised because lately when Im lucid DCs disappear. I wanna know what DCs know, so I pop the question

      "Hey, did you know that this is a dream?" "Hey did you know that this is a dream?"

      Some of them look at me strange, some are happy with the news. An older black man with a luisiana accent says "You're right. Look at the details. Everything is so clear."

      He seemed aware, the other DCs gather around him to understand what he means. So I asked him "Are you an expression of my higherself?"

      "No! You are"

      At the time I thought he was saying that he was the dreamer and Im the DC.

      I go back inside and run around the mall, and watch a sex-ed video that was kinda gross because it featured a woman with tiny crabs, literally living inside of her. I run past a room owned by an older women, and the room was called Ayurveda. It was all the way in the back of the mall in a lonely dark corrider. The corrider looked boring so I didnt go inside - I THINK I MISSED AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY HERE.

      I leap back outside instead, skipping my way across a grassy field into a forest - yeah this is more exciting. But the forest was actually kinda creepy. Everything was eating everything else. Snakes attacking, animals growling and howling. I met a DC there. She seemed aware.

      She told me that this wasn't the forest I'm trying to get to. My forest is peaceful, animals don't eat other animals in my forest and she reminded me of this. She told me its possible for me to go there now.

      "How can I get to my forest?"

      She takes me to the bank of the river and instructed me "Make the water still". The water was filled with rippling waves, so all I have to do is - make it still.

      "Oh I see, you want me to meditate? Ive never done that in a dream before"

      We sat down together by the rivers bank, and I did my first dream open eye meditation. I was nervous doing "nothing" would make my dream melt away. But it remained stable. I noticed the incredible details. But there was also a fuzzyness, like my side vision was fuzzy so I can only focus on whats in front of me. The water was like silver. And not too far from the forests edge was suburbia. I sat there trying to still the water for what felt like minutes - who knows it could have been ten seconds.

      But nothing I did stilled the water.

      So we left the forest and she led me back inside, I guess to see something. As we walked through the mall I tried to memorize every detail of her being. Her short bob hair with strawberry brown stripes, her petite height. We went into a bedroom and I think shes pulling a box out - cant remember.

      I ask out of the blue "Is it true when people die they end up in a dream?" I guess she reminded me of a spirit I saw years ago.

      She looked taken back and sad by my question. "Sort of, but not exactly."

      "What's your name?"

      "Its Tracy"

      She starts to tell me something, but then I felt a "switch", I knew I had woken up and left the dream, and instead was only imagining I was still dreaming - if that makes any sense. Tracy was still trying to tell me something, but now it makes no sense, her appearance becomes unstable.

      "I cant (hear you), I'm waking up! Im waking up!"

      Her face, her hair, it keeps changing, but I dont want to forget.

      "Wait tell me your name again!"


      I wake up. But it turned out to be a false awakening - hypnagogic imagery. Then I woke up for real.

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    10. Red Tornado - Calm Beach

      by , 01-06-2012 at 07:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 5, 2012

      Synopsis: we take refuge from a red raging tornado, lucid, escape military and imagine a new scene - a beach

      Note: I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to recall the dream I just had. All I remember was that it had something to do with someone being healed. Their legs? Ayurveda? I realized now's a good time to try a lucid dream induction. I didn't, I just fell asleep instead. But its the thought that counts!

      Red Tornado - Calm Beach
      I'm walking with a group of friends in the industrial part of the city and were just having a good time. That was until I saw the red storm. "What is that? Do you see that?"

      A massive thunderhead was sweeping down in a funnel shape just next to the lake under the highway overpass. The storm was glowing red. And as the funnel became a tornado it was like the red was a shaft of light in its center.

      "We need to take cover!"

      There was an abandoned warehouse like building nearby. But it was also right next to the path of the red tornado. As we ran inside I thought it was strange that the red tornado was stationary. It didn't seem to be moving and it was silent.

      The inside of the building was weird. It was mostly empty, with dark concrete walls. Dark because of the lack of lightning, kind of like a parking garage.

      "There's a basement level, that'll be the safest spot" said an older man who was now leading our group that grew into 20+ people.

      We ran down the flight of stairs, which were really abstract. When we got down there I looked out the windows.

      "Why are we on the third level? I thought we were going down?"

      Its true, some how running down the stairs took us several floors up. We examined the staircase and determined it was missing a level or somehow that level was twisted the wrong way. We can see the ground level with the cars from way up here.

      Back up we go, which takes us down. All is quiet now. There's only one light on in the "living room" of this vast empty basement. Without the company of friends, this place is creepy.

      I don't remember why but I went down *back up* by myself - to get something or look for something. When I came back up to the basement everyone was gone. There was no way they could leave without me noticing, there's only one door and I crossed it going back up.

      They vanished.

      "Hello? Hello?"

      I get that strange feeling I've gotten before, they vanished because they never were. I don't want to stay here anymore, the place only feels darker. I quickly run out of the closest window, lucid. The storm is gone. Excited that I'm dreaming I observe my environment. I start with the items closest to me. The brick wall. I touch it, its gritty. There's a vase on top of a post.

      So shiny it looks so real! I tap on it and it makes a hollow sound. I put my palm on it and try to merge my hand into it but I can't. It feels too solid. I realized I do this a lot as a RC in waking life, and that its not a very good reliable RC for me.

      The military show up on the scene. What do they want? I just try to mind my own business and go the other way, into this weird cityscape that looks like a bad video game layout. But they follow me. I try to lose them and they give chase.

      They chase me into an area that looks like the isles of a walmart were tossed into a field, and lots and lots of boxes. Dream characters start to shout at me as the military men get closer. They're blaming, they're telling me how horrible this dream world is and its all my fault.

      "Get her!"

      I finally lose them in the field of isles and boxes. I hide underneath a table hidden by cardboard, I hope they didn't see me. I want to change this dream scene!

      I close my eyes and imagine the ocean instead. At first it feels like nothing is happening, I swear I'm still just underneath this table. But I give it a few moments, waiting for a cue. There. I felt it. I dunno, it just feels different. I open my eyes to a sandy strip with Hawaiians and tourists dancing.

      Cool. I saw people I recognized from waking life. Happy I shouted "were dreaming! were dreaming! hey, are you listening? this is a dream!". But they just nodded their head at me. I couldn't remember where I met them from, so my dream gave me dream-memories. I remembered them from a strange class.

      The dance is over and everyone is gathered by a stone wall. My vision blurs in and out. I can't feel the ground. There's almost no sound. I figured this was sign I could wake up anytime soon. So I didn't feel like sitting by the wall listening to some old bearded man yap on.

      I saw a tree with huge candy fruit of every color. I take a huge bite, but instead of something sweet, its more like a mild lemon.

      I woke up. Its a FA actually. I tell my sisters about my dream. My room is totally facing the wrong wall. And then I wake up for real. (or did I?)

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    11. November Transformation: 20 Riddles To Solve

      by , 11-23-2010 at 06:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 14, 2010

      Synopsis: Two very interesting dreams. In the first I am told I have 20 riddles to solve. In the next, I transform, play around, and find a nightmare deep in the lowest levels of the staircase.

      20 Riddles To Solve
      I am in a dark misty place. It kind of reminds me of a movie scene from England. A DC tells me that I have 20 riddles and puzzles to solve, all regarding names. He tells me uncovering these riddles will span over several dreams. So I should take notes and repeat as often as possible what I discover so I remember my progress.

      I take out a flip book "Good idea!" and I start taking notes. This dream felt very long. I seemed to travel a lot in this misty place. And I talked a lot to, to so many DCs but I barely remember any of our conversations.

      All I remember was I solved the first riddle in that dream. And the name, a dream views member. But I don't remember who the name was! But I had a sense that this was a dream views member that I haven't really spoken with, but I should.

      Later on we are all watching TV. Wasting our time, I suddenly realize....was my time wasted? Here I am reviewing and going over these notes again and again. And for what? Lucid, I finally realize I can't take any of these notes with me! I'm gonna forget everything!

      I yell at the DC "Why did you make me spend an entire dream writing so many notes. Are you intentionally trying to waste my time?"

      He doesn't answer me. And I don't like his aura now, its obscured. Not dark as in evil. But dark as in, he isn't who I thought he was. The whole dream becomes obscured and fades away.

      The Dark Drumming
      I'm having a light adventure dream in a strange abstract city. But my friend disappears when I become lucid, represented by an inanimate toy in my hand. Oh well. Lucid, I transform into a lizard. And then even tinier, and tinier and tinier.

      I wasn't easy at first. I had to find a small bush, and imagine the twig was as wide as a tree. It worked! And my point of view flies up the twig, now the size of a tree. And I crawl over the fence.

      This simple stupid thing is something I've wanted to do for a year now. It's been a long time since I've been able to alter my size perception.

      I crawl away and under a door. It leads to an industrial staircase. I become my human self again and wonder what's down below. I vaguely remember my friend from earlier fearing this place. It's all dusty and gritty looking. And I can hear what sounds like construction down below, a constant banging. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I thought that maybe watching the construction men do their thing would be fun. So I climb two flights down.

      But as I get closer, I realize the sound I'm hearing resembles nothing like construction. No. Bang. Bang. BANG. BANG. The sound gets closer. Larger! Overwhelming! They're footsteps!

      As the footsteps climb up the stairs, the staircase gets darker and darker. Fear takes over me. The sound is like drumming.

      I race back up. But its so dark I can't see the door I came in from. So I have to run several more floors, with that noise approaching me, coming closer. Finally there's enough light coming from the door that I can see it. I rush out the door into the building.

      I don't understand. The sound. That sound is still coming closer to me. I can hear it down the hall now. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I find a group of emos who were probably up to no good. But I'll take vandalizing emos over this demon. They take a corner and almost leave my field of vision. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      Wait! Don't leave me!

      I beg them "Something is after me. I'm scared. Can I go with you?"

      They look at me making a funny expression . Probably because I'm way to colorful for their taste. "Ok, you can join us." Disdainfully.

      I'm so happy to be in their company. They head to the basement. Which does worry me that were going down instead of UP. We relax in a room with a lot of chairs.

      Suddenly the leader of the emo gang levitates a chair with telekinesis, and flings it at the wall. No one looks surprised, except me.

      "You have powers like the character Tetsuo!" I say

      "I hate Tetsuo! He's such a. . fucking. . emo!" Lol. Okay. I'm not even going to bother starting an argument with the poor confused man.

      I stand up and feel inspired to show off my dream skills. Suddenly were wall showing off our powers to each other, trying to prove were more awesome than the next person!

      Bang. Bang. Bang.

      We were so busy being silly I didn't even notice this whole time that we were next to a staircase. "It's him! The demon! We have to go!"

      "No" Says the leader "We'll beat the shit out of him together."

      We stand in front of the staircase. Bang. Bang. Bang. The staircase progressively gets darker. Darker. As if all the light is being swallowed. I'm scared! I'm terrified!


      The leader uses his telekinesis to hurl random objects at it. I gave it my best!

      I couldn't tell you if we defeated the monster. I always wake up during the battle. It felt like it was working though. If anything, just because I was in their company.

      But the sound still gives me shivers

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    12. November Transformation: Eat It!

      by , 11-23-2010 at 06:07 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 12, 2010

      Synopsis: I eat my transformation, yep

      Eat It!
      I put my brand new shiny rain boots on and go for a walk, even though it aint raining. It's a beautiful day outside and for the first time ever, the neighborhood is actually alive. Kids are playing and the folks are bbq-ing.

      I meant to go home, but I was having so much fun walking I totally lost track of time, and next thing you know the sun is going down.

      In the back of my mind I can hear my mom lecturing me how dangerous it is for a female to be walking all by herself in the dark. What could I do? I know! I'll transform!

      I become a gargoyle like being and run around suburbia with no aim or cause. My family are walking around in a public garden lit by way too many lights. I hide in the bushes from them because I don't want to go home yet. I'm having way too much fun!

      At some point I get this crazy idea that I should eat my transformation. So I grab my lion like tail, and eat it. Next I grab my wings, and eat them. Next I grab my clawed hand and eat that. Everything was very tasty and sweet. I had this idea if I consumed my transformation, transforming again would be easier.

      Once I was done eating my transformation I was back to my regular me. I rejoined my family and woke up.

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    13. November Transformation: The Wild Cat Within

      by , 11-23-2010 at 05:54 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 8, 2010

      November has been heavy with the theme of transformation, something I look forward to

      Synopsis: A race of cat people hold back their true nature. But a wild and amazing women teaches me how to unleash my inner cat.

      The Wild Cat Within
      I'm with my family (not my real family) in a high raise apartment. They're worried about this Witch that the news has been talking about. She has willfully transformed into her wild cat-self.

      It's against the law for the people to willfully transform into their wild cat-selves. One who has transformed is treated like a werewolf, a monster that needs to be stopped. Though truthfully, every citizen has the potential to transform at any moment.

      One day I was playing around with my natural ability to transform, growing a cat tail. My family scolded me, reminding me that its illegal, and dangerous because I could lose my sanity if I transform.

      A flash outside my window catches my attention. I run to my high raise window, and standing proudly in the full sun is the Witch. She's like a cat-were. Humanoid, with cat ears, fangs, claws, fur and tail. At first I'm scared "It's her! The Witch!". Besides the news warns she's probably insane and will kill you.

      Gracefully she leaps and climbs the building until she reaches my window. I'm surprised to hear her say -


      She can talk! The transformed lose their human mind and language. No wonder they call her Witch!

      "How can you speak while transformed?"

      She grabs my hand and leads me out the window. From then on I was her pupil. Though she didn't say much, her actions were enough to show me that she was completely conscious. More than conscious, she was lucid!

      She taught me that society was wrong for telling me to hide my wild cat side. That this is who we really are. She also explained to me, that when you willfully choose to transform, not only do you retain consciousness, but you become more conscious. More brave. More able. More stable.

      Oh crap, I'm falling! I'm hanging onto the ledge of the window with just my bare hands.

      "Use you're claws to lift yourself up!" She explains

      "That's impossible! I'm just a girl! I don't have that kind of upper body strength!"

      She shows me. She hangs from the window ledge to mimic me falling. Then using all her upper body strength and the traction of her claws, she lifts herself up, leaping into the air, and landing on the roof.

      At first I thought lifting myself out of the falling position was impossible. But after watching her I realized, she's a petite female just like me. If she can do it, why can't I?

      I lift myself up and like magic, I was flying into the air and landing on the roof.

      From then on, I was the Witch - fully transformed- teaching my pupil. Though the dream just becomes a chase-dream. The cops are after us for willfully transforming. Though to be honest, we found the chase amusing. Could they catch us? NEVER!

      They chase us into a tunnel. Where we find an abandoned car, whose keys were conveniently in the ignition for us.

      Once in the car, I switch positions again. I'm the pupil again. My Witch-Master races the car out of the tunnel and down the bridge. The cops are right behind us. My master is racing towards the ledge of the bridge, were gonna fall! But she's not stopping! Instead she floors the gas pedal.

      Some how I know she's teaching me to have no fear, as she was ever fearless.

      The car is flying off the bridge! I keep waiting for us to crash, but instead the velocity gently carries us over the prairie grass. No way the cops were crazy enough to follow us! We land softly. Having lost the cops, we take refuge under the shade of a tree. And I wake up.

      In the next brief dream I was lucid, and drooling over the comic books of the artist Anta M. Alabama. Not sure what that means.

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    14. Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!

      by , 10-25-2010 at 05:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 24, 2010

      Synopsis: A nightmare is trapped in the back of my house. Later, I become lucid and sing silly songs to praise my subconscious because dreaming is so awesome. After wards, a DC tells me I have to wake up, and acts as if he has authority over me!

      Note: The other night I was thinking about how I should recognize that there is ANOTHER part of me that's really creating the dream. And that I need to give up this idea that my conscious self controls or creates the dream.

      A Nightmare Trapped
      I had a nightmare. Actually, I don't remember the nightmare. I only had vague impressions of it when I woke up. I remembered that several family members were involved, including my cousin cheskie. There was a female demon. And something creepy and gross involving human body parts.

      I remember me and my cousin were trying to get away, but we didn't get far. This part of the dream actually felt long!

      Later on, everyone is just chilling in the living room. When suddenly one of men starts throwing up! Being vomit-phobic, I quickly run out of the living room (and so do some of the younger cousins). He's running for the bathroom, holding his mouth! akljaal! He's gonna throw up on me, so I need to get further away from him.

      I end up running to my bedroom. Then I regret doing that. Because the nightmare is trapped in the back of my apartment. The entire back half of the apartment is dark, with strange glowing lights. And a weird metal box, which I assumed the demon was in.

      I don't remember what happens next, but I think I run out of the room and keep running all the way out of the apartment

      Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!
      The sun is shining and I'm lucid!!

      I run across brick red roof tops, with another DC following me as a friend. From the roof tops, I leap towards a tree, and fly through its branches and green leaves. It felt nice to simply be lucid. I wish I remembered my lucid goals, but I didn't.

      I ran around a ghetto looking suburbia. Me and my DC friend hid in someone's front yard, protected with a tall chain link fence. When the owner comes home we realize we've been spotted, and like little kids we run for it! I fly out a breech in the chain-link fence, and continue flying down the street.

      I see a big building, it looks interesting so I go inside. It turns out to be some lame supermarket, filled with cheese and bored employees.

      Usually I would think this is lame and look for a new dreamscape. But last night I was on a lucid high, and thought "wow! my subconscious made all of these details?". So I walked around in a lucid high just admiring all the random details of this boring supermarket.

      Hidden in one of the isles was the tiniest little succulent I've ever seen! Complete in an equally tiny terracotta pot.

      I held the tiny thing in my palm and thought..."Its perfect!". My subconscious didn't miss anything. It was green and plump the way any succulent should be.

      At that point I start to praise my subconscious for having such creative abilities exceeding my conscious self. I started to sing a silly rhyme, somehow I managed to rhyme processed milk and manufactured cheese in the same sentence.

      I can't sing worth anything and my rhyme was dumb! Even I knew it was dumb when I was dreaming

      But to my happy surprise, suddenly all the bored looking employees break out in dance, and all together they chorus and repeat my rhyme. That was fun! I stay rhyming and singing to my subconscious for a few minutes.

      Until I ran out of things to rhyme processed milk and cheese with

      Once I stopped singing, the DCs went back to their boring routine as if nothing happened.

      Before leaving, I wanna try it again! Ahem- I have to clear my throat and my voice cracks as I come up with some silly rhyme. All is quiet, and then, the entire store mirrored back my rhyme in perfect melody! Woah!

      Happy and still lucid, I go outside and climb the big tree. I think how fun it would be to have monkey feet while climbing this tree, and like magic, I had monkey feet (I think at some point I took off my shoes). Then I try doing back flips, but I just ending up floating backwards instead.

      Suddenly a strange DC comes up to me, behind him was a group of aggressive looking men. I think I recognize this DC as a repeating DC, a not so nice one. He's a tall skinny black man, usually wearing a business suite. And he's always a jerk to me!

      He tells something I don't remember. But I remember him telling me "So now that you've learned what you were supposed to learn from this dream, its time to wake up."

      What? Wake up? End my lucid adventure?

      "No! I don't want to wake up, I'm having too much fun."

      "Fine, I'll give you an extra minute and a half. And then, I'm ending the dream."

      Who is he to tell me that he's ending MY dream? He starts counting "1.....2.....3......"

      Oh man! I run down the street, determined to get far away from this jerk and prolong my dream instead. He sends his minions after me, but they can't keep up with my speed.

      I wasn't worried about his minions. I was worried about his counting. Actually, it started to completely freak me out o_O. I didn't matter how far or how fast I went, his voice was still there, right behind me. Right in the back of my head!

      As if there is no physical space dividing me and this DC, who positions himself to be able to end my dream.

      I duck behind a bush and crawl into the thicket, losing the two boys. I can hear the men looking for me. I panic! What should I do? All the other DCs had voices that come from a distance, even far away if they were far away. But not this DC.

      The men get closer to me, scared that they would try to bring me back to the strange DC, I decided this dream ain't worth it, and wake myself up

      It was 6:30 am, hours before I needed to wake up!

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    15. Abstract Adventures and a Rebellion

      by , 10-19-2010 at 05:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 18, 2010

      Synopsis: Abstract dream. Were escaped test subjects running from an evil doctor. Brief lucidity. Flying. Next dream, I try to rebel the system from within it.

      Note: I was very sleepy after I woke up from my dream. Well, I didn't really wake up. More like, I was only half awake. I stayed drifting in HI for a few minutes before I remembered that I even had a dream. But by that time, what felt like a vivid dream was hard to recall.

      Abstract Adventures

      Me and a friend want to leave. We walk straight out of the house and into the parking lot. Waiting for us is a small
      helicopter. My friend makes me drive it! I'm terrified! I don't know how to fly this clunky machine. Once inside, my whole world turns upside down. Uh, literally. We crashed.

      But were fine, and I think nothing of it.

      It turns out we were so desperate to leave because were running away from this evil doctor! We were his unwilling test subjects for some sort of
      experiment. We run through suburbia, which was just abstract and weird. We reach a tower, and climb up its various levels. I don't remember much of the tower anymore, but I do remember on the top most floor was a witch conjuring up a spell. I didn't figure out who's side she was on.

      Were on top of the tower now. The doctor has us cornered! But that's when I suddenly realize I'm dreaming.
      Lucid, I tell the doctor "were not going to run from you anymore!". Then I grab my friends hand and fly instead. I try to grow bird wings, but I don't know if it worked or not. My friend disappears. Common. Lots of DCs just up and puff away when I become lucid.

      I continue flying and exploring my strange abstract dream, like giant cardboard boxes strewn together. I woke up after wards and fell into random HI for several minutes.

      Thoughts: the tower was a spiral, a repeating pattern in my dreams for 2010. Probably not a coincidence that reaching the top made me lucid, since the spiral itself can represent consciousness.

      Rebel from Within

      Some evil corporation has everyone I know slaving away from them, in an
      all-generic-building. Oh, and these weren't regular people. They were scheming rats, like the rats from Nyhm. I had two choices. Slave away, or rebel. I saw what happens to people who rebel outwardly. They got locked away in some room, never to return.

      I thought I could out smart the rats though. I'd work hard, earn their trust, learn more about their system. And eventually, I'd
      learn about their weak points and take them out when they least expect me to! Well, it sounded like a plan. Except that it's really SLOW.

      Anyways, I never actually got a chance to rebel! Unless you count spying. I was spying on the big boss while mopping the floors. He had an assistant named Amadeus. Amadeus seemed like an honestly good rat, and it annoyed me the way the boss would say his name and call him for any little thing.

      Thoughts: it could have something to do with me trying to overcome old habits. The process is slow, and you have to observe yourself.

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