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    1. Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow - DControl

      by , 01-18-2017 at 07:31 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Jan 18, 2017

      Notes: Fell asleep late, after 3am. Most of the night was heavy abstract dreaming. Fell back asleep around 8am! Finally had a good dream, with an ocean, friends, a storm, flooding, false awakening, a tornado, a dragon, and serious dream skills with a magical bow n arrow.

      In a grassy backyard with friends and family. While climbing on top of a kids playset im also thinking about who I'm going to hire to help me publish my comic. A man magically appears. I don't remember the convo, I just wrote down that he was "sassy"

      Fragment 2
      Me and sis are in an apt parking lot and I need to drive us somewhere and pick things up from another vehicle. My car was a huge SUV even though I can't drive large cars to save my life. I'm anxious in the drivers seat but I logically conclude this must be my car

      Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow
      Im visiting my friend Dyson, but at his childhood home. His hometown magically has an ocean. Were swimming in the water with dozens of other tourists. It seemed like I was swimming in that water for a really long time. Suddenly, the waves get stronger and the wind picks up. A storm is coming in.

      I tell Dyson we should leave, and also, I needed to get ready soon to go back home. Were instantly back at Dyson's place. Except it feels more like a three story apartment building (where he lives now?). And the city around us definately feels more like a New England place than Bedford. I go to the guest room and change, because its almost time for me to go home.

      I get sleepy and take a quick nap. The sounds of a storm wakes me up. Its a very strange feeling to wake up inside a dream. In waking reality, there were storms but they were much earlier in the night and not right now. I sat up on the guest bed trying to make sense of my surroundings. It seemed real and not all at the same time. I go to the window and stare out the storm.

      Its flooding fast outside! The streets are like a river now! I can't go home now. I watch huge logs get carried by the flood water. A huge red wood log was also carried by the storm waters. Its massive size being carried by the force of water was terrifying to watch!

      I look up at the clouds. Orange, green and pink? These alien colors make me think of one thing - tornado.

      I run back to my friends, everyone was watching in the porch. Dyson was his usual casual self and didn't seem scared at all. Me? I was panicking. A huge tornado forms from those swirling colorful clouds. Before I have time to panic the tornado bursts into a dragon!

      It was massive! The most massive dragon I've seen in a dream! Maybe something like Shenron, or larger. You could tell the massive dragon was roaring, but it was indistinguishable from the rest of the storms sounds.

      "Dragon!?!" I point bewildered at the dragon. Dyson just stands up, still with his laptop in hand. He magically pulls out some video game weapon. "You know what to do" At first I wanted to run away like a sensible person would.

      But then my dream ego starts to wake up. I magically manifest a golden bow and arrow. My outfit changed too. I aim my golden bow at the raging storm dragon! I fire and my arrow aims true. The dragon explodes into smaller units of fire, that scattered across the city. I figured it wasn't the end of the dragon.

      The storm finally quieted down. Some random boys who were also with us go down to where the flooding was, to make sure no one was caught in it. Dyson goes back online and collects some points. Some real-life quest game. How could this game have known about this dragon? I ask if I could collect points too and Dyson sets up an account for me.

      We head out, the dragons not completely gone yet. We still need to deal with its smaller units. Which had manifested as monsters all throughout the city. With my bow and arrow I was unstoppable. My aim never missed my target, I could precisely decide the right or left eye. It felt awesome!

      I felt like I was remembering something about my dream self I had forgotten. In fact, this dream in the span of minutes smushed so many strong dream elements for me. An ocean. A storm. A dragon. A false awakening. A window. Trees. Friendship. And magic!
      false awakening , memorable
    2. Hero God vs Kali

      by , 01-08-2017 at 02:39 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      Archive: January 20, 2016

      Key: Symbolic, Hindu, Morning Dream, Semi-Abstract

      I’m in India. I venture with random dream characters and together we summon the Hero God. Krishna? I don’t know. But everything goes wrong after he’s summoned.

      As soon as the Hero God was summoned a purple poisonous ooze pours into the Indian Ocean. I watch this from atop a cliff along with everyone else. The purple poison boils the sea and all the oceans life dies by the millions! People cry out in horror as we witness a horrific extinction event.

      I feel sicker and sicker as more purple ooze sinks into the ocean and more innocent dead creatures rise to the surface. “Hero God! Why have you done this!” Its at this time the Hero God explains that he didn’t poison the sea. Rather, the Hero God had partially summoned his immortal enemy. He desired to defeat this enemy once and for all!

      But the Hero God explains “However, last time I had helped from 12(? i think) others”. Why Hero God why!

      A wise person stands on the highest cliff and calls to us all as if we were their children “Come now everyone. Follow my lead and we’ll save the ocean”. This wise person (I don't remember their gender) begins taking in a deep breath and exhaling over the ocean as though blowing over a hot bowl of soup.
      We all follow the wise person’s breathing. I watch carefully to match their rhythm. They’re breathing faster and faster! But the collective breathing humanity is working! The purple ooze becomes gray as we cool it off and make it inert. The ocean is saved! Life is saved! Humanity is saved!

      The wise person then prays, asking for the Great God to return the Hero God to the realm of spirit. The Hero God obliges and transforms into a large stone monolith over the Indian Ocean. I guess this was where we originally summoned him but I don’t remember that detail.

      Now it was time for the Great God to return the immortal enemy back into the world of spirit as well. But as the purple ooze was being returned, a voice echoes from the depths of the ocean “I am NOT finished!”. The fear was real and felt! The Great God yields to the immortal enemy, a Goddess of Death and Destruction. Her name, much like the Hero God, escapes me throughout the dream, but maybe its Kali.

      She emerges from the depths. Supernaturally tall. Every time you looked her features were different, sometimes african, sometimes indian. But always female and always wild and terrifying. She reaches into her own body and pulls out more of that purple poison. The oceans boil!!!

      I scream in horror! The Goddess of Destruction approaches me, clearly insulted. She stares me right in the eyes. I get the impression to be coy or die. I look at her blankly and smile like a dumb ape too stupid to know the horror taking place. She seems amused that I shut the hell up. Behind me, others scream and shout. The Goddess is insulted. She places her hand on their chest and forehead and their hearts stop beating.

      Including a young boy we called timothy “No! Timothy!” The more they shouted the more dropped dead. I couldn't stand anymore, my legs feel weak so I sat. Others sat down too. The wise person commented “Thats right, sit down. Be yourself. Be calm” But the Goddess of Destruction still forced us to watch the death of the Indian Ocean, and by extension the world.

      She walked back towards my end of the beach. Her voice seems to be everywhere “Do you know what the last Great Suffering was known for?”. People averted her eyes unable to answer. “Do you know?” I admit I didn’t understand the question but I was too afraid to ask her to repeat it. But some other guy did. “What was the question again?”

      Wrong answer. With a single touch to his forehead and he drops to the floor. “Answer me!” The Goddess of Destruction was growing impatient and ready to place her palm on another innocent forehead. But then my friend standing next to me cries out “Smell! It was Smell!”

      “Very good.” She pets my friend under the chin as though she was an animal. “The smell of…..?”

      And I blurt out “RAPE!” The Goddess looks at me perplexed. I’m not sure why I said that and im not sure my answer makes any sense. I correct myself “I mean...the smell of rape and human flesh burning on the cross?.....” Is that right??

      She seems pleased with my answer. She turns to a man of faith “Father, give me your cross. You can be the first.” The Father weeps as the Goddess of Destruction drags him away. “I’ll need MORE crosses.”

      What have I done? I’ve just damned us all to rape and burning alive on a cross!! I felt completely hopeless. I started a silent prayer to God. That’s when I notice little Timothy. He’s breathing! He’s alive!

      When the Goddess of Destruction is far away he opens his eyes and winks at me “I know something you don’t know!”. I have to know! “Yes! What! What don’t I know!” I had a feeling he was going to me that it’s all dream.

      Instead, I just wake up.

      It was after waking up that I thought the Goddess of Destruction could be Kali. And that the Hero God could be Krishna. But them being immortal enemies doesn’t make any Hindu sense. Or the rest of the dream….!
    3. Psychotic Doctor and Sky War

      by , 02-11-2014 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 10, 2014

      a very long dream separated into three parts, a psychotic doctor is out for blood, two agents help me, a war breaks out in the sky

      Psychotic Doctor
      My neighbor is a doctor. The dream right now is abstract and our houses are little cardboard cartons. This whole time, I had no idea that my neighbor, the doctor, is a complete psychopath. He's murdered. And after word gets out about these murders the doctor flees and goes into hiding.

      I was riding my bicycle down the neighborhood when I nearly run over a crazed man. It's the doctor! Half of his face is missing its skin. But right before my eyes his face starts to heal. Is he not human? Like a monster, he attacks my bicycle and I run away.

      Later on, I take refuge at an elderly woman's house. But this house is where the doctor is hiding in. Threatened again, I run away.

      Agents for Hire
      Me and my friends are in a large office building desperately trying to get help! A murderer is on the lose and he's after us. No one believed our crazy story about our friendly neighborhood doctor who transformed into a monster, except for two young female agents. One was ginger and the other was black with curly hair. The duo were the youngest agents and they were looking for an interesting off beaten job.

      They quickly hurry me and my friends away from the main office, their bosses, and into a private backroom. They ask me if there's anything supernatural about this case. And I explain to them his face was disfigured and then before my eyes he healed.

      The agents were kind and listened to everything I had to say and seemed to be scheming where to go from here. As I told them my story I remembered more dream scenes *possible false memories*. As I recalled those scenes they happened again.

      The woman the doctor is staying with is actually a little person, not sure why that detail was important. When I left her house I wasn't alone, I was with my friends. Afraid the doctor was after us, we transformed into tanuki and hid in some bushes.

      The agents reassure us that they are committed to our case! But then, an explosion outside catches us all off guard.

      Sky War
      A real war has broken out. My friends and I and the agents were gathered in some sort of military headquarters. But after we left the headquarters I was separated my friends and never knew what happened to them.

      The battle taking place on the ground was beyond me. Guns vs guns, not my thing. What could I do? I look up to the sky. The real battle was taking place up there! Thousands of aerial battle ships! From down here they all looked like black dots darting across the sky. I can't help but shout "Look at that!". I swear I even saw dragons.

      I'm no use down here. What about up there? Im worried I won't be able to fight if I focus on flying. But I had a sense my friends were up there in that battle. I fly up high and higher. I flew so high I reached the first tier of heaven.

      In this first tier of heaven there were computer screens watching the business of earth. I suddenly think about a DC who I know to be deceased and ask an employee if I can see him. The deceased DC was shrunken in a box, too depressed to come out.

      "When will he be better?"
      "When he's ready."
      "He's an idiot but he's really a nice guy."
      "I know" replied the man "I created him."

      The comment goes over my head. From the computer screen I can see that thousands are ignoring the war and watching useless TV like the simpsons. I get angry and start popping in and out of the TV screens and inform them about the war!

      I flew through a screen and entered an empty living room. For a moment the news on the TV screen hypnotized. And then I remembered "the war! I have to find my friends!" I fly through the TV screen again, hoping it would take me back to where I started.

      Instead I found myself on a tropical island, maybe Hawaii. I'm 1000's of miles away from the Sky War. Life here is peaceful. I meet some locals who try to tell me there's nothing to worry about or fear here. They invite me, we have lunch, life is good.

      Suddenly there is a large explosion! The locals run outside and think the volcano must be acting up. But I look up to the sky. Giant enemy battalion ships, the Sky War is here. I woke up shortly after.
    4. Archive: The Dragon that gives Lucidity

      by , 05-11-2013 at 05:09 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      2008 Dream Archive

      I was looking for a new lucid dream task. I decided to visit a dragon kingdom! Lots of dreamers have done it. It looks fun. My plan was simple, I summon the dragon king, ride on his back, and I'll have an adventure in dragon kingdom la-la land.

      I was just looking forward to a fanciful lucid dream.

      What I got was something really unexpected.


      For most of the dream, I wasn't lucid. I was hiding and running away from typical dream bad guys. I tried to escape them by running out the back door.

      When I came to the back porch it was such a beautiful sunny scene. It 'snapped' me right out of my zombie-ness, and I realized I was dreaming.

      Thrilled, I shout out into the blue sky "Can I see the dragon king please!"

      I look up anxiously at the sky, hoping my dream meets my demands. At first nothing happens. Then I see it! A small purple eastern dragon descends from the sky. He wasn't very ornate. Very simple, very plain looking. Just a purple serpentine dragon.

      He lands on the grass about 30 ft away from me. The sun shines on him like a spotlight. He looks my way and waits for me. Excited, I fly over to him. For a brief moment an image of a purplish female flashes before my eyes. She had strong Indian features. This didn't make any sense to me. The image super-imposes over the purple dragon, and slowly dissolves so that only the purple dragon remained. I do remember that the purple female said something to me, but it didn't make sense to me. My mind sorta blurted it out.

      What comes next is probably the weirdest dream experience for me. Now that I was at the presence of the dragon, I was compelled to love him, respect him and honor him. I kneeled before him on the soft plush grass. I looked up at him expectantly like a small child.

      Now I've had dream characters tell me they were angels. I've had dream characters tell me they were God!! But I greeted them with doubt, fear, or just curiosity. I never felt compelled love or bow before any of them. So my purple dragon was a first (and an only for that matter)

      Face to face with the purple dragon, I felt safe and warm. His wrinkled dragon face was kind, loving, understanding. He felt wise. For a moment I just admire his face in awe. There was nothing abstract or surreal about this scene. His face was perfectly three dimensional and real.

      He speaks to me, and his voice rings in my head. "The Fire is in your eyes!!". But his poetic and triumphant words were totally lost on me. Sure, I've breathed fire as a dragon in previous dreams before. But what kind of fire is in your eyes? I repeat it in my head trying to get it..the fire ..is in..my eyes? What? Understanding that I didn't get it, the dragon explains

      "You only need to imagine and it will happen!"

      It was like being slapped with lucidity a thousand fold. If I thought I was lucid before, hah, that was just day-dreaming! This was lucidity. This is what lucidity is all about! I really finally understood that I am creating this dream. That every ounce, ever grain of sand, every moment was created in my minds eye. I am the God of this dream.

      That's when I remembered how shitty my dream world has been. With murderes killing beloved and terrorizing my entire dream world. The dragon says no more. I thank him respectfully, and fly off to shape my dream world to my liking.


      only problem was, the moment I left the dragons side my god-like lucidity dropped instantly. I was back to normal lucidity. And with every step further and further away from the dragon - I was less and less lucid. And in a few moments, I was back to hiding from the dream bad guys.


      I woke up feeling I really let the dragon down. But at the same time in awe that a 'dream character' could have that kind of effect on my awareness.

      Why didn't the dream follow expectation? Why didn't I get a KING who took me to his kingdom? Why did I get a lesson on awareness? And who was that purple female that flashed before my eyes?

      I had to know So I thought....why don't I try again right?

      I got my opportunity two weeks later. Again I wasn't lucid at first. The dream was long and vivid and super fun. With zombies fighting a war with rebel mutants. I'm looking for a way out of this zombie hell house. And I'm facing this long hallway. It's white, and sunshine is flooding it from the bedrooms.

      This stopped me in my tracks and made me realize I was dreaming. Maybe it was the sunshine? The zombie fested dream world had no sun. It was always night.

      I fly out the window and the first thing I do is fix my dream. In an instant the zombies were gone. The rebel mutants danced and celebrated in the streets, now bright and sunny!

      Remembering my dream task I call out in my dream "Can I see the Dragon King again...........please?"

      The sky instantly EXPLODES with the crackling of thunder!! Two meteorites crash land on both sides of me. They're crackling, smoking, smoltering, and still actively exploding with what looked like fireworks. The suddeness of the meteorites really caught me off guard, I was on the ground like a scared cat.

      Something begins to levitate me towards the sky. I'm facing the bright sun, and it feels like a WILD. Or if you believe in astral projection, I was caught in this projection. My heartbeat raises, I'm really anxious. My thoughts race. What's going to happen? Where am I being taken? Not that I felt something bad was going to happen. On the contrary, it felt like something amazing would have happened had the projection completed!!! Too amazing maybe!! Apparently I was too scared.

      The projection stops, and I'm gently put back on the ground. Damn! I'm instantly disappointed in my self for being so nervous. I thought that would be the end of my 'summoning'.

      But then a soft voice speaks to me..."Go on..he's waiting!"

      The meteor marked my way. It landed at the base of a building. I look up the building. And staring down at me was a sphynx statue. It was a deep blue color. Is this who I am supposed to see? A statue? Where is my purple dragon?

      I fly up to the top of the roof. As if I had taken soo long to get my ass up there, the statue hand changed forms. It was now in a laying position, like that of the sleeping buddha......Except.....reversed? Rather than resting on his right arm, he was resting on his left. *I've been told the reversed position is for females!*

      The sculpture smiles and comes to life when I finally land on the roof. And transforms into the same purple woman I had seen before!! I recognized that this women is my 'purple dragon'!

      There's this sort of fuzzy feeling all around me, I dunno, what do I call it? Cloud 9?

      I willing kneel by her feet. My legs are firmly tucked beneath me. I look up expectedly again like a child. Waiting for my teacher to teach me. Feed me or give me a cup to drink from. My lesson seems to pick up right where I had left off. Lucid dream lessons.

      "First, start off the objects nearest you until they come into full clarity"

      Since I am kneeling, I start with some strange objects by the beings feet. Everything was very surreal at first and hard to focus on. But then slowly the ground came into pristine clarity. Solid and life like. But although the ground had come into full clarity, I was still really puzzled by what I saw. There's something big and metal between me and the purple being. Are those...chains?

      I pick up the ugly thing "it's rusty!"

      She laughs as if a child had said something obvious and silly. I felt really foolish, especially since I am sitting down here while the being gets to stand tall. I didn't want to be the 'child'. I wanted to be the adult like her.

      She didn't give me any more instructions, but I took some initiative. Now I wanted to see her in full clarity. The dragon was easy for mind to digest. But there is something about this purple woman, I couldn't put my finger on. It's like I can never stare at her directly.

      I start slowly. First with her feet. I slowly lift my gaze, bringing everything into full clarity. Her body becomes solid. Her clothes dazzling and ornate. The environment also becomes completely solid. Slowly, still lifting my gaze I bring the entire scene into full clarity.

      All that's left.......is her face.

      It's the one thing I wanted to see! The dragons face brought me such peace. But the moment I tried to bring her face into full clarity, it ripples like water. For a brief moment the entire dream around me was in full clarity, except for this face. It made me uneasy!!

      My mind starts screaming "what's going on! why can't I see your face!"

      The more I tried, the more it rippled like water. Like a vortex. Eventually the entire dream was swallowed by the rippling water, now glowing white. I tried to hold on, and just before my dream dissolves completely in this void of white watery light......I understood.

      I couldn't see her, because what stood before me was just an illusion of what really is. A mask. That the purple woman, isn't a 'purple woman'! But I was still really unsure about what I just saw.


      Waking up, I'm left with more questions than answers. When I could see the 'illusion' of the purple woman, I noted something very weird about her. She had no breasts!! There was something masculine and feminine about her all at once. After all, who did I summon? A KING right? Not a queen?

      I then began to consider...what if it wasn't a purple woman? What if it was a man? That's when I realized who 'she' looked like.


      Why would summoning a 'male' dragon deliver me, a purplish androngynous being? And why was this feminine being so concerned about increasing my awareness? What's the connection between a dragon, the feminine, and higher awareness?

      And what kind of experience did I miss out on with a failed projection?

      I had some help from the Astral Dynamics website. The answer given to me I think is the best. That my dream might have been a kundalini experience. Even if its just a little one. Being completely IGNORANT about the kundalini, I had to do some research.

      It turns out the dragon is a very symbolic image, which does in fact represent the Kundalini. The Kundalini as most of you know, has been considered apart of the Divine Feminine aspect in us all. The coiled sleeping serpent. And also

      "The dragon is often synonymous with the dual aspect of the serpent, which as the caduceus represents, is both conscious/unconscious."

      "The dragon is the "mercurial serpent" and is also synonymous with the divine water and egg, and it's symbolism goes back as far as Lilith, or Melusina, who lives in the philosophical tree. Later, Christ appears as the archetype of consciousness and Mercurius as the archetype of unconsciousness. Thereby, the dragon is related closely to the creative godhead in symbolism, and also represents the union of opposites."

      After considering that my experinece was more than just a mere dream character, I was honestly too afraid to ever repeat it again! I dunno, I felt like I was only summoning the 'Dragon King' out of naivity. After all, the second time around, I saw no dragon. And 'Dragon King' no longer seems like an accurate name to give to whoever, whatever it was I met.

      Just goes to show, dreams can defy expectation!
      Tags: significant
      lucid , memorable
    5. Military Tornado Attack

      by , 06-28-2012 at 05:22 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 27, 2012

      Synopsis: A tornado barrels towards the city. In the panic, the military attacks. I desperately try to escape the general with a new friend

      Military Tornado Attack
      I'm driving home thinking about calling mom to let her know everything is alright. Just then I notice a tornado off in the distance. It looks so far away, I just tell myself its no threat at all.

      But the tornado grows larger and larger as it races towards the city. Where is my apartment! I'm so lost. The building should be here, but now I don't recognize this street. I pull into a small parking lot and try to do a turn-around. But everyone is panicking now and theres a jumble of cars in the parking lot, all try to reverse in a different direction.

      Some how I squeeze by. But its too late to try to find home, the sky has darkened and the tornado is almost on top of me! I park some place random and run for the closest city building. Lucky me the door was wide open.

      Its a public restroom. With all this brick and tile, this place looks sturdy enough to withstand an F5. There was a mother with her baby who had the same idea. I feel so safe here! I should let everyone know to take cover in the bathroom.

      Standing at the door frame, I was just about to holler 'take cover here!' - when I saw something so horrifying it took my voice away. Blood everywhere!!

      The military paraded the streets like a nazi army and killed everyone on sight. They were marching only feet away from me! I dart back inside the public restroom praying they didn't see me.

      I wanted so much to tell the mother to hide but I was so scared to make any noise. Instincts kicked in and I quickly slid underneath the stall and crawled my way to the back, hiding. A moment later soldiers walked in and shot the young mother without hesitation. She falls to the floor before she can even scream.

      Did they see me? Did they see me?

      "You there!"

      Its the general himself, he's spotted me. With nothing left to do I jump out the stall and attack him with psychokinesis. He seems stunned. That's when I noticed the young women was still alive! She seems to have healing powers, her face changed as she healed. I was so happy, since I felt guilty for not warning her. I quickly place my hands over her wound and try to heal her too.

      As the general and his solidiers look for the gun, me and my new friend run out the public restroom.

      I thought of mom still waiting for my call. I thought of my sisters and wanted to know if they survived the attack.

      "Get them!"

      But considering the general has his eyes only us it seems were the only survivors of this city wide attack, which they were going to blame on the tornado. That made us, who knew the truth, the number one target.

      As we ran carefully, hiding, taking cover, ducking from soldiers, I heard them talking about how all of this is so a new mall district can be built. They murdered a whole city for that?

      Were cornered! "In here!" My new friend helps me sneak into a building. She talks about having the power to fly and that she can fly us away to safety, but that first requires for her to fall asleep. Which would leave her sleeping body defenseless.

      ".....Then I will cut it open!" The general over heard us

      We barely escape him. As we duck and hide from soldiers again I'm desparately looking for that magical window to jump out of, the one that leads to wilderness. Maybe my friend has to fall asleep, but I can fly us to safety as is!

      We sneak past the soldiers - theres the window! Holding my friends hand, I fly her through the window, over a beautiful jungle landscape. The sun was so warm and we felt so far away I swear we were on a different continent.

      Some friendly jungle locals gave me the heads up that men were after us. Damn, how did they find us?

      Me and my friend kept on flying away. She is maybe the first dream character to remain in form while flying next to her - other dream characters when I try to fly with them just turn into random objects.

      I remember we had conversations while flying away. But I dont remember what was said.

      We come to the ocean. Maybe we can hide underwater, or on that island, or I dont know. We've finally come to San Antonio, where mom lives. As expected, no one in this city has any idea that my home city was just massacred by the military.

      We were weary of everyone and anyone here, though they were just civilians. I had to find mom to let her know what happened.

      Before waking up I told my new friend that one day I was going to have courage to face that general and defeat him. No more chase dreams!
    6. Flood, Freaky HI and Demonic Tornado

      by , 02-23-2012 at 06:43 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 22, 2012

      Synopsis: First I have a nightmare I work at hobby lobby, then I have a second nightmare that the lights don't work, its flooding outside and my sister is screaming. Then I have a third nightmare of a demonic tornado, but it has a happy ending and I wake up energized!

      Hobby Lobby
      I'm working at hobby lobby with Al from asel art. A customer was driving me crazy. He wants to purchase this massive utility knife set and he wants it for 50% off. I keep pestering Al to help me out here because I don't know what to do, finally Al gets overwhelmed busy helping his own customers and he's like "just do whatever!"

      So I went back and told the guy I could sell it to him for 30% off! But he acts like I just insulted his mom. He makes a snide remark about our slow customer service among other things. My head is screaming "asshole! asshole!" and I half hope I just shout it out loud.

      My cats meowing wakes me up from customer service hell. The interesting thing about the dream was, although while the setting was abstract, my emotions and how I reacted to the situation wasn't it. I was myself, and I acted as I do when I actually help customers.

      Broken Lights and a Flood
      I'm on the phone with my friend Rby and were just trying to coordinate visiting each other, its hard when you live so far apart. This abstract part of the dream felt long.

      Finally Rby is able to come over. I let her in the apartment, but the lights aren't working. I can't stand this dark, its so errie and creepy. I can hear other people in the apartment too, my uncle and my mom? Rby walks down the hallway to have a sneak peak of my room and say hi to my mom. But after disappearing into the dark she runs out the apartment in a panic.

      I don't want to stay here either! So I run out the door and tell her to wait! "Let me stay at your place I'm scared here!"

      I catch up to her and it starts to pour. We try to take cover from the rain but then a flash flood engulfs us. Its ocean like waves swept me away into the dark night.

      I wake up but I can still hear the voices from my dream. I'm just glad I'm tucked under my blanket. Someone is screaming!! Its really startling! Its my cousins voice and its coming from the back of the apartment.

      My sister gets annoyed and whines "Who the hell is screaming! Shut up!" I hear her stomp towards my cousin and a moment later, my sis is screaming along with my cousin. All the while I'm awake in my bed.

      They start screaming for me! "J save us! Save us!" I can only imagine one scenario that would terrify them so much and also turn to me for help. I can feel its presence in my room. Oval head. Large black oval eyes. No. Go away. Its walking towards me.

      I open my eyes wide and focus on the fuzzy blanket over me. Finally the scary HI stops.

      Demonic Tornado
      I'm in a futuristic city and I'm roleplaying with Tetsuo's powers. After exploring the city and its parks (which seemed like a long time) I meet a young girl who has powers just like me. She's like a female Akira and I'm so happy to meet her. We fly around together.

      We draw a lot of attention and the on-lookers aren't sure whether to be afraid or amazed. That's when we notice a tornado. The tornado was brown orange, almost a rust color. It didn't look right.

      I wanted to save everyone using my powers. I take command and order them to take refuge in this building by the park. We run inside, the tornado is nearly on us. I try to generate a force field to protect us from the tornados wrath. But its not working. Its coming closer. This building can't hold up!

      "You can't stop me!"

      The deep threatening voice emanated from the tornado, wtf it talks!
      We need to get out of here, now! I close my eyes and teleport everyone to safety. When I open my eyes we are all safe on the other side of the city, near my apartment. I hope the tornado continues in the other direction.

      Instead, it bellows, its roar echoes throughout the whole city. It twists on its axis and changes its course towards us! Shit!

      "Hurry this way!"

      I lead everyone to my apartment. "Theres a basement over here!" A few men enthusiastic to live help me to quickly de-clutter the basement entrance so we can all go inside. Its extremely tiny, more like a bathroom sized cellar and were at least 20 people.

      Finally we get it clear and people start to jam themselves in there. I can see the tornado outside my window, it has theatre like faces swirling around it.

      "What are you waiting for? Get your ass inside!" A few people were to busy looking at my things, I practically had to push them into the cellar.

      Finally were all in and I close the cellar as though it had a plastic lid. The howling brown-orange tornado begins to shake the apartment.

      I focus on my shield and start to chant "The shield is working, the shield is working" But I don't feel anything, I'm too scared. A DC looks at me and realizes I could use some moral support, so he joins in on my chanting.

      Suddenly everyone is chanting with me! "The shield is working the shield is working!" I can feel it! Somehow I just know its working. The tornado can't shake us!

      The tornado veers away. Everyone cheers and piles out of the cellar. "What are you doing? The tornado is still here!" I was scared it would attack again.

      "You've avoided my attack twice. Well done. But our business isn't over.........
      Debbie's Diner"

      What? Debbie's Diner? Suddenly I remember I random scene from the beginning of my dream, about this diner that got into bad business. Across from my apartment was the diner, the female owner terrified of the demon runs back inside.

      Wow, so its not after me?

      The tornado shrinks and manifests itself as an odd looking demon. He walks into the diner to collect his due.

      Phew, its over!

      I really need to pee. Everyone just chills in my apartment. I go to the restroom and see my reflection. Its normal, except the hair is bigger. But my eyes. My own eyes were freaking me out. Whats wrong with my eyes?

      I take a closer look. They were nearly completed dilated.

      I wake up soon after.

      nightmare , memorable
    7. I Miss You

      by , 03-16-2011 at 05:48 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 15, 2011

      (Real Life)
      The past two months have been maybe the strangest two months in my life. I left a dead end job, my friends who were working there, my parents, and moved out with my sister. We moved during an ice storm, and were stuck on a iced road for so many hours my stomach was sore for days from the hunger cramps (no seriously I was in physical pain for a week from being hungry for four hours). I had no job, still job hunting, but I was happy because I felt there was nothing left for me in that old city, it was time to leave. And I still stand by my decision.

      For the month of February, I didn't remember many dreams. But what dreams I did remember are hard to forget.

      First there was that dream, on the eve of moving out, where my friends house - which also happened to be my childhood home - was swallowed by burning black oil, pouring out of the earth like lava. All it was all over the news, the house that sank in black oil.

      And no, in real life my friend doesn't literally live in my childhood home.

      For the next two weeks I kept dreaming I was still working at that old job. In one of those dreams, me and old crew decided to skip work and have a party in the back room instead!! I follow them happily to the back room. It becomes a long hallway twisting and turning. I follow behind them happily laughing because were gonna party instead of work.

      The hallway becomes my bedroom. And suddenly I realize I'm dreaming. I'm even happier now, I can really party with my old friends. I grab my friend's shoulder to tell her something, and suddenly she falls to the floor and becomes a lifeless doll. I look around me, and I'm alone in my bedroom. All my friends are gone and in their place were lifeless inanimate objects.

      I know this. It's happened before.

      They're the part of me that will never forget them, and it re-emerges with me when I become lucid.


      About a month later I have a really memorable dream. But I didn't understand what it really meant. Not yet.

      I saw dream friends inside of a tall building. They were standing by the window and I was looking up from the courtyard. They found it! I don't know what it is, but they found it and its important! Suddenly the bad guy snatches them and it away.

      I have to retrieve it! I quickly go into rescue mode, but I decide to be sneaky rather than obvious. I was like a spy with the powers of invisibility. Only now I'm not just looking for it, I'm looking for my friends that the bad guy locked away. I searched through the entire building, I can't find anything! The bad guy is onto me and now he's realized I'm using invisibility.

      I try to trick him into thinking I've found my friends, only so I can follow him as he runs to their cell. But it didn't work. He was one step ahead of me and instead led me to a trap. The whole building goes into lock down, and now they've got missiles outside if I try to escape. But I did escape, and slid my way over icy roads back home - a hole in the floor literally. I left defeated and crawled back into my bed where I woke up.

      I was confused by the dream because I never found out what it was.

      Only about two days later, does the dream theme repeat. Only this time there is no it. Just me trying to find my friends who had been locked away.

      To have two similar dreams like that in the same week, that doesn't happen often to me.

      I think I finally understand why I've been so bummed out this past month. Today when I close my eyes, I can see their faces. In the dream when they disappeared they weren't just in my bedroom, they were in my closet. I guess I did lock them away.

      I miss you
    8. Return To My Forest

      by , 10-09-2010 at 06:42 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 8, 2010

      Synopsis: A witch has trapped me and my cousin. We escape into a forest that keeps us safe from her wrath

      I've been trying to return to the sanctity of my forest for a long time

      Return to My Forest

      My entire class has gathered in a building. Our teacher then instructs each of us where to go. She sends some students down this hall, some down the other hall, some into this room, and some into that room. It's pretty clear she's separating us! Why?

      I didn't like that we were being separated, isolated alone in the school. So me and my cousin go down a hallway together before the teacher could instruct us. The teacher finds us and instructs us to go to this room. She then asks my cousin sweetly "You could have your own bedroom instead of sharing! Want to have your own bedroom instead?"


      My cousin didn't want to be separated from me either. Annoyed, the teacher slams the door on us and locks us in the bedroom. It's like a hotel room.

      I feel like I've dreamed this before. Except in the last dream me and my cousin struggled to escape. In the last dream my cousin made a loud distraction while I tried to bust the window. It didn't work. My cousin starts thinking of new distractions, including flooding our room with water.

      I inspect the window. You can only open it from the outside. But maybe we don't need to open it or break it? I grab my cousin's hand and together we fly right through the window! That was easy.

      We fly over the courtyards, they were dark and gothic looking.
      We fly over a small village. Which looked desolate, as if our teacher (a witch) has cursed it. There were strange creatures or beings about, I guessed they were working for the witch. We've been spotted!

      I make it to the edge of a forest, still afraid the witch will find me. So I fly deeper into the forest, still with my cousin (whos now transformed into a small animal). I think I'm in the heart of the forest now, in a dry river bed. I land on some rocks with lots of pockets in them, like giant lava rocks. I thought, this rock will make a good home. Me and my cousin relax for a little bit.

      Soon after I realized we weren't alone. From a distance I noticed two figures racing towards us. One was a dog-man, the other was a bright red fox who looked more like a demon. In my minds eye, the fox was the pet of the dog-man. They looked pissed! Me and my cousin try to find a new spot to hide, but we were too slow. The two of them stop in front of us.

      "What are you doing in our forest?"

      I figured honesty was best. "We ran away from the witch, but I think she's still after us"

      Realizing we were just taking refuge, their demeanor became sweet. They welcomed us and told us we could stay as long as we wanted. At this point me and my cousin remembered that we had left a family member behind back in the witches castle. An old frail man, who was supposed to be 'our' father (which makes no sense logically because she's my cousin). But we were both too afraid to leave the forest now, and decided to stay until we became stronger.

      Spring came to the forest, and water rushed in to fill the river bed.

      I was convinced that the witch was after me! (I think that's from a previous dream). The woodland creatures keep a careful watch, keeping the demons and witches henchmen out. Word spread that the witch was fast approaching us.

      A dark cloaked being, over 14ft tall, bursts through the forest, screaming! It's the witch! The woodland creatures gather together.

      Suddenly, and with a flash of light, a demi-god as brilliant as the sun appears in front of the witch!! With a powerful voice and with the crack of lightning, he declares the forest sacred ground. The witch can not, not now, not ever, enter. Wow, nice to have some demi-gods on our side.

      The witch howls mournfully, then quickly retreats back to her castle!

      Nows a good time to come up with a rescue plan. I make my cousin transform out of her animal form, a hamster, which I thought wouldn't help much for the rescue. We should rescue as our people forms instead (we each had an animal form apparently). After sitting around in a cozy circle with my woodland friends, I decide the best course of action is to turn invisible, rescue the old man, and sneak out quietly.

      We practice turning invisible, but I can still see my feet! Am I really invisible?

      I keep practicing my invisibility. (At this point I was prolonging the dream, making it slowly abstract. The forest is only half a forest, the other half is a bedroom). I snoop around invisible. A butterfly girl with a tiny voice is looking for her friend, froggy. "Oh froggy! Oh froggy! Where are you?" Her words ring like chimes.

      She floats very close to the doorway protecting the forest. The next thing I know, a black giant naga head was lounging towards the butterfly girl. Her cries of help were drowned out by the shrieking scream of the naga-witch! I thought for sure she would die!

      But then a blast of light slices the tongue of the naga, thick blood pours from the naga's mouth. The naga shrieks in pain, and retreats back to the castle. The butterfly girl lives, and now I know our forest really is being protected by a powerful sun demi-god.

      Its time to rescue the old man. I'm still worried though. I'm worried I'm not really invisible. And I'm worried the witch can trap me in her castle. But my woodland friends explain, that once you are a part of the forest, the bond is eternal, so the witch can never ensnare me.

      Me and my cousin leave the sanctity of the forest, in what feels like for the first time in months. The world has grown even darker, the sky a gray. Two ghoulish teenagers were sitting on a log. Trying out my invisibility, I ask them "Can you see me?"

      The first one says one says "No...well..sorta....you're outline. Like a silver outline."

      "Pff...you call that invisible? I give you a 0 out of 9!"

      0 out of 9! You jerk!

      And then I woke up

    9. A Friend is Lost in the Dream

      by , 08-14-2010 at 04:30 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 30, 2010

      Synopsis: I'm told to find my friend who is lost in the dream world and help her. I feel like I enter my friends dream, and we have a crazy adventure! Water monsters and riding a manta ray! Lucid. Shared-dreaming theme.

      Night Time Note: I had read a mantra before sleeping, but I forgot what the mantra was!

      A Friend is Lost in the Dream
      I'm in a large house with lots of old faces from my old job. I don't remember who told me this, or when, but I just remember being told:

      Our friend is lost in the dream world. We have to go find her. Sam and Laura have already left into the dream to go looking for her.

      I don't know who the friend is that's trapped in the dreamworld. And I couldn't remember who Laura was, I had trouble recalling the right face to the right name. But anyways.

      Me and my old co-worker Megan get ready to enter the dreamworld. I decide to leave first. I make my way to the back porch. The porch is actually a staircase, that mysteriously stops in mid air. Below us is the dreamworld. My mother is sitting on the steps, I thought of her as a gatekeeper. A cat nearby seems to be a guardian.

      Before leaping off the staircase, my mother tells me "The first person you'll find is Sam." I'm about to leap when my mom interrupts me again "Oh wait! Do you have Sam's number on your cell phone?" I go back inside and look for my cell phone, and I can't remember Sam's number for the life of me. Oh well.

      I jump and become
      lucid! The scenery is beautiful and very bright and vivid. It's a forest. I fly quickly over the forest, remembering in my head my task. 'Find Sam, find Lori or Laura, then find the friend I'm supposed to help!'

      I start to yell "Sam! Sam! Where are you!"

      I fly into a small town. And right away I find Sam! She was in an old fashioned horse drawn carriage, being carried like a princess, of all places, through a boring apartment complex. Sam seems happy to see me and I quickly make room for myself in the carriage. Sam tells me she's already been dreaming for at least 45 minutes, and now she's going to wake up soon. She didn't find the friend we are supposed to help.

      Excited I say "Sam! We're dreaming! Remember me when you wake up!"

      She tells me I should be able to find this Lori/Laura. She gives me a big hug, and disappears. I assume she woke up.

      I run through the neighborhood, avoiding random DCs by taking the back alleys. Eventually I come to a tall house that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Inside I finally find Lori/Laura. And the name and the face were completely wrong. This character was unstable, fuzzy, as the name and the face made no sense to me. I follow her outside.

      But once outside she was completely different person. She was a 'name' and a 'face' I knew and recognized - Maggie. No one ever told me I would meet Maggie.

      She asks me "Have you been looking for me?"

      It doesn't even occur to me that this is the friend that I'm supposed to find and help! Still thinking I still have to find someone else, I tell Maggie "We should go!"

      "You're right, come on!"

      Maggie's World

      (I remain with a light lucidity)
      It didn't feel like it was my dream anymore. From the get go Maggie had me running! Someone is after her, who I don't know! It's a dream theme I know so well - I have a chase-dream tag.

      "Come on! Hurry!"

      Usually in my dreams I am on the run and my friends follow me. This time, my friend is on the run and I am simply following her blindly.

      Maggie was a fast runner, one of the fastest "dream characters" I've met. I had trouble keeping up with her, flying was too slow, my legs were too slow. But Maggie would often look behind to make sure I was still there.

      After running through several neighborhoods we find two bicycles. Oh perfect! Now we can really make some distance between us and these bad guys. But the bikes were rusty and crappy and we ditch them soon after.

      I try to transform to make keeping up with Maggie easier, but it didn't help. Every now and then Maggie would run strange, like she has an injured leg. Then she would run normal, like there was no injury. We climbed fences, and made our way through a complex construction site with wires and pipes and giant boxes.

      We snuck our way into a facility of some sort. All the while, Maggie is still leading the way. I'm not sure what this place is. But this seemed like a bad idea. So many walls, and corners, and doors. It's like a maze.

      We hear something. . . is that. . . water? A giant wave of water was rushing towards us. If the wall of water wasn't bad enough, it was full of giant worm monsters that were made of water. The giant water monsters attack us! Damn! We need to get high, above this wave.

      Just then, we see a giant manta ray flying gracefully, gulping the water with his giant mouth. Maggie has a most devious expression, lol, I just laugh at her crazy thought. We wait for the right moment and then we leap on top of the giant manta ray! Riding safely above the monstrous wave.

      Woah! Riding the giant manta ray was wild! He was like a roller-coaster. A gliding roller-coaster! Both me and Maggie scream excitedly like little girls. At first I was crouched down, holding on tight. But when it became real fun, I stood up.

      The manta ray swallows all the water and comes to a slow stop. We jump. We really need to get out of this crazy place.

      "Come on! This way!"

      Maggie leads the way again. We run through a supermarket that quickly transforms into a futuristic laboratory. Oh damn, the water is coming back. Maggie suddenly stops running, she has a pensive expression as if she's trying to think of something. No time to think!! I run right past her and down the hallway.

      Bad move.

      It was a dead end. Did Maggie know it was a dead end?

      I turn around and the water monster has me cornered. The manta ray was drifting slowly towards the water, but he was flying real low. Where as the wall of water was towering high! Crap! The water monster comes crashing towards me! Scared, I hide in a closet that magically appeared for me.


      The closet was white. Just white. It would have been a void if it wasn't for the visible slits of the door. For a moment I wait for the water to seep in and flood the closet. But nothing happens!

      I sigh deeply. Damn, I just ruined the dream didn't I? A lot of times if I leave the sight of a dream character, that dream character will disappear. I was afraid that this awesome "dream character" Maggie would disappear now. I sat there, waiting, any moment, I'll just wake up.

      Then. . I hear footsteps splashing through a puddle of water. It's Maggie's footsteps. She runs up and down the corridor. Is she looking for me? I pop out of the closet. And there was Maggie waiting for me!

      "Come on!" She leads the way again. Her legs are even faster now. I had to find ways to make my running path shorter than hers to keep up. We enter a warehouse. Maggie looks up at the crates floating above us. Good idea, if we can get up there we can safely get above the wave.

      I press a button hoping to bring the crate down, instead the machine drops the crate and the entire thing smashes on the floor. "Oops..sorry!"

      Maggie tries to find another way up there. Why don't we just fly? I try to transform again, and I try to fly up there, but I can't. I can barely make five feet off the ground. I hear footsteps. A large group of men surround us, their leader was an arab man in a suit. He had Sayids voice from the show Lost. Are these the bad guys Maggie has been running from?

      Maggie tries to ignore their threats as she desperately cuts away at the rope with pocket knife. I'm not even sure what's that going to accomplish except - nothing! For the first time I seriously doubt Maggie's plan, what ever it is, will work.

      I blast a fire ball at the leader! He's not impressed. "What are you doing in my warehouse? And why are you ruining it?"

      So. . he's not after Maggie?

      "Wait!" I said "We just want to leave this place. Can you please show us the exit and we'll leave you're warehouse alone?"

      Maggie continues to cut away at the rope.

      "Then, I will show you the way out." He presses a button and a door opens. Maggie reacts like a cat and bolts out the door. I just take my sweet time leaving. Once were outside, Maggie finally relaxes.

      "I thought for sure he was lying about letting us out." She says

      The man shakes his head and explains "I keep my promises." He turned out to be a really nice man. The next scene was vivid, but for some strange reason I have trouble recalling it. I think the man offers us two bicycles, but they were all rusty. Maggie complains that texas bikes don't rust. The man, a true sales man says "Ah, but do your bikes have big wheels like mine?"

      I feel it's almost time, to wake up I mean.

      I look about me. The scenery is gorgeous. Mountainous, green, ripe. Maggie talks to the man and laughs at herself for running away all this time. A lemon tree was growing next to us and I grab a fruit, quite lucid. It smelled so richly of lemon!

      "I can't do it! I just can't do it! I know it's a dream but even then I still can't bite into this lemon!" My mouth waters at just the thought. Maggie laughs at me.

      Quite happy that I left Maggie in a more peaceful and vivid dream, I say goodbye and wake up.


    10. The Goddess of the Dried Lake

      by , 07-20-2010 at 03:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July ??, 2010

      Meant to type this out sooner

      Synopsis: A party gets rowdy, my dad is drunk and kind of scary. Afterward I become lucid and a voice tells me to find the Goddess of the Dried Lake. I fly and fly and even fly right through my Inner Sanctuary

      Night Time Note: I slept with a stone underneath my bed, chrysocolla. But this was the only night I had any weird dreams.

      Drunks in my Room!
      The family is throwing some sort of party. At the same time I'm letting guests in my bedroom to see my awesome paintings, so it's like a party and an art opening all at once. It was a nice big house too, not our little apartment.

      It's getting late, and I want these party people to leave my bedroom. But then here comes dad standing by the door way, drunk. He's swaying back and forth, and it's making me real uneasy. He comes stumbling towards me, and I don't like it. So I fly out my window.

      I'm standing on the curbside with my sister and others. We all want to leave this crazy party. But then I get worried about my precious paintings. Damn, those drunks are going to ruin my paintings! I fly back into my bedroom but it's completely empty.

      My dream fades into a new one

      Goddess of the Dried Lake
      I fly out the back window into a surreal landscape. It's a garden right outside my bedroom window. But the garden is fake, like in the Truman show, the sky is really a painted wall.

      A voice speaks to me and makes me lucid "Find the Goddess of the Dried Lake"

      I see an image of the dried lake beneath me. There are round ripples in the dried mud. The mud itself glistened with a rainbow of colors. Kind of like when you can see a rainbow in grease spills, except this was dried mud. It was beautiful actually.

      The voice then tells me that a man will help me find the Goddess of the Dried Lake. She gives me a name, but I don't remember the name . Even during the dream I kept having to repeat the name because I kept remembering it wrong. All I know is when I woke up, I realized the name was the name of a mineral.

      So I've got my dream goal! Find the Goddess of the Dried Lake! I flew and flew and flew and flew and flew! Through houses and hallways, hotels, malls, cities, and towns. I had no real plan

      I fly through a valley hoping I'd see signs of a dried lake. Instead I found this weird man-made construction with giant rubbery-plastic pipes. They were minty-green in color. It sort of looked like a giant freakish car engine. Except it's the size of a house. I didn't like it! I try to transform into a gargoyle but the most I get are claws. I rip apart the plastic pipes while growling! Some random DCs see me and are shocked that I destroy this.....thing. What ever it was.

      I fly away satisfied I destroyed the freakish engine.

      I'm over another town. I'll never find the dried lake at this rate! I need to go up. Just as I think that I start to float higher and higher and higher, as if I'm on an invisible elevator. Soon I can see the whole city below me for miles and miles, and it's surrounding country side. That must be where the dried lake is!

      I fly into a forest.

      It's magically enchanting! The trees were so tall and lush I couldn't see the sky, only a few streaks of blue and white. I fly deeper into the beautiful forest and I'm greeted by a group of stags. They had gentle kind faces and seemed to like me. Their antlers were so long and intricate! I admire their antlers by stroking them.

      It goes completely over my head that I've entered my Inner Sanctuary, a dream goal I've set up for myself. The first time I entered my Inner Sanctuary, a friendly stag greeted me and introduced me to the forest.

      Instead I think "No! Don't get distracted! You have to find the dried lake!" Me idiot!

      I fly out of the beautiful forest. My dream search gets more desperate and desperate. I'm flying through bedrooms into bedrooms, into closets into closets. And now I feel like time is running out, and DCs are after me. I lose control, I forget why I was flying or what I'm looking for. And then I wake up.

      Who is the Goddess of the Dried Lake and who is the man who is supposed to help me find her?

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      lucid , memorable
    11. Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins

      by , 06-23-2010 at 03:25 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 22, 2010

      Synopsis: In the first dream my sister is deathly skinny. In the second: After becoming lucid, I leave the giant band party where it rained beer. Two archeologists find me, and they want my help to unlock the secrets of an ancient culture. But bad guys are after us- I mean me! Wait the bad guys are my sisters? We travel back into my ancient history, where I run into future problems.

      Night Time Notes: I said my dolphin dream mantra! And then I fell asleep.

      My Sister is Sick
      My sis walks in my room, asking me what I think of her new clothes. Does she look pretty? When I look up, I'm horrified. She's so skinny, she's nothing but bones and sagging skin. She poses for me anyways, believing herself to be beautiful. She tries on some more clothes for her new raggedy body.

      "How did you get so skinny?" But really I meant to scream, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?

      Putting on makeup and smiling she says "I got a liposuction. Do you like it?"

      I don't say anything. I don't even know what to say! Suddenly she gets pale, then gray. She's writhing away. Her hair turns white and starts to fall out. The rest of my family gathers serenely around her.

      "What's happening!"

      "I'm sick. It's okay, I'm just dying" She smiles as if everything is fine. And then I wake up, relieved it was just a dream.

      Sisterly Circle - And Ancient Origins
      Actually, it was a FA. And a new dream starts. Me and my sisters are in a giant spacious building, where a big celebration is about to take place. It was like a giant nerdy band party. Dozens of high school bands, colorguards, and other performance groups were taking turns putting on a show. There's no audience, except the other performers. So we are all just taking turns entertaining each other.

      My sisters got tired and went to the grand foyer of this party hall, where things were lot quieter and civil. I should have joined them because the party room got rowdy fast! The adults in charge make a loud announcement, they're going to make beer rain from the ceiling! The band nerds cheer! Ewwwww! I don't drink and I don't like the way beer smells. I stand by the door way so the little ledge can protect me from the rain of beer.

      I start complaining "This party stinks!" Literally. The announcer apologizes, and tells me that this party is actually being held - for me! So he gives me an opportunity to make things right. A computer screen magically appears in the air displaying soda selections. The announcer suggests "How about you make it rain coke instead?"

      Rain soda? Sounded like fun. But then I thought dumping sticky corn syrup on people was even meaner. Well if this is my party, then I'll be a good host. Instead I tell the announcer to give everyone a free coke! Like magic, soda bottles appear in the air and people are guzzling down. It was orange soda.

      There is one last performance of the night - me and my old colorguard. Were getting ready in the grand foyer. When the window catches my attention. I walk towards it, smiling, realizing, I'm dreaming! I walk through the window. It's night, very dark. Just beyond the grassy yard was a rock wall. It's a dream-wall. I fly along the dream-wall following it where it takes me. There's a small village of make shift tents nearby, of vagabonds and witches. Two witches perform a horrifying ritual on an innocent victim. Dark cloaked people with sunken eyes. And the distant shouts and howls of hobgoblins and werewolves.

      At first I thought this dark town would be the start of a fun dream. But I stuck out like sore thumb, and all the DCs were starting to stare at me. Watching me. Sheesh. Forget this! I fly back where I came from. The dream wall was preventing me from getting too far.

      The sky is more like a curtain draped over than a sky. But I fly towards it anyways. Until there was nothing in my field of vision but a black void with twinkling stars. I kept focusing on going forward and forward and deeper into the black void. At one point I thought for sure I would wake up! But every now and then colors would dance and explode within the black void. Like mini-galaxies forming in front of me. I tried to enter one, but I was 'stuck'.

      I fall backwards into the same dream. A strange crystal like formation appears on the rock wall. I know it's man made because of it's colors - it looks painted. But I can't recognize what culture would have made this. I'm drawn to it. I want to merge with it. So I touch it. That's when I notice two guys were watching me. (and I lose lucidity around this time)

      "Sorry to interrupt you, but we were waiting for you to absorb it's information." They introduce themselves and tell me they are archeologists, and they are trying to piece together the history of some ancient culture. They tell me that I could help them because I have connections with this culture. Okay! I go with them, and we enter a new dreamscape.

      Were exploring an old city. There were these flags that mimicked the shape of the crystal structure, but the colors were all wrong. Too dark. The crystal was painted airy, bright.

      The dream gets weird. There's someone after me and my archeologists friends! I don't know who. But I remember at some point that my sisters were the ones trying to get me!

      We were in an old room. The two men were looking for some information, trying to find something important. I look outside the large window. There are fleshy bodies in the water. What? I take a closer look. Decapitated horses were rotting in a river below us. Their flesh jiggling with the motion of the river. I fly down to take a closer look. A shark jumps out of the water and tries to eat me! He's huge! And monstrous! I fly back to the window.

      The shark tries to jump again, into the bedroom. The archeologists pull out a gun and shoot it. "Look! There's a man over there!" They think he was controlling the shark. "Someone is out to get us." "We have to move."

      Sure we run away, and the dream becomes a chase-dream. But running to a different place wasn't enough. I use my magic to send us some place these bad guys could never find us - the past. The ancient past!

      Were standing in a small hallway that leads to a sandy beach, where the dream-wall used to be. (Second time this week I've dreamed of a beach, and still I didn't even think of going in the water) It's beautiful and sunny. And the beach is full of wild flowers. Up ahead, where the party hall used to be is an ancient temple! But it's not ancient, not in this time period - it's contemporary.

      I recognize the temple, and the creatures standing outside. Their gargoyle like form is something I've transformed into before in dreams. They are dressed in mayan like costumes. They welcome me as any other citizen, but sneer at my two human friends.

      "They're with me. Please let them in."

      We enter the courtyard of the temple, as beautiful as can be. I can see the glowing smiles of my archeologists friends. "Now you can study this ancient culture all you want!" But then they looked afraid, I know what they're thinking. "Don't worry, I can take you back to the future when you're done."

      A woman is escorting us to our dormitories. Everything was going swell until we here a peculiar sound. A cell phone is ringing! Around the corner was a human girl. I can see the glow of her cell phone in her pocket. But she ignores and it pretends it isn't there. She disappears from our view.

      We go inside the bedroom. "Something is wrong!" "This place is a trap!" I don't know how, but they found us! "We have to leave now before they act". How disappointing, I was looking forward to learning about this culture! I fly away, carrying the two men to safety. We hide in the little marketplace just outside the temples walls.

      A tiny flying mechanical disk stuck out like sore thumb against this old village vibe. It must be theirs, like a flying camera trying to find us! We try hard to stay out of it's view. All of this hiding is getting annoying. I decide living in the wilderness is much better.

      I find us a nice wild patch growing near the beach. I settle comfortably down between some giant succulents. But then I have a strange thought...just how ancient is this landscape? I mean...all of it? I turn my head to see that T-Rex was just a few yards away. Oh crap! Within a moment his large face was face to face with me. His beady eyes. The scaly skin. Why hasn't he eaten me yet? He's following my movements like a snake. When I stay still he can't see me. But I can't stand here all day!

      We run for it and hide from T-Rex. This T-Rex didn't growl or roar. He was a quiet stealthy predator. Ancient dinos was one thing. But I can see coming from behind us were the men who have been after us this whole time - except now they look like my sisters. Damn! We quickly sneak away. Trying to find a place that's dino free, and free from my sisters who are after me for some reason.

      We go through room through room through room through room. The day time gives way to night time. The crashing waves of the beach grow darker and darker, becoming a black void outside the window. I take a turn around the corner, running into a narrow hallway, when I run into my sister!

      "Where have you been!"

      She has bright stage make up on, like she's about to perform. I hear a loud crowd, the party. I'm back in the present. My sister looks past the stage curtains and into the other room. She looks confused and frightened.

      "Why are there two of you? You're in the other room and you're right here!"

      "Long story."

      I find my other sisters, the ones who time traveled. We sat down on a table away from the party scene. They don't seem angry at me, they don't even remember finding me in their time travel. I ask him "How long were you gone (time traveled)?" And they answer "A few days" "A few months"

      "Really? I felt like I was gone for a year and a half!"

      And then I wake up!
    12. Dolphin Day 1 - Psychokinetic Detective

      by , 06-20-2010 at 07:09 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 20, 2010 - I'm up to date now!

      Synopsis: First dream random. In the second dream, after trying to shop for dad I get accused of stealing! Third dream. In a war torn world, I remain the faithful student of a buddha, using my powerful psychokinetic gift to help stop the violence. But me and my partner are considered freaks, and the very city we love to protect turns on us! Only my teacher can help me now.

      Night Time Note: Tonight was the first night I did my Dolphin Dream Mantra. But when it came time to visualizing, it was hard to focus on the ocean.

      Dream Recall
      I woke up. I couldn't really remember my dream anymore. But I just wrote what came to my head anyways. I'm making a painting of a dolphin. There is a rich man, evil man, who hired a hitman. Or someone hired a hitman to kill him.

      Father's Day and Thieving at Work
      I'm working alone. Where is everyone else? My sister is here with me to help me pick out some art supplies for my dad. I thought today would be a quiet day at work - but I'm getting swamped by costumers! And, I realize that I'm picking out all the wrong things. These brushes and paints won't do. I need to get the list I've left at home.

      I leave the art supply store with my sister at 3pm. That means I closed the store two hours earlier than normal. I hope my boss doesn't yell at me. I get home and I've got my list. I start flying back to the art supply store. That's when I become slightly lucid and remember - wait - it is Father's Day. Were closed today! So I opened the store and suffered annoying costumers for no reason.

      But I didn't come completely lucid. I still thought I could buy my dad some presents within the dream.

      I get to the store, and all the other employees are here. What's going on? My boss frowns and explains this costumer wants to sue the entire store, for millions! She claims that I STOLED her anatomy art book. Me? What? I didn't steal anything!

      I can hear her mouthing away with the cops. Painting a story that were horrible employees, doped up and drunken, and how I'm the worst one having stole her anatomy art book. Now the millions she's asking for would close this store for good! I tell her frankly - You're a lying bitch!

      This whole dream was getting ridiculous. The cops approach me and
      I tell my side of the story. I did bring an anatomy art book home, because I brought it to work. It's not mine, but it belongs to my dad. They want proof. FINE! I storm out to go get my anatomy art book. Then I wake up. Remembering I wasn't going to buy art supplies for dad anyways. Stupid dream.

      Psychokinetic Detective
      It's the 1940's, it's the second world war. And everyone has a thick New York accent. Me and my partner are detectives. But because of our unique background, we are not well liked. Thanks to my teacher, I'm gifted with psychokinetic powers - all for the name of peace of course. My partner is actually my pupil, as well as a good friend. (reoccurring dream character)

      You can find my mysterious teacher in our equally strange apartment. Everything in our apartment is shimmering, and sparkling, a cross between pearls and slug slime. Bright colors. And glowing bubbles are coming from the bathtub. where of all places, is where I meet my teacher. He's this glowing presence standing in the center of my bubbling bathtub. I only see him once in the dream before heading out on my adventure.

      There's a nasty war going on. Enemy tanks parade the streets. And our idiot government thinks blasting them away with aerial bombs is the best defense. As if the aerial bombs don't destroy our city! A timed series of blasts, earth shaking, the sky lighting up. Some where another part of the city has been blown up.

      I'm flying in a helicopter with my partner and other city cops. Normies, I call them. We're surveying the area.


      In a ghetto part of town, enemy tanks were lining up. I could hear the cops calling in the find, so the soldier boys can drop their damn bombs. I had to do something!! I hold out my palm, and using my powers I move the tanks! The tanks roll over, upside down, rendered useless. I moved some of them too quickly, and you can hear the sound of steel crashing. I hoped I didn't injure the men inside, even if they were our enemies.

      When we land, some of the cops and soldier boys seemed annoyed with what I did. My gift makes them uncomfortable. As we survey on foot, we run into more enemy tanks. And again, before the boys can call in the find, I move the tanks and render them useless. It's not always easy for me, so I'm glad the tanks move slow. The normies are sneering and sizing me up!

      I ask my partner "Did I do the right thing?"

      He smiles warmly and says "Yes. 'Teach would be proud."

      That's right. I had to keep reminding myself who my teacher was. A pacifist, a buddha, my teacher wouldn't want me to use my gift any other way. I had to be careful when moving the tanks not to use too much force.

      Were done patrolling! All the enemy tanks have been destroyed, or rendered useless thanks to me. The government declares the war over! Victory! And the once empty streets are starting to fill with people. But as we walk back to the station we pass by one very tiny overlooked street.

      We ran into one last enemy tank. No big deal, just one tank, and it's a tiny tank too. We'll get rid of it while the city celebrates. But before I could even hold out my palm, the tank races towards us. It was coming so fast - we had to run or be run over! I had no idea a tank could move this fast! Is this the enemy's new secret weapon?

      The cops pull out their guns but they're useless. My partner runs too slow and the tank attacks him. He's down! Damn, I have to do something. I stand in the middle of the street and hold my palm. I know by the time I can focus on moving the tank, the tank will fire. The tank flips overs!! It's energy beam hits me! But it feels like sticky taffy? What is this? My partner gets up and wipes himself clean.

      We recollect ourselves and run around the corner. Checking every street, waiting anxiously for the next dangerously fast tank. Nothing.

      The General comes, I quickly warn him the city is in danger. He drives me to the hospital himself. I assumed it was to make sure this sticky goo didn't infect me with something freaky. But when I get there I realize, this is a nut house! The nurses and clerks look at me with distaste. The cops who escorted me look pleased. They've probably have been waiting for the day for a freak like me to be locked up.

      "What's going on!" I demand as the cops sign me in.

      The General comes in and explains"I'm sorry. But I had to do this. I talked to my boys and they said there was no tank! There is no enemy secret weapon."

      They look at me with those eyes. The eyes you use to size up a crazy man. "No! You're men are lying! They've been waiting to lock me up!"

      They drag my partner in with handcuffs, he looks defeated. I yell "Ask him! Did you see the tank?"

      He looks up with sad eyes "Yes, I did!" And they take him away to a cell.

      I slam my hand on the table. "Dammit General!! There were four people out there. Now me and my partner say we saw a tank. Your boys say they didn't. That's two and two. That's a 50 and 50 chance the tank is and isn't real. You have no choice but to investigate yourself! That tank fired something strange. It would have left a residue. Look for it!"

      The General storms out of the room with the rest of the cops. The clerks tinker away with their paper work. I'm sure they're trying to find me a room. Well, hopefully the General will do the right thing, and realize the city is in danger. Tap-tap-tap.

      I can see the General's head peaking from the back door. I sneak back there and he opens the back door for me. "I know you're not crazy. But the city is in denial. We'll have to work in secret."

      He leads me away. Where once were long streets of the city, are now long corridors and hallways. We've set up in the corner of the hallway. Waiting anxiously for the next dangerous tank. I've left my partner behind, he could use a break. The General and some ladies go through piles of paper work. Looking for clues of an enemy experiment. When they find something unsettling.

      It's a newspaper clipping years ago, about a mad scientist trying to create psychokinetic monsters. The ladies look at me with those eyes. I shake my head "That's propaganda!"

      Something catches my attention. My spider senses are going off! I look down the hallway. "General, something is coming." It's outside. Coming closer and closer. My heart is beginning to race. "What is it?" I look passed the hallway, passed the exit door. It's a mob!

      "A mob of angry people are coming for this building. They have no weapons, only their bear fists and grinding teeth." I can see them on top the hillside coming closer and closer. The General stands up. "Who are they? Can you read their minds? Are they our citizens? Are they the enemy?"

      The General wants to know whether he can open fire on them or not. But I can't allow him to fire either way. "I don't know. Theres too many minds. All I sense is their anger and hatred! They're coming!"

      The exit door bursts open! I jump in front of the angry mob, leading them safely away from the General and the others. I let the mob chase me after hallway and hallway. There's so many of them! I use my powers to knock one man off his feet, trying to slow the mob down. But they trample him to death! Crap! My teacher isn't going to like that.

      I fly! I fly faster and take a sharp turn. Losing the mob. I hide in a room. What should I do? I look outside the window. I know what to do, I have to lead them back outside. The mob has dispersed. Attacking anyone they run into. I fly into a clerks office. She is a black woman with curly hair (reoccurring dream character). She doesn't like me very much.

      "I know I know. This is my mess. I need you to do something. Tell the angry mob that I'm waiting for them outside."

      "And you think they'll just go?"

      "Of course, they're here for me. Go and tell them!"

      She tells her assistant to carry out the task instead. The assistant does as told.

      I fly outside. I need high ground. So I fly to higher roof. And a higher roof. I call to my partner to help me. He flies to me and stands by my side. The first angry mobster comes stumbling out of the building. He flies up to where I am. I had no idea normies could fly! He snarls and hisses like a beast! I focus energy into my hands, when I do, my partner disappears (reoccurring theme).

      He attacks me! I grab his face with my hands, and draw out the evil energy possessing him! "Be free!!" Lol..exorcism. The man is free from the evil within him. He goes limp, and falls to the floor. Two angry mobsters come out. And I have to act even quicker. But the next group was about ten angry mobsters. Crap. Too many. I can't handle them all!

      I fly away and I fly even higher. But they keep up with me. Screaming, taunting me. Without realizing I had flown all the way back to my glowing iridescent apartment. That's it!! I can't handle them, but if there is one person who can heal this angry mob it's my teacher.

      The glowing magical bubbles surround me. The angry mob gets closer and closer, hissing, snarling, cursing. I start to sing a lullaby to lure them in. . . . . "Oh holy room of wonders!"

      Then I wake up

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    13. Caught Between Two Witches

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:10 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 31, 2010

      Synopsis: Two witches battle over me as I discover I have magical powers.

      Caught Between Two Witches

      I was in the apartment's parking lot, and I just crashed into another car!! I don't remember anymore how or why I crashed, except that it wasn't normal. I remember getting out of the car and telling my mom I've been framed! I tell my mom a crazy story, I don't remember what I told her, except that the apartment manager couldn't be trusted. The apartment manager is checking the grounds, trying to find where I have run off to. I feel like she's targeting me! Mom quickly hides me in her own car. Mom covers up for me by striking a friendly conversation with the manager, before driving off.

      I feel terrible! Soon they'll run the number of my license plate, they'll find my address, and the manger will realize mom was lying. She'll end up in jail with me too! I was hiding out in the crowd at a cafe. My sisters find me and yell at me for creating such a mess. After I finish my milkshake, I tell my sisters what happened. As I tell them the story I see it happen like a movie.

      I was driving home. The ride was quiet and peaceful. Suddenly a women magically, and I mean that literally, appears in the middle of the road! I hit the brakes and stop the car. She looks me in the eyes. Her presence was powerful and
      evil. She disappears!

      After that there was a car racing towards me from the rear! It was her! I had to drive just as crazy fast just to stop her from crashing into me. Eventually I veer off the road, crashing into a parked car. I don't even know why someone crashing into a parked car would make headline news. Must be her magic.

      After telling my sisters my story, some men come into the cafe. I got a bad feeling they were undercover cops. I quickly sneak out of the cafe without even saying bye to my sisters. I climb on top of the roof, trying to find a place to hide. But all this hiding and running away from the Witch was driving me insane. I was growing tired of this dream and in a semi-lucid moment, I look at the stars and fly towards them.

      I'm drifting slowly in space, heading towards a beautiful spiral galaxy. I focus my mind trying to alter my dream, something more peaceful and pleasant. As I get closer to the stars they look giant bubbles of water. I enter one of the bubbles, and greet all the creatures. Penguins, seals and otters. But this watery world was small, no bigger than a house. So I got bored quickly and flew out of it.

      I fly into the next bubble floating in space. But it just leads me back into the same dream I left!

      My sister is going out, but for my own safety she makes me hide in the apartment. I go to the porch, leaving the light off. I'm just standing in the night time darkness surrounded by potted plants. It was nice actually. I start to sing a silly lullaby, and the plants start to wriggle and dance! Growing taller and taller and wilder and wilder! (my own totoro magic).

      I was happy with my plants, until I heard strange footsteps below. Hard clunky high heels!! They're heading towards my apartment. I knew this person was a Witch! I didn't want to be cornered in the apartment, so I quickly run down stairs to face them head on.

      I'm face to face with the Witch. Her aura was powerful and frightening! Her gaze was enough to send me on my knees. I beg the Witch not to kill me, telling her I'm harmless. The Witch doesn't say anything at first. She's sizing me up, measuring and weighing me.

      She was impressed with my magic, and explains to me the odd situation I'm in. You see there is a Witch War between two powerful Witches, and I'm caught in the middle. Each Witch wants to know whether or not they can use my magic for their benefit. Or, if they should kill me to prevent the other Witch using me first. She continues to size me up with her gaze. It makes me uncomfortable so I look away from her eyes, flattering her, telling her my own magic is nothing compared to hers.

      I didn't get the sense she was evil, but I didn't get the sense she was good either. I guess it depended on whether or not she liked you!

      I ask the Witch kindly, please take the curse off the apartment manager so I can be free. She doesn't say anything, still measuring me. Later on I would understand, it was the other Witch, the Evil Witch that possessed the apartment manager and tried to kill me.

      The Witch has finished measuring me! She explains I don't have to fear her anymore. For now, she doesn't see me as a threat, and thinks I might be a potential student.
      For now.

      I thank the Witch for her mercy, and she disappears. I go back inside and soon after my sister comes back. She starts blabbing on about superficial things, like clothing and jewelry and other things she wants to buy. Oh and, she's whining she forgot her nail clipper in the car.

      With magic the Witch appears in the bedroom! She sits like a queen on the bed, and starts to talk about her own fashion tastes. Clearly she had been listening in (still watching me?). I'm nervous at first! But she doesn't have that scary I-want-to-destroy you aura. I ease up thinking that maybe now this powerful Witch will be my friend.

      But then suddenly something strange happens.
      I see myself next to the Witch. I shake my head from the sudden 3rd perspective confusion. The Witch sits up, alarmed "What did you see?"

      "I saw me! Standing next to you on the bed. My point of view was coming from that corner over there" I point to the corner, and floating in the corner was a little doll with black sunken eyes. Voodoo? So the Evil Witch some how found a way to use me after all!

      This looks bad. My friendship with this Witch is fragile. The last thing I need is her being afraid of me, and trying to kill me. I gotta do something! "Why don't me and my sister quickly run down stairs and get the nail clipper, then we can repaint your nails."

      The Witch seemed okay with this agreement. I quickly hurry out the room with my sister. My sister leads the way. But instead of going downstairs to the parking lot she leads me astray. "Where are you going? Were going the wrong way!" "Because I wanted to go the long way!" "But we need to be quick! The Witch is waiting!"

      I run ahead of my sister, run down a spiraling staircase, that leads to the foyer of the apartments office. I take an uneasy step into the vast room. It's quiet, obviously, its night so this place is closed. But the curse is still on the apartment manager, and she could be anywhere.

      I woke up afterward. The weirdest thing as soon as I woke up I couldn't remember what the Witch looked like, or anything specific thing she told me.
    14. The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      by , 06-19-2010 at 05:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      May 18, 2010

      After so many years I finally learn why I dream of high school, years after I've graduated. Lucid, I tell my DCs that this is a dream, and they dissolve back into me. Later, I dream of a boardwalk with a spectacular scene of water

      The Part of Me That Will Never Forget You

      I'm back in high school, getting ready for a big colorguard competition. This is a familiar sight! I've been here before, years ago. I know I've graduated from high school, I know I shouldn't be here. But I don't realize I'm dreaming yet. My team assembles and we perform over a large audience. I'm freaking out! I only remember half of the routine, what do you expect? It's been years!

      After performance I talk to my captain "Lets go over the routine again". I know she's graduated too, so I'm sure she's having trouble remembering. She agrees! Were all rusty and could use some rehearsing. But right now it's break time. In the down time the team separates into their individual cliques and circle of friends. That's when I walk around and really realize something is completely wrong here.

      This team is composed of EVERYONE who I was in colorguard with. But that can't be right. How could this team have seniors from when I was a freshman, and freshman from when I was a senior? The two age groups never went to high school in the same time period! And why am I here? I start to do the math. When I graduated from high school, when I graduated from college, this is insanity! I'm dreaming!

      I quickly run to my closest team members who were off in their own room. I wanted to show them something amazing. To be honest, I was hoping in some way they weren't just dream characters, that I was some how dreaming with my old high school friends. I interrupt their gossip "This is a dream! Let me show you!". I start to levitate in front of them. At first they look at me as though I'm insane. But then they smile and giggle girlishly.

      "It's a dream!" I grab my friend by the hand so I can show her dream flying for herself. I take a quick turn around the room! But when I look at my hand, it's not my friend I'm holding, but some random object. I look around in the room, and all of my friends have turned to objects.

      I know this, I've seen this before dozens of times in dreams. Suddenly I'm talking to a dream character, half way in our conversation I become lucid, I want to continue the conversation now that I'm lucid, but the dream character transforms into some plain old object. Sometimes I ignore the dream transition, and keep talking to the object. . . . . But then it just feels like I'm talking to myself. . . .

      I'm disappointed that my friends aren't dream characters anymore. I just wanted to fly with them.

      I run into the hallway where the rest of the team was assembled. My captain starts talking about our next performance. I shove my way right between all of them, and I levitate.
      "Ahem. . ." My captain seems annoyed that I'm interrupting her all so important lecture. "Look at my feet!". I dangle my toes wish were freely in the air! The freshmen start shouting "Wow!! That's so cool!" But the older members who've known me longer seem really disturbed. Angry, confused, terrified.

      "Whats going on?" The older members ask

      "This is a dream! Don't you see! It's a dream!"

      I wanted so much to dream with them, to make them all lucid and we could all go on some colorguard dreaming adventure together! They look at each other, and suddenly they seem to understand this dream nature. Maybe more than me.

      My captain asks me "If this is a dream, and you're the dreamer, then who are we?"

      The room gets quiet. The whole team waits for my answer. Quiet faces. Happy faces. Anxious faces. I looked into their eyes. My throat tightens up, I could barely say what I'm going to say.
      "You are the part of me that will never forget you."

      The room lightens up! Everyone seems happy! It didn't matter who, or if they were members I didn't get along with, or superficial cliques. In this tiny fraction of time, we were all here together and happy! I wanted so much to dream with them, to have a dream adventure with them. But then instantly before my eyes, they all turn into dolls and animal plushies. 'They' were 'gone', and I was all alone in an empty band hall. With no one to talk to, or be with, except maybe the only person who I have ever talked to or hanged out with in a high school dream -

      For the first time, I understood why these dreams seem to haunt. It's simple, I'll never forget them. And these dream character are the part of ME that remind that.

      I leave the band hall and fly outside to find a new lucid dream adventure. But I was still sad at the lonely nature of my dream. My dream becomes a black void, and I don't remember after time.

      The Boardwalk
      After what feels like a long time I'm in a new dream. I'm walking along a huge boardwalk. Water takes on a spectacular scene in front of me. It's as if in the middle of the ocean, there's a water fountain the size of an Egyptian pyramid. The water was pouring from this structure. I can't make out the structure, because the water is pouring from the very top, and veiling it. I watch a giant bird land on this watery structure. Then I realize that's no bird but a dinosaur! I watch another spectacular scene, as a massive boat sails right through the water-pyramid. The boat, still submerged under water, sails right under the boardwalk! I run to the other side of the boardwalk to see it as it passes.

      It was moving at such an incredible speed for such a massive ship, the water around it bubbled up and moved out of it's way! A dream character shouts "Did you see how fast that ship was moving? That was unreal!". It was unreal, it defies the laws of physics!

      I woke up shortly after.
    15. I Can Fly! Time to Visit Dannon

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:43 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 29, 2010

      Synopsis: I think I'm dreaming. I test it by trying to fly! Lucid, I remember my dream goal of trying to dream share with Dannon

      I Can Fly! Time To Visit Dannon
      I was thinking about how lately my dreams have been tricking me. I was just minding my own business staring at the wall wondering, what if this is a dream? It doesn't look or feel like a dream.

      But as I walked around and stared at the living room, something felt out of place. I had to be sure! What if I'm dreaming? I get a crazy idea to go outside and try to fly. I run down the steps and stand under the street light. I think about flying but nothing happens. Mom runs outside yelling at me, asking me what I'm doing! It's pretty late and she doesn't like me outside alone after dark, I can't blame her, we do have a lot of car thieves in this neighborhood. But I had to go outside! I had to double check.

      I tell mom "I'm trying to fly". . . "You're trying to fly?" . . . "Yes, in a dream I can fly. What if this is all a dream?" Mom seems star struck, and just looks at the sky wondering the same thing. I walk forward while staring at the sky. This makes me trip when the ground level changes. I land in muddy water and scrape myself pretty badly. Mom runs over, helps me up and yells at me again.

      One side of my head is lecturing me "See, this isn't a dream! You're going to get seriously hurt if you keep this up." But the other side of my head was whispering
      "Why don't your scrapes hurt?". I wasn't in any pain at all!

      There were 12 year old boys hanging around outside, like a gang patrolling the street. They ask me and mom what
      we are doing. Mom blurts out "She's trying to fly!" "She's trying to fly?" They were 12 year olds after all and they seemed pretty dumb. They looked at me as though they were encountering a super hero. "You can fly?" "In dreams I can fly. What if I told you this could be a dream?"

      Now that I had everyone's attention, they all wanted to see me fly! They wanted me to prove to them that this was a dream. There's a small creek nearby and I start with that. I run and jump clear across the creek. I just jumped 20 ft, I have to be dreaming! I start to float, then I fly and loop around the small creek as the troop of boys cheer me on. Everyone seems pretty happy to know that this is just a dream. Me too! I haven't been lucid in a long time.

      I quickly remember my goal before I fell asleep. I fly away into the city. It's dark and dreary. I want to dream-share with Dannon but I really suck at creating portals. I try to make a few short calls in the dream, but my voice is weak and nothing is happening. So instead of trying to create a portal, I decided to fall into Dannon's dream. I fall backwards while keeping that intention in my head.

      When I open my eyes the new dream is just as dark. I can make out something sitting in front of me. It looks goblinish, with glowing eyes and pointy ears. But then I realize it's just a cat! I pet the cat and it purrs sweetly as it lays back down to sleep. Now that the cat is my friend the dream seems to explode to life. I can see everything vividly and in full color. I'm in a living room. I assume it's Dannons because that's who I'm trying to visit. The light is off, but there is a light coming from somewhere illuminating the kitchen.

      I call out Dannon's name, but no one answers. I stumble around the place, past the kitchen, until I find a small room where the light was coming from. Dannon is there, bundled up in a blanket, sitting on a comfy chair with the glow of the TV light on his face. Either he's watching a really good show or he's lost in his own thoughts, because his eyes were glazed over.

      "Dannon!" But he doesn't respond. I wave my hand over his eyes but he doesn't respond. It's like I'm invisible! There's a clock in the room that says 5:30 am. I wonder if that's supposed my time or his, and if his lack of response means he's actually awake. Well, I came all the way over here! I poke his face. He looks startled that something just touched his face, but when he looks around he sees there's a fly buzzing around. So maybe it was the fly.

      The tv was blank, nothing was on. Which disturbs me. I have to get his attention some how. I grab a box of kleenex sitting near him and toss it across the room. At first he seems curious as he gets up to find the source of the noise, but when he realizes his kleenex just flew across the room he looks freaked out.

      Dannons eyes scan the room for some malicious entity invading his space. He looks serious now! Like he's about to do some banishing ritual on me. Well that didn't work. I decide this dream isn't working out. I need to re-try teleporting to Dannon's dream. I think this Dannon might just be a dream character, I tell him goodbye anyways and that I'm going to try again!

      But that's when I wake up
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